Lovely Lee Bo Young is a Winter Lady for Cosmopolitan Korea

If there is a drama to beat in 2013 in terms of ratings, everyone ought to be gunning for My Daughter Seo Young. Yes, it’s a weekend drama and those tend to do better in ratings these days (though not by much), But last year saw some high-profile weekend dramas such as Five Fingers tank in ratings, and even May Queen was just decent averaging in the low-20s. Three weekends ago MDSY broke 40% in ratings and looks to stay there for the rest of its run towards 50[-episodes. Starring Lee Bo Young as the titular Seo Young, Lee Sang Yoon as her hubby OTP, and Park Hae Jin as her twin brother, the drama is chock full of K-drama veterans playing the extended family members and I’ve been told this is yet another standard family drama. It is written by writer So Hyun Kyung who I’m ambivalent towards – I loved her 49 Days, liked her ratings smash Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance, and barely tolerated her Prosecutor Princess. I have such affection for Lee Bo Young ever since she played Princess Sun Hwa in Seodongyeo with Jo Hyun Jae but since then I haven’t loved any of her other dramas. I’m considering whether to jump into MDSY but in the meantime, Lee Bo Young’s February photo spread for Cosmopolitan magazine hits the spot. I am crazy in love with the natural lighting, how the Winter sun filters in and basks the image in this glow that visually looks cool but gives off this enveloping warmth. Korea has real Winters and I love that this set of pictures uses natural lighting and a gorgeous model to capture the fashion trends of Winter 2013. While Lee Bo Young is enjoying the success of MDSY, her real life boyfriend Ji Sung‘s currently airing sageuk The Great Seer has been a phenomenal ratings bust for SBS and is ending early at 35 episodes. Heck, you win some, you lost some, right? Ji Sung shouldn’t cry over a failed drama, he got paid (hopefully) and gets to go home to this lovely goddess.


Lovely Lee Bo Young is a Winter Lady for Cosmopolitan Korea — 16 Comments

  1. I’m disappointed Great Seer isn’t getting the critical acclaim it should be getting in Korea. It’s a really solid piece of work script and acting wise. Historicals are my least favorite genre and I avoid them unless they have more than one actor I love, which GS has a large main cast I’m fond of. I know this article is about LBY but I thought people should know what a great show Great Seer is!

  2. I liked her in both Seodongyeo and Harvest Villa.

    Alas, I have “no” plans to add a weekend Kdrama to my watch list, even though I like this actress and am glad her drama is doing well in SK. I suppose she should now be receiving lots of CF work.

    RP was the last weekend drama watched, and I stopped near the end when the awesomeness that where the three best characters about the drama went by the wayside….I’m sure there’s a parable in there somewher.

  3. I have a soft spot on LBY, she is beautiful. Have been watching MDSY, quite addicting for a typical weekend K-drama. Anyway, shes is super gorgeous in this photoshoot.

  4. MDSY is good for a weekend drama. one of the few dramas where i watch the raw even i dont understand anything then watch it again when subs are out.
    you should try it 😛
    the good thing about it is that they arent planning on an extension so at 50 episode the story wont be dragged out…i hope.
    hmm queen of the game wasnt too bad. plus i liked mr goodbye with her.

      • kingofbeer is ripping the subs out, so the subs are 3 weeks behind the broadcast.
        check his site out for subs.
        the subs are at episode 34 atm. 40 episodes are out.
        whats funny is in the beginning watching the show raw (the subs werent being ripped till after more than 12 episodes had aired) and theres this one character (ho jung) was hated by so many people at soompi and called crazy and stalker, but with the subs it actually made people like her and understand her and her actions and and she didnt even really seem stalkerish.
        and now most of the posts in soompi are people looking forward the sweet scenes with her and seo youngs brother.

  5. Great Seer isn’t that great. What’s with that map whom a handful of people already knows. Ji-Sungs father died to protect the location but handed the map to his friend. What is that!There are many cases where i really think the writer insults the TV audience intelligence.

    • according to hollywood, no one can insult the audience intelligence it’s always the author’s fault….hmmmm really? 😉

  6. the styling is eh but the show is so boring half if not all the problems could be solved with an honest talk and some counseling. i only like Ho-jung’s family

  7. Thank you so much for lee bo young’s pics.she is look so gorgeous and stunning.
    I watched her drama my daughter seo yeong and I really love it.
    I followed this drama since 2months ago and I fell no any regret at all.its worthed to watch.
    I hooked on her since Queen of the game but its hard for me to get her all drama and movies’s I only watched some of them.

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