The Boys of Flower Boy Next Door Grace the Pages of Vogue Girl

There is a saying in Chinese “One smile covers three imperfections” (一笑遮三醜), which is really a way to encourage folks who are less than naturally blessed with good looks to use their learned talents such as a great personality to compensate for shortcomings one has no control over. Smile more and it’ll go a ways to enhancing one’s attractiveness. When I watch Flower Boy Next Door, this saying randomly popped into my head in the context of whether sticking a coterie of goodlooking men into one drama will cover up its imperfections, i.e. will the sheer breadth of attractiveness make it easier to overlook flaws in the narrative? I think this question is probably moot now that the drama is 6-episodes into its run and really easing into its meaty momentum. It started off with an oddball mellowness but the characters and the story has really grown on me. With that said, I would be very very happy if three of the five flower boys were cut from the drama and the remaining time spent on the two left. Tae Joon, Dong Hoon, and Watanabe are collectively useless exposition devices and/or an extra body to populate a scene. I’m so in love with both Enrique and Jin Rok that I am willing to forgo the free pretty faces in exchange for delving deeper into the motivations and feelings of the perceptive Chipmunk and the epic fail Romeo. Or better yet, draw out their hilarious bromance/rivalry because Yoon Si Yoon and Kim Ji Hoon are totally in sync in terms of chemistry and hilarity. It seems like Korea is also taken with all the Flower Boys because Vogue Girl got a jump start on the drama and photographed the guys already for their February edition. Can I say the two male leads are looking mighty fine indeed with the whole Outsiders vibe going on. Love it!


The Boys of Flower Boy Next Door Grace the Pages of Vogue Girl — 9 Comments

  1. To put it in a nut shell…..I agree about giving ER and JR more time in the drama not because the others are not interesting but in order to do justice to the main story and also their contribution in DM’s character unfolding and also their relationships in just 10 episodes remaining
    They are looking fine and dandy in the pictures….far from their drama appearance except maybe WN and TJ (looking younger because of the hairstyle and dressing style….he looks like D’s brother here)

  2. They are all looking SO GOOD here! Actually, they always do, wherever, but you get my point. 😀 I personally prefer this kind of photoshoots over half naked ones. I mean, abs are fantastic, even more post-army ones, but well-dressed good looking men??? Be still, my heart! (:

    • I agree, they look totally like plastic-y dolls! I think they went a little overboard with the photoshop. But for sure these are some dolls I would definitely keep (and play with…raaawwrr) in my collection. ^ o ^ Have been following the series and I just loooove it. I’m a Jin Rok fan, only because I’m a sucker for the grunge brooding type that’s a little rough round the edges but with a heart of marshmallow (vs the energizer bunny type). Go Jin Rooook, fightin!

  3. This such a good photo shoot! All the guys are looking extra hot!
    I’m also a Jin Rok fan! Love his messy/grunge look! Such a hotty!

  4. To be honest, I don’t quite understand the Tae Joon antipathy. We spend all of, what, a minute with him per episode now that set-up work’s done? And even that’s basically just to put plot into motion for Enrique. He’s not interesting – and I would argue that he wasn’t ever meant to be – but he does serve a purpose, and I think the drama does a good job of using his screen time economically.

    I think Dong Hoon does something similar for Jin Rak in giving him someone to react to when he might otherwise be alone in his apartment; it’d be difficult to get the extent of his gruff crankiness across without having someone he feels comfortable yelling at all the time. That said, I agree that more development of his friendship/rivalry with Enrique would be awesome. They were hilaridorable together.

  5. I actually don’t mind the other 3 gorgeous guys. Jin Rak’s roomie to me can be too loud but is also funny and reliably honest. What you see is what you get with him and he questions Jin Rak’s decisions regarding Dok Mi, that it might not be right. Jin Rak, like Dok Mi tend to stay in their shells and live so much in their inner worlds but the roomie helps jolt him out of it sometimes.
    Tae Joon I feel has been cut out of much of the stuff that’s been aired. Feels like there should have been more. More on his relationship with Enrique – are they actual brothers or cousins? how did they get so close, did he live in Spain before? Why did he feel so much constraint re: going after the girl himself? he’s older so he should have known that Enrique wasn’t with the girl so all’s fair etc…
    The scene where the girl threw out Enrique, he said something like they’re not fooling him, liked that he showed some emotion. To me his character seems so repressed that I want more screen time just to know more.

    On the other hand, the girl SY(?) is totally annoying to me, from the weather-inappropriate outfits, to her rude behaviour during that dinner, to her pushy behavior, and the audacity to throw someone out from what is not her home just to further her own agenda! She feels too immature for Tae Joon. Might be why TJ seems odd man out, his character feels older than the others.

    Watanabe does seem like filler but they must have meant for him to be more. But at least he serves as buffer between JR and his roomie and reminds them to be more civilized LOL! I like his quiet ways though bec Enrique, JR and his roomie always seem to be loud, hyperactive or too intense or angsting abt something. So his easy going vibe is refreshing.

    Lastly, I really wish they would have more screen time for sleep-deprived editor. I love her! She’s so funnY! Definitely less on that fur-wearing bully please.

  6. Usually, in Flower Boy series there were no useless or filler characters because everyone had a part, like the ramyun shop boys or the band (my favorite!).. so I’m surprised to see them here.

    On to the photo shoot, I LOVE the first pic with the two leads.. gorgeous!

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