The Incarnation of Money Holds Low-key Press Conference

If Cheongdamdong Alice attempted to explore the futility of the have-nots and the luck of the haves when it comes to the pursuit of money, its follow up drama appears to take it one step further. Or perhaps its simply more straightforward in its thematic narrative – The Incarnation of Money is clearly going to be driven by money money money. Knowing it comes from the creative team behind the grandiose Giant and the subversive History of the Salaryman, I have faith this drama is going to try something new and interesting in presentation or narrative. Giant was a throwback epic that spanned generations and warring families but managed to be intense and fascinating by never coming across as makjang. History of the Salaryman transplanted the Chinese historical personages from Romance of the Three Kingdoms and turned them into modern day Koreans battling for corporate supremacy. Despite my predisposition towards this drama on paper, the two teasers haven’t piqued my interest and this press conference doesn’t either. Starring Kang Ji Hwan, Hwang Jung Eum, Park Sang Min, Choi Yeon Jin, and Oh Yoon Ah, the cast is that weird schism where I love the men and really am supremely meh about the ladies. Hwang Jung Eum is hit-or-miss for me and once again she sports a hideous hairstyle for a drama role. It’s like she is contractually not allowed to look fashionably coiffed onscreen. Oh Yoon Ah is an okay actress but not very compelling, but Choi Yeo Jin freaks me the heck out with her face and all the work done on it. I feel like one extra wide smile and something is going to crack. I wonder if all that recent agency dispute nonsense has taken a toll on Kang Ji Hwan because he looks exhausted and worn down, not to mention the Dumb and Dumber hairstyle is so ugly it pains me to see it on him. One interesting bit I saw in the teaser is the child actors for the leads are played by Park Ji Bin and Seo Shin Ae and those two are yet another talented child actors in a growing group of good looking and blossoming crop of youngsters. I’m still working through my disappointment over CA so hopefully once this drama starts it’ll wash away the lackluster weekend vibe and inject some energy back into SBS. As for the obligatory fashion critique of this press conference? I have just one word – boring.

Greetings from the Money Cast:


The Incarnation of Money Holds Low-key Press Conference — 13 Comments

  1. For being the only show that I’ve been anticipating this season after FBND, I sure would’ve missed it altogether…what’s with all the low key promos anyways?…This reminds me of how weird and vague Slaryman’s promos were too..though ofc absolutely hilarious….hmmmm I’m beginning to wonder if this might be a good thing

  2. Maybe I am being the weird one here, i feel that HJE short hair is totally fine in CYHMH and this drama. At least no Ahjumma perm, I love her hair the most in High Kick2 and Giant but CYHMH is fine for me too.

    HJE manage to pique my interest in a drama most of the time. In highkick2 and giant, I love her storyline the most and CYHMH was all sorts of awesome. I cant pass by her hair in full house 2 and golden time though.. But I heard her acting in golden time is even better than before. I am okay with the guys, I dont share the KJH-mania, he is alright to me.

  3. Is the child actor the same one who played Jan Di’s brother in BOF and the young Yi San? He’s so tall!!! …and thin! 4 years to mature and loose the baby fat lol. He’s going to make it big someday.

    • I like the child actor for KJH after warning MQ, not really a flower boy but a good actor!

      Hair=confusion. I agree they might be user contract to look bad, like they all can’t possibly have ok hairstyles, ever.

  4. I will count on you all to let me know after the first few episodes whether to watch or not.
    I like HJE against my better judgement.
    I have a real soft spot for PSM – Kun Oppa! – from Giant.

    But this premise isn’t tugging at me at all. Alice demonstrated for me the gap of understanding I have for those wanting money money money above all things. I can’t sympathize with them on their quest, in fact, I want them to fail.

  5. oh good lord, i knew choi yeo jin isn’t natural but she looked great a couple of years back so a good measure of PS is totally fine by me. Her plastic surgeon who did the latest tweaks should be shot for making her look like a wax chucky. When will they learn to stop?

  6. Hey Koala,

    Your site is amazing!!
    Will you be doing anything on incarnation of money?!
    I really want to know what your thoughts are about this drama so far!

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