Reen Yu and Vic Zhou Spotted in a Warm Backhug Enjoying New Year Fireworks

Let’s see Vic Zhou‘s agent try to explain away this one, because if Zai Zai takes to back hugging, snuggling, and whispering in the ear of all his “close friends”, then clearly I am missing out here. Of the entire gorgeous cast of Black & White (Zai Zai, Mark Chao, Ivy Chen, Janine Chang, Sonia Sui, Reen Yu, and Xiu Jie Ke), if you told me the two that would end up dating and last this long would be Zai Zai and Reen, I would have called the loony bin on you. Back then the cast filmed for almost a year and the chemistry shooting all around, from bromance between Zai Zai and Mark to every conceivable combination of onscreen pairings, was so potent it would have been a shame none of that translated to real life. Mark and Janine did secretly date for over a year but that relationship fizzed quietly and Mark has since moved on to a very public and high-profile relationship with Gao Yuan Yuan. The rumors of Zai Zai and Reen have always circulated but heated up in mid-2012 when Reen admitted on set that her boyfriend was a fellow TW-actor who was thirty, a Gemini, and drove a Ferrari. In the entire industry the only guy to fit all those criteria was Zai Zai.

Towards the end of 2012 the paparazzi snapped them shopping for household supplies before heading back to his place. Days later Reen’s new daily drama Love Maid Maid with Nicolas Teo premiered and she was asked if she was a good caretaker and housekeeper for Zai Zai based on her role in the drama and she giggled and said she doesn’t know. Now comes the money shot, and they weren’t even the intended target. Taiwan’s biggest couple scandal last year was douchebag Yao Yuan Hao cheating on Sonia Sui with Cyndi Wang and since then slowly going public with Cyndi on that relationship. The photogs were stationed outside Cyndi’s multi-million dollar apartment building on New Year’s Eve to try and get some shots of her with Yao Yuan Hao when they spotted same-building resident Zai Zai out on the building’s magnificent view terrace with Reen enjoying the fireworks going off from the Taipei 101. Zai Zai was back hugging Reen and they stayed outside for quite some time soaking in the New Year’s festivities. I wonder if this relationship is getting that serious for them to slowly go public? I’m happy for my Zai Zai even as I cry silent weepy tears that he and I can never be.

Not to be outdone, Cyndi and Yao Yuan Hao were captured spending New Year’s Eve watching the fireworks from inside her high rise apartment.


Reen Yu and Vic Zhou Spotted in a Warm Backhug Enjoying New Year Fireworks — 11 Comments

  1. “I’m happy for my Zai Zai even as I cry silent weepy tears that he and I can never be.”

    *passing the tissues* Gasp* sob* Was someone talking?

  2. I like this news than LBH and LMJ datting. it seems that zai zai realy love n care with his girl, 360° diffrent from LBH who just put his hands on the pockets. sihgh…

  3. Well, I’m happy for them. I like Reen Yu and I am also enjoying her daily drama with Nic Teo. I’m not really a fan of Vic but he’s always good onscreen. I hope it works out for them. They are super cute together! Seriously, I’m so behind on the gossip. I never really pay attention to these things unless I happen to hear it while watching wanyu or bei fen bei. I do love it when tw entertainers work out 🙂

    Omo Omo, they are going like flies. First Oguri. . . now Vic. NO-O-O-OO-O-O-O-O-O. Sorry about the caps Koala, I know you dont like em. But omg, I really need to accept the fact that I wont ever meet these asian guys im in love with (1. I want them all and 2. well age and location). But seriously its so hard to watch, im closing my eyes. Next will probably be Joe Cheng(I’d be okay if it was Ariel Lin, but sighhh) and then Gong Yoo and then all the other cute ones. Gong Yoo, I dont know how ill handle that. siigh.

  5. OMG I KNEW IT! HAHA. Boy, they are so cute. I adore them. So freaking much. All out of my ZAIZAI LOVE. I’m so happy he’s happy and I really hope she’s a nice lady. I don’t know much about her and alarm bells were ringing when I heard she was boasting about her boyfriend (UM, then again, WHO WOULDN’T if they were dating VIC?!) But yes, I’ve warmed up to this couple and if ZaiZai’s get all snuggly, it makes me feel warm inside HEHE

  6. Man, I wish the paparazzi would stop stalking them like that. I get it if they are in a public place but to be waiting outside their homes and spying on them with them their telescopic lens…’s a bit too much.

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