Video Preview for Episode 12 of Flower Boy Next Door

It’s kinda funny how the kiss at the end of episode 11 of Flower Boy Next Door is generating so much buzz and dissection. That’s fine and all but kissing in dramas are all in the hands of the PD. Whatever the PD wants is what’s delivered. Period. Closed mouths, open mouths, maybe tongue, inert body language, groping body language – the actors are directed by the PD down to the tiniest head tilt. And then they have to film it 5 more times from 5 different camera angles. I’ve seen way to many BTS scenes of couples filming and in K-dramas the tiniest little details in each scene are scripted. What makes certain kisses more memorable is chemistry, not passion. A good actor can make out but if there chemistry isn’t there it’ll just fall flat. Similarly I’ve seen some very chaste kisses that have actually felt very powerful. Whatever the reason, there is so much chemistry between Park Shin Hye and Yoon Si Yoon leading up to the kiss but the end result fit the narrative but lacked a certain “it” factor. The camera angle wasn’t very good and the episode cut off too quickly after the lips touched. That was a downer way to whet our appetites. The kiss actually doesn’t bother me as much as I’m literally worried sick that so much early togetherness for the OTP only means manufactured conflict right up ahead.

So far FBND has avoided those pitfalls, for the most part, and a few of the remaining issues are still important enough that its resolution intrigues me. It wouldn’t hurt to hear Do Hwi’s side of the story, even if it means nothing for me forgiving her for her litany of crimes past and present. A bit more development between the editor and Dong Hoon should be cute enough. And what is Jin Rok’s backstory? Is the heir to a mob boss and running away from a life of inherited crime? Is he an illegitimate chaebol son giving up his name for freedom? I doubt it’ll change anything, but I do wish he was a better manhwa artist. That bit about Dong Hoon illustrating better than him actually saddens me, because he obviously loves this artistic pursuit yet his natural limitations seem to work against him. Maybe his calling is cooking and he can become a chef like the completely pointless character that is the cute but dim Watanabe. Or he can collaborate with Enrique and draw a manhwa to accompany a new game they can co-develop together. Whatever the ending is for this drama, in my heart I wish for this gang of oddballs to stay friends and neighbors in their little rundown apartment building.

Preview for episode 12:

Enrique: Let’s start dating now. Dating. You and me. Go Dok Mi and me. KaeGeum and Dok Mi.

Jin Rok: I finally came out of it, how could I make it difficult for her?

Do Hwi: Go Dok Mi, come out now! You can’t keep avoiding the issue, I’m right in front of you.

Enrique: Ahjumma, you keep liking me as you are doing right now, and I will keep liking you more, more more…..


Video Preview for Episode 12 of Flower Boy Next Door — 5 Comments

  1. I know why a lot of people dissapointed with kiss in this eps…because we have TOO high expectations 🙂
    1. FBND is cable drama
    2. PD’s drama before is flower boy ramyun..which the kiss is very popular
    3. YSY’s kiss in his drama before

    that’s why people get mad LOL LOL

    but for me..i’m not dissapointed at all.. I love it (^ω^)
    it match with the story itself.. dokmi never has boyfriend before.. and i think enrique don’t have any GF before too

  2. watanabe is not completely useless, he was the reason the 4th floor tenants gather together and had this friendly bonding. remember dokmi’s smile. i really love every cooking scene, it became a place of comfort and human socialization for these lonely souls.

  3. Yes , i was kinda disappointed with the kiss…
    After watching the kissing scenes in queen in hyun and reply 1997.
    I was hoping for that kind of kiss…
    Well, i guess it’s better that some…

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