So Ji Sub Visits with Yoo Seung Ho on the Set of his Upcoming Rap MV

How cute are they together? This isn’t even a bromance proper since So Ji Sub is so much older than Yoo Seung Ho, though I suppose they can be considered a bromance in one way since So Ji Sub appears to be trying to live younger with attempting to launch a rap career in his mid-30s whereas Yoo Seung Ho has always acted older onscreen and given off a preternaturally mature vibe in real life. Seeing all the failed child actors, from growing out of cute looks to not developing their acting craft to falling in with the wrong lifestyle, I’m pretty impressed with how the Korean child stars appear to have more oversight on them than their Western counterparts hence there is less instances of failing out of the industry shortly after hitting puberty. Yoo Seung Ho has been blessed by actually hitting the child actor jackpot of being a cute kid and now a ridiculously handsome young man. He has the nickname little So Ji Sub and years ago I would have agreed with the moniker but as he’s grown older I think he looks less and less like So Ji Sub. Acting style wise they are completely different as well but I reckon this bundling of the two will continue for years to come. This week found Yoo Seung Ho jetting between the set of Missing You (which airs it final episodes next week) and the set of So Ji Sub’s upcoming MV for his new rap album “6 o’clock…….Playground” and he filmed scenes with Park Shin Hye in a club for 6 hours one night. So Ji Sub had finished shooting earlier since he plays the older version of Yoo Seung Ho in the MV so they don’t have any scenes together, but he stuck around and brought snacks to the trailer for Yoo Seung Ho during his break. He even brought his little buddy a box of red heart chocolates which made Yoo Seung Ho burst into laughter and ask if this was his love confession to him. The two chatted about the MV filming and So Ji Sub’s new rap album, but I hope So Ji Sub also gave Yoo Seung Ho some tips of surviving military service. I may make fun of So Ji Sub’s attempts at rapping but I think it’s cool he does what he loves, even if I cringe sometimes watching him. But I have a feeling this MV will be smoking hot and will leave me begging for more.


So Ji Sub Visits with Yoo Seung Ho on the Set of his Upcoming Rap MV — 13 Comments

  1. I don’t know if it’s because Yoo Seung Ho became a well-known and beloved child actor at much younger age than some, that I still find it hard to dissociate the young vs grown image he wants. I guess the military would solve that dilemma. I’m with you on So JI Sub. I may not be fond of his rapping endeavors, but at least he’s doing what he loves. I am liking the bromance this two have.^^

  2. This really is adorable! But Yoo Seung ho looks so cool and sexy and poor So Ji sub looks like a homeless person. I mean this is my first impression upon seeing these pictures. Anyway, hilarious…

  3. I’m xcited to see the MV…I hope that the rapping will turn out to be good but even if its not I will not mind as long as Yoo Seung Ho is there and paired with Park Shin Hye it is more than enough for me. I love them eversince. I’m praying that YSH will come back safely from doing MS and do more great projects for us his fans:-)

  4. They just look so freaking alike! Yes, I won’t doubt if ever there will be a news that they are related to each other. Both of them so HOT! ^^ Maybe because of these comparison, they developed some bond over the years (since they had filmed an MV and cf together before) and that’s cool! ^^ AJA to both!

  5. why not collaborate yoo seung hoo with yoon eun hye again,,,,its gonna B most waited MV aftr their korean drama hueheheh bt PSY is good!!!!as long as YSH at the MV,,,,^_*

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