Written and Video Preview for Episode 11 of Flower Boy Next Door

Already totally loving Yoon Si Yoon makes watching Flower Boy Next Door a unique experience. He’s so perfect in expressing all the nuances and quirks of energy ball Enrique Geum that I’m left just nodding my head and pointing like a proud mother at what my boy is doing. I knew he had it in him, and Me Too, Flower! was him getting lucky with a good role. His character and performance in M2F is so diametrically different than Enrique it’s jarring to toggle between the two dramas on my screen. Angry Jae Hee makes me want to do naughty things with him but cheeky Enrique just makes me want to pet him warmly. As a male lead it’s tricky to see how he could transform his connection with Dok Mi into the sizzling romantic type of connection but judging from the preview he does just that with aplomb. If that upcoming kiss turns out to be a dream sequence imma go berserk on tvN’s ass. That would be cruel and unusual punishment. I’m also loving Park Shin Hye‘s performance and character of Dok Mi equally. It’s such a startling mature and restrained performance from the girl who appeared to be miming in You’re Beautiful. She overacted as that role and story required but did give many people’s first impressions of her being that she’s slightly dim and klutzy, when the real Park Shin Hye is graceful and smart as a whip. I think she and Yoon Si Yoon make the cutest couple onscreen and I can’t wait for their relationship to leap into the next stage. As for Enrique’s side story with the stalker ahjumma and the panda hat fangirl, I hope it’s revealed to be more substantive than it’s currently appearing. Right now it’s like some tacked on thrills to randomly manufacture anxiety for Enrique’s safety. I would rather that time be spent with the sleep-deprived shouty webtoon editor and her growing interaction with Dong Hoon. They are an odd couple to be sure, but I see the sparks right below the surface and that would make for great fun should they get together. And like Seo Young was shipped off to Spain and Tae Joon to an island, it’s also time Do Hwi was shipped off to Mars. With only her fur jacket as her companion.

Written preview for episode 11:

Dok Mi is at the art exhibit with Jin Rok when she hears about Enrique getting hurt. She rushes to the hospital. Enrique is upset and saddened to learned an anti may have pushed him. Dok Mi feels a kindred understanding of Enrique’s pain. Enrique soon finds out that Dok Mi is moving from her apartment………….

Preview for episode 11:

Jin Rok: Enrique…..he may be severely injured.

Dok Mi: This only happened because you stayed. If it wasn’t for me, I’m sorry. Can we stop here?

Jin Rok: This is the last time I’m bringing Dok Mi to you.

Enrique: Shall I stop? Now?

Dok Mi: I’ve liked you since the beginning.

Enrique: I can hear it again…….the thoughts in your head.


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      • Have you guys forgotten all about Jomo and Denali? Are you assuming that they will be so busy battling over him that they won’t notice your sneek attack? I merely offered to buy him some socks and was clearly, if nicely, warned off.

        Sigh, I was hoping that Jin Rok would get the editor. Now it looks like he will either be alone or with the sorry excuse for a woman, Do Hwi.

      • Ajummas! I wish JIn Rok could hear your fighting over him. Then maybe he would realize all the failure of the philosopy “I was the first!” πŸ˜‰

  1. I hope monday come faster…..
    same with u ms.koala, I hope the upcoming kiss will be the real one.
    I wait for both of them confess abt their true felling.
    it’s 6 eps more……….

  2. *Swoons* Enrique’s angry/hurt expression just makes my heart all ache-y! He looks so beautiful and vulnerable in that scene. Can’t wait for episode 11!

  3. Preview for episode 11 just makes me scream like a crazy fan girl! Aaaaaaaaaawwwww Happy Chinese New Year to everyone hopefully snake year will bring us lots of good dramas most importantly stay healthy & happy always! Cheers time to celebrateeee….wee~

  4. I feel that DM has decided to retreat after the results of her first venture in many years when she attended DH’s party. She chose JR only because he does not disturb her chosen way of life as he showed in the past years. How E goes about changing that is going to be very interesting to follow in the coming episodes.
    Have to mention once again because this factor is what makes the drama a wonderful experience for me and that is the excellent acting by all the main leads ably supported by rest of the cast. This is one reason why even the most subtle of feelings between the characters are felt at once leading to deep involvement in their lives.

  5. Thanks for the post!!!

    I believe she started feeling for him when they accidently kissed while Enrique fell on her trying to save her on episode 5. After she moved from him to gather her thoughts, there was a flash back of her and Do Hwi as they spoke about a first kiss. Dok Mi clearly stated that she is going to stay with the person she shared her first kiss with forever…

    I don’t really feel too much for Jin Rak, but it seems he will be left alone and if he decides to go with Do Hwi in the end, I say he has some serious mental issues lol. I still wonder how Do Hwi knew J.R in the past since he has a feeling he has met her once before. Maybe there is a reason why Do Hwi has a dark side and if so MAYBE she could be forgiven of her hateful ways, but I somewhat doubt that. I say it all depends on the issue. In most cases people who has something done to them has turned into the same abusing person, but the others tend to not want to hurt people as they have been hurt. So it depends on how strong their mental ability is and they would need help or not and how old they were when the incidents happened.

    I thought he would be with the editor because they are always yelling at each other, but it seems she has a thing for Dong Hoon…

    • The interesting thing about JR’s vague memory of Dh is it was her VOICE that sounded familiar.

      How could she not know her face? Phone call? Through walls? Radio DJ?

  6. The kiss is real.
    The kiss is real.
    The kiss is real.
    The kiss is real.
    The kiss is real.

    I do believe the kiss is real, I do. I do.

  7. Sigh*** I have replay this preview an unhealthy amount of times. I was on the Jin-Rak ship till the end of times, because I just love the actor. Now I find myself swaying, Yoon Si-Yoon is just amazing. He looks like a such a young man Then he speaks and wow. It might also be that I just finish watching Me Too Flower soo that’s why I want to worship him..

  8. Surprisingly, I cried a lot watching this drama. I mean, the tears-falling-down-my-cheeks uncontrollably kind. While YSY did overact at some parts (which I know is what the character asks for), the emotional scenes were really good.

  9. Thanks, jomo for respecting my claim on KJH ( and with javabeans’ blessing, too)! If at any time I can no longer handle him, I’ll make sure you are the next in line. πŸ˜‰ lol

  10. Ahhhhh!! I can’t wait!!! That Kiss better be REAL! No dream or imagination sequences! I feel the same about Yoon Si Yoon from Me Too Flower and this drama. I have both “RWRAWR!” and “Aww cute puppy!” feelings about YSY. It’s the best when a guys got both sides to them. Yummylicious!

  11. This drama has had particularly many misleading previews (JR running after the car & Enrique and DM stopping it, because they heard him/Enrique’s confession to DM which turned out to be a conversation between him and JR)… so I’m just not going to believe anything just yet.

    I loved loved loved Enrique in episode 10, I think Yoon Si Yoon really showed the different sides of the character and was very compelling. Heartrenching at times. I’m not such a fan of Park Shin Hye, I know everyone loves her and her acting is certainly fine, but I wouldn’t watch a drama for her, while I’m going to watch every Yoon Si Yoon drama from now on! (Except if he turns to melo-melodramas.)

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