Best Friends Janine Chang and Ivy Chen Drop Their Inhibitions in Boracay

The story of real life BFF and famous Taiwanese actresses Janine Chang and Ivy Chen and one particular turning-30 trip is the stuff that makes me long for a similar experience. Back in November of 2012, Ivy Chen was still dealing with her Summer breakup with long time boyfriend Kun Da and had four days off so jetted to gleaming Boracay for a girl’s trip with Janine. The two have known each other since they did Black & White together back in 2009 and are one of the famous best friend duos in TW-entertainment. The trip was more than just about having fun, Ivy’s nickname is Da Fa (Big Shot) because her personality is so gregarious and adventurous. To commemorate turning 30 (she does not look a day over 20, BTW), Ivy vowed to do 5 crazy things on this trip. Janine wasn’t just game enough to accompany her, she actually did the same things with Ivy! Now that is what I called a great girl friend.Β They got braids together, got tattoos (fake), went skinny dipping in the ocean (top and bottoms off, baby!), jumped off a cliff into the sea, and kissed a random stranger on the street.

Apparently Ivy needed some liquid fortification before attempting some of the more daring tasks but in the end she just went with it. They asked folks to take picture for them to document the trip and Ivy later posted them all on her weibo as proof that she did it all. They also promised each other to return to Boracay in 5 years when Ivy turns 35 because they had so much fun together. It was the first time traveling together for the two girls and they were surprised at how easy going the other person was when traveling, going make up less and just winging it. For the kissing of a stranger, Ivy and Janine accosted two cute white guys on a boat and they happily obliged their lips for the adventure. The girls also made friends with a couple who was getting married and they ended up attending their wedding that night and dancing “Gangnam Style” on the dance floor. Don’t we all need a crazy trip like this with a BFF at least once in our lifetimes, yes? This story makes me love Janine and Ivy more for showing fans their real unpretentious and fun-loving side.


Best Friends Janine Chang and Ivy Chen Drop Their Inhibitions in Boracay — 28 Comments

  1. according to ivy’s interview on Kang Xi Lai Le, she and janine actually kissed the same guy on a boat. and he was asian (not chinese, possibly vietnamnese)

  2. Wow… This is one of those things you only really see on TV. And when you do see it, you feel envious yet at the same time unbelievably happy (even when you’re not the one experiencing it)

    But when it does happen in real life, well, it’s a beautiful and unforgettable experience. Since not only is it difficult to find a person/ partner who complements you so well that they’re even willing to go through those things with you, but it definitely takes a lot of guts to do those in the first place, especially on your own…

    Ah… How we all wish to have a BFF like that…

  3. Oh my gosh… i actually felt teary reading this…
    Suddenly all those nostalgic memories with my BFFs when there are no husbands and babies and kids came flooding back, I need to go hug them now!

    It’s so nice to see 2 female celebrities having a blast together off camera and I noticed the guy they picked to kiss looked like a hottie, from his profile at least. πŸ™‚
    And the photo of Ivy kissing him could have been a screencap of a drama!

  4. I love their free spirit. They are few rare actresses or actors who chose sensible Christian names. The others make me cringe. Haha

    Ermmmm I spent my 30th birthday carrying my baby no.1 as I do remember how cranky this baby was on my birthday!

    Cinderella I second you. I better call my BFF and fix date for makeover photos hahaha

  5. boracay is in the philippines. i’ve been there almost every year for more than 10 years now. it’s amazing! white sand beach, great food, and tons of things to do. it’s the perfect place to spend your 30th! πŸ™‚

  6. So awesome!!! On my 20th birthday, my sister, my best friend and I traveled 16 cities throughout 4 south american countries in 25 days – with a budget so low half of the fun was making local friends or fellow backpackers who could point us the cheapest places to stay or to eat. It was magical! Friendship is truly the greatest gift. πŸ™‚

  7. Such a cute post! BFF Love. I think it’s great that they took a bff trip together…everyone should at least once…and think of all the great, crazy, adventurous memories they’ll have. I also can’t believe Ivy & Janine are both 30, they look like their in their early/mid 20’s (I’m so jelly. What’s their secret?)!

  8. Wow!! I spent my 30th birthday doing nothing to celebrate it but everything to celebrate my daughter’s first birthday which was just a couple days before. My birthday gets so lost in the mix I forgot how old I was. Lol

    I think that is really cool that they did that. It seems so surreal and the fact that they could do that rocks. I hope that they both have all the joy in their lives and future that they are looking.

    And can my hubby and their hubbys let me and my girlfriends do this on my 35th birthday? πŸ™‚

  9. How I hate people doing crazy stuff that you would be embarassed about in years to come. They behaved very cheap to me, though. Yikes.

  10. Yes, some of it is a bit crazy, but I don’t think it’s anything to be embarassed about. Better than having to regret not doing anything at all. I know where I’m going for my 30th birthday now!

  11. Btw, when I first saw the pictures (I’m looking on my itouch so it’s really small), I thought ivy was kissing Joe cheng! :O

  12. In the entertainment world, an artist rarely sees a BFF that would go through one’s sorrow and pain. Ivy and Janine are both to have each other. They are also lucky to have found the time to go on vacation together with such free spirit.

    I applaud them for being so down to earth.

    Thanks guys for letting us know that people like both of you still exist LOL πŸ™‚

  13. Sooooo cool!! Way to go girls! I LOVE Boracay, been there a number of times, also with my great friends! In 5 years, maybe they can go to a different island like, El Nido in Palawan, also in the Philippines. It’s just as gorgeous but less crowded.

  14. what a lucky guy..kissed the most beautiful TW actress in my opinion…If I am that young and swinging single I would do the same.. best of all you have a friend to do crazy things with you.You only live once..whats wrong kissing a hottie…its a memory worth while.Thanks for sharing.

  15. if I were to do that, I don’t think I will be embarassed in years to come when remembering this. I would feel nostalgic and thankful that I got the chance to do so. Their friendship is so lovely <3 love it! and I gotta do those too!!! Haha

  16. Oh wow! That’s a grand way of celebrating 30! Seems so much fun — and so brave, mind you. I guess it means being free, Free and FREE! I love their guts!

    Cool photos! Now I miss Boracay…and home!


  17. aww! apparently I knew nothing about TW entertainment, since I’ve had 4 years (since Black and White) to find out they were besties (and relieved, since i’ve only heard of ivy talking about her guy friends on shows), and I love them. Ivy does not look anywhere near 30! May 2013 be a wonderful year, cuties!

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