Cute Picture Spoiler for Episode 4 of Flower Boy Next Door

While Flower Boy Next Door hasn’t hooked me quite like I wanted it to, I really appreciate how it adds to the K-drama world by being so unassuming in its own quirks. This drama doesn’t try too hard is how I would explain it best, and in a world of K-dramas trying so damn hard to make an impression, the lack thereof of any strong impression left by FBND becomes its defining characteristic. Even dramas I’ve loved last year such as Nice Guy or The King 2 Hearts all wore its heart and grand storytelling aim on its sleeve, fairly begging the viewer to bite on the lure. Nothing wrong with that, but I have noticed that cable dramas have carved out a niche for itself by daring to dip a toe in other ponds. The cast of FBND is one of the most prolific social media presences I’ve seen online during a drama viewing – Park Shin Hye and Kim Ji Hoon are tweeting constantly and the stuff they post about are adorable and really build up momentum for their drama. Above is a shot of Yoon Si Yoon and Kim Ji Hoon practicing a pretend kiss since Park Shin Hye volunteered the two of them to kiss if the ratings break 5, which would be spectacular for a cable drama. Episode 2 shot up to 1.5 from episodes 1’s premiere ratings of .55, which bodes well for the drama’s growing viewership as well as for our titillating desire to see these two beautiful guys kiss. I’m confused by Jin Rok’s interest in Dok Mi but I reckon the drama will show us soon where it all stems from. I do like him but compared to the fascinating breakthroughs Dok Mi is making with Enrique, I fear Jin Rok has lost before he has even begun. No worries, there are legions of women out there ready to comfort him since the mere appearance of Kim Ji Hoon’s scruffy gorgeous face immediately turns me from conscientious drama viewer to squealing fangirl. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s episode 4, but if you can’t wait, check out a juicy picture spoiler below. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

A kiss? Already? Oh Enrique, you are such a dog. Oh wait, I’ve been comparing you to an overeager puppy since episode 1 so I guess this should come as no surprise. I’m sure its just an accidental peck but for Dok Mi it might as well equate to stripping naked and running down the street considering her aversion to human contact and interaction. LOL, I cannot wait!


Cute Picture Spoiler for Episode 4 of Flower Boy Next Door — 11 Comments

  1. Okay, I can put up with Jin Rok not getting with Dok Mi, but if he gets “stuck” with that queen bee/bully girl I am going to be really angry. She cannot reform enough in a couple of episodes to make me think she deserves him (or any of the guys in this show for that matter, including the manager/security guy or even the movers!). What kind of message would that send. Be a bitch your whole life but still wind up with Kim Ji Hoon *ahem/cough* Jin Rok?!?!

    I need Denali and Jomo to take her out. Complete erasure. I’d rather have more of the sleepless editor character (I LOVE her) than more of her. I’d even rather have more of Seo-Young’s bland/does she not know its winter character than her.

    • I watched ep 4 and don’t worry Jin Rok is still interested in Dok Mi no matter what that flamingo wearing bully tried to do to get his attention. Let’s hope that the writer does not change the plot on us.

  2. Haven’t started watching this series because I’m not a big fan of PSH, I like her but don’t love her and I don’t see the chemistry between her and YSY, but I’m obsessed with KJH…so maybe I’ll watch the series later on, but I’ve been reading the recaps. I’m second-lead shipping so hard now…haha

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