First Intense Teaser for That Winter, The Wind Blows with Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo

Aside from the fashion eye-candy, another good thing came out of the drama awards show in SBS releasing the first teaser of its highly anticipated melodrama That Winter, The Wind Blows. Written by famed screenwriter Noh Hee Kyung and starring Jo In Sung in his return to television after 7 years and paired with Song Hye Kyo, this one has aiming for high brow splashed all over it. The first teaser definitely stirs my interests by how stylized and intense it looks, especially since the drama hasn’t released any stills yet so this teaser had a sucker punch effect. I also love both second leads Kim Bum and Jung Eun Ji, and if they get their own baby version love line I will be even happier. The teaser does confirm my hunch that TWTWB appears to be bringing along more of the same type of brooding tangled web angst that Nice Guy so engagingly delivered recently. It’s almost like Noh Hee Kyung trying to add her cerebral mix to the Lee Kyung Hee staple pulpy melodrama. The synopsis is something like Jo In Sung is an emo swindler who pretends to be blind heiress Song Hye Kyo’s long lost brother, but of course he’s not and even more certain is that they will fall in love and heal each other’s wounded psyches. If I sound sarcastic I don’t mean to be – I think convoluted melodramas can be entertaining and even thoughtful despite the avalanche of ridiculous plot coincidences. While I am a bit overdosed on melos recently, this one looks too good to pass up.

First teaser for That Winter, The Wind Blows:


First Intense Teaser for That Winter, The Wind Blows with Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo — 37 Comments

  1. I feel like I’ve watched so many melodramas in the last couple of months with Nice Guy, May Queen, and I Miss You but I still can’t wait to see this one.

    Has there been a drama or movie that has done this storyline before? I feel like I’ve watched a movie (maybe a Japanese movie) that had the storyline about a con man finding a blind girl and pretending to be a long lost relative, he then eventually falls for her but ends up dying because of a debt or something.

    • I don’t know about dying or something, but wasn’t there a movie with Moon Geun Young called Love Me Not with the same storyline?

      • Yes, that’s the movie. I remember watching it years ago and the plot of this drama sounded so familiar to it. Thanks for replying with the name of the movie. I was racking my brain trying to figure out what it was called and who was in it.

      • Yep! The Korean movie Love Me Not is based on the Japanese movie and so is this one. It’s the same story line so I can already see people comparing Moon Geun Young with Song Hye Kyo…

    • This was originally a movie in both Japan and Korean. The Korean movie version stars Moon Geun Young as the heiress who loses her vision after the death of her family.

  2. I had forgotten how beautiful she really is. Maybe only Kim Tae Hee can come near her in this regard. What a pity that Hyun Bin and Song Hye Gyu broke up. They made a perfect couple looks wise. I had no intention of watching this drama but now will just to see her. The trailer looked good too. When is it being released.? Maybe FBND will neutralize its tragic effect so I can watch it…..that is if they will be telecast at the same time. Never seen Jo In Sung before but he looks good with SHG.

  3. Looks great – although I’m really not a fan of melodramas. However, there was just not enough of Kim Bum in the trailer. Someone needs to fix that. Stat.

  4. Whoa.
    I am going to try really hard to take this seriously, because it seems that This That Blows is very serious.
    The problem is we have heavy duty actors seemingly dropping in out of nowhere to star, and blindness and emo-ness and chaebols and faux-cest, really?
    It is almost as if they are showing us a parody full of cameos.

    On the very good side, we have Kim Bum looking su-weeter than ever. I think he has to have a baby love-line. It is part of his contract with all the women of the world.

  5. Happy New Year Mrs Koala & your family!
    Thanks for sharing the teaser with us.

    Ummm from the look of it…it might end the same way as the K-version of the movie. YIKES I don’t want JIS to die!

    Can’t it be like the Japanese version? At least the guy won’t need to die, and I think we get a good ending!

    JIS look really good with his clean cut hairstyle! And of course SHK look gorgeous!

  6. After Nice Guy ends,i stop from watching melo for a moment..
    it’s look like Winter the Wind Blow is my 2nd watch melo after NG..can’t wait!!!

  7. I am so looking forward to JIS’s return to the small screen. But I am really keeping my expectations low for this one. I feel like I have been burned by melo’s right and left in 2012 so I probably should wait for this to air in its entirety and then pick it up. I hope it’s good.

  8. Meh gonna pass on this one. I can’t stand watching another Song Hye Gyo melo again. She needs to take on different roles, I don’t know why she just keeps taking the same depressing projects. She is not a versatile actress unlike Ha ji Won who can portray anything.

  9. SHK still looks really amazing but never did like her acting though.
    I think I will pass this drama. Not really into the two main leads and definitely enough melo-drama for me!! But why my Kim Bum is in this? Sigh!! I hope to see him in a rom-com!

  10. Good to see SHK back I liked her since Full House. Hope she has Great chemistry with JIS and the ending is different to the movie.

  11. I’ll give it 4 episodes. If it doesn’t hook me then I’ll drop it. I’ve had enough melo’s for the year and I’m not keen on watching a convoluted boring one next year. I’m hoping for a lot of rom-coms and laughs next year

  12. I love jis but shk never do anything for me acting wise even though she’s beautiful.

    Plus isn’t Iris 2 on at the same time?

  13. Love love love SHK & JIS!!! She’s still as beautiful as she first started years ago & he’s looking a lot more charming with his clean cut hair. Can’t wait for this drama…

  14. I am so excited for this drama just basing on that teaser alone! So much pretty and it looks engaging if the teaser is any indicator. Think I just got my heart stolen by JIS and while everyone’s saying SHG doesn’t do anything for them acting wise, I like that over the years she doesn’t only pick trendy dramas after full house to keep up her popularity after that mega hit. Prolly one of the very very few popular pretty face/hallyu star who actually tries hard to be a real actress. For that I give her props.

  15. This drama and the 2006 Kmovie “Love me not” (starring Moon Geun Young) are adaptations of the same story (a 2002 Japanese drama called “Ai Nante Irane Yo, Natsu”).

    I thought the Jdrama was really good and I’m sad that it never got subbed (maybe the first couple of episodes did get subbed). But the Kmovie version had a big problem: the lead couple had a huge age gap and since they’re supposed to fall in love it looked really awkward (and the hero looked more like a pedophile).

    I’m glad that they chose age-appropriate actors for the Kdrama adaptation. Not only that, but actors who can actually ACT!

  16. I think maybe watching this one to see if it is good or not.. I hope 2013 have more rom-com this whole year and hopefully a better sajueks this year too. Well, at least it is a year of snake which is my Chinese sign so I hope kdramas listen to me this year..

  17. Watched the trailer again because of SHG and the beautiful cinematography. For me the drama is a must watch just because of this visual treat……even though I never watch the ones with tragic endings.

  18. its so wonderful in that winter the wind blos i hope jo insung and song hye kyo have another part 2 in that winter the wind blows or another set in another year they are both perfect and cute couple 🙂

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