Time-traveling K-drama Nine with Lee Jin Wook Releases Poster Stills and First Teaser

All good things must come to an end, and despite my desire for the daily comings-and-goings of Flower Boy Next Door to continue forever (more cooking classes!, more all-nighters at the PC bang!, more impromptu day trips!), it’s follow up drama on tvN has started filming already scheduled for an early March premiere. On one hand, I’m interested in Nine: Nine Time Travels (such a redundant and mouthful drama title) because it comes from the production team behind last year’s hit mania drama Queen In Hyun’s Man, and also I have a super squishy soft spot for Nine leading man Lee Jin Wook. On the other hand, its premise sounds dated since the whole time-travel craze is over – Lee Jin Wook plays a modern day reporter who comes into possession of 9 magical satchels that give him the ability to time-travel back to 20 years earlier. He uses up a satchel each time he jumps hence there is a limitation on how times he can do it. Jo Yoon Hee plays the leading lady and his girlfriend in the present day. I’m really underwhelmed by her in the first and only time I’ve watched her act (as the wet blanket ex-fiancée in Lie to Me) but I’ve heard good things about her since thing. I’m all for improvement but she’s already triggered a primal urge for me to hate her in this drama – she sports a supremely bowlish bowl haircut. Siiiiiigh. Why drama, why? I’m also intrigued by the idol boy band member Park Hyung Sik who will play Lee Jin Wook’s college-age counterpart after he leaps into the past. I wonder if the universe will schism if they meet up? Anyhoo, check out the first poster stills and the very pretty teaser for the drama.

After his ZE:A group mate Im Shi Won’s break out last year as a promising young actor, will Hyungsik follow in his footsteps? He certainly has the looks, but he’s also going to have to convince us that he’s a younger Lee Jin Wook.

First teaser for Nine:


Time-traveling K-drama Nine with Lee Jin Wook Releases Poster Stills and First Teaser — 11 Comments

  1. Thank you Koala Unni. Her bowl cut hair is she wear that on her other drama Roll Unexceptedly in or something. LOL. It is Saturday and getting for Vietnamese New Year tomorrow. soo sorry. Happy New Year to you Koala unni. I hope you have lots of good fortunes for tomorrow will be year of the Snake which is my chinese sign. =)

  2. Hey Koala
    I think Park Hyung Sik might not be that bad. I saw him in the 4 part drama Sirius. He might didn’t have that much scene time but I think he did a pretty good what he had.

  3. Jo Yoon Hee was really good in the silly family drama, she was the sole reason I watched it (she and Lee Hee Joon were so adorkable together). The haircut s terrible though.
    Lee Jin Wook, the things I would do to that man drool…..

  4. Another Kdrama head scratcher. Why do they put their actresses in those hideous bowl cuts? Nobody I know in real life wears them, except maybe 10 year old boys. As for the drama, if it’s QIHM team, then I have to check it out.

  5. OMG I’m in love with everything I’m seeing. The visuals are so GORGEOUS, damn this director really is awesome. I know the bowl haircut is fugly, but I personally think she pulls it off so well! It kinda breathes life to her – ha when you pointed out she was the ex-fiance in Lie to Me, I wouldn’t have guessed!

  6. Even with the time-traveling drama craze last year, I’m still interested in watching this because of the concept of going back in time nine times. Also, Hyungsik’s in it :p I think he’s decent for an idol actor. I thought he did well in Sirius.

  7. How frustrating. I have watched over scores of Korean dramas yet I could not understand anything from the above trailer without subtitles:(

  8. Okay I watched the teaser with no audio and it definitely looks like a different story than the premise. My interpretation of the teaser…

    A couple with a strained relationship is trying to make it work by going out for romantic walks, staying in touch through the day over the telephone and meeting up for cozy dates. Their efforts are foiled when Jin Wook finds Yoon Hee’s diary she left (on the table in plain sight). Jin Wook reads the diary and learns that Yoon Hee is desperately in love with someone else but doesn’t want to hurt him and is making a last ditch effort to make the relationship work. It is painful for them both, but Jin Wook reveals to her that he knows about the other guy. Then they cry… and gradually let go.

    I mean because that teaser doesn’t look like it has anything to do with time travel.

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