All-around Fashion Hilarity at the 7th Level Civil Servant Press Conference

I am so amused by the press conference for 7th Level Civil Servant that I simply had to post about it despite having barely any interest for this drama. It’s been too long since I’ve seen such level of fashion epic fail from an entire drama cast at its press conference. I remember the ladies of Dream High 2 collectively missing hemlines and bodices at their press conference but back then I just thought they looked cheap. Here we have stars of both genders showcasing a genuine lack of understanding on dressing for an occasion and dressing to make a positive impression. I may not be crushing on Joo Won like a lot of drama fandom but I find him really hardworking and am happy to hear of his drama successes. Despite the howls from his fandom when he was paired up with 10-year older Choi Kang Hee, I liked her well enough in Protect the Boss to be open to this potential pairing. Seeing her identical-to-Joo Won short crop for the drama which makes it look like Joo Won is escorting his aunt to the prom, things are not looking up on the romance front. It hurts that Joo Won is dressed in a “what the hell is he wearing” outfit, Choi Kang Hee hurts my eyes, Chansung thinks he’s an accountant, Kim Min Seo is rocking too much with the all red and the shoulder pads and the black nails, Kim So Hyun is looking like Morticia’s younger sister, and Jang Young Nam borrowed a dress from her teen daughter to wear. I’m now in favor of instituting a rule – all production companies have to own a stash of little black dresses and nicely tailored black suits and if their stars show up looking like a trainwreck for a press conference, they will be re-dressed before unleashing them on the world. Check out the hilarity below as well as a trailer to see if you want to watch this drama, which premieres this Wednesday on MBC.

Even Joo Won’s co-stars can’t figure out the hell he is wearing as a jacket. Did he lose his limbs? Wanted to wear a cloak but was afraid it would emasculate him so went with a cloket instead (cloak-jacket hybrid)? Was too lazy to put his hands through the arms of his jacket? It was too hot inside so he had to air out his underarms? I DO NOT GET. I wish his hyung Uhm Tae Woong would have taken him aside and helped out a dongsaeng in need of serious fashion advice. I hope this drama is good so this press conference becomes a distant memory soon.


All-around Fashion Hilarity at the 7th Level Civil Servant Press Conference — 33 Comments

  1. All I see is huge feet on the girl in black. I agree, the rest of the cast need to fire their stylists! I hate bowl cut hairstyles on girls! I enjoyed Protect the Boss but I dunno about this one..

  2. Honestly, I actually like CKH’s outfit and Joo Won’s too. As an ensemble with the rest though, I do agree they’re OMG-everywhere. But anyhow, still keeping my hopes up about this show to deliver! I’ll be watching, ha

  3. I don’t like any of the outfits…:( And can’t they talk to each other before, in order to match their clothes? Cause the mix of colors is visually offensive.
    The teaser is already blocked? Wow.

  4. You are so right. Cannot help compare with the leads in the film where the main leads were so stylish and matched so well ( actually here too they are matched identically bad… JW better). For me the ladies were a BiG failure in fashion sense. …….From their dresses colour mix, cut and hairstyles. only liked KMS hairstyle. If the purpose of the press conference is to attract viewers…….this one is out.

  5. I am very excited about seeing this drama. Remember what I said in my post about the horrible fashion choices during the Flower Boy Next Door press conference (I seem to recall offering to go to Wal-mart and buy Kim Ji Hoon socks–an offer politely declined by Denali): perhaps they purposefully dress badly to reduce our excitement. When you don’t have any expectations, there is less chance for disappontment.

  6. How popular is the bowl-like hair style for koreans? Or is it just super popular in the drama world? Seems like there’s always a slew of actresses with this kind of hair year after year. I just can’t understand why they’d WANT this horrendous hair cut that’s quite unbecoming to most girls. Or maybe they see something different?

    I really like Joo-won as an actor and was looking forward to this drama but from what I’ve seen of this drama so far, my interest is really waning. And, this really isn’t a big deal but his co-star’s hair is just really distracting; it actually bothers me. :p

  7. I thought they looked rather compatible. This coming from a fresh eyes who have never set eyes on either of them in a drama. Seems to me they’re a quirky bunch, and have decided to look bumpkin-ish on purpose!

  8. Choi Kang-hee’s hair is ridiculously terrible – she looks like a ritzy ahjumma. Why have netizens not yet waged war on bowl cuts??

  9. They look fine. Like, really, it could be a lot worse. I never understood this principle that everyone needs to match at press conferences. Why? Let them wear whatever they want or whatever clothes they very given to PR.
    CKH’s hair could be better but I actually like her outfit. The white collar is a bit too much but she is rocking the black lace top with fuchsia skirt. Joo Won looks fine as well – the outfit really elongates his legs and I love the height difference he has going on with CKH.

  10. I actually like their outfits. Sure they definitely didn’t coordinate but I don’t think that’s necessary… Oh wells, to each his own

  11. I feel like whenever a new drama comes, I have a gripe about the hair of someone.. if not the male lead, then the female lead (or in the worst case, both).

    CKH had nice hair in most of PTB which was an anomaly since there is a short hair=tough thing in kdramas

  12. I feel like whenever a new drama comes, I have a gripe about the hair of someone.. if not the male lead, then the female lead (or in the worst case, both).

    CKH had nice hair in most of PTB which was an anomaly since there is a short hair=tough thing in kdramas. They should’ve banned bowl cuts. Her dress doesn’t suit her imo..

  13. maybe they are dressed based on their characters. i didn’t understand why mgy and syh were wearing black in the cdda press conference, but now it does.

    also, jw can never doo wrong in my book.

  14. Lol, but Chansung is wearing a suit….I guess it does make him look a little boxy, but what else should he be wearing? Joo Won’s outfit? *shudders* haha

    Anyway, I agree with you about everything else. What is Choi Kang Hee thinking with that hair style?? I mean I know she cut it short for the drama, but she could have styled like she did in the promos! I still can’t wait for Wednesday!

  15. I am not a fan of Choi Kang Hee, but I don’t mind her. But in this drama, I actually do mind the pairing. This pairing did not appeal to me. Too bad I really liked the movie version but I think I’m going to skip this one.

  16. Choi Kang Hee’s derp face (especially in the 2nd to last photo), which I’ve seen in red carpet photos as well, confuses me. Can’t she fix that into a pretty smile? I’m sure it’s not impossible!

  17. The bowl cut is terrible but I actually sort of like the outfits. I like interesting textures, patterns and pops of color so it’s visually eclectic and interesting IMO. Something different.

  18. Not able to view at YouTube states

    This video contains content from MBC, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.

    Sorry about that.

  19. I didn’t really notice the outfits until you had pointed it out. But even then, I still think there’s nothing wrong with them.

  20. aaaaargh!!! cant they compromise bout the dress code before press conference?!! or they hate each other?!! thanks gods,,aint their fans,,,why gud actress and actors can balance their performance and others not?!!!is that Kdrama series as replace of IMY?!!If so,,I hate to say this,,,after getting many benefit from IMY so make kdrama with low budget??!!!or maybe they already lost prediction with IMY then the kdrama lovers have to pay with,,but after all,actress and actor only support the drama,the main thing it’s about the story of Kdrama. Personally I like them both collaborate as a balance,,,gud actres/actor = gud storyline

  21. I love it ……So witty, fun, whimsical ,playful and eccentric ! . High end quirky looks. So refreshing since Korean stars usually sport the predictable latest, trendiest mannequin looks with no individuality.

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