Yoo Seung Ho is Full of Twinkly Smiles for KStyle Interview and Photoshoot

Whatever shall I do when Yoo Seung Ho enlists in the military this year? Is there a place to congregate and miss him openly? Shall I start a club? Much like ICOMYM was started by my unni because of her love of Kim Bum (who was really really young back then), maybe I should start ICFMYM (Inconsolable Crying For Much Younger Men), a club wherein members can cry over young men who have aged out of ICOMYM and/or have left early for the army. It can have an even broader focus, such as us noonas gathering there and crying over how Yoo Seung Ho is the best thing in the mess that is Missing You and don’t we all wish the drama was actually written well so we can watch it without wanting to hurl something. The club would be great anytime our crushes give us reason to make us cry, and really what reasons do we need, we probably all cry on a dime. I used to though I’ve toughened up quite a lot these days. Because Seung Ho is leaving us so soon, I need to double down on his posts because pretty soon I won’t be posting about him anymore for quite some time. He was recently interviewed by KStyle and the accompanying set of photos were taken during the interview. SO MUCH LOVE. I love how effortlessly he wears a simple black well-cut suit with an open collar white shirt. That is one positive about his involvement with MY, he has the best wardrobe in the drama and he wears it with flair. These photos will be sure to delight not just because he looks so gorgeous, he also has a brilliant smile and a twinkle in his eye. Smile on, my boy, smile on!


Yoo Seung Ho is Full of Twinkly Smiles for KStyle Interview and Photoshoot — 41 Comments

  1. Too.much.YESH.can’t.stop.looking.
    Nothing compares to Yoo. Nobody.

    Unlike all the 28 year olds, he is such a baby, but he’s smart to get it done now.
    And he will be back soon, right?
    I will join any club that helps me get over the missing!

  2. I am going to miss YSH very muuuuuch!! =(
    But I am SOOOO looking forward to him coming back with hot abs..then he would be so perfect!

  3. I¬†could¬†stare¬†at¬†his¬†pictures¬†all¬†day.¬†I¬†just¬†watch¬†his¬†parts¬†on¬†IMY…with¬†the¬†sound¬†off.¬†

    I heard that fans of the main actors were demanding they stop using reflectors because people were gushing over YSH. *LOL*

      • I¬†think¬†It’s¬†a¬†prop¬†that¬†is¬†supposed¬†to¬†enhance¬†the¬†lighting¬†to¬†make¬†the¬†actors¬†more¬†attractive.¬†

      • It fills in all the shadows – like from eye bags – and makes the actors appear a lot less blemished.
        In the age of HD, where we can see every scar and bump, it is necessary.

    • yep, I’ve heard it…it is hilarious! yeh tweeted ‘ysh who looks good even without the lightening’ or something like that. it is thought to diss yoochun fans who demands no reflectors for ysh!
      crazy fangirl is crazy ūüėÄ

  4. He’s only 19? Sighhhh makes me feel so weird that I find him so cute! But it’s a good decision to go now and mature so he can take on older roles. I’m not a fan of the noona dramas so when he comes back he’ll be a little older and make it less weird. (I love YEH, but that age gap is too much, even if it works on screen–same with other dramas).

  5. “crying over how Yoo Seung Ho is the best thing in the mess that is Missing You and don‚Äôt we all wish the drama was actually written well so we can watch it without wanting to hurl something”

    THIS. His acting is soo brillant. So much emotion. Such a complex character. I can see why he chose to play him even though he is the second lead. Without his character, I don’t think there would be a story. I hope his character dies in the end, just so that it will end his suffering cause how much can he take. He didn’t have his mothers love because it was taken away from him. He never had the love he wanted from LSY which was her heart because she always loved HJW. Such a tragic character. No wonder he turned to darkness.

    YSH will definitely be missed. I hope we will see him again in two years time on our screens because he definitely belongs there. Thanks for the wonderful photos Koala!

    • I love that he always chooses a role for the character and not the billing. (Not that he always hits gold with those roles but it’s the principle.) He did the same in Warrior Baek Dong Soo. He was offered the lead role but chose the second lead deliberately because he thought it was a more interesting a complex role…and, of course, he was correct. Yeo Woon was definitely more interesting, IMO, than Dong Soo.

  6. right click – save image as… – set as desktop background – swooning in front of my monitor…

    Seung-Ho yaaahhh… why so adorable… *drooling*

  7. Wow, I love him in suits! And he’s so smiley here and so hot and so gorgeous and so cute.

    I’m watching Flames of Ambition now muahahahahaa. I think that can last me for 2 years. 50 episodes long and Seungho is sooooo dreamy in it.

  8. Lol……ICFMYM….
    His eyes not only smile they speak. His looks are getting better and better with each drama. He carries himself exceptionally well with a confidence of a much older person. He is looking great!

  9. He is one of the finest actors in K showbiz. He should win an award for the drama IMYou. He can easily outshine other actors.

  10. i watch flame of ambition after choking watching his character in i miss you.honestly i watch only his capture with lsy from episode 5 to episode 12.i feel so sad he is the most suffering character in i miss you .lost father,mother,and his love life.i think he will be the happiest man if lsy can loves him and be at his side.may be lsy loves can tamed him become good person and give him kind of security and make him at peace.

    i hate to see the selfish character that the male lead have.he think all his feeling is more important and he think he got the right and do thing to make the other man angry and jealous.

    and i also hate the female lead so self centered and her action make me very angry .she is the most irresponsible girlfriend/friend by leaving her 14 years friend and partner whenever she want .she is the most selfish partner that i ever seen in k-drama.throwing 14 years relationship just to get back to few months old friend.

    i cannot find any loyalty and justification from the female lead by giving this kind of treatment to the man with her during goodtime and bad time for 14 years.

    i hate the writer because they want to make us believes how the first puppy loves conquers all.just want to promote how the otp loves is everything he make the second female lead become stupid,childish and crazy just to justify the female lead leaving the second male lead.

    and the poster second female lead just become a poster and never seen her any proper screen time and dont see her even 5 second during airtime.
    even her character doesnt give any impact to the drama .the poster is really mislead us as viewer.

    • I read somewhere that fans of the main male lead complained about the second female lead for some reason and therefore, her character became non-existant to make the fans happy. I’m not sure if it is true because I find it hard to believe a writer would completely alter her story because what fans demanded. But a Korean friend of mine told me that some fans can be scary in Korea and it does happen.

      What’s the point of being a writer when you don’t go where the chemistry lies. I think she didn’t expect Joon to be such a complex character on paper but the actor is able to bring him to life that he practically over shadows everyone because he is not your typical hero which is what you see all the time in Kdramas. In fact he is the anti-hero. If this was an american show, most/everyone would love him hehe. He reminds me of Emily from Revenge. SO bad ass.

      I also think that it would have been great if it was actually LSY who killed the rapist but Joon knew all along that it was her who did it. It would have been a great twist story-wise. We know Joon killed the others but we didn’t know about the rapist. It would have also linked back to LSY who we were shown initially who slapped that woman to the ground cause she provoked her. I always thought there was a reason why that was shown. That when she is provoked, things can get ugly and the rapist def provoked her when he called her. I find it hard to believe that it was Joon not because he can’t kill (cause he would do anything for her and that includes killing) but because of what he was wearing that night. But I guess its a inconsistency on the writer’s part and the writer decided that Joon killed him as well.

      Yeah, sadly the writer has to get the OTP together because the OTP always goes to the two main leads I hear.

  11. sorry i am talking about the second male lead.anyway i start to understand why many bloggers dont have any recap on the drama.they already know the storyline will make the otp loves is everything and make the second male lead death or crazy just to make the otp together.

  12. How come he looks so damn cool!? Some people, very few actually, are so lucky to look good in everything they wear and in everything they do- I am sooooo jealous!

  13. Agree that the boy has twinkle in his eyes (absolutely SMILLING), radiates loads of intense charm and charisma and makes a crisp white shirt totally desirable and honoured of being that CRISP, WHITE, SHIRT!

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