Flower Boy Next Door Episode 11 Recap

There were so many wonderful lines of dialogue in this episode of Flower Boy Next Door, still the warmest little drama I’ve watched in ages, but Jin Rok said one that is rather apropos for this stage of the story. He explained that as a kid, when he got a nice present, he would naturally worry what corresponding pain will follow. Right now FBND just finished its 11th episode and there are 5 more left to go. So I worry that all the happiness that is coming is only setting us up for more angst towards the end. If this was a melodrama I’d say the odds are ever in that direction, but FBND is this odd little melancholy sweet duck that I’m not sure if the drama will throw some last minute wrenches into Dok Mi and Enrique’s tenuous new relationship. Much as I really enjoy Jin Rok’s scenes in this drama and feel like he’s a unique and well-established second male lead, I’m not looking forward to him continuing to press his suit in his own awkward way with Dok Mi anymore.

I like that the stalker ahjumma plot device was resolved quickly but I’m looking around the weeds and not finding too much story left. Tae Joon and Seo Young have been shipped off, there is a teeny bit of entertainment in Dong Hoon and the sleep-deprived editor’s odd interactions, and Do Hwi’s past history and fixation on Jin Rok is only as interesting as giving the man some closure as to why her voice sounds familiar but otherwise if she got sucked into a sink hole the next second I wouldn’t blink and eye. I think there is a lot of great story to mine if Dok Mi and Enrique started dating, since that’s not going to magically cure whatever emotional hang ups each has nor would it be easy since they are so very different. I hope the drama can really delve into it rather than throwing random and not important roadblocks in their path for the final turn of this story.

Episode 11 recap:

Rewind a bit – Enrique is at his book signing and trying to act cheerful. He dispenses hugs freely to his awe-struck fanboys, though a glimpse of the Van Gogh art exhibit poster reminds him that Dok Mi invited Jin Rok out.

Jin Rok is nervously preparing for the date, with Dong Hoon acting as his stylist. Jin Rok can’t believe Dok Mi asked him out and asks if he looks cool. Dong Hoon scurries off which is when Jin Rok realizes Dong Hoon gave him a hilarious hairstyle that would be more appropriate if he was headed to a Jets v. Sharks rumble in the Bronx.

Enrique finishes his book signing and wanders around Seoul snapping memories. We see the stalker ahjumma following him. A girl dressed like Seo Young, complete with a guitar on her back, is also following Enrique. It’s the panda hat girl. Suddenly the ahjumma knocks Enrique into the middle of the street where he sees a car coming towards him. Dok Mi and Jin Rok arrive at the exhibit and while Dok Mi is reading the program, she gets a paper cut.

Enrique is laying on the pavement staring straight up. He sees Dok Mi pushing through the crowds and hovering over him with tears in her eyes, which surprises him since she’s supposed to be at the art exhibit. He cries and realizes that he’s in love. Turns out the person hovering over him is the panda hat fangirl.

Dok Mi stands before a Van Gogh painting while Jin Rok clears out the area to give her some space. She suddenly sees Enrique next to her – he chatters away about how much he likes Van Gogh and how his paintings make him think when he creates.

Dok Mi walks away but Enrique follows her and keeps talking, though when Dok Mi turns around she realizes it’s Jin Rok behind her. He tells her to take her time and look at the paintings.

Jin Rok is too shy to hold Dok Mi’s hand and when she asks about his understanding of Van Gogh, he blurts out that he wants to hold her hand.

Dok Mi misunderstands him and thinks he’s talking about Van Gogh wanting to hold his brother’s hand via the painting, which is true. Jin Rok excuses himself and scurries off. Poor dude, his epic fail at dating is pretty unprecedented in K-dramas.

Enrique’s accident has spread all over the internet and Dong Hoon finds out. He wants to tell Jin Rok because he’s out with Dok Mi. Do Hwi learns Dok Mi is out on a date with Jin Rok and calls her a terrible girl.

Atter they leave the exhibit. Dok Mi shares with Jin Rok how someone she knows also likes Van Gogh and further appreciates the connection he had with his brother. Van Gogh’s brother knew his talent and always assisted him, and didn’t live long after Van Gogh died since he was so close to his brother.

Jin Rok knows who she is talking about and asks her to take a seat. For three years he’s rarely ventured out of their building, this is the farthest and longest he’s been out. Their building makes people not want to leave so she’s not the only one living like that. Dok Mi explains she doesn’t dislike living next to him and she’s just apologetic not knowing he’s been drawing post-its on her milk all those years.

Jin Rok offers to keep drawing for her but she asks him firmly to stop. She is moving away and poor Jin Rok reveals he already heard from the security guard. As a kid when he got a present, he always knew something bad was bound to follow. When she invited him to this exhibit, he was already preparing himself for the other shoe to drop.

Jin Rok knows Dok Mi is using this to say her goodbyes and he’s fine as long as she’s happy with this decision. He wonders if her decision was motivated by him? If it was, then he’ll go back to before and never bother her again or appear before her. But if its because of Enrique, once he leaves its going to be hard on her, so is she planning to go where he can’t find her?

Jin Rok gets a text from Dong Hoon about Enrique’s accident and how it’s serious. He processes this information as Dok Mi asks what he wants to do the rest of the day? Jin Rok reveals to Dok Mi that Enrique was injured by a fan and is at the hospital.

Jin Rok and Dok Mi rush to the hospital in a cab. She sits in silent with her hands clasped and eyes closed, worrying about Enrique. Jin Rok turns and looks at her sadly, knowing that she is worried about another guy.

Jin Rok and Dok Mi arrive at the hospital and push past the reporters and use the excuse that they work with Enrique. The doctor lets one person in and Dok Mi goes inside. Dok Mi walks into the ER and sees the doctors treating a bloody patient on the table. Dok Mi flashes back to her encounters with Enrique when suddenly she sees him standing next to the patient not severely injured.

The stalker ahjumma who pushed Enrique was also the one who pushed him out of the way of the car and ended up being hit by the car. Enrique wants to ask why she did it while the panda hat fangirl tries to get Enrique to tend to his cut hand claiming he can’t injure his hand. Enrique is led away to be treated.

Dok Mi walks out and tells Jin Rok that Enrique is fine. Jin Rok says today Dok Mi should be with Enrique but this is the last time he’s bringing her to him. Jin Rok leaves Dok Mi at the hospital.

Enrique’s hand is bandaged up and it’ll heal in a few days. He learns from the doctor that the stalker ahjumma is out of danger and resting. He goes to sit beside her bed and tells her to rest well. The ahjumma reveals that she hasn’t spoken to her son in any meaningful way in 5 years. Her son idolizes Enrique and plays his games all day long. How could the world be so crazy!

The son arrives and yells at his mom. Enrique turns and also sees Dok Mi there. He pulls the son aside and the son apologizes – he knew his mom stole Enrique’s phone but didn’t realize things would escalate. He asks if Enrique wants to press charges? Enrique asks if the son shuts off the world and plays games day and night? The son claims he doesn’t just play, he wants to design games like Enrique!

Enrique chastises the son – if he is incapable of bringing the person closest to him happiness, how he could possibly design a game that brings happiness to everyone else? A good game can only be created with love.

Dok Mi is sitting beside the ahjumma and asks if she knew her son had the ambition to create games? She shouldn’t blame her pain on others, it’s between her and her son. Enrique is a good kind man and his desire is to bring joy to others. She can’t blame him.

Enrique comes over with the son and accept her desire to keep stalking him, but she needs to try and understand her son a bit as well if she wants a chance to be happy with her son.

Do Hwi is at cooking class with only Watanabe and Dong Hoon, and she asks that the food she made be given to Jin Rok. Dong Hoon tries to dissuade her, saying his hyung is already in love with unit 402. Jin Rok comes home but then turns and leaves.

Do Hwi chases after him wanting to talk. Jin Rok brings up her bad behavior to ambushing Dok Mi with their old teacher and that makes her not his type. Do Hwi starts to cry and grabs his arm. Jin Rok tells her to come clean with everything, that is when he’ll be willing to listen to what she has to say.

Dok Mi and Enrique take a cab home and she asks how he’s feeling? Enrique says his heart hurts for the ahjumma, who pushed him and then saved him. She got hurt to protect him. The cab drops them off outside the buildings and he thanks Dok Mi for coming to the hospital. Dok Mi watches Enrique walk off and she turns to go back to her own building.

When Dok Mi opens the door to her unit, she sees Enrique standing outside her door. She invites him in and he accepts. As Dok Mi prepares dinner, she offers him the remote to watch soccer but he’s not in the mood. Dok Mi counsels him that people always look for others to blame for their own unhappiness.

Enrique gets a call from Seo Young who is back in Span and he reassures her that he is fine. He asks her to check on his parents and alleviate their worry, he’s planning to stay a bit longer.

Enrique ends the call and then notices that Dok Mi appears to be packing. She lies that she’s just organizing and then changes to subject to his injury. She blames it all on herself since he stayed in Korea because of her. Enrique wonders if he’s really a good of a person as Dok Mi thinks he is? He sits down and mulls over her situation, saying that he knows why she doesn’t go out.

Dong Hoon hands Jin Rok the food from Do Hwi, and then drops the bombshell that he needs to quit the webtoon. He’s not from a rich family and he needs to earn a lot of money soon so he can’t do this anymore. Jin Rok just stands up and tells Dong Hoon to follow him.

Dok Mi and Enrique are eating dinner across the table from each other. He flicks a thumbs up for her food. She suggests he deliver lectures for estranged family members like the ahjumma and her son and share his experiences. It might bring them some comfort and breakthrough. Dok Mi gets nervous when Enrique stares at her so she bows her head and starts eating very fast.

Enrique puts his finger on her forehead and smiles and asks her to slow down. He tells her to lift her head and sit up straight, eat slowly so that she can enjoy the experience. Dok Mi smiles and does what he suggests.

After dinner, Dok Mi types on her computer about how a person’s heart is unique and people protect it carefully. We see the ahjumma in the hospital having a meal with her son keeping her company, Do Hwi sitting at her desk, and the panda hat fangirl surrounded by pictures of Enrique that she snapped secretly.

She looks over at Enrique who is sitting on the ground leaning against her bed and staring at the TV which has a game on.

Jin Rok and Dong Hoon drop by their editor’s but Dong Hoon slinks off while the editor chastises Jin Rok for dropping by unannounced again. She asks if he’s here for more dating tips, too bad she doesn’t know any. Jin Rok gives her a dating tip – lower her voice to lure the other person closer. Dong Hoon returns bearing a treat for the editor since one doesn’t drop by without bringing something.

The editor thanks him in a low voice and gets Dong Hoon to lean in. She lights up realizing Jin Rok’s suggestion is true. Turns out Jin Rok wants to change the author of the webtoon to Dong Hoon – he’s the better illustrator.

Jin Rok leaves and the editor and Dong Hoon discuss that Jin Rok still doesn’t know she signed his guarantee. Her worrying about it is giving her those dark circles under her eyes. Dong Hoon promise to pay the money back and tells her to call him at night if she can’t sleep and gets nightmares over worrying about the debt. The poor girl adorably blushes.

Enrique is napping when Dok Mi takes a call from her real estate agent confirming her new rental. She assures him that distance doesn’t matter and wonders about the rent? When the call ends, she realizes Enrique is awake and overheard. He’s standing there and asks if Oh Jin Rok already knows she’s moving? Dok Mi says yes, and Enrique realizes the art exhibit date was her way of saying goodbye to Jin Rok. And Dok Mi coming to the hospital and this meal for Enrique, it was also her way of saying goodbye to him.

Enrique asks if she thinks this is all enough to cover what others have given to her? Didn’t Dok Mi say at the hospital not to look to others to explain away pain? Yet she is the same, she runs away from others after having been hurt before. Despite all Enrique tried to do for her, nothing helped because she is still the same.

When he has in the accident, he imagined her standing above him worried about him. He thought she liked him but it wasn’t the case since it was just his imagination. Enrique will end it now and leave. He will disappear from her life so she needn’t move. He’s giving up and leaving her alone to stew in her own pain, though he’s not sure he can go back to his old self so easily.

Dok Mi silently listens to all of this before stepping forward and telling Enrique that he has to go back to the way he was. He is open and happy, able to hear what is in her heart. He needs to go back to being the full of sunshine KaeGeum. Dok Mi confesses that her heart broke when she thought he was going back to Spain. To protect herself she told him to leave her alone.

Despite trying to pretend otherwise and hiding her feelings, Dok Mi likes Enrique very much. She likes him so much. But she wants him to go back to his old happy self and forget any of this ever happened. He needs only to walk out that door and never look back. She will also do the same, she will walk out that door and move forward in her own life. She promises to live well.

Enrique is crying and staring at her, before taking steps towards her. He holds her face in his hands and says he can heart it again, the feelings in her heart. Enrique leans in to gently kiss Dok Mi, and she is shocked by the kiss but then closes her eyes and leans into him.

Thoughts of Mine:

First off let me say I am not disappointed in the long-awaited kiss despite my preference for more passionate pecks. This was a kiss that encapsulated the moment and the personalities of the OTP. Dok Mi literally needs a two-by-four to pull that confession out of her, a confession she has been running away from and hiding for episodes now. Enrique may be more experienced and open about his feelings, but his tears and frustrated anger when he confronted Dok Mi about her moving shows us that he’s not in control either. He’s scared of losing her before he even has a chance with her, so the kiss isn’t meant to be passionate, it’s meant to be reassuring. It’s about two people making the first physical connection but still in the tentative and tenuous way that shows they understand each other. Enrique knows to tread lightly with Dok Mi, and his kiss was already such a giant step forward, if they started tonguing each other right there I would have cried foul with the fanservice. This drama is about romance in ways that speak beyond the passionate, where people are “attracted to each other” per se, but about seeing what is inside and appreciating that. Dok Mi, Enrique, and to an even greater extent, Jin Rok, are all about the deeper connections that doesn’t hinge on outward shows of affection or attraction.

I also appreciate that this drama speaks to the modern days travails of the youth of South Korea – the loneliness of being a little speck in a wide cluttered world, and the rise of internet connectivity and gaming causing people to eschew real life connections for the virtual ones. The stalker ahjumma bit remains awkward and out-of-the-blue shoehorned into this drama, but the story it tells is very real and a societal problem especially in Korea. People are devoting entire chunks of their life in the pursuit of virtual immersion to the point of neglecting their real life world. The fact that Enrique is a game developer makes this side plot plausible and it’s something he has to accept – that his creations may be the means for people to sate their gaming addictions. His intentions may be good, and he clearly has a nice balance between gaming and real life, but he can’t be held responsible for the choices made by people who play his game or aspire to his lifestyle. I also think panda hat fangirl is an additional weak link in the Enrique storyline – now that stalker ahjumma has been dispatched, will she up her stalking of Enrique and become a threat in his growing relationship with Dok Mi?

Jin Rok, sigh, what more can I say about Jin Rok? He singlehandedly supplied all the laughs in this episode, ranging from his howl of anger at being saddled with a Grease hairstyle to his attempted handholding at the Van Gogh exhibit. Why is he such a fail when it comes to his romantic life? Is he just a love moron? But then he is able to give advice to his editor about lowering her voice to lure the boys in. So he isn’t completely clueless. So is he just the world’s most nervous Romeo and freezes up in front of his lady love? He’s a genuinely good guy and I have nothing but affection for him, for looking out for Dok Mi all these years to always trying to do the right thing. Sadly his method wasn’t the one that forced Dok Mi out of her comfort zone, and the truth was, she wasn’t all that happy being isolated. She wanted to connect, she was just too scared to and too comfortable with her routine. Enrique didn’t necessary have a right to barge into her life, but he did in his own way, and Jin Rok lost before he even had a chance to really try. I hope he takes comfort in knowing that Enrique can make Dok Mi happy and wish her the best, because I think there is a girl out there (NOT DO HWI) that is a better match for him.

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Flower Boy Next Door Episode 11 Recap — 30 Comments

  1. Wow, Ms.Koala,, the fastest recap you put for fbnd ^_^ I just wonder if u put the recap yet, and surprised that u did…
    Coz this episode was so great!!!
    So many people I read didn’t satisfied with the kiss, but I thought the kiss was the proper one if we look from the situasion…
    Really thank you Mr.K….

  2. Fast recap! Wow.

    I’m not sure I quite understand why the ahjumma pushed Enrique and then saved him… maybe once I watch I’ll get it. That said, that part of the story line is pretty boring to me, as is the panda girl (I think you are right by suspecting that her interferences will create future conflict in the drama).

    I still feel Jin-rok will end up with Do-hwi, too much is pointing that way. He doesn’t need to tell her he’ll her out once she’s spoken honestly with Dok-mi, he needs to tell her F* off, because that just about all that woman deserves. Jin-rok also needs to get the message now that it’s game over with Dok-mi. Maybe they can introduce another character for him, since the webtoon editor has obviously been paired with Dong Hoon?

    As for the kiss, I get what you are saying (and agree). I’m not going to judge it now, I’ll wait till the drama is over. If we only get that kind of kisses, then I will complain, because then I’m going to have to conclude it’s PSH and not sensitive acting/scripting.

      • you are just a PSH hater anyway, as I have noticed. Nothing she does will please you so why bother

      • I do not hate her – I don’t think actors or actresses are there to be hated, they are people and reserve respect for that. ‘Hating’ is something spiteful anti-fans do and that’s not the kind of behaviour I would engage in.

        I’m pretty sure we all have actors/actresses we prefer over others, but even that isn’t set in stone (at least not for me). I actually rather enjoyed PSH’s performance in You’re Beautiful but then came Heartstrings and I’m still not over that disappointment, so she has to charm me with a wonderful performance. 🙂

    • Have you ever seen PSH kiss in Me Too Flower or Baker King?? >.>
      It’s definitely the directing, not his ability to kiss. O.o

      • PSH (Park Shin Hye) was not in Me To Flower or Baker King, I think you must be thinking of Yoon Si Yoon and yes, he was a good kisser in those dramas unlike PSH who never appears to want to kiss back her leading men (her acting has improved a lot though). This particular kiss however, was appropriate to the tone of the scene and was actually quite moving.

  3. “This drama is about romance that speaks in ways beyond the passionate, ……….. But about seeing what’s inside and appreciating that ” …….well said. There is so much more to it than one scene or act. Everything about this drama is different from the normal ones that I am enjoying it more by not having any preconceived views about it. I have learnt to trust the whole team to not disappoint in the remaining episodes of this very absorbing and uniquely refreshing drama.
    Thanks for a wonderful in depth analysis as usual.

  4. Thanks for the recap.

    I am so happy that they finally kissed and this episode was one of the most touching that I have ever seen. I cried a bit.

    I get this feeling that since the ahjumma has been found out and why she did what she did is over with, the next person to endanger Enrique or try to break up his and Dok Mi’s relationship is the panda hat girl aka stalker. She dressed as Seo Young which is a red alert and having a shrine of Enrique is another red flag.

  5. Wow…an interesting inner introspection…I agree with you as far as the kiss is concerned…
    “He’s scared of losing her before he even has a chance with her, so the kiss isn’t meant to be passionate, it’s meant to be reassuring.”
    You got everything, even the social problem of creating a virtual life abandoning our real life…that’s a huge issue.Bravo, I’ll keep on reading your recap. I know it’s just drama, but it makes you think about many issues, and it’s a pleasure to see that you told what I wanted to say in a way I couldn’t better

  6. I think the drama is setting up Do Hwi with Jin Rak which I really can’t agree with. Why?!?! Please NO! Jin Rak deserves much better!

    • I second that, I’d hate for Jin Rak to end up with this b*tch, he deserves so much better imo. Not only that but it would be so cliché…I would be super disappointed if it ends up this way, still I’m preparing for the worst :/

      • I am trying to prepare myself for the worst. I have been thinking this was the way it was going to end, and I wanted to get something that would make me like Jin Rok less so I would not feel so bad, since I REALLY hate Do Hwi. Are we supposed to feel badly for her because she shed a couple of tears? Is she really sorry or is she just sorry that she appears to be losing? Could she be a big enough person to send someone to her rival (the way Jin Rok has done)? Even in this episode, she tries to blame Dok Mi for the fact that Jin Rok likes her instead. The writers are going to have to do more with her character to convince me that she has changed enough to be a match for a person who has loved someone selflessly 9if completely ineffectually) for three years

  7. I remember someone mentioning forming a support group if this drama was bad. Since its not, and I’m completly infatuated with it, Im going to need a support group for when its over. I’m already a mess the rest of the week waiting for Mondays.. Lol.. I guess I can’t always just watch it again…

  8. Lovely episode. Emotions were everywhere. So many things left unsaid were finally spoken between Dok Mi and Enrique. I loved everything that went on with that. So many things were wonderfully expressed. I loved that the Stalker-Ahjumma storyline finally came together and no longer felt random cuz I spent a while trying to figure that out tho I never thought it was going to be useless.

    As for the kiss…

    Hmmm. I understand what you mean. You make a good point but I still disagree in a couple of ways. Dok Mi just tearfully confessed to Enrique and Enrique expressed the same. That part was all handled masterfully by both actors. I loved it! The kiss left me hanging tho.

    I didn’t want tongues flying, porno kiss. It wouldn’t be Dok Mi. Hell, it wouldn’t even be Enrique’s style either. I just wanted something that tells me Dok Mi was somewhat longing for this dude. But then we got her arms just flopping to her sides with tears, soulful music, and a spinning camera shot to up the drama. And I just…ok…

    Like, I get that Dok Mi is inexperienced. And this time NOT for some cheesy kdrama “pureness” reason. This is her first kiss because she was so completely traumatized at such a young age that she became a misanthropic recluse before she could ever truly romantically love another. I’m fine with it being sloppy or weird or also soft and tentative…but I still feel like this didn’t quite get it done. It didn’t feel tentative because of the characters, it felt tentative because of the actors.

    You know what would have done me with this kiss? Like I said earlier, I don’t need a porno kiss. That would’ve been inappropriate according to the characters and context. The biggest difference could’ve been made if Dok Mi had tentatively lifted her hand and touched his shoulder/arm/back.

    IDK. I hope this is gonna end up being a “Dok Mi is awkward with kissing” or “it was just a comfort kiss” thing but Park Shin Hye’s on screen kissing history makes question that.

    Still, if after this the kisses improve, I’ll take back my words. hahaha

    • Yes, exactly. That scene was incredible all the way up to the kiss. Riveting, makes-me-resent-having-to-read-the-subs incredible. And then… Sigh.

      Following up intense, tearful confessions with a stereotypical kdrama kiss where lips barely move and the woman stands there physically disengaged? Such a shame. I don’t need tonsil inspection; I just wanted a sense of connection that I didn’t get, and I think it really would have been as simple as her reaching up to touch his arm or leaning into him a little. I’ve seen worse, don’t get me wrong; not my first time at this particular rodeo. It’s just more disappointing because everything else about that scene was fantastic.

      I haven’t pointed a finger at Park Shin-hye before because her previous on-screen kisses weren’t generally in dramas where you could expect much more, and I’m hoping this isn’t all we get here. Because this time, on a cable network and opposite a co-star we *know* is capable of more (my viewing of Me Too, Flower was very, shall we say, selective) I’m kind of out of other things to blame.

    • I like your comment. And for the kiss, I haven’t seen this episode yet but as I’ve seen Park Shin Hye in other dramas, I think her kiss is not so real. I mean it will be just “lip touches lip” while the other actors/actress in other dramas will be a bit more than just lips touching. I don’t like tongues kiss either but a bit more would be nice. (though I’m her fanclub)

  9. Poor Jin Rok, such a sweetie but so full of fail. I think he’s an astute observer, but personally shy and a derp. Also, I adore their editor, she’s hysterical.

    It’s interesting that Enrique was so distraught about the games he made to make people happy had an unintended effect of making some people withdraw and others unhappy. He was used to being verbally attacked himself, but not to seeing that.

    Also, Do Hwi needs to go DIAF.

  10. I’m loving the character development of the main characters, but the supporting characters are really lacking here. .. what happened to the Japanese Chef?

  11. i totally ship dong hoon and editor..they will make a cute couple! i’ve been looking for their relationship development in each episode even their scren time is little.. and yeay for ahjumma and enrique kiss!!!finally!

  12. This episode was a kind of slow.But the editors scenes made me laugh so much.That scenes lighten up the air.Lower your voice and see the result. Funny.

    • I agree! The scenes with the editor were the best. JR’s finger on her lips – her expression is so funny I had to rewatch several times! Her “light bulb” expression when she realizes a soft voice will actually bring people in closer – too cute! She is a joy to watch and I hope we see more of her, not just on FBND, but other dramas, as well.

      Least favorite – the “writing on the wall” concerning Do Hwi – seems like we’re being prepared to see her becoming regretful and seeking forgiveness for her past actions. I loathe how these dramas like to make despicable characters come up smelling like roses toward the end of the series. UGH!! I don’t buy it for a minute. Writer, keep her true to character and let us see her get her comeuppance!!

      Last thing, the kiss. Sweet, but I was totally distracted by the hand over the hair, then under the hair. Don’t know why, but that inconsistency was bothersome to me. Oh, well, c’est la vie in a drama of many “takes”.

      Thank you, Ms. K for getting your site un-malwared. I couldn’t get on yesterday, so I missed my fix – so glad it was clear today. You do a great job and are muchly appreciated!

  13. I know everyone is expecting a good kiss from the main lead…PSH generally is a conservative girl but lately she is quite daring in her sense of fashion and dance…I still love her..I think she is better kisser than Ku Hye Sun.Have you seen her CF with JGS…that Kiss…(Etude house VIP kiss)Even Yoon Eun Hye kiss with Mickey Yoo Chun wasn’t that hot in MY..and she could really kiss…its subjective.Thanks Ockoala…I can’t help it, but noticing that your blog was attacked again today..I don’t know where to get my Monday dose of you fast recap of FBND…Lucky you’re blog was clear again..BIG Thank you.

  14. Thanks for the recap! I watched this ep first thing this am, and had to stop myself from looking at your page last night so I didn’t see the top photo.

    First thing I noticed is how beautifully scored it was. All the pretty themes weaving themselves in and out of the background, pushing my heart this way and that.

    As intimate as a kiss can be, don’t forget that E has been inside DM’s head from the beginning, and was moved by that first. Imagine how her heart must have pounded when he responded to thoughts she thought were secret. I love the idea that just before the tentative kiss, E reminds her of that connection.

    I agree with your take on the kiss. I can only add that Enrique, by taking that step, is pulling her out of her shell so she can’t go back in and hide again. It is a stamp or seal on what she said about liking him. She can’t now pretend her words weren’t said.

    Both YSY and PSH made me cry during their confessions. PSH displays DM’s vulnerability, hesitance and longing so beautifully. Enrique really does have to approach her with extreme caution to not break her resolve.
    Love love love

  15. What I liked the most in this episode is how Enrique caught Dok Mi on “looking to others to explain away pain”; the thing that she was advising to others, but didn’t follow herself to the end. Now it’s time for her to draw a self-portrait (like Van Gogh did) and really try to get rid of those useless painful blocks from the past.
    You can do it, Dok Mi. And you’ve got somebody to support you in that!

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