Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 11 Recap

I started recapping episode 11 of Cheongdamdong Alice when 10 minutes in I almost couldn’t go on. How could I keep recapping when this drama hardly makes any sense to me anymore. It’s not completely nonsensical but there are so many loopy and extreme elements, not to mention coincidences and near misses it stretches my credulity to the point I can’t deal with trying to write it down without shaking my head and going “how could this be happening?”. Just a heads up not to be surprised if this entire series gets dropped in the near future. I know its so close to the end and I honestly make a concerted effort to finish recapping projects, but this drama is falling apart gradually at the seams and any ability to connect with the characters or narrative is slipping through my fingers. Right now I don’t like any of the characters with the exception of Team Seung Jo and Se Kyung’s parents. Everyone else sucks as a human being or is behaving like an irrational and myopic ten-year old. Seung Jo’s speed-dating his way to an engagement with Se Kyung is one of the least romantic thing I have seen in a K-drama in a long time and thank god Se Kyung’s dad said no to giving his blessing to this ridiculous (at this stage) farce of an engagement.

Se Kyung has become Seung Jo’s security blanket and that is the farthest thing from giving this man a healthy new start in life than replacing all the love he’s craving with a nice substitute rather than getting him back on his own two feet emotionally. Se Kyung is just plain stupid at this point – forget being good or bad, black or white, innocent or calculating – she needs to come clean with Seung Jo rather than digging herself even deeper with Tommy and this entire charade because too many clues are out there and its so easy for anyone to start connecting the dots. Lo and behold, thwarted In Hwa gets a clue about a nanosecond in and sleuthes her way to the confirming evidence three seconds later. At this point I’m rooting for everyone to fail and for all the cards to come falling down so people can start afresh without all these issues and lies and misunderstandings. This episode was also horribly directed, like a herky jerky hodge podge of scenes awkwardly transitioning into each other. What the fraking frak is going on here, drama? Are you having a public meltdown? Because if you are, please just tell me so I can walk away and not witness it, because you were oh so refreshing and charming when you first arrived at the party.

Episode 11 recap:

The Royal Department Store charity bazaar is underway and the GN Group family is there along with Tommy. Some rich ladies discuss the matchmaking between the two groups and say that he’s also the President of Artemis and compliment In Hwa on being so pretty and she blushes becomingly. President Cha arrives and is greeted warmly, with talk of President Shin (the father) taking him out to dinner soon. The ladies congratulate President Cha (on the alliance) and he hesitates ever so slightly.

Seung Jo arrives and pulls Se Kyung in behind him. Everyone stares and she is dragged over to greet President Cha as Seung Jo’s girlfriend Han Se Kyung. Tommy visibly cringes and In Hwa holds back her shock. Seung Jo also publicly refers to President Cha as his father and then says he and Se Kyung are getting married. He knows Se Kyung works at GN Fashion and purposely asks them to take care of “his” Se Kyung. Awwwwkwardness.

President Cha, Seung Jo, and Se Kyung retreat to a meeting room to pow-wow. Dad accuses Seung Jo of doing this to get revenge but Seung Jo points out that falling in love for revenge is ridiculous and not to insult his love for Se Kyung. Dad asks if they are in love, they can go live their happy love elsewhere, why come here to join the festivities? Good point, Dad. Seung Jo claims that he wants to make clear to everyone plotting his marriage that he’s off the market.

Tommy is getting raked over the coals by Momma Shin and Min Hyuk in another room. Tommy keeps apologizing for his oversight and Min Hyuk is furious that GN Fashion got publicly declined a marriage, and over a girl who works part time at the company. In Hwa tells them to cut it out, it’ll only make her look worse. In Hwa tells Tommy to stop apologizing, she wants this all to go away. More importantly, she is no longer interested in Cha Seung Jo. He doesn’t understand what marriage alliances mean for people like them, therefore he is of no use to her.

Dad still insists that Seung Jo doesn’t love Se Kyung, he’s doing this to get back to Dad by picking the exact type of girl dad hates. Dad tells Se Kyung that the moment he agrees to the wedding Se Kyung will get dumped. Seung Jo tells Se Kyung to wait outside and Dad asks if she graduated college and what her parents do. Seung Jo pulls her outside and asks her to wait for him. He goes inside and father and son keep arguing with each other.

In Hwa walks out of her room and encounters Se Kyung in the hallway. In Hwa smiles that things sure was awkward back there but her family doesn’t care so she wishes Se Kyung well. Se Kyung can hear the screaming coming from both rooms, with Min Hyuk screaming that Tommy embarrassed them and Dad screaming that Seung Jo doesn’t understand reality. Se Kyung kneels down and she can see Tommy with his head bowed to Min Hyuk. She thinks to Yoon Joo that this is what its like to enter Cheongdamdong.

Seung Jo accuses Dad of arranging the marriage alliance with GN Group knowing Yoon Joo was the daughter-in-law to keep Seung Jo always under his thumb. Dad screams back that getting Seung Jo to capitulate is exactly what he wants and if Seung Jo admits he was wrong and wasted the life Dad gave him, then Dad will be satisfied. Seung Jo can still breath now by not living like Dad wants, otherwise he would have died in that family. Neither have anything else to say to each other.

Min Hyuk insults Tommy as staking everything he’s ever accomplished on making this marriage alliance. He ridicules Tommy as not a designer but simply a pimp whose life is ruled by making marriages. That is why Min Hyuk should not have trusted in an unknown entity like him. He leaves along with his fugly Mom. Min Hyuk runs into Se Kyung outside and snidely asks if she’s planning to quit her job now that she’s the fiancee of Jean Thierry Cha? He stalks past her and fugly Mom walks out and wonders aloud where Seung Jo ran across an item of such low caliber as this.

Tommy walks out and over to Se Kyung. He glares at her but before he can say anything, Seung Jo walks out. Seung Jo asks Tommy to stop meddling anymore and then pulls Se Kyung away. President Cha walks out and also insults Tommy as thinking he could handle this situation but messing it all up.

Seung Jo and Se Kyung are in the car as Driver Kim takes them somewhere. She stares at Seung Jo and asks where they are going. He says somewhere and they both look out the window. You know, Seung Jo, can you dragging Se Kyung places and never telling her where you are going, much less ask her before hand if she would like to go. Her considerations matter too, not just you doing whatever the heck you feel compelled to do, even if you are doing it due to an excess of love. Said love having developed over the course of a few short weeks (maybe days) so it seems.

Tommy stalks home and gets an update from his spy who caught Se Kyung meeting with that woman last night and it was very weird. Turns out spy recorded Yoon Joo and Se Kyung’s convo last night in front of Seung Jo’s apartment (with his camera and no one else around and close enough to get audio but neither lady notices him. Seriously.) Tommy realizes Min Hyuk’s wife Yoon Joo was Seung Jo’s ex, thereby expanding the truly convoluted mess surrounding Seung Jo. His look of horror and shock is pretty priceless.

Seung Jo tells Se Kyung that when he was 10, his parents got divorced and his mother picked him up from school one day and he spent a few days with her only to never see her again. She wanted alimony from his dad and used Seung Jo as a bargaining chip. Dad told Seung Jo that if anyone said they loved him to never trust that person because that person was only using Seung Jo. From that day on, the word love because a prison for Seung Jo, always uncertain and doubting.

Then one day he met Se Kyung and what she showed him made him not fear the world anymore. He asks her to marry him, getting down on one knee with a ring. Se Kyung cries and looks at him. Suddenly she sees a call from Tommy and she wavers between Tommy and a kneeling Seung Jo. Seriously? At this very second? What are the odds? She asks Seung Jo wait and rushes into the bathroom, with the poor guy kneeling there.

Se Kyung watches the video Tommy sent which is of her and Yoon Joo’s convo last night. Tommy sends her a video message giving her one day to choose between Paris or Hell.

Seung Jo knocks on the door and asks if she’s okay? He knows everything that happened today must be overwhelming for her. He’s good at running away, and going to Paris was actually him running away. When he left home he was dreaming that he could find his own home. But in this world he couldn’t find it. But now he found it, Se Kyung is his home. Se Kyung cries in the bathroom hearing him say this. He knows this is all so sudden and he’s willing to wait until Se Kyung can accept it all.

Se Kyung wipes away her hears and takes a deep breath before walking out. She faces Seung Jo calmly and asks him to say that if one day she disappeared from his life, he will die. It doesn’t matter if its a lie, please say it to her now. He tells her that if one day she disappeared from his life, he would die. Se Kyung cries and asks him to put the ring on her. Se Kyung promises to never leave his side, even if he leaves her she will go looking for him,

Tommy is still in a rage and tossing things in his office. He tells his assistant that he knew Se Kyung was formidable when he met her, and in truth she reminds him of himself way back when. They were stepped on and now they must step on others to move forward.

Yoon Joo finds out from Min Hyuk about Seung Jo’s bombshell and that In Hwa has given up on the matchmaking. She runs into In Hwa outside and counsels her to move on since Jean Thierry Cha doesn’t seem all that. In Hwa asks Yoon Joo to tell her all about Han Se Kyung. Yoon Joo was shocked too and says she doesn’t know how Se Kyung landed Seung Jo. In Hwa remembers Seung Jo giving Yoon Joo a bracelet at the dinner and her mind starts turning.

Yoon Joo and Se Kyung meet and Se Kyung shows her the video from Tommy. Yoon Joo thinks this is the end of both of them and they are headed to Hell. Se Kyung doesn’t think so. She said Yoon Joo’s problem was giving up when confronted with the obstacle of Seung Jo’s dad. From now on, she will not come clean to Seung Jo but she will love Seung Jo forever and protect him forever. From now on, this is Han Se Kyung’s secret diary. Yoon Joo has to help her and Se Kyung will help secure Yoon Joo’s position. But once she and Seung Jo get married, she and Yoon Joo must never meet again. There is no way Se Kyung can face the woman who used to be with her husband.

Dong Wook hears from a happy Seung Jo about dropping the marriage bomb in public in front of President Cha. Dong Wook chides Seung Jo for rushing and doing it so improperly. Finally, someone who speaks sense in this drama! Seung Jo doesn’t want to hear it since Dong Wook is ruining his happy vibes from today. Everyone paces around and looks worried and deep in thought, from Tommy to In Hwa to Seung Jo to Yoon Joo to Se Kyung. Se Kyung thinks to herself that she has gone completely black now.

In Hwa visits Tommy and asks for him to explain what went wrong. She doesn’t know why Seung Jo picked Se Kyung and she can’t handle not understanding something. Tommy looks towards his desk where the video is on his tablet and then he’s called out for a moment. In Hwa sits down and sees a file with Seung Jo’s name on the table. She goes to pick it up and opens the tablet cover as well showing the video of Yoon Joo and Se Kyung meeting. She is about to press play when Tommy’s assistant returns and she hastily puts it away and leaves.

Tommy goes to meet with Se Kyung, sporting all black with a new ponytail hairstyle now that she’s gone to the dark side. She’s not here to answer him, she’s here for her own proposition. The marriage between GN Fashion and Royal Group is over now, so which side is he on. Even if he gets rid of Se Kyung, here is no way Seung Jo is willing to marry In Hwa, especially with Yoon Joo involved. Tommy can still help resolve the knot between President Cha and Seung Jo by helping Se Kyung and that way he still aid one of the two sides. He should help her because it helps himself.

Tommy laughs that she’s watched too many dramas that a poor and kind girl loves a rich man and gets her happy ending. But Se Kyung is not going to get her happy ending because she is not kind and loves Seung Jo for his money. Se Kyung asks what is the result for people like them? Do they fall and shatter into peices? Se Kyung doesn’t want this lecture because she’s not the kind innocent person she was before. If she was, she would have told the truth long ago and asked for understanding. Bur she won’t do that, because she is not a kind innocent girl. She is a poor calculating girl who will continue this ugly love for the rest of her life. If she fails, she will accept defeat. But she hasn’t failed yet and neither has Tommy. She gives him two days to let her know.

In Hwa sits at her desking but she keeps messing up since she’s distracted thinking back to the video.

Seung Jo discusses moving to Paris with Se Kyung, he gets transferred back to corporate and Se Kyung goes to design school there. Dude, horse before the cart please. He is even willing to bring all her friends and family there. Se Kyung asks about his Dad but Seung Jo refuses to answer. Se Kyung gets a text from Seung Jo’s dad asking to meet tomorrow.

Se Kyung meets with Seung Jo’s dad and finds out that her dad is a baker and they live in a poor neighborhood. Dad asks if she is really intending to marry Seung Jo? Se Kyung asks Dad to try to understand why Seung Jo is insisting on doing this but dad stalks out.

Dong Woo, Secretary Moon, Ah Jung and Se Jin are hanging out watching the video of Se Kyung and Seung Jo’s big riverside romantic moment when Se Kyung arrives and they tease her about kissing. Se Kyung sits with Dong Wook to discuss Seung Jo’s issues with his dad. Dong Wook reveals that Seung Jo has this recurring dream about attending his dad’s funeral which represents his guilt over leaving his dad. He is afraid to reconcile with his dad because he is afraid of being rejected again. Right now his actions scream “look at me” to his dad.

In Hwa keeps stewing over the video and wondering what Tommy is hiding. Tommy is thinking back to Se Kyung’s ballsy conversation with him and he smiles at how crazy she is. Se Kyung goes back to see Seung Jo’s dad and says that Seung Jo is constantly around his dad rather than rebelling elsewhere because he is looking for his dad’s approval and support. Se Kyung brings out all her former scribbles, drawings, and awards and says her dad never complimented her before but she still kept it all. She asks Seung Jo’s dad to reach out to Seung Jo first.

Dad looks at Se Kyung’s paintings and smiles, remembering how he looked at Seung Jo’s old paintings and met with Seung Jo’s painting teacher who complimented his talent. Dad was happy but told the teacher to stop coming by anymore because a boy didn’t need to keep painting.

Se Kyung runs into In Hwa at work, with In Hwa wondering why Se Kyung isn’t running errands for Yoon Joo lately? She asks if they were close back in high school and Se Kyung says no. When asked if they are close now, Se Kyung also says no. After Se Kyung walks away, In Hwa asks the assistant to buy a tablet cover identical to the one Tommy has.

Tommy meets with Se Kyung and reveals he once kneeled down before someone at this very restaurant once. But over time people started begging him and each time he would turn them down. He used to see rage and unfairness in their eyes, but he doesn’t see it in Se Kyung’s eyes now. He now sees desire in her eyes again. He asks if she has the confidence to never come clean for her entire life? The confidence to become the daughter-in-law of Royal Group? He makes her promise that once she reaches that position, she will place a set of wings on Tommy. Later Tommy’s assistant asks why he agreed to Se Kyung’s proposition? Tommy doesn’t know but he thinks that he ought to say yes at that moment because it made him look cool.

In Hwa meets with Tommy but is called away so she is left alone in his office. She exchanges the tablets and runs to the bathroom with Tommy’s tablet and quickly sends the video to herself. Tommy returns and In Hwa asks if he’s not planning to explain about Han Se Kyung, Tommy says the problem wasn’t with Han Se Kyung, it was with Cha Seung Jo who isn’t suitable for In Hwa.

Seung Jo and Se Kyung meets her family and discusses getting married. If they agree, Seung Jo can start planning the wedding. Dad says he cannot agree because Se Kyung has been through a lot. He is fine with them dating but the distance is too great between them. He cannot accept a marriage with such a wide disparity. Seung Jo says he doesn’t have a lot and Se Kyung gives him a lot. Dad says his Se Kyung is a sweet girl who everyone would love. He doesn’t want to send her into a family where the son and father have broken ties with each other. Seung Jo has nothing to say to that.

Later Seung Jo sits in Se Kyung’s room and wonders why her dad doesn’t just accept him as a son and be done with it. Se Kyung confirms that he is very envious of her family and tells him to do as she says. She encourages Seung Jo to meet with his father but Seung Jo says no. Se Kyung shows Seung Jo a news article about his deceased grandfather’s ten anniversary passing but Seung Jo still refuses to go and leans his head on her shoulder.

Seung Jo goes home and pulls out his French book and inside is a picture of a little boy him posing with his dad. He gets a text from Se Kyung showing a sad rabbit. Seung Jo smiles and sends him a video of happy rabbit walking somewhere so Se Kyung grabs her coat and rushes out. Seung Jo goes home to his grandfather’s passing anniversary ceremony with all the family members present. All the aunts and uncles are very happy to see him. He joins his father at the altar and they all pray and pay their respects. Seung Jo is leaving and his dad tells him to drink the ceremonial wine first before leaving.

Se Kyung is in the car waiting for him and Seung Jo finally returns. She asks if he did well and he says there is no well or not well. She asks if he’s feeling better and he smiles softly. She raises her hand for an high five and he says no need. Se Kyung tells him to not let her look silly and give her a high five. He smiles and gives her a high five.

In Hwa watches the video of Yoon Joo and Se Kyung and literally clutches her chest in shock. Yoon Joo walks in with a snack and In Hwa calms herself down. Once Yoon Joo leaves, In Hwa glares at the door and calls Yoon Joo a fox. She then looks at Se Kyung’s resume and says there are two foxes.


Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 11 Recap — 50 Comments

    • Actually I love how Se Kyung become a cinderella who is not a damsel in distress who took away someone’s son from a family, but instead of that she put him back! She isn’t struggle alone, but she got alliance!

      Alice in wonderland had a white rabbit who help her enter the wonderland, and even Cinderlela had fairy Godmother who help her to enter the palace’s ball to meet the prince, and So Se Kyung gad Tommy and Yoon Joo as helper now haha xD

  1. I absolutly love this drama. and thank u for the recap. This drama really gives you what u wld expect the least. And tht is REALITY. The writer is really showing how a common, normal person like you and I will react to the situations happening now. Lets be real for a second…..LOVE IT

  2. Ms K – Many thanks for continuing to recap CDDA. Have been waiting all day for this. I am still enjoying this series even the heavy (from all the negotiations) and seemingly senseless Ep 11. I think the writers are laying the ground for what comes in the 2nd part, much like they did earlier in the series.

    My only grouse is that with 16 episodes, there is no time for the characters to really develop and you get this hurried 2nd half. I really wish it had been a 30-eps or even 54 like Family Honor, a real classic. This would have provided sufficient time for the characters and the plot to build and more engagement with the audience.

  3. Well i dont really see where this is going all i know is that SJ is such a great character which also pridictable im so confident that he will eventually forgive her ,
    If only she askes him to give everything up money and all and tehy can go to Paris and start all over again that way he will be sure of her love for him … However i can see why SK is doing what she is doing she is trying to protect him and the writer is findi ng a way to pull SK out of the bitches way !!! Welll those are my thoughts but i still wait on pins and needles for ur recaps ! Dont lose hope mr.s koala …. Still this will never top my fav kdrama MY GF IS A GUMIHO!!! love it !! ( just a note i had to say it)

  4. I figured that when I dislike an episode, you like it, and when I like it, you don’t. LOL. that’s okay, I love your recaps and reviews. hohoho~ and your recap is like one of the things I always wait for on the weekend, because it’s nice to see someone’s ideas and thoughts 😉

  5. Dearest Koala,

    Annyeong! I hope you won’t give up on CDDA. It won’t be the same way if you will not be able to recap it again. I believe the writers can still turn things up beautifully the way we fell in love with the characters from the beginning. I too felt a little disappointed because I’ve come to love this drama its just that it’s a harder for me too root for our leads now but I won’t lose hope, I bet CDDA can still bring back the Se Kyung and Seung Jo we fell in love with.

    much love,
    jenina 🙂

  6. I’m confident you’ll go on recapping this. with 4 more episodes to go and a ticking bomb with it.. you will. And besides, you love Moon Geun Young so much (as I do), you can’t help it.

  7. Thanks unni for the recaps. Bn waiting like crazy since last week. I feel d same way u do too, we jumped from awesomeness to awkwardness but still love the drama anyway. Love our OTP. And i second what my friend said about In hwa and Tommy dating, it’ll be fun to watch them together. Kamsamnida unni, and wait a little, im sure we’ll get the cuteness back.

  8. I’ve been stuck at ep 6 for a while, although I have been following the recaps. I’m determined to stick with it.

    I hope Ms. Koala, your full love for the show and the characters comes back. It’s more enjoyable to watch a drama that your truly in love with (or at least really, really like). Since there are not a lot of episodes left (of course unless it gets an extension), I hope this will help propel the story forward.

  9. today morning i saw the banner(sj and sk photo) that you upload! Oh, i think i am going to read next one hours. After finish my breakfast, i reload your page again. But, didn’t see the recap! What happened? I just thought about until night 🙁
    Anyways, thx for your recap! Btw, today episode is really good 🙂 i love it so much! Especially their soft kiss 🙂 i hope you too 🙂
    God bless you sister koala !

  10. To everyone asking Koala to continue with the recaps~ I know what it’s like to have the joy of loving a drama that a recapper also loves, but then the recapper sours on the drama. It’s super disappointing. But let’s keep in mind the following:

    1) It’s actually quite selfish to ask her to continue recapping something that she doesn’t want to recap any longer. Is it fair to ask her to spend many precious hours of her very busy life doing something she finds unpleasant because some of her readers are so emotionally invested in CA that they can’t bear the thought of not having her recaps? She may decide she wants to continue recapping CA after watching ep. 12, but shouldn’t we respect her choice either way without pressuring her?

    2) It’s not like she’s the only one recapping this drama, so if she stops, we’ll still have access to recaps elsewhere. I suspect that many people are more disappointed about not having her comments and the other readers’ comments than they are about not having the recaps themselves. But if Koala continues to feel aggravated by the drama, you’ll still feel disappointed even if she continues to recap it because the lovefest has left the playground. Her comments will rain on your parade, and I doubt that’s what you want.

    3) Most of us here love Koala and her blog and we want the blog to be around for a long time. That means that if we’re smart, we’ll encourage Koala to take good care of herself. I don’t want her to recap something if it drains her, even if it’s my most favorite show ever. She said in her 2012 review that she’s worn out– so let’s remember that before we ask her to do something that she doesn’t want to do. When a recapper says that they’ve decided not to continue recapping a show, it’s stressful for them to have readers pleading with them to continue the recaps instead of respecting their decision. Let’s not add to Koala’s stress. Let’s tell her: Koala, we love and appreciate you a lot. We may be disappointed but we respect whatever decision you make and we support your efforts to take care of yourself. Fighting!

  11. i’m with you, but i’m hoping it gets better. what does mgy have to do to get a solid show! seriously.

    you’re right about making sj needing to learn to stand on his own, but sk has to be its backbone for now. in her moment of fear about being found out, she asked him to say that he’d die without her to make her realize the gravity of her actions and also to root her. she said that whatever happens, she will stick with him. even if he runs away, she will find him. i hope that when the confession (or probably more like the revelation through another character) happens, he will be mad, but eventually forgive her. it really is an ugly love, but love nonetheless.

    it makes sense now why the two ladies were wearing black in the press conference for the show. two foxes, as ih said.

    • yes. koala thank you so much for recapping this show. if you don’t continue recapping, we are already grateful for what you’ve done.

      the only thing with the other site is that there are a some mgy haters there. 🙁

  12. I’m really loving this drama, because I’m really getting the characters. I understand where everyone’s coming from. Tommy was looked down by everyone. He had to fight to get where he is and still is fighting for his place. In Hwa is an ambitious woman. She has dreams and plans she wants to accomplish. Most people look down on her because she isn’t Candy like.

    I’m loving Yoon Joo. Other dramas have her kind of characters as the evil b***h. She made sacrifices. She may have hurt people, but she feels guilt and she feels hurt. I agree with her views on confessions. Confessions are meant to make the confessor feel better. My professor, he had cancer. When people found out they came out of the wood work to confess the things they did to him. He now was burden with all this. The others felt better, but it just made him angry and stressed out. He didn’t want to hear or know about anything. It really depends on the person. Some people will want to hear it and others don’t.

    I don’t like where Se Kyung is going, but I get it. I’m not surprised she took this path. I think what is throwing people off, is that most people interpreted SK going back to being Candy in the previous couple of episodes. That’s impossible. She changed into a different person. It was impossible for anyone to go back to their old selves after they changed. They can only change again. She learned some hard lessons and ugly lessons about life, love and money. Once you learn something, you can’t unlearn it. I was in a similar situation to SK (there was no SJ in my life though ).

    I ended up being the main bread winner when I was 18. I had to financially support my family. We were in always constant fear and stress. We’re getting financially stable now. I really changed as a person in those times. Before I theoretically knew money was important, but now I place more importance in it. Most people don’t understand what it’s like. People who went through financial hell understand. Money may not buy happiness, but it makes life so much better.

    Se Kyung, Yoon Joo and In Hwa place money and status important in their lovers. I do the same. A really sweet guy asked me out and I turned him down. He delivers pizzas for a living and was happy to do it the rest of his life. I couldn’t imagine a future with him. It scared me to think what our financial life would be like in the future. I already went through poverty, I didn’t want to go through with it again. I was probably jumping ahead of thinking of a serious relationship and marriage. I’m like that now. I can’t just date carefree. I’m always thinking about the future.

    I’m loving this drama, because no one is perfect. Everyone makes really awful choices. I hope everyone gets a happy ever after though.

    • Really like your comment.

      It pains me how cheap this drama looks production/direction like, because, as yourself, I have seen myself in Se Kyung so many times and I’d love it if it was better done as a drama. The struggles of a middle class person who slips into a lower place can be quite a perfect starter for dramatic tension. When you see that being hardworking and nice is not enough, and every door shuts in front of you, you get to a point where you wonder if it’s worth it keeping all your principles or if you should reinvent yourself to survive. Maybe if this was a darker rom-com it would be awesome. Alas, it’s not. Still, I’m here for the long run because I find the Candy-who-pretends-to-be-a-Candy-but-remains-Candy (sorta) fascinating.

      I hope you get the happy life you’re looking for 🙂

      • I’m with you. I wish the drama didn’t gloss over the struggles and pain that Se Kyung and her family went through, when they lost everything. It’s stressful and painful. It would have connected with the audience better. They sort of glossed over it and didn’t go into depth. It would have been great if it was a darker rom-com. It would have gone more in depth the the struggles, but I do love the lightheartedness parts of this drama.

        Thanks. Working hard at it. Hope you have the happy life you want also. 🙂

      • Thanks. 🙂

        This drama just made me want to share. Nothing is black and white in it and it makes it relatable.

  13. To be honest, I was totally on the fence with ep 11. I really wanted to jump off and not turn back. I was trying to understand it but I was having a really difficult time. I don’t really understand SK – I just don’t particularly like this path she is taking. I can’t see what the end game is for her. SJ – sigh, I like him but I don’t really agree with his methods either. I like that he’s opening up slightly to his father via SK’s encouragement. I think he needs true healing from that. At least point, they just need to get rid of all these side character – namely IH and GN fashion. I’d just like to see that all go down in flames and then pick up the pieces. Then I think they should focus on daddy business. That seems more interesting.

    I still like the show… but why must they make it so hard in the 2nd half. I get the feeling that 16 episodes, they didn’t know which direction to go cause they has so little time. Sigh. Where is my nice rom-com?

  14. Tommy Hong was so right when he said this union was going to be an ugly thing. We were suckered into thinking it was going to be candy-coated because of SJ’s insane romance and optimism. But now it is downright disturbing that he needs such a wide berth to conduct his version of love. This is why YJ dumped him. She laid his faults bare to us, I chose dismiss them because they came from a scorned 2nd female lead. But no, she was telling the truth.
    Everything will end well though, because let’s face it, Daddy Cha is a teddy bear on the inside, and once SJ fixates he doesn’t let go now does he? SK is in it for the long haul, did y’all get a load of the pact she made them swear before she accepted the ring? CRAZYTOWN. They are made for each other.
    Koala, I understand you for checking out but its like a car wreck that I can’t look away from.

    • I am so glad someone else was concerned about the “you have to want to die without me” line. Crazies say things like that. That’s obsessive and unhealthy.
      But i think part of SJ being so rushed and almost manic in his actions is part due to the limited time they have with the show and part personality flaw

  15. I really like the main characters but I also have been losing patience with all the misunderstandings, lies, and coincidences. I want real relationships, not plot machinations. I want honest lovers dealing with honest lovers in a shallow world…rather than all this plot A, sub-plot b, trope C kind of thing. It’s so stressing. I want reality!!!! NOT schematics. I will understand if you don’t continue recapping. I’ll still be curious about how stuff turns out so I’ll probably come strolling over to see if you recapped. Thanks for this recap. It saved me screaming at my monitor.

  16. I spent this whole episode telling everyone except Dong Wook and Se Kyung’s dad to “Shut up” and repeatedly asking the question “What are you talking about?”

    I will give them this, Clever Scheming Se Kyung is a much better character than Conflicted Mopey Se Kyung. Do you guys remember that episode of BOF when the female lead (her name has slipped my mind and I’m too lazy to google it) had gotten injured in some kind of accident and had her jaw wired shut or something? So they had her character go through the whole episode without talking and making up excuses for the other characters to speak for her. I seriously thought something like that happened to MGY. She has done nothing but walk slowly, look at the ground and cry for the past couple of weeks, so it’s nice to see that she’s regained her spunk,,, if not her common sense.

  17. Hi Captain! (^_^) Thanks much for patiently writing this recap…I too still love this drama. Maybe this is already obvious, but I think Seung Jo’s growth in character, albeit slow, will be enabled by Se Kyung. Per your recap above, Seung Jo got scared of the word love as a result of his parents’ situation (i.e. Mom asking for alimony in exchange for him, etc.), but when he found Se Kyung, he became no longer afraid…I had the same thought about Doctor Dong Wook’s pointing out Seung Jo’s recklessness. Dong Wook is the Voice of Reason. Then later in the episode, I thought Se Kyung’s Dad is also a Voice of Reason among these characters. If Se Kyung doesn’t go black all the way, I think her Dad will be one of the reasons…I think this episode is like the calm before the storm…Hoping to read your exciting recap of Ep 12 in the coming days. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  18. I actually like this episode. Not because I sympathize in any of them but because this episode have shown that whatever your position in Cheongdamdong is, everyone’s climbing and scheming over the same tree. They’ve placed the Shin family and the previous outsiders (Tommy, Yoon Joo, and Se Kyung) on the same boat. The reason why Song Joo is the mad hatter is because he’s the only remaining person in Cheongdamdong (wow this word is so long) who believes and seek for love – he is the only sane person regardless of his limitations and shortcomings as a character.

    However, I really don’t like Song Joo…and Se Kyung to some extent. I do love Tommy and Yoon Joo though they are cowards because their motivations and limitations were fleshed out. I am not really that interested with the romance of the OTP (no electric jolts, nothing) but I wanted to see resolutions to their personal issues. I wanted the best for Yoon Joo and Tommy whatever is the best for them. They are the only characters in the show that I like aside from dad Han.

  19. I really liked this episode, maybe not one of the best but I liked how Se Kyung acted in this episode. In majority of these kind of dramas, the girl probably would have chosen Tommy Hong’s ‘Paris’ or even ‘Hell’ but she turns the situation around and gets him to help her. I love how she is different to most female leads. She actually fights for her love and getting into Cheongdamdong. I’m definitely continuing this series and I’m so glad that this episode was a great improvement from the last two episodes.

  20. I can’t recall the last time a drama went downhill for me this quickly. I’m so sad :(. I mean I guess this is about how I felt when I gave up on Missing You, except that Missing You is a makjang melo that I already expected to have issues with going into it. But CA?! I’m just so disappointed. This started off so wonderfully. It was fresh, well-directed and acted. I loved it. But this episode was a piece of drek. I have looked forward to this drama every Sunday night, but now I think I’ll just wait for it to finish and then marathon what’s left because I fear I may be doing some fast-forwarding. Oh, CA, how far you’ve fallen!

  21. Thanks for recapping Ms. Koala. I watched both 11 & 12 so I have a better perspective to reference from. Ep 11 was all over the place and I don’t agree with SK moving forward without confession. She needs to put her card on the table and whether she chooses to protect SJ from there on, that’s her choice and SJ’s choice (obviously he will have to make a mature decision to accept her). I enjoyed watching ep 12 though as it augments ep 11. So, I still look forward to watching CDDA.

  22. Dear koala and CDDA viewers,
    Have a good day and May God bless you all. You guys make me amazed! First amazement got from koala. I thought koala will like this episode more than last week episodes. Ha ha….it’s not ^^

    Second amazement was from CDDA viewers! You guys are different viewers from other viewers yin watch other dramas. You guys are unity. Once i read about koala’s unpleased opinion about I miss you! Most of the viewers in here were the same side with koala. Yes, it might be koala’s opinion are right. That’s why they’re on her side.

    In here too. Koala’s opinion about CDDA may be right. So, i think you guys also the same side with our koala. But, it’s wrong, 100% wrong. You guys still supporting our CDDA and persuade to our koala to recap. I read a lot of bad comments for CDDA from some viewers. They compare CDDA AND IMY, they said CDDA has a lot of plot holes but IMY is perfectly perfect. I don’t know it’s wrong or right. I just reply back, give the writer a chance to the end. But, it’s really hurt my heart 🙁 But, now i see your unity and I’m really proud to be CDDA fan. Thank you all 🙂

    Dear koala, i accept all of your opinion in any drama. Because you know better than us. I’m normal viewer but you’re expert. I just pray to God that CDDA persuade your mind ASAP again.

  23. Sad to know how are you feeling about this drama, still thank you for your recap and your thoughts. As a fan of MGY, my support for this drama will continue whatever the story goes. Moon, seldom do a drama, so might as well savor this opportunity.

  24. I like this episode! Pretty surprised that a lot of you don’t. 🙂

    We know Yoon Joo turned completely ‘black’ for money. In Hwa was raised to be ‘black’ and is now acting ‘black’ out of pride and jealousy. Se Kyung assumes she’s now fully ‘black’ for choosing to protect Seung Jo due to his PTSD and their love.

    Candy or no candy, Se Kyung is doing it for love. The money and status, to her it’s a bonus. So I think she has her head screwed on right. If there were no money and status involved, would anyone even bat an eye disapprovingly?

    Granted that honesty is the best policy but is it necessary to shove the confession onto another’s face before he is ready especially when the person has PTSD? I don’t know if that’s wise. Patience is also a virtue.

    For Se Kyung, Seung Jo’s peace of mind is more important. And what did she say was the opposite of ‘I love You’? In her eyes, it’s by not being able to do anything for the man she loves. Which is why she is doing anything and everything she can for Seung Jo now.

    Of course in reality, if the person you like has PTSD, it’s best to take it slow. But this is a drama, only 16 episodes long. Not going to happen.

    This Rom-Com was meant to be a roller coaster ride. The hint was right in our face, with its heavy reference towards Alice in Wonderland. Lots of crazies!
    So I’m going to sit back and enjoy the last leg of this ride. 🙂

  25. She had 2 choice: stop or go ahead. She decided stop when standing at the river bank calling SJ “we can not” . But, SJ “s love, weakness, asking for saving him make she change her mind and decide to have “an ugly love but it is still love”. She is diferent with YJ, she chose to fix business and love, love to protect the one she love and business to make anything to make him happy and takeback the money or an opurnity to change her life, to reach the desire in career ang bring back the hapiness for her family. It”s fair. She had aslso to be honest, feel guilty and want confess to him cos his sincerty. Why she change to not confess after the VoD that TH blackmail to her and agree with the proposal with these words ” stick by him whatever”? She chose to keep the secret to the death ==> Don she know that the true can not be out the sunlight. No . She know that it will be Discovered through her declaration before wearing the ring and now she want to be his home, stronger to fight anything even the devil out here to protect her love and have to thinking smart to confront the whole world in cheongdamdong whre not consit the pure love without money

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