Yun Zhong Ge Gets SARFT Approval and Starts Filming in Late March

Either Yu Zheng has got connections at SARFT or else he’s simply got carte blanche to do whatever he wants because his adaptation of Yun Zhong Ge just got official SARFT permission to air despite not even filmed a single frame, whereas Tangren’s drama adaptation of the prequel to YZG Da Mo Yao has finished filming 8 months ago and still doesn’t have SARFT approval. It’s not like one novel toys with history while the other doesn’t – DMY rewrites the ending of famed general Huo Qu Bing and rather maligns Emperor Wu of Han (Liu Che), while YZG glorifies the short reign of Emperor Zhao of Han (Liu Fu Ling) while dragging the sage ruler of the history books Emperor Xuan of Han (Liu Xun/Liu Bing Yi) through the coals. Yet the former can’t air and the latter gets a green light? Weird. Anyhoo, I’m pretty stoked YZG passed SARFT approval with pretty much the story intact (based on the synopsis which I will translate below), though the title has been changed to Da Han Qing Yuan (The Great Han Period Love Story 大汉情缘).

I liked the original poetic title better, this one makes it sound like every other period C-drama out there. The cast hasn’t been revealed yet but Yu Zheng has confirmed on his weibo that filming starts in late March. I’m betting money the leads of Liu Fu Ling and Yun Ge are going to be the long-rumored Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying (that’s them above as the OTP in Yu Zheng’s completed period C-drama Female Prime Minister). In reading the synopsis, one thing that stood out that the drama really emphasizing Meng Jue’s character. Yes, he has the most page time in the novel and Tong Hua has stated many times that he’s the male lead of the story, but the novel still feels like Ling gege has as much presence in the story despite the lack of story time. I wonder if Ling gege will become a side character much like Liu Xun or Liu He in the drama, and the ending might even get changed with some sort of open ending between Meng Jue and Yun Ge? All interesting food for thought but we’ll know once the drama casts its leads and starts filming.

Da Han Qing Yuan – 38 episodes

In the Western Han dynasty, a young Emperor Zhao of Han Liu Fu Ling is lost in the desert and is rescued by a girl named Yun Ge. At their parting, they promise to meet ten years later in Chang An! Ten years later, Yun Ge arrives in Chang An and mistakes Liu Bing Yi for Liu Fu Ling and assumes he doesn’t remember their promise made in the desert. He also has a beautiful girl named Xu Ping Jun by his side. A sad Yun Ge decides to return to the desert when she runs into the complicated Meng Jue. A man she just met, Meng Jue helps Yun Ge solve her problems and discuss her woes. He seems dispassionate but he uses his own method to quietly look after Yun Ge. Turns out, ten years ago an eight year old Yun Ge gave away her two pearl embroidered shoes.

One was used to make a promise with Liu Fu Ling, the other was given to a little beggar boy who was actually Meng Jue. Yun Ge tried her best to find Liu Fu Ling, but instead by fate she met Meng Jue and they fell in love. Her pearl embroidered shoes connected her to two different men and two love stories. It appears that the fates are toying with her, but it’s actually giving Yun Ge the best present. Yun Ge changes from a carefree young woman to someone who experiences life’s many sorrows of sadness and parting. But she still remains that kind girl who rode a Snow Mountain Camel in the desert willing to help anyone in need. She tries hard to stay true to her love, to cook the most delicious food, to sing the most beautiful song under the blue sky and white clouds!


Yun Zhong Ge Gets SARFT Approval and Starts Filming in Late March — 7 Comments

  1. thanks for this post koala sis! will follow your advice later if this is good.

    and let me greet you and everyone here on the Playground —
    Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Chinese New Year to all! 🙂

  2. Out of curiosity, when will “Female Prime Minister” air? I saw the trailer and the cinematography looked amazing, as well as the chemistry between OTP Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying. If they reunite again in Yun Zhong Ge, it would be amazing.

  3. I’m new to cdramas so, what is SARFT? Why do they need approval? Can they also not get the approval? Does that mean that a finish drama can’t air?

    • They’re a censorship board, that everything has to go through before it can be aired on tv. I think everything goes through it before it’s aired, to make sure it’s appropriate for the audience. The fact that this drama uses historical figures and doesn’t adhere to what is believed to be actual historical facts, means they tend to be a little more strict-because, well this is China. (Yes it’s possible a drama won’t air, but I can’t recall any cases, the worst I’ve heard was ‘Great Qin Expressway’ that aired 5 years after it was filmed.)

      On the bright side, the synopsis doesn’t seem bad. I think I read somewhere he was going to go all wuxia fan-fic and change the setting to get SARFT approval faster.

  4. so they decided not to change liu fu ling into a pugilistic leader of the martial world.. i can’t wait but i felt like 38 episodes might be too little for such a grand story like yzg

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