Fierce Fashionista Song Hye Kyo Lights Up High Cut Magazine

Song Hye Kyo may leave me rather cold when I watch her act, but its undeniable that her star continues to rise and her beauty improves with time. Because I have this guilty pleasure love of Autumn in My Heart (a drama I’m sure she’d like to wipe off her resume since all she did was cry and act sick or wan), every time I rewatch it I’m always taken aback by how young and bland she was back then. She was equally as unimpressive in All In, and it was only years later in World’s Within before I felt like she actually was intriguing to watch onscreen. That drama was also written by Noh Hee Kyung, who is the writer behind the upcoming That Winter, The Wind Blows, and I’m sure Song Hye Kyo was lured back to the small screen in no small part due to her affection for the writer. This is a meaty part for her, an orphaned heiress suffering from visual impairment (she’s not totally blind, she cannot see things straight but has limited vision from the sides of her eyes), who gets swept up into a con by a dissolute wastrel pretending to be her brother. I think she looks pretty enough in the drama trailers and stills, but its these pictures of her in the latest issue of High Cut that have me sitting up and taking notice. What a fabulous pictorial! Sleek and sexy, with great connection between her and the camera, and I am head-over-heels in love with her hair and eye makeup. Her character appears to be prickly and difficult in the drama and that might be just the right angle for me to grow to like her finally.


Fierce Fashionista Song Hye Kyo Lights Up High Cut Magazine — 12 Comments

  1. She is sooooo gorgeous that I just can’t help but love her (and helps that I loved Worlds Within to pieces haha). Love this pictorial collection!

  2. She also gave a shout out to MCW, on the same spread: “Among the junior actresses, I like Moon Chae Won. There’s a delicate style [about her]. I also started watching ‘Nice Guy‘ because of Moon Chae Won.” That was so cute!

  3. I’m with you, Capt. K, AINMH was also my guilty pleasure. Still is. That drama started my mad love for Won Bin. ^_^

    SHK’s acting may not be something to crow about (well, at least not yet), but her beauty definitely is. She’s a natural beauty in the land of plastic fantastic. I look forward to watching her new drama with JIS. Hope this melo won’t go crazy with the narrative.

    Off Topic:
    Aren’t you going to recap Incarnation of Money? Hope you will. Saw the first two episodes and the drama really looks promising.

  4. Wait wait wait!
    As I recall (and have held off judging you at your request) you liked AiMH. Was it Won Bin and The Hand Towel that draws you?
    You are right that all SHK did was cry and act sick or wan in that.
    Or, and she acted guilty, so very guilty…of NOTHING!!!!

  5. Too Beautiful for words, I loved her in Full House as it was my first Korean Drama and Worlds within, pity her and HB broke up I thought they were so cute together.

  6. She is truly beautiful. Never seen her looking less than that. Just for that reason am able to ignore whatever she lacks in the acting department and enjoy her dramas

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