K-news Reports that Rain and Kim Tae Hee are Dating

If today was April 1st instead of January 1st, I might take this for an elaborate April Fools Day joke. Alas, it looks like the New Year is off to a new and interesting start with respect to K-ent. Korean news outlets are reporting that Rain and Kim Tae Hee are dating. Yup, dating, as in going out on dates. Despite being in the military for the greater part of the year, Rain apparently doesn’t let serving his country deter his romantic prospects. The news reports state that since meeting Kim Tae Hee in late 2011 while shooting a CF for Coupang (I have no clue what the brand is, sounds like some couponing gimmick), Rain has put the moves on Kim Tae Hee. Through very persistent and sincere pursuit of her over many months, he managed to win her heart and they started dating this past September. So the relationship is just three months old and they purportedly hang out every weekend which Rain gets off in military service. He has been spotted driving her car to and from her home when they go out, and afterwards leaving alone in a taxi. So there you have it, Hallyu royalty dating and fangirls and fanboys hearts everywhere breaking. Honestly – I am happy for them even though I follow neither of their careers. They are in their 30s and ought to have earned the right to date and hopefully work towards settling down and starting a family, whether its with each other or someone else down the line. The intense Korean media and public scrutiny of the personal lives of its stars always weirds me out. I take this as good news to start off 2013, which I hope is a fresh new start for me since I had about the crappiest 2012 ever.


K-news Reports that Rain and Kim Tae Hee are Dating — 47 Comments

  1. This news has raised questions over their inability to keep their relationship hidden from the public eye. They are no rookie in the ent world and had managed so far to lay low regarding their respective lovelife.

    • Why should they!?( And I don’t mean that in a criticizing manner) It’s like
      Miss Okoala said they are in their 30’s. So what’s the big deal! Plssss some one help me understand!! Ugh O.o

      • This is precisely my point. Trust me, when k-celebs want to keep her lovelife quiet, they manage to do so with the help of their powerful companies and links in the ent world. Therefore I tend to think that this news was purposefully leaked out. For what purpose? Dunno. Maybe to test the waters?

      • Why should they? Why shouldn’t they? I mean that this is their private life. They should be able to choose whether and when to go public. If their relationship does not work out and you were in their shoes, would you really want the entire world to keep asking you questions on “that other self” even years later? Past should be kept in the past. πŸ˜‰

  2. What an unexpected couple! They are at the ages where they are probably seriously considering marriage. Congratulations to them!

  3. Wow,,, just wow,,,
    Its. Shocking news,,I’m bi fan,
    If bi happy I will be happy for him… * although I wanna cry*
    Please date and marry soon

    Yes mrs koala,, its good news,,happy new year mrs koala πŸ™‚

  4. Wow is Rain gonna lose 1000 fans like Se7en? I’m pretty sure Kim Tae Hee is receiving death threats already. Powerhouse couple πŸ™‚

    • Apparently K-netizens believe Rain isn’t good enough for KTH since she is the “goddess” over there. I’m pretty surprised at this pair too but all the best to them really.

  5. Well if they are happy good for them. Too bad her career in Japan is not happening (for the moment)thanks to something she did and said years ago. Her dorama was genuinely cute and I think she’s better suited for light cute romcoms because as a dramatic actress she is terrible and wooden.
    I wonder if her contract with Sweet Power is going to be terminated.

  6. I believe Rain has accomplish everything he could of hope for. It’s time he work on settling down before it’s too late (same for KTH).

    Those that are against these two pairing must be stupid or something. I mean eventually they’ll settle down w/ someone. So who else would be more perfect then the 2 hottest stars in K-town.

  7. He picked the perfect girl/woman.
    His history with the ladies makes him suspicious as a life partner, but then again, how much of that was fabricated?
    Does he really have a large ego? Prolly.
    Can KTH match him in beloved-ness? Yes.

    They are adorable together. If this is true, I wish them happy happiness. Marriage is difficult without all the screaming fans at your door, but the celeb couples we know about seem to be able to make it work.

    So, The Hand Towel is out for good?

  8. ‘Coupang’ is a kind of social commerce company.

    Kim Tae Hee’s company admitted that news.
    But many K-netizens are likely to be more interested in the news, Jang Na Ra and Kim Nam Gil’s relationship…

    • JANG NARA AND WHO… did u jus say my BIDAM is taken!! *cries me eye’s out*
      thats a very odd pairing.. but he always said he liked women of much older age than him!! .. good going nam gil-oppa !! <3

    • One relationship at a time.Not even a Korean Netizen but even I had a huge shock with Rain’s dating news.Proof now that celebrity soldiers life doesn’t end or stop with Army.

  9. wow! well, what you said is true, they are on the age that they should already be marrying and i just wish the best for both of them. tho not really much of a Rain fan but i really like KTH. i was hoping for a KTH-SSH pairing, but i guess that’s just for the small screen.

  10. I’m *tears happy *tears for them. She’s very pretty & he is well Bi ( I will always love you oppa!) nothing but good wishes fr them.

    • Also abt Rain and Song Hye Kyo/Jeon Ji Hyun rumors back in the day…I don’t think he dated SHK because I think those rumors were the results of FH crazziness back then…byt I have a feeling he did date JJH cuz those rumors seemed so random condidering they had no history and were also so strong

  11. Wow! My reaction was “oh shoot”… That was really great for them. I hope it works out for them. I don’t follow either of their careers but they seem cute!!! πŸ™‚ best wishes to them!

    Happy new year to everyone else here!

  12. Hoping to a better 2013 for you Miss Koala, sorry to hear that 2012 wasn’t a very good one. May all your hopes and wishes come true in the new year.

    Best wishes also to the new couple, they look very good together. πŸ™‚

  13. He always did seem to be rumored with girls slightly older than him, so Kim Tae Hee seems his type even if there are no pictures of them actually together.

    Neither of the 2 are particular favorites of mine but I hope they find happiness in their new relationship.

  14. Would have preferred SSH with KTH when they sparkle together on and off screen…
    But push them them the best if they are really dating.

    What I want to hope to hear is similar news of our cola OTP!

    • Though I like Bi Rain, I would have preferred SSH to be KTH’s partner in real life. But it seems after My Princess, nothing had been heard about the two going out even on a friendly date.

  15. Wow! Another power couple. Wishing them much happiness.

    @ uri koala~ like a lotus growing from the mud, may something wonderful come from all that you’ve been going through. My 2012 was pretty craptastic as well and I’m so ready for a new year. ♬Ch-ch-ch-changesβ™ͺ

  16. The main thing that hit me was those pix of them wearing masks, trying to date incognito.. There’s something so sad about having to wear a mask so that you can go about your date, I think. Maybe that’s why they let the news leak.. They got tired of wearing masks and covering up and sneaking around furtively all the time?

  17. Poor Korean halyu they have to keep single to make fans happy. Once they do demo their love life, many disappointing! even threat them to kill uuuuu… I think that’s too much!! let them happy… let them live normally, young, famous, rich, have a girl or a boyfriend, married, have a baby.. it would be nice if we see our idol living happily.

  18. Fangirls and boys everywhere are sobbing. I think it’s great. I’m not a huge fan of either, but I like Rain and his music. Plus, they are at the age and stage where they should be able to date. Go for it, I say.

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