Ethan Ruan Back in the Limelight Attending Gucci Winter Fashion Show in Milan

Ethan Ruan really is the top male actor in Taiwan right now. Despite being away for a year to fulfill his mandatory military service, the day after he received his discharge papers he was on plane headed for Milan to attend the Gucci Winter 2013 fashion show. As the face of Gucci in Taiwan and China, Ethan has been tied with the brand for many years and always wears their suits and tuxes for events and awards. He really has the perfect lanky model build for the European cut not to mention he can rock the edgy fashion trends with a cute boy grin. While Ethan will be filming a cameo role in Shu Qi‘s period movie The Hidden Heroine, but his first leading man project is actually a movie directed by his long-time collaboration director Doze Niu (who directed him in Monga and later LOVE) called Army Band, which is all sorts of ironic since Ethan just served in the army for the past year. Not sure what the movie is about but I’m assuming its a modern piece. Ethan’s period movie The Guillotines with Huang Xiaoming was a disappointment at the box office this past Holiday season but does satisfy fans of Ethan who have been clamoring to see him do a period wuxia role. Ethan has been all smiles in Milan this past weekend and when asked about girlfriend Tiffany Hsu, herself a top model and no stranger to attending fashion shows, he admitted with a happy grin that he bought a pair of new shoes for her and didn’t come just to add to his wardrobe. Awwww, this boy can be so sweet when he turns on the charm. Now all he needs to do is grow out his hair, he’s been sporting this cropped hair from before his army service since he shaved his head to film The Guillotines. Come to think of it, for that new Army movie he probably needs to keep it short still. Sigh, I miss fluffy-haired Ethan.


Ethan Ruan Back in the Limelight Attending Gucci Winter Fashion Show in Milan — 10 Comments

  1. thanks for the post koala sis! how i wish Kdrama actors could wear this kind of decent trousers unlike the usual trend this days… almost always too short.

    • It’s always about the latest trends for Kdrama actors. ……not style. When it comes to fashion I find the Japanese very interesting because they have great personal style. Kdrama actors almost always look like each other and dress like mannequins.

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