Flower Boy Next Door Episode 6 Recap

When I watch Flower Boy Next Door, I find myself appreciating it in real time. Normally we fickle beings don’t know a good thing when we see it, more often than not only appreciating things once it’s over. It’s hard to quantify something immediately, especially when there remains an unknown element that can shift the axis later. With that said, I really do sit back and absorb all that is wonderful about FBND. It’s pensive pace that doesn’t feel slow at all but instead comes off as reassuring. Much like it’s going to take Enrique probably the entire drama to full draw Dok Mi out, that’s not dragging at all because the drama is about that journey so the sweetness is in the details. We’re 6-episodes in and I don’t feel for a second that the OTP like each other, or are even falling for each other. But I do feel like their interactions are building the blocks for a friendship that feels even more precious than the stirrings of romance or the thrill of crushing on someone.

I think the Flower Boy moniker is rather inappropriate and a good way of stating there are cute boys in this drama and nothing more. This drama is better called Friends Next Door because it harkens back to the great classic screwball heartwarming mangas like Maison Ikkoku where you have a quirky group of people living in close proximity and the laughter and entertainment comes from their everyday interactions. I can safely say FBND is definitely more of a J-dorama than a K-drama, even the abrupt cruelty of the Do Hwi bullying elements feel stark and less K-drama melodramatic. I love that Enrique is interrupting Dok Mi’s safety room structured life, even to the point where he might force her to comfort the furry demon ex-friend that is Do Hwi. There is no hurt that cannot be overcome, the question is how long and with what support network. I think Dok Mi is slowly discovering though Enrique that a toxic former friendship shouldn’t sour her on all friendship forever.

Episode 6 recap:

Enrique enters Tae Joon’s apartment and is immediately yelled at and kicked out by Seo Young, who chastises him for worrying his hyung by staying out all night without a word. Enrique understands Seo Young’s intent to give Tae Joon some time to work through his issues, and agrees to move out. Can someone please ship Snore Joon and Seo Annoying off to Siberia. I’ll gladly pay for shipping and handling.

Once Enrique is outside, he text Seo Young and tells her not to worry. He looks up towards Dok Mi’s apartment and vows to drag her out of there before he leaves Korea.

Dok Mi runs into Do Hwi in the hallway and freezes. Do Hwi looks shocked to see Dok Mi walk beside Jin Rok, perhaps assuming they spent the night out together. Dong Hoon has finished changing and comes out and voices the assumption that his hyung was out all night with unit 402, which Jin Rok shakes his head no.

Do Hwi tries to act friendly with Dok Mi and lies that she was here waiting for her. Dok Mi cuts her off and moves to walk past her. Do Hwi whispers how Dok Mi could ignore her when people are watching. Do Hwi repeatedly tries to block her but Dok Mi feints and manages to get into her apartment. Dok Mi reminds Do Hwi that she is doing the very last thing Do Hwi said to her – pretend she doesn’t exist.

Once inside her apartment, Dok Mi flashes back to high school. Turns out they were good friends but picked on by mean girls in class. One day Do Hwi saw Dok Mi talking with the cute teacher in the office and got jealous of how he encouraged Dok Mi and lent her a book.

After that, Do Hwi aligned herself with the mean girls and completely ostracized Dok Mi. Even worse, the class confronted the teacher, who apparently visited Dok Mi’s house before, accusing them of behaving inappropriately. The teacher says nothing untoward happened but chooses to transfer to another school anyways.

Dok Mi is left being bullied constantly by all her classmate for trying to seduce the teacher.

Do Hwi has wormed her way into Jin Rok’s apartment again and this time he’s not so sure she really is Dok Mi’s friend. Do Hwi shows him high school pictures where she and Dok Mi are smiling and happy together as proof of their friendship. Jin Rok is very happy to see pictures of Dok Mi smiling and wonders what happened to take the smile from her?

Enrique is off watching a new 4D movie and having fun. He’s excited to work with the creator on making a new game for it. He gets called about the autobiography he’s writing about his gaming career and is told that the publisher is sending it to an editor. This gives Enrique an idea knowing that Dok Mi is an proofreader.

Dok Mi is at home and answers a call from her editor that the agency received a book that needs to be proofread immediately. A copy of the pages will be sent to Dok Mi’s apartment right away and she doesn’t get a word in edgewise to decline the assignment.

Do Hwi continues to lie through her teeth about Dok Mi, chalking her cold attitude up to being overly sensitive since she came from a divorced family. As to why Dok Mi may be upset at Do Hwi, she claims not to know. Jin Rok wonders how to get Dok Mi to smile again?

Dok Mi opens her door for the book delivery and when the package falls out, she sees a picture of the sand castle Enrique built. She looks through the packet and sees Enrique’s picture there.

Enrique may be homeless for the time being but he’s full speed ahead on his gaming career. He gives a speech in front of a group of folks explaining about his games and how he developed them. Weaving through this scene is Dok Mi sitting in her room and proofreading Enrique’s manuscript. He talks about his life as Dok Mi reads about it and makes edits.

Enrique is told that his posters outside have been vandalized recently which leads him to want to figure out who’s been doing it and rather amused he’s famous enough to warrant antis. He asks around on a place to stay for the night and is told to check out the usual haunts – a jjimjalbang or a PC bang.

Enrique parks himself at the jjimjalbang and whiles away the time playing his own video games on his phone with little kids. Cut away to Dok Mi playing the same game on her phone as a way to get to know him better to edit his manuscript. I love that we see both Dok Mi and Enrique hard at work, both of them so conscientious about what they do.

Enrique is sleeping at the jjimjalbang when he gets a text that the first edited portion of his manuscript is ready and will be sent over shortly. He smiles his devilish smile. The next thing we see is Dok Mi getting a call from her editor that the author didn’t like her edits and wants to work with her personally to ensure the end product meets his standards. Before Dok Mi can protest or decline the editor ends the call.

Jin Rok read on a note on his computer to the effect that a guy can go crazy with too long of an unrequited love. He calls Dong Hoon to complain and we see Dong Hoon doing his usual thing – picking up drunk girls outside a club.

Dok Mi is nervously anticipating Enrique’s arrival and he comes armed with his suitcase and a smile. She finally opens the door and he pretends to be surprised that she’s the proofreader. He introduces himself as the author of the manuscript and reminds her that they are on a tight schedule. Dok Mi wonders what exact objections he has with her work and he won’t explain other than they need to go through it together.

Dok Mi leaves him standing outside for a minute as she quickly tidies up her apartment. She opens the door and reluctantly allows Enrique in. Which is when Jin Rok happens to head out and he sees Enrique entering Dok Mi’s apartment.

Dok Mi wonders why he has luggage with him and learns that Tae Joon kicked Enrique out and he’s been crashing at a jjimjalbang these past few days. Jin Rok tries to eavesdrop but has to leave when his phone rings.

Enrique looks around the apartment and marvels that he’s the first person inside much like Neil Armstrong on the moon. He shivers at the cold and she’s forced to turn the heat on for him. Enrique takes in all the surroundings and notices that she must love to travel since she has so many pictures of foreign locales taped on her wall.

Dok Mi gets down to business and wants to keep on editing, promising to get done quicker since he is here to answer her questions. Enrique can see that she’s done her research on him and asks her questions about himself that she is able to answer. He teases that she probably knows too much about him now. Dok Mi is surly and says she can stop working on this assignment and he pouts that she is so nice to others but so mean to him.

Jin Rok meets with his sleep-deprived editor and wakes her up from her desk nap, leading her to smack him in the face with her glove yelling that she told him not to drop by unannounced. Jin Rok reveals that his story has hit a bump since the closed off girl is opening her life to another guy. The editor is perceptive enough to know Jin Rok is upset not just at the story and tells him to go confess his feelings to the girl now.

While Dok Mi work, Enrique is bouncing all around her apartment. He watches TV, plays video games, goes to bother her. Finally she has enough and yells at him to sit still! Enrique pouts and sits down on a chair for all of three seconds before he happily asks if she wants to eat his delicious ramyun. Dok Mi glares at him and hands him a new edited manuscript for him to read, warning him not to have any problems with it this time. Enrique dutifully reads it.

Jin Rok comes back and decides to try and eaves drop outside Dok Mi’s door. He hears some yelling inside so he quickly scurries back to his apartment and presses himself against the wall between the two units and tries to listen to what is going on in Dok Mi’s apartment.

Hours later Dong Hoon comes home and finds the apartment seemingly empty. A search reveals Jin Rok pressed up against the wall covered with a blanket and totally asleep. Ha. Jin Rok smiles in his sleep as he relives the memory of Dok Mi saying she enjoyed flipped through his post-it manga.

Dok Mi takes a break and stretches herself, getting up and seeing Enrique asleep on the ground. She turns off the TV and covers him with a blanket.

Later Enrique wakes up and sees Dok Mi asleep at her desk and covers her with the same blanket. He notices her binoculars on the ledge and uses it to peer into Tae Joon’s apartment. He smiles to see Tae Joon inside and looks down at the sleeping Dok Mi, wondering why he feels this kinship with her despite just meeting her?

He notices a feather on her hair and tries to pluck it off before deciding to blow it off. He leans down and puckers his lips to blow when suddenly Dok Mi wakes up and she sees his puckered lips inches from her face. Dok Mi screams and wakes Jin Rok up next door. Dong Hoon also freaks out and tries to find out what Jin Rok is doing eavesdropping.

Enrique is back to trying to explain his actions and he frantically shows Dok Mi the lint and explains how he was trying to blow it off her hair without waking her up. Dok Mi moves away from him and Enrique tells her not to think of him as a guy.

Dong Hoon thinks 402 and Enrique are totally dating since he spent the night in her apartment. While Jin Rok wants to find a way to drag Enrique out, Dong Hoon says its probably too late and poor Jin Rok is crestfallen. Dok Mi grabs food out of the fridge and tells Enrique to feed himself. He wanders around the apartment munching on food and Dok Mi nags him about the mess he’s making.

Dong Hoon and Watanabe head to their photo shoot for Do Hwi’s online shopping mall. Watanabe is a natural and Dong Hoon sucks and he ends up making these ridiculous Zoolander poses for the camera. Afterwards he claims to be a pro at this modeling stuff. Do Hwi uses the chance to ask Dong Hoon if Jin Rok likes Dok Mi? Dong Hoon turns the question around and asks if she likes Jin Rok? Do Hwi claims it was love at first sight (barf), to which Dong Hoon is miffed Do Hwi likes Jin Rok over him. His suggestion is for Do Hwi to befriend Dok Mi.

The security guard makes an announcement over the loudspeaker that the tenants have successfully won compensation. This makes Jin Rok doubly happy – to get money and this will lure Dok Mi out of her apartment. Dok Mi calls the guard and declines her portion since she never participated in the protests. The guard tells her that someone is coming to deliver a package to her right now, which confuses Dok Mi since she didn’t order anything.

Her doorbell rings and Dok Mi cracks it open to reveal Do Hwi standing there with boxes. Do Hwi sticks her foot in the door and asks Dok Mi to let her in and talk. Dok Mi goes into the hallway and pushes Do Hwi out. Do Hwi acts aggrieved at what Dok Mi is doing – ignoring her calls and texts and being mean to her when she has come all the way to see here.

Dok Mi coldly points out that Do Hwi is still the same and asks what those boxes are for? Do Hwi turns it around and loudly asks if Dok Mi is only interested in the stuff she brought over. She says the boxes contain clothes she brought as presents for her friend. Dok Mi tells Do Hwi in no uncertain terms that she doesn’t want it and take it back.

Enrique listens in the apartment and considers opening the door but stops himself from butting in. He wonders why Dok Mi has these problems? Dok Mi asks why Do Hwi is here looking for her and Do Hwi claims she missed Dok Mi and to let bygones be bygones.

Jin Rok and Dong Hoon walk out of their apartment and immediately Do Hwi fakes the tears and claims all she wants to do is see Dok Mi again and get along. Enrique finally comes out, and Jin Rok takes note of that, and offers to leave the apartment so Dok Mi and Do Hwi can talk. Do Hwi stares at this cute guy coming out of Dok Mi’s apartment.

Dok Mi tells Enrique not to leave. Dong Hoon butts in and wonders why Dok Mi is so mean that she’s letting her friend cry in the hallway. Dok Mi says there is nothing for them to talk about. Dong Hoon chides Dok Mi for being a bad friend. Jin Rok puts a stop to it and tells Dong Hoon to zip it.

Do Hwi can sense her woe-is-me act is not working so changes tactics and says this was all her fault for dropping by unannounced. She compliments Dok Mi and Enrique on being so cute together and Enrique quickly tries to clarify the misunderstanding. Do Hwi tries to hand the boxes to Dok Mi and says she will leave. She reveals her office is nearby and they can see each other anytime in the future. Dok Mi stands there not moving.

When Dong Hoon points out Enrique living with Dok Mi, Enrique quickly explains that they are merely working on a project together for a brief period. He takes the boxes from Do Hwi on behalf of Dok Mi which is when Jin Rok speaks up and tells Enrique there must be a reason Dok Mi refuses to accept the boxes.

Enrique is clueless and says it’s a present from a friend so Dok Mi should at least open it. He doesn’t want Dok Mi to just hide from social contact. Jin Rok steps forward and sternly tells Enrique that they need to talk. The two men look at each other while Dok Mi raises her head.

Thoughts of Mine:

I can’t believe the drama so deftly maneuvered Dok Mi and Enrique into cohabiting (innocently and reluctantly, of course) so soon. For a girl who sequesters herself in her apartment, letting a guy in is taking such a giant step forward in terms of social interaction. I don’t feel like Enrique is pushy at all, at least not in an annoying or inconsiderate way. He thinks up great reasons to engage Dok Mi, and even brings in their respective jobs into the mix. Through her work she is getting to know him better and it gives him positive reasons to interject himself into her world. I don’t even feel like Dok Mi is annoyed with him or what he’s doing – she just seems so baffled by his bouncy energy and refusal to adhere to social boundaries, yet every time she is around him she sort of takes charge in the end and renders him like a little boy pouting for her approval. The dynamic shifts between then constantly which makes their every interaction so amusing and unpredictable. Just like he notices her loneliness, she also notices things about him and is filing that away in her own mind.

I wish the drama didn’t have to have a villain like Do Hwi, and instead could have shown us through flashback that Dok Mi was bullied in the past. I feel like her reinsertion in this present part of this story feels forced – she clearly knows Jin Rok’s real identity and is after him for who he was in the past, and accidentally ran into Dok Mi in the process. She’s seriously vile to me, not just for the bullying in the past, but for the bullying now in trying to insert herself back into Dok Mi’s life so that she can get close to Jin Rok. I have this urge to bitch slap her every time she shows up onscreen and with her penchant for fur coats, to tar and feather her as well. I pray to god her character doesn’t get redeemed and most definitely cannot end up with Jin Rok. I’m so content sitting in Dok Mi’s apartment with her and Enrique as they awkwardly and cutely acclimate to the presence of each other. Jin Rok’s crush on Dok Mi is totally sweet and I can also see that he understands her. But in my heart of hearts, I’m so far down the rabbit hole of Enrique’s perfect complementary energy to Dok Mi’s reticence that I am conserving all my squees for the moment when the OTP start falling for each other for real.

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Flower Boy Next Door Episode 6 Recap — 49 Comments

  1. Someone kill Do Hwi please. She gives me hives and headaches. She is a nappun yeoja, period. If she doesn’t get out of the neighborhood quickly, I’m going to get nuts.
    JR is adorable in mode bro but I can’t picture him as a boyfriend, for anyone.
    Enrique is gold. He is really a chipmunk. I like than he tries hard to control himself around DM but fails miserably. Or maybe it’s just a tactic to provoke interaction. When those 2 will be on the same wave length… Fireworks!

    • I have never hated a character as much as I hate Do Hwi. In earlier episodes, my daughter told me I had an unnatural hatred for her, and I felt sort of abashed. I mean I don’t hate every pretty girl who looks at Kim Ji Hoon (who has the capacity for that amount of hatred?), but something about her just made me want to hit her even more so than legit villains. But now I REALLY HATE her. If this drama puts her together at the end with Jin Rok, I will really hate it no matter how cute Enrique and Dok Mi are together. I really can’t stand her. I would rather have lunch with Darth Vader. The only person I would not mind being paired with her is Dong Hoon. I’d rather see Jin Rook be alone and turn into a recluse then have to be with her.

  2. No matter what, Enrique must be with Dok Mi! In my opinion he is so much hotter and cuter that the other guy the neighbor! So I’m hoping Dok Mi will end up with him, but I know she does b/c the whole drama is about Enrique forming a love line with her!!!! Yaaaaaay!!!!!!!

  3. “I don’t feel like Enrique is pushy at all, at least not in an annoying or inconsiderate way”

    Here I don’t agree. It sounds to me like Enrique -weird name- is bored. Yes he is hyperactive, yes he is happy-go-lucky etc… But sometimes he needs to listen to the girl. I know this personality is a facade but it is getting tiring. This is not bad to help somebody to open him/herself but with Enrique this is a little too much-Guy must be bored as hell! All I hear from him is “I want Dok Mi this… I want Dok Mi that” he wants DM to act as HE wants.

  4. “Can someone please ship Snore Joon and Seo Annoying off to Siberia. I’ll gladly pay for shipping and handling”

    LOL! Can someone do the same thing with Do Hwi and Dong Hoon too? Make it an express shipping and I don’t mind paying for all the expenses. These two are such doing a fantastic job annoying me to the max!

    Thank you Ockoala Unni for your fast and great recap! See you next week ^_^

    • Oh yes, please! Maybe you’ll even get a discount by sending the FOUR of them together. I happily volunteer to share the expenses! 😀

  5. Do Hwi is such a piss off! Her character is such an awful human being… I don’t see how she can redeem and even if she does I would feel like she’s just faking it

  6. I love this drama and its pensive tone. It’s perfectly paced and very charming. Just not loving Seo Young and Do Hwi, especially the latter. I’m not sure if it’s the actress if the character, but every time it’s her screen time I just have to roll my eyes.

  7. Probably the first instance where I thought Jin Rak had a better grasp on the situation: he thinks Dok Mi has a reason for not taking the box but Enrique just takes it like an old, may be distant, friend’s present.

    And Do Hwi.. ugh.. she is irritating!! Being cute and bumbling, and even, a past bully, I could be ok with in the story, but she is a manipulative girl. I.hate.her.

  8. Thanks Ockoala for the fast recap. Your recap is my breakfast this morning. I do not miss anything by reading your recap. Fighting 加油!

  9. This ep brought be back to square 1 because I don’t know who to ship with Dokmi… Enrique are being soo smart and thoughtful right now… and I hate the blue feather >.< Someone slap that bitch out of Dokmi's place please
    Thanks for the recap

  10. Thank you dear for the recap!
    Ooohh I don’t know how long can I handle seeing Do Hwi without hitting the screen. She’s really getting on my nerves but it means the actress is doing her job pretty well. I agree, I can take all the crazy Do Hwi but not her ending up with Jin Rok. Imma kill the writer if that happens.

  11. Thank you for the fast recap!! As always, you are appreciated!!
    “She’s seriously vile…. I have this urge to bitch slap her every time she shows up…. I pray to god her character doesn’t get redeemed and most definitely cannot end up with Jin Rok.” You said it – I hope she doesn’t end up with ANYONE. May she be unmasked and all her falsness and vileness be shown to everyone. Her followers are apparently hoodwinked by her as well, since it seems they are aware of DM’s past. DH’s jealousy has turned her into an ugly character that I want to see fall and FAIL hard!!
    On the upside, DM and E are so cute together. She’ll tone down his hyperactiveness and he’ll bring her out of her shell. JR’s attempt to eavesdrop – so funny. He’s such a cuties with that silly grin as he sleeps against the wall. DH’s “Zoolander poses” – LOL. W looks really good at the shoot.
    All in all, Absolutely enjoying watching this kdrama.

  12. Thank you so much miss Ockoala. I really enjoyed the moments of Dokmi and Enrique in her apartment and the antics of Jin rak (Lol at his sleeping on the floor just to eavesdrop). DH represents all men who are panting for lookers out there without delving into a girls character…(yechhh!)

  13. Of course I’m all for her to end of with Enrique for many of my own personnel reasons(like I love the actor, he is so cute) and because in this show he is the foil to Dok Mi and I know deep down inside she knows that. The way Park Shin Hye portrays the character is just so outstanding she totally deserves best actress for Kdrama Awards 2013 I love her and can’t wait till next Monday!!!!! <3

  14. omo,,, i want to see yoon shi yoon playing with geun young, geun young with her cinderella sisters’ character and yoon with his playful enrique guem… @_@

  15. I swear I don’t understand the concept of *mean girls* in Kdramas. I’m American born and bred…and if some girl walked up to me in class and started poking me in the forehead with her finger while trash-talking —- I’d have slammed her head into my desk….after having broken that finger first.

    …and I’m on the petite side.
    There are physical boundaries that you just don’t cross. The whole idea that your entire life would be crushed by the immature actions of twatty-b*tches just doesn’t resonate with me. And I will be seriously PO’d if DokMi lets DoHwi continue to insert her nasty-self into DokMi’s privacy.

    Grow a pair DokMi !! 🙂 …kick that fur-fake right off her heels ~BOOM!

    • You & me sally_b: I think we had the same reaction for another drama. If you tried to bully me… Well, it would happen only once. I would also crack that finger & would sit on the girl’s back to continue reading my books or whatever I was doing. I would also scold her mom: “You should thank me. I taught her than annoying random people can have nasty consequences. She could have fallen on someone who has rage outbursts and would kill to have revenge.”
      And yes, it’s not a question of size or physical strength when you’re into a “street fight”: Some very simple tricks work on every kind of opponents. I’m sorry but not sorry for that self-defense apology. No one should NEVER let that happen and think that “they are powerless and can’t do anything so let her/him do what they want”. Bullshit.
      Now let me drink my tea quietly and enjoy my beautiful day. 🙂

      • heehee…Thanks Msyt ~ after I posted that…I thought “wow, everyone will think I’m so rage-y”.

        But the truth is…it’s just how I was raised. If someone pokes their finger on your forehead…THEY have give YOU permission to kick their ass. Nay ! they have *requested* it.

        Thus ~one proceeds to kicketh-the-asseth — because at that point it becomes the only polite thing to do. (right?) 😉

        It’s been many years~since High Schoool, but I sincerely remember walking into the bathroom where the *thug* girls smoked. My more timid friends would ask, “why do you risk that?”

        My answer was…”’cause I gotta pee.” Thug girls knew me…and knew that I wouldn’t care if they were blowing a blunt. No one/teacher would hear it from me — it’s all about the *tinkle*. But I DID NOT get bullied.
        awwwwwwwwNOES ~ do not wake the sleeping Lion. hahahahah!!

    • I am with you. This is also what I told both my girls raising them. SOemtimes those mean girls don’t get the polite turn the other cheek bit. I was one of those kids being bullyed–all 4th and 5th grade until I lost my temper one day . . . no one ever bothered me again. I remember thinking back about how I had cried nearly every day for over a year and wondered why I did that.

      I turned into a grade school and middle school semi-vigilante. Whenever I see girls like this I think, they should have went to our school. We would have taken care of them. I was a saftey patrol volunteer, and all the little picked on kids would run and stay at my corner until school started because they knew that none of the bullies would bother them when they were on my coner.

  16. Mmmm your mention of Maison Ikkoku made me think of another Jdrama classic about quirky neighbors and an editor-writer friendship turned romance — Love Story with Etsushi Toyokawa and Miho Nakayama, which is on my all-time faves list.

    And I love how thoughtful and well-written your recaps always are … kumawo! 🙂

  17. Do Hwi totally reminds me of E.T.

    I’m sorry, I’ll have something more perceptive to say when I’ve watched the episode…but really, it kinda freaks me out, especially in the pictures where her neck is emphasized. I keep expecting her finger to light up.

  18. What I learned in this show is that bullying should be stopped. Some ppl are so cruel and think that they are better than others. They are insecure ppl who makes others lives miserable for a short moment of satisfaction.

  19. I have suspicions they’re using colours to accentuate the characters and the changes in Dok Mi. Enrique wears bright colours in practical clothing, Do Hwi bright, over the top clothing. Jin Rak wears neutrals and monotones in practical outfits, and Dok Mi wears neutrals and dull colours in multiple layers.

    I’ve noticed so far that we seem to be seeing a bit more (very muted) colour sneaking into Dok Mi’s outfits, and am looking forward to seeing a bit more colour, and fewer layers.

  20. I do think that Enrique is adorable without a mean bone in his body , and YSY is playing him to near perfection. However, am I the only one who is feeling a bit annoyed with his pushy behavior? I don’t mind him coming into her house, but when he his rambling around when she is trying to work? Maybe, I am annoyed because this happens to me all the time in my house. You see I am working (and often working on something for you), how can I finish it if you keep talking? As perceptive as he is, he does not get the PURE SELFISH nature of Do Hwi and wants to push the boxes on her. I know no one wants or can see Dok Mi with Jin Rok, but he figures out that she may have a reason for not wanting those fake presents from the phony girl.

  21. I LOVE this Show! I LOVE YSY! This show manages to be both poignant and funny at the same time which is a winning combination in my books. ysy is soo adorable in here that i can’t believe his the same guy who made me hot and swooney in M2F. As Enrique i just want to pinch his checks and pat his head lol so the opposite reaction i had when watching him as Jae hee. YSY’s ability to transform from HOT, charming guy to a adorable puppy 5 year old amazes me. people this is talent and unlimited range and i am so happy that we get to experience it once again. on a side note has anyone watched the japanese drama PIECE? It’s soo entertaining and i can’t seem to find any review/recaps on it. makes me sad when good dramas go unnoticed. people if you have time check it out. plus the young lead Nakayama yuma reminds me of YSY. It’s the pretty eyes and check bones. lol maybe it’s just me, i’m seing ysy everywhere.

  22. I get the sense that the writers of FBND are very observant of human behaviour. Is someone they know well an agoraphobic? Best portrait of one I’ve seen.

    Has anyone else noticed that Jin Rak seems to be depressed? He came to the apartment 3 years ago in a suit from a fancy car, and now he schleps around with hair sticking up in drab colored clothes and unshaven. Something is deeply troubling him, he isn’t just a Mr. CrankyPants by nature. I want someone to notice his pain and help him.

  23. I have to admit that the enjoyment of the drama is increased tremendously by reading your article and the various comments expressed by all the visitors. For me the biggest interest is the character of Dokmi portrayed perfectly by PSH. The fascinating part is the fact that DM has moved forward and become a stronger person from when she was in the school. What brings me back to each new episode is the enjoyment in seeing the gradual unfolding of her personality through interactions with the people in her neighbourhood. The deft handling of the plot by the director, writer and good acting by the cast has made watching this drama an enjoyable experience in so many different levels

  24. I just watched with subs, and DM’s teacher says, “All I did was try not to hurt a student that kept obsessing over me.” So, basically, she’s been thrown under the bus by a trusted friend because of jealousy, and thrown to the wolves by a trusted teacher because he wanted to save his butt. No wonder she has trust issues when those who should have had her back ended up being liars and her biggest betrayers.

    And, what’s the deal with DH’s and E’s interference between DM and DH. I just want to slap them upside their heads! Thank goodness JR seems to have some perception that not all is as DH is trying to portray. Looking forward to seeing that wicked, manipulative female UNMASKED!!! Writer, don’t you dare try to redeem this woman, I’ll never believe it.

  25. First episode that had me liking instead of loving, but there’s always one of them in every drama, so no great disappointments here. Today’s pace – writing, directing and editing quirkier than ever – totally reminded me of FBRS, and that’s probably why I wasn’t crazy about it. That show had such a weird vibe I could never truly get into the fandom’s awe.

    Baaack to the topic, I love my babies DM and Enrique, but today’s scene stealer was awesome Jin Rak. Four for you, Jin Rak Coco! You may have some major flaws when it comes to understanding DM, but in that ending scene I wanted to jump into the screen so I could high five you! And also Do Hwi. But her in the face. With a chair.

  26. As much as I enjoy the suggestion of romance in the story, i do prefer the friends theme you mentioned Ms.K. I think if the show only used the crushes as an entry into these people’s lives, but delved further into what is holding them all back by making them interact and come to know each other that would be phenomenal. I’m all for shipping, but with the tone of this drama i wish the romance would be cast to the way-side. It brings comedy into the story but i don’t think its a particularly necessary conclusion to the story. Dok Mi needs to stop hiding and most importantly start believing in other people again, thats why having Enrique and Jin Rok by her side is so engaging, and both men need her as a catalyst to confront their own issues. As for Doh Hwi and the other female its not even the script, i just truly dislike both actresses in their body of work so far. Neither bring sincerity into their roles, especially Doh Hwi. She doesn’t need to be likable, but i wish her character didn’t just feel like she was reading off script. The other actress’ screen time is limited so she irritates me less.

  27. i’ve always come across kdramas,whereby the parents divorce and if they remarried, the child they had together seem to not end up with either of them and will be send to the grandparents. This is really sad,its like with new family and new children, the parents are trying to erase the previous marriage from their life.This happens in many Asian countries.This is really wrong.A child should not be treated like this,like and unwanted object cast aside.

    Side note,really loving this drama.Energizer bunny,Enrique is barreling into everyone’s life.Dok Mi coming out.in some ways i’m like her,i love being at home and in my room,though i do go out to work but that’s also indoor as i’m an office worker.Like to be outdoors though.

  28. I am thinking along the lines of what if E brings DM out of her shell into noticing JR and appreciating his single minded devotion to her for the past 3 years. JR although realizing that DM is not like what he visualized in his mind but still loving her real self. E finally discovering real love through DM and coming to terms with having played the part of Cupid too well by bringing them together. 🙂 Of course this might change depending on how their characters unfold in the remaining episodes

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