Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi Unleash their Playful Antics for Femina Magazine

Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi, both belonging to the same agency/production company Tangren, are fast approaching legendary status for one hilarious quirk – they have starred in 9 dramas together and have never been the OTP. They have been siblings, in-laws, fiancees who don’t end up getting married, first loves that don’t end up together, anything and everything except for the OTP. They are like the Susan Lucci-Daytime Grammy of C-drama co-stars. Mind you, I don’t ship these two in real life since they are like the cutest siblings ever, but I totally want and need them to play OTP at least once in a drama. Part of me is just curious whether they can bring the romantic chemistry, but the other part thinks some nefarious conspiracy is going on at Tangren headquarters to keep their two biggest stars from actually playing a couple on TV. The closest they have gotten is in the upcoming drama adaptation of Tong Hua‘s novel Da Mo Yao, where they actually fall in love with each other, but sadly don’t end up together. Shi Shi’s character ends up with the other male lead and poor Hu Ge’s character is left riding a camel into the sunset. Yes, literally riding a camel into the sunset. The reason the drama hasn’t released any official stills and trailers, despite being finished with filming months ago, is because SARFT refuses to approve its airing since one of the main leads is a real life historical figure who doesn’t exactly get an ending that aligns with the history book. Ooopsie daisy. When I saw this fantastic new couples spread with Shi Shi and Hu Ge I got totally excited thinking DMY just got permission to air so they are doing promotional stuffs together. Sadly that is not the case and they are simply being super pretty and playful together for a Valentine’s Day spread, which actually made me in stitches since the cover says “Romantic Issue” on the bottom while the top reads “Liu Shi Shi and Hu Ge, Born to be the Best Siblings.” Ahahaha, oh Femina Magazine, so much copywriting fail I have no words, but the pictures are too fantastic not to share


Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi Unleash their Playful Antics for Femina Magazine — 12 Comments

  1. I love Hu Ge but I do agree with one of the above post, he needs to gain some ‘meat’ especially on his face.

    LSS looking very pretty here. Although, I am not a fan of her acting (even after watching BBJX). BBJX is way over-hyped.

    I am one of the few who doesn’t want LSS & Hu Ge pairing. They just don’t match as couple imo. However, they are cute as siblings.

  2. I can’t wait to see DMY, I wish there was no SARFT and that China has the freedom to do what they want and everything. Funny because how come Yu Zheng never gets attacked by SARFT even though he’s known for messing up history in his work? Pretty unfair in my opinion.

    I kinda find LLS to look matronly with that hair and the second outfit. They should’ve had her hair parted one way in a nice sun dress or jumpsuit or romper, it’s not that difficult.

    Hu Ge really needs meat in his bones. And it’s not just him but all the guys because everytime I see them they look thinner and worse.

    I don’t ship GeShi, they’re really more like siblings, it’s all about HongShi.

  3. Aww ShiGe so adorable together, I ship these two like crazy.
    I dont know what their future is gonna be like but I love the relationship between them, the relationship between them right now is way better then being a real life couple.

    • They’ve got such a fun and easy chemistry. I just keep thinking if only Yuan Hong was there… They’ll probably throw SS in the air or something… So many funny poses… so little time.

  4. How could you promote them as a couple in your translation of Da Mo Yao then feel like their just siblings? Why???huhuhu… I was so into them as a couple after reading Da Mo Yao. I can’t imagine HQB other than Hu Ge anymore. I have to swallowed hard every time I see the other guy playing HQB. Maybe LSS & HG will end up someday in the future (wishful thinking)riding a camel towards the sunset.

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