Wedding Pictiorial of Oguri Shun and Yamada Yu Light Up Ginger Magazine

Yes, I am currently marinating in jealousy. Anyone want to get in, there’s room for more. In early January 2013, already-married celebrity couple Oguri Shun and Yamada Yu invited their friends and family to their beloved favorite vacation destination of Hawaii to attend their belated wedding ceremony. The couple officially married back in March 2012, which was revealed to the world when Yu held a solo-press conference (Shun was in China filming a C-movie) and showed off her giant smile (the one which says “I am married to Oguri Shun and y’all ladies back the hell up”) and even gianter ring. After Shun wrapped Rich Man, Poor Woman in the Summer of 2012, he and Yu headed to her hometown of Okinawa to have a wedding weekend celebration with her side of the family. I thought those two were done since they have been so low key during their entire four years of dating and getting married, but they really surprised me with this official island destination wedding. I was even more stunned to see in the pages of the February edition of Japanese ladies magazine Ginger official a pictorial of the happy couple on their wedding day. They look so gorgeous together my eyes hurt from the pretty. I love all the poses and its especially poignant seeing this isn’t for a drama or movie but the real life wedded bliss of two very talented J-actors I like. I’m filing this away for future reference – definitely a destination wedding next time and Yu’s dress in the last picture below is to die for.


Wedding Pictiorial of Oguri Shun and Yamada Yu Light Up Ginger Magazine — 20 Comments

  1. You are absolutely right… destination wedding is hot!! If only I could have afforded that. Wow – her dress in that last photo is gorgeous. Normally, I really could care less about celebrities and their to-die-for weddings, life etc… but I can’t help but to love these two.

    May they last the long haul together – always & forever! 🙂

  2. aaahhhhh …. it looks like they had a relaxed, fun wedding, the way it should be …. so happy for them … jelous? OH YES!

  3. I laughed when I saw the white converse tennis shoes! What a very smart move and cute, too! Why ruin a perfectly good pair of white designer heels in the Hawaiian soil! Go YY-Shun!

    I hope they have a wonderful, long marriage!

  4. i’m jealous cn’t find other words for once i wish this were just a drama couple so i cld comfortably wallow in the oguri shun hotness

  5. she looks too happy..haha..but then again who wouldnt be that happy marrying this man…gahhhh im with u koala…so jealous!! i really shouldnt have clicked this..dang their baby will be so beautiful and tall.

  6. I love it!!! When I first saw this, I was like “NOOOO”, but they are so cute together and they are both great people. I so so wish the best for their marriage and yes their children will be adorable!!!! #JealousButHappyRightNowForThem

  7. Yes. I’m Jealous!!! I so want Oguri Shun staring at me.. sweetly and lovingly… AND I ‘d like to have him pick me up just like in that picture.. I really want to get a copy of that magazine now… Hmmm… 😀

  8. I’m actually more in love with the dress she has on where Shun picks her up on the beach. The last one, though she looks beautiful, is too Princess Diana-y for me. Congrats to the happy couple!

  9. *not gonna be mad*…*not gonna be jealous*…*not gonna be…*
    Fudge it. I’m so envious of the two. They are like meant to be. May their lives be blessed with happiness only, and I truely hope they last forever!! They’re both very lucky to get each other…*bursts into tears*…Is there still room in your bandwagon??

  10. Loved the short white dress and tennis shoes. I’m a tall girl myself so I’m imagining that outfit would look good on me (as Shun gazes down on me I feel like I’m drowning…) Ouch! Who slapped me? Oh, it’s my own hand. Guess getting delusional and jealous at the same time is not a very good combination.

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