Ruby Lin Dazzles in Spain for Femina Magazine

I reckon every year there is at least one shift in each of my opinion categories – one actor I like ends up disappointing me to the degree that I don’t like the person anymore and one actor I dislike ends up surprising me to the degree where I become a converted fan. That’s a good thing in my mind and confirmation that the changing of the tides brings about more excitement in drama viewing because there is more to choose from. Ruby Lin was one of my surprises this year, and to say I really disliked her before she wowed me in Drama Go Go Go is an understatement. I was pretty much allergic to her onscreen and would roll my eyes thinking she was starring in yet another period weepie. I knew she was a budding producer now but didn’t care to learn more about her professional career development so I didn’t quite understand why she’s carved out a solid space in the industry as a smart, savvy, and formidable young producer-actress over the years. With DGGG she convinced me that she has a good eye for picking the right script because in a sea of sheer crap she managed to find the one C-romcom this year I didn’t want to bash my head in after watching one episode. Not only that, I’m still live watching it twice a week and its still owning my heart. It’s sweet and sincere despite its trappings of idol fluff. Last month Ruby was featured in Femina Magazine, one of China’s leading lady’s journals, in a glorious photo spread shot in Spain. These pictures are absolutely stunning and I’m thrilled to share them with everyone. It’s a nice reminders that under Wang Min Min’s frumpiness hides this va-va-va-woom lady.


Ruby Lin Dazzles in Spain for Femina Magazine — 13 Comments

  1. Omg!! Ruby looks absolutely stunning, and paired with the amazing landscape, I can’t help but stare at this like a crazy idiot!! This is definitely a nice surprise and reminder after getting used to Ruby’s character in DGGG.

  2. She is absolutely lovely here. My goodness. The colors and the locale. The clothes. The earings, the hats. I cannot decide which picture I like the best.

    I knew nothing about Ruby Lin before Drama Go Go Go since I really do not know anything about C-drama. I am loving the show. I hope she produces more shows like this one.

  3. I remember back in the days that I watched HZGG 1 & HZGG2 & RITR with Ruby, Alec & Vicki. What a feat that was. I own all 3 sets too – also crazy. That must be at least 15 yrs ago now right? Or more. I’ve watched some of Ruby’s period pieces throughout the years, but nothing really stuck with me. Still, she looks to me like she hasn’t aged much in all those years. Still really beautiful. 🙂

  4. Thanks to your shout out on DGGG that I occasionally watch the show though it does not hold my attention as other TW dramas like Love Now because of idol(Jiro Wang) acting. It leaves me cold. Ruby’s acting on the other hand I do appreciate. I also like her interaction with Kenny Lin. In my opinion, he and Ruby has more onscreen chemistry than Jiro but that’s my take on it. I’ll have to see what Hu Bin’s chemistry with Ruby is, I might just like it better. 😀

  5. These clothes and photos are beyond anything I have seen lately.
    I see lot and lots and lots of money up there.

    I would give several weeks of meals to wear one or two of those outfits.
    Problem, of course, would be the WHERE to wear, since I live in a very non-cosmopolitan place.
    I love the dragonfly detail on the sweater, the graceful black lace on the flowing scarf and the GOLD EARRINGS she is wearing with her GOLD dress. Very haute and very couture.

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