Gong Yoo, Lee Min Jung, and Suzy Promote Big in Japan

Woah momma was I not expecting to see these three people together in any capacity ever again. Gong Yoo, Lee Min Jung, and Suzy was in Japan together this past weekend promoting Big overseas. This crazy roller coaster ride of a drama was probably as rabid as I got last year over any drama aside from The King 2 Hearts. But compared to TK2K, which was a straight forward thrilling good-guys-triumph-over-evil plus epic love story, Big sorta defies all explanation to categorize it. Was it a rom-com? Yeah, there were funny moments sprinkled throughout and the OTP did bicker quite a lot initially as a prerequisite to falling in love. Was it a melodrama? Also yeah, the whole “donor baby” and payback bit made for heady food-for-thought not to mention the whole brother-steals-brother’s-fiancee quandary. Was it a fantasy piece? Soul switching via a magical hand clasp in the water? You betcha! The problem with Big is that it never knew what to do with the majority of its narrative pieces and just wandered its way to an ending as viewers jumped off this ship en masse. I loved the central love story because I loved the hero Kang Kyung Joon, all blustery sensitive outsider falling for a girl he shouldn’t ever be with no matter which way you look at it. She was much older, his teacher, and his brother’s fiancee. But I loved the idea that love is about honesty and paying a price, and both Kang Joon and Da Ran paid a heavy price for their love but confidently held on to it regardless. That was so moving to me. I only wished original flavor Kyung Joon played by Shin could have attended this Japan media event. When I think back to Big he’s really the first face I associate with this drama.

Gong Yoo looks so adorably derpy at this event, what with his stiff-as-a-board posture, grandpa’s suit with the too short pants, and goofy grin. His leading ladies are lovely as always.


Gong Yoo, Lee Min Jung, and Suzy Promote Big in Japan — 16 Comments

  1. I was just reviewing some of my Big screenshots…sooo cute…
    And yes, Shin’s whole attitude as KJH sold the story’s concept. In the few scenes he had with LMJ, I truly believed she could fall for him.

    What is that weird stain looking thing across
    GY’s suit-front?
    I think Gong Yoo is best served with NO clothing, don’t you?

  2. Since Jomo and Denali would not let me give the industrialized package of socks I bought at Walmart to Kim Ji Hoon, can I give them to Gong Yoo? I am sure that he has been “mined” a thousand time over, so we can just be friends. I am only worried about how cold his ankles might be in the winter. That’s it people. Really that is all. He can have all my socks if he wants. I am plenty warmed by that smile. I’ll even take his suit to the cleaners for him.

    I must be old. I do not get the socklessness with suit thing, especially with short pants. We know that Gong Yoo has long legs. This makes his legs look short(er).

  3. I’m kind of hoping Big would be remade in Japan and that then the flaws could be cleared. Because I think Japan did a better work with their version of You’re beautiful (Ikemen desu ne)
    It started out good and then became a whole freaking train wreck,seriously I really love the Hong sisters so it was a big let down.

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