Gorgeous Jiang Xin Joins Kevin Cheng and Yuan Hong for Drama Adaptation of Hua Xu Yin

Forget like, this is 100% unbridled love love love! The Bu Bu Jing Xin gang, still waiting for Tangren‘s ladyboss to put her money where her mouth is and actually start filming the long touted modern sequel to that drama, has been busy buzzing up weibo with cute getogethers, bromancy bickering and flirting, and set visits to share the love. One set of brothers will be reuniting sooner rather than later, and it’s actually two princes who had very few scenes together in BBJX but the few they had were exceptional. Kevin Cheng, passionate ambitious 8th Prince, will be reuniting with Yuan Hong, wild carefree 13th Prince, for the upcoming drama adaptation of popular historical C-writer Tang Qi Gong Zi‘s fantasy romance novel Hua Xu Yin (華胥引 The Lure of the Hua Xu Song). With all the talk of Tangren owning the rights to Tang Qi Gong Zi’s other famous C-novel San Sheng San Shi Shi Li Tao Hua (三生三世,十里桃花 Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms), I’m surprised Hua Xu Yin is getting the celluloid treatment first. I read Three Lives Three Worlds last year when I was on a Tong Hua novel binge and to be honest I didn’t like it much. I find Tang Qi Gong Zi’s prose much too floral for my tastes and the story didn’t work for me since I loathed the male lead. I’ve heard so many great things about Hua Xu Yin and the fandom for this novel is insanely rabid – I started reading last night and I can confirm this novel is DA BOMB and I may even like it better than Da Mo Yao and Yun Zhong Ge. Tong Hua’s novels are considered more pulpy by C-readers whereas Tang Qi Gong Zi has a more high brow reputation and following. To sweeten this cast even more, the leading lady is someone I totally love. Jiang Xin was the best of all the leading ladies in Zhang Ji Zhong‘s 2002 version of Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (she played Mu Wan Qing) and while I haven’t followed her career I find her ridiculously gorgeous and a very good actress. So much win here it’s not even funny. I guess I’m off to devour the rest of the novel but if you’re curious check out the novel synopsis below.

The synopsis for the novel shows that this is set in ancient China and is a fantasy historical piece unfolding during a chaotic time. On the day her kingdom was destroyed, Princess Ye Zhen wore her official robes and plunged over the castle walls to die with her kingdom. She says “I may not have been raised as Princess would, but I am dying like a Princess should.” She is resurrected using a magic pearl (the jiao ju) and she wanders the Nine Provinces (ancient China was also referred to as the Nine Provinces since the principalities were all called provinces) using the Hua Xu tune as the lure and she weaves dreams for others. The magic pearl can only keep her alive for 3 years, and the only way to feed the pearl energy is if it consumes happy dreams of those who choose to relinquish the rest of their life to remain in a dream (think The Matrix). Some have their dreams come true. Others have their wishes granted. And the pain and suffering of real life is brushed aside in the song. For those who choose willingly to remain in a dream state, that person gives his/her remaining life to Ye Zhen’s magic pearl and her existence is extended. She is the dream world’s only God, controlling life and death, but she cannot control her own happiness. She meets with the Prince of her rival kingdom, each meeting takes two forms, each fate takes two forms. Is it a destined meeting, or a cruel joke played by fate? The simple Hua Xu tune, can it allow a person to reclaim memories and no longer feel sorrow? When her magic pearl which sustains her existence is shattered, Ye Zhen loves Mo Yen but he cannot fight a fate that wants to toy with him. She uses every last ounce of strength to play a final tune, for whom does she play………….?


Gorgeous Jiang Xin Joins Kevin Cheng and Yuan Hong for Drama Adaptation of Hua Xu Yin — 32 Comments

  1. Yuan Hong and Kevin Cheng in the same drama? I’m so in! I’m impressed that you value this book more highly than Tong Hua’s 2novels. Is there a translated copy somewhere? I probably shouldn’t get my hopes up

    • It’s so good. I’m seriously considering……….I dare not even say it. It’s a daunting task yet again.

      The heroine may be my favorite of all the recent period C-novels I’ve read. Way more than Jin Yu, Yun Ge, Ruo Xi, et. al. Little Princess Ye Zhen is just such a three dimensional funny character. And the leading man here, Mo Yen (aka Su Yu) is kinda like a cross between Third Brother and Meng Jue with maybe Da Gong Zhi’s looks. I’m in love.

  2. OMG the synopsis’ epic ending.
    And the rest of the post? Pretty much incoherent happy noises coming from me. Am so watching this.

    • I am going to live and breathe this novel/drama adaptation as it heads into filming at the end of the month. This novel’s love story takes it out of BBJX/DMY/YZG territory – this is no love triangle, just one guy/one girl, one epic OTP. XD *spazzing incoherently*

      • Wow, it’s nice to see dramas with just one guy/girl OTP fighting their way to each other. I’ll definitely watch it.

        Question, Does it have a happy ending? I want happy ending. :p

      • oooh this sounds epic. “this is no love triangle, just one guy/one girl, one epic OTP” who do yuan hong and kevin cheng play in the context of this story? in other words, who gets to play OTP with jiangxin? is it too much to hope for if the ‘male lead’ is YuanHong instead? 😛

  3. Why am I giddy all of the sudden too ?!?! Ok… am looking forward….please give us a longggg teaser of the novel to help until the drama premier. If theres only one otp … which one would it be since both are starring ? And she is so pretty.

  4. I just saw Jiang Xin from Legend of Zhen Huan and she was so kickass as Hua Fei. I liked the main character but I also liked Hua Fei, even though she was “the bad guy” 😀

  5. OMG!!! Kevin Cheng, I love him so much. I have been watching his dramas since 2002. I fell in love with him as Sean Sze in Slim Chances when I first saw him. It was like love at first sight. Hummm… KC is still a diamond bachelor. Yummy…. He looks gorgeously delicious, super handsome dude… His 2 latest dramas, Ghetto Justice I & II are very good too….

  6. Gosh I loved this girl in DGSD with Liu Tao. I agree she was the best actress there and she is in a drama with Yuan Hong ? Happy dance 😀
    OMG 😮

  7. I’m sorry to be such a complainer amidst all the hype here, but I cannot see Kevin as Mu Yu (the age is just a small factor, it’s mostly the aura he gives off during acting).

    I was just reading the SARFT file and this last sentence just popped a would be perfect bubble. Although it is too high of an expectation for a drama to keep every single detail from the original…SIGH…

    • Just another thing, I don’t think Ye Zhen had the requirements for ‘amnesia’ before meeting Mu Yan (hopefully the company didn’t delete the part where 14yr old YZ met Su Yu…)

      “因不愿与同父异母的弟弟苏榭争夺王位而自我放逐” –> If so, then that isn’t the true Mu Yan.
      Hopefully the company will prove me wrong and show book fans that they didn’t change much.

      I apologise for complaining here, but it was just my thoughts after reading this: http://dsj.sarft.gov.cn/tims/site/views/applications/note/noteTable.shanty?id=01331a4e6027767f4028e4a1323e3185

      • Hi, I share the same sentiments as you. My friend told me it will become something like a palace drama where Mu Yan will fight for the throne for Ye Zhen’s sake:( I also feel KC is not the Mu Yan I’ve in mind. I can’t say which actor is suitable to be Mu Yan but I can’t picture KC in it, wrong vibe, haha..Also, which role will be given to Yuan Hong as there isn’t really a 2nd lead in the book? I suspect the drama gonna beef up a character or create a new character for him. Otherwise he can only guess star in 1 of the sub-story?

        In reply to anyone who wanna know the ending. My interpretation is that it is open-ended as you can say it is sad yet you can also say it is happy. It is not happily ever after like DMY yet it is not all tears like YZG. Thus, to anyone who can read Chinese or understand Mandarin (audiobook), I highly recommend this book.

      • I’m glad there’s someone who feels the same way. According to baidu, YH is Jun Wei? (If I remember correctly, he didn’t have much scenes – or maybe the production company is planning on fleshing him out). Take my words with a grain of salt though. Baidu can’t be trusted. :p

      • Dayum. That is not the novel at all in the SARFT synopsis. T____T I figure Yuan Hong was playing Jun Wei and his role will get beefed up, but I also don’t see Kevin in Mo Yen at all, but at least I think he’s good looking and can act so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

        I love the novel so so so much. I just finished the Thirteenth Moon chapters and I was bawling like a baby at the end. This segment would be epic if Liu Shi Shi played Ying Ge, Yuan Hong as Rong Xun, and Hu Ge as Rong Yuan. Or else I’m just cosplaying here.

      • I was thinking of the exact three people while reading ‘Thirteenth Moon’!(Thanks to 华胥引之十三月 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opj6Wd4cOtc). There’s heaps of MVs on YouTube concerning Hua Xu Yin, which is making it even harder for me to imagine anyone else as these characters. QAQ

  8. Oh, I can’t believe you’ve not read HXY:P I think it is Tang 7’s best book. 3L3W10PB is rather over-rated bcos of all the buzz abt it being filmed & the dream cast. The Pillow book which is the sequel is better.

    I can’t read Chinese but thanks to you I was introduced to DMY & YZG thru your excellent translations. Thereafter I am on the road of no return which started my obssession with audiobooks:) It’ll be great if you decide to translate HXY as this good book should be shared. I read that the drama will not follow the novel closely so there is more reason for you to translate.

    Lastly, pls get ready plenty of tissues & I look fwd to reading more posts on HXY from you.

  9. Kevin <3<3<3 and Yuan <3. The synopsis of this drama's storyline sounds interesting. I'm looking forward to giving it a try and hope it gets subbed.

    I'll wait for BBJX's sequel…

  10. I started reading Hua Xu Yin after your recommendation & damn it’s good! Although I would agree with the rest that Kevin Cheng does not fit Mu Yan at all. Yuan Hong as Jun Wei/Mu Yan would be cute ^^

  11. Tang Qi Gong Zi is one of my favorite writers, and I’m really happy there’s an adaptation for Hua Xu Yin. The individual stories in the novel are amazing so hopefully there won’t be major changes in the drama. I hope, HOPE Kevin won’t be the male lead.

  12. I love this book! Regardless how many times I read it I still brawl endlessly! There have been some fan-made MVs on YouTube and Youku with Hu Ge (my love) as Mu Yan. However I do think that all A-list actors such as Hu Ge, Yuan Hong or even Kevin Cheng have grown and matured so much and the aura they omit is so different from the Mu Yan at the beginning of the story.

    I actually hope that whichever production company this is, it will follow Tangren’s guts in casting newbie actors in as leads (Hu Ge was an unknown before Chinese Paladin)

    On a side note, about liking it better than Da Mo Yao, personally nothing beats Da Mo Yao because Huo Qu Bing is the best male character to me *swoon*

  13. All the comments made above sound exactly like those before BBJX was produced. Many remarks and criticisms were made re the casting, some hoping that a certain actor would not be casted for a certain role, etc. In the end the results turned out overwhelmingly successful. I also hope the same happens to Hua Xu Yin.

  14. I’ve only watched JX in Zhen Huan Zhuan… I admit – she’s really really awesome in there and I thought the ZHZ became less interesting in the second half when she was not around.

    I just started listening to HXY’s audiobook and the question is: Can JX actually act YZ’s age? Her character in ZHZ felt “old” which was exactly what the show was going for since she’s been around forever in that drama. Plus, everyone’s makeup was SUPER THICK in that show. I guess it speaks a lot about her acting because I can’t see her in any character now. She will always be Hua Fei… or rather Hua Fei will always be her.

    Hope everything goes well with this adaptation!

  15. Oh, please do get HXY translated for people like me who not only find it quite impossible to obtain the book and also will not be able to read it because of insufficien knowledge of the Chinese language.

  16. Thanks for the recommendation – Hua Xu Yin was a good read!!. It reminded me of Yu Zhong Ge, if YZG was done as a happy book. First is the ambitious n intelligent Mu Yan; bubbly, hilarious, Ah Fu; political intrigue, courageous women, pitiful men, and a cute tiger. I cried in 浮生尽,found 十三月 a bit draggy, and absolutely loved all the Mu Yan/Ah Fu moments. It will be a shame to make him a sappy character (who wanted to avoid clashing with his bro in the succession tale according to the SARF synopsis) when he is written as a Mr Perfect who had the good fortune to meet the woman who brought life (as in fear, pain, humor) into his otherwise perfect life. Hmmm, sounds similar to It Started With a Kiss too…..

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