Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Reunite at Art Event as Bu Bu Jing Xin 2 Rumors Heat Up

It feels like ages since I last saw Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi together in a public event, and when I checked the date I realized it has indeed been over a year since 4th Prince and Ruo Xi had the opportunity to grace us with their presence together. Since finishing Bu Bu Jing Xin back in early 2011, both Nicky and Shi Shi have done many dramas and/or movies separately but when BBJX aired in late 2011 they were all over the television programs and various awards show together towards the end of that year. In truth they don’t really keep in touch though the entire BBJX gang remains active via each other’s weibo posts. Last week Nicky found himself attending an event where he not only went onstage with his BBJX co-star Shi Shi, he also escorted his next two leading ladies onstage as well. First up was Ma Su, who paired with Nicky in the laughable overwrought silliness that was the latest adaptation of the wuxia novel Bride with White Hair (if anyone is curious based on the story, the 1999 drama adaptation with Chilam and Jiang Qin Qin is much better and worth watching). Next came Gan Ting Ting, who is Nicky’s current leading lady from the period C-drama Into the Fire as well as its sequel Into the Victory. The only one missing would be He Zhuo Yen, Nicky’s costar from Xing Ming Shi Ye. Nicky was quite bemused to be escorting so many of his former co-stars around, and when asked about his most memorable kissing scene with the lovely ladies, he actually made a choice and said it was with Shi Shi on BBJX. Awwww, sniffles. Both Shi Shi and Nicky were asked about BBJX 2 and she punted the question to Nicky saying everyone will participate when 4th Prince signs on while Nicky said he got the script and was in talks with the production already. Sigh, can this thing either happen or die for good, all this maybe talk is killing me. Tangren ladyboss submitted to the SARFT a synopsis for the drama tentatively called Bu Bu Jing Qin (Startling Love with Each Step) and I’d translated it below. It…..does not look promising.

Startling Love with Each Step:

Zhang Xiao is a typical white-collar worker, looking for a happy romance and a good job like everyone else. By chance she goes to work for a called Zhen Tian (Thundering Sky). Like every newbie, she encounters bullying at every turn. Thanks to her boss Yin Zhen’s concern, she matures and she develops this hard to explain relationship with him. At that time, another gentle considerate man Kang Si Han enters Zhang Xiao’s world and it turns out that Yin Zhen and Kang Si Han are both potential successors to the company. Zhang Xiao inexplicably gets embroiled in their family succession battle. After a series of events, Zhang Xiao finally realizes where her true love lies and bravely walks with him towards their future happiness.


Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Reunite at Art Event as Bu Bu Jing Xin 2 Rumors Heat Up — 28 Comments

  1. They’re complimentary colouring!! The photo of Nicky staring at ShiShi melted ….DGKUDDBKIIDF

    Oh dear, the plot of the sequel looks…. sighes

  2. Ehhhhh sounds like a total snooze of a story… we need something new and refreshing here! How about actually starting off from where we left off at Bu Bu Jing Xin? With Zhang Xiao having her time-traveling memories and meeting the reincarnations of the ppl she used to know (as in she literally knows it’s them). I always imagined the sequel to be something awesome like that, especially considering the ending to Bu Bu Jing Xin…

  3. I have always being against the sequel as I think it would loose the charm and the ever present danger found in the original. The synopsis confirmed it so I will give it pass.

  4. Awwwwwwwww….Nicky and Gan Ting Ting staring into each other’s eyes. They’re a perfect match!! I saw in another red carpet event, she was adjusting his tie like a good wife. Nicky even took her to Korea! Well the cast/crew anyways…but that was so sweet of him. OMGGGGG these two need to get together for realz.

  5. Sigh.. I predicted this a year ago.. (when BBJX ended and TR promised to do a sequel, not for the right reason, but because it’s oh-so popular). I really don’t have confident in TR as this will their first modern drama (their NANO project not counted), and this story is pretty much forced out because they NEEDED to do a sequel. The synopsis sounds really boring (family feud & business & love triangle).. even TVB stopped doing these kind of dramas. I’m not eager to see a continuation of Ruoxi and the princes’ story either.

    And may I express my dislike towards Karen? The lady is just as annoying as Yumama. Just a week ago, Nicky was pretty hestitant at the IQiyi event (even “joking” that there will be a BBJX sequel, but maybe without their (he and LSS’s) participation), and then Karen suddenly claims that SARFT is going through the script AND that LSS and Nicky are CONFIRMED to participate. WHAT?! I’m sorry, but Nicky has just implied that he has a packed schedule for the upcoming year, and seriously, in all his recent interviews, he pretty much gives off the feeling that he is trying to avoid questions related to BBJX2. And now within one week, he is confirmed to take part in the sequel according to Karen? They are playing it smart. She is obviously trying to get him on board and TangRen obviously takes it for granted because BBJX helped all the princes to boost their popularity. In order words, they “have” to do BBJX2 in order to “repay”, regardless of how packed their schedules are, and how suckass the script might be. And they probably have to drop other potential projects because they have to do the sequel (especially the three main leads: SS, Nicky and Kevin). And Karen says she wants to start shooting during March/April.. but Shishi is going to participate in a 50-episode drama “I’m Sorry, I Love You” as one of the main actors with a stellar cast including Wu Xiubo, Zhang Jiayi, Bai Baihe and Yaodi. And the girl has YET to join the set. How are they going to cope with that? Kevin is doing his own thing with the new drama with Yuanhong as well. Nicky is busy as always and he is continuously shooting his dramas. His production company has joined hands with Huarun and they are planning to co-produce some dramas together. Karen is obviously just talking shiet..

    And it’s said that LGX is being freezed by Karen (Tieba, Weibo and Tianya). It’s rumored that LGX is being “disobedient” because he wants to choose his own projects or atleast have the right to say something. But Karen forced him to drop a lot of potential films/dramas. He actually had to beg her to let him shoot the movie directed by Tsui Hark (Detective Dee prequel). And because things aren’t going well between LGX and his management, Karen banned him from going to activities. That’s why he was absent at the Anhui Drama Awards, while all the TR managed artists were there. And his company informed his fans by claiming that LGX is busy with his family matters. But instead, LGX is doing nothing at all right now.. no goal, no projects. Fans spotted him at a cafe in Shanghai almost everyday.. doing nothing. Poor guy..

  6. She wore a dress from Stella Mccarney. The same one that yoon eun hye wore to MBC drama award but yeh’s dress was long and this dress was short

    I cant wait for Bu Bu Jing Xin 2

    Hope all the casts will come back

  7. if they continue with a different plot and RouXi looses her memories about the princes i would cry. what the hell is with that lame plot that they came up with. sounds like a kdrama~~

  8. I think the plot is too unoriginal too. It looks hopeless. Tangren should actually take the time out to write out an amazing plot no matter the time and wait until everyone’s schedule is free. That way we know they won’t be forced and hopefully, it will turn out better than this.

    I still think it would’ve been smarter if they worked with Tong Hua on the sequel, then we know it will be worth watching even more.

    • That’s why they took a year to write the script, to make it “perfect”, but it still sounded unoriginal and boringggg. They should just drop this “sequel” and leave BBJX alone.

  9. Koala, I was waiting for you to comment on LIu Shi Shi’s dress. 🙂

    I wish I could read the novels you always talk about, you make the books or manhwa sound interesting. But they’re in a foreign language. How many languages can you speak/read/write fluently koala? O_O

  10. Ugh, for months I felt like my only solace was the potential for a sequel, but now that my wounds have healed and I can look back on the story fondly, if they aren’t going to do an actual sequel to BBJX (with Zhang Xiao starting from where she left off) then I don’t want one at all. I’m happy to just imagine happy endings for everyone in their modern day reincarnations on my own. This synopsis sounds terrible. It’s not a sequel, just a (crappy) re-telling of the story in modern times. Kudos to Karen for pulling together BBJX, it was truly amazing in almost every way: set design, costumes, cinematography, casting, acting, voice acting; but I agree with bwear, all she’s doing now is talking complete nonsense and I want it to stop so we can all just continue to hold our beloved ruoxi, siye and the other BBJX characters fondly in our hearts and make up our own happy modern endings for them. I’m really looking forward to seeing Kevin and Yuan Hong together though – squeeeeeel!

  11. Aww seeing the photos of them together make me so happy! 🙂 <3 Yes sadly, the plot does make me afraid of whether or not this will work….I dearly wish it would actually continue from the first movie since I loved Ruo Xi's character so much. I think even if there's that reincarnation concept surrounding fourth prince (along with the others), I'd still be fine with it as along as the same cast is playing so I'm crossing my fingers! ^^

  12. As much as I would love to see 4th and Ruo Xi/Zhang Xiao get their happily-ever-after, I don’t think they should make a Bu Bu Jing Xin two. Come on, there are just some shows that should NEVER have sequels and this is one of them. The sypnopsis above sounds ridiculous and pretty crap, and honestly the biggest draw of BBJX for me was the fact that it was about a girl who travelled back in time to a period she didn’t belong in, a period that clashed with everything she believed in. That, and how Ruo Xi handled her life in the olden times was the draw of BBJX, and if you’re telling me the sequel’s going to be a modern version…Blergh. Just blergh.

  13. Actually Nicky and Liu Shi Shi had appeared a few time together at awards ceremony…the previous one was in december at the ShangHai Festival..the won the most media attention award and did an interview together….how come I feel like there is something going on between these two and they are being coy about it????

    • Nonsense….at times I think they look awkward together. I think Ma Su and Nicky are dating. They were caught late night shopping together a few months ago.

  14. Ummm, i did not think The Bride With White Hair was bad. The actors were pretty convincing and there were many exciting scenes.. Just the storyline kind of went South ever since her hair turned white.. This series was really dramatic and the fight scenes were pretty good.

    The bad thing about it was it mainly focused too much on the minor evil characters and that got really boring for me. I enjoyed Ma Su’s interpretation of Lian Ni Xiang.. As for Nicky, i have say that the costumes and wig wasn’t working for him. He looks way better in modern costumes. hahaha

    I also did watch the 1999 version with Chilam and i can’t say that i remember much from that series. I only remember Jiang Qin was really pretty.

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