Im Joo Hwan in HIM Magazine and Prepares for His Discharge this Week

While he may not be an A-lister in Korea, he’ll forever have my love and goodwill after Im Joo Hwan delivered a career-making performance as the exiled Joseon nobleman Park Kyu in the underrated Tamra the Island. It’s weird how I’ve watched so many In Joo Hwan performances because I was checking out the movie or drama for someone else, and he always makes me sit up and notice him. In Snow Queen, despite scruffy math genuis-turned-boxer Hyun Bin brooding his way into redefining sexiness all-around, Im Joo Hwan held his own as a prickly doctor who was smart and decent. He was also one of the many flower boy warriors in A Frozen Flower. He’s been off serving in the military for the past two years, leaving even before his finished drama What’s Up started airing. He has such a baby face I was surprised he was close to the age limit for service. Im Joo Hwan gets released this week on the 16th of February and I’ve got my eyes firmly focused on his next steps. Will Korea give this talented guy a break with the right project? I think he’s phenomenal in sageuks and I wish he got released earlier and could have joined either Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love, or even the fantasy Gu Family Book. There is also the sageuk The Unauthorized Biography of Admiral Lee Soon Shin with Uhm Tae Woong, or even the still planning stages Sword and Flower, which isn’t a sageuk but still a period drama. Not to mention Goddess of Fire Jeongji, about the life of the first female pottery maker in Joseon, which has been courting Moon Geun Young for ages but after she just wrapped Cheongdamdong Alice I doubt she’ll jump back into another drama. I’m getting way to excited to cast this boy in something. To welcome back In Joo Hwan, enjoy some recent pictures of him in HIM Magazine (the official military magazine) posing prettily and hosting a military event.


Im Joo Hwan in HIM Magazine and Prepares for His Discharge this Week — 18 Comments

  1. He is so wondefully talented, its a damn shame ppl aren’t jumping all over to cast him in stuff or that Whats Up was so underwhelming

  2. i see him resemble kinda j-actor : arata iuraa..the face and also facial feature..also so quiet yet so talented..wish i could watch he doing a breakout role..

  3. I agree, Im Joo Hwan is money in sageuks. I hope he gets a great roll soon. I can’t believe he’s out of the military already! That’s such great news!

  4. Are you reading my brain and knowing that I have been g-oogling IJH for days looking for the right photos of him?

    After watching Tamra twice in quick succession, I am deeeeep in IJH love right now.
    I burned through 11 eps of What’s Up in two days, too.
    He is sensitive and expressive and very sexy.

    I read that he has heart problems, which made me very worried for him.
    Welcome back!!!

    • I was thinking the same thing! I was just googling him last nite. I started What’s up and wanted to know the cast. I kept wondering why he was not on any of the cast photos during the show.. Now I want to go watch Tamra island just to check him out..

  5. One of my acting crushes definitely: He knows how to emote, how to use his words and his silences. He has a wide range and he could play everything except a bodybuilder… Really curious to see what he will choose to do once back to civil life.

  6. Yippeee! one more hottie back. I loved him in Tamara of course but equally so in Snow Queen. More than Hyun Bin infact.

    I can’t wait to see what he picks. I hope it’s something with lots of romance and a good plot. A saguek like Princess Man maybe.

    He’s one of the few actors who look amazing in a Gat.

    Must rewatch Tamara.

  7. actually Moon Geung Young is already confirmed as the female lead for Goddess of Fire .. there are articles about the news..yes , she’s in and the drama will start airing in June. so Moonie’s going to be very busy after this.

  8. PARK KYU <3 Wonderful photos Koala! THANK YOU. IJH photos aren't as readily available since he really isn't an A-list…yet.

    *insert mandatory Team Park Kyu comment*

    love love love him in Tamra and What's Up. So excited that's he's coming back. Project soon, please!

  9. That’s great news! I guess because I watched him in What’s Up last year, it doesn’t feel like he’s been away that long. I hope gets a role that gives him more of the recognition he deserves. He’s really talented and is such a love.

  10. I started loving him as the “goodlooking & very goodlooking doctor” in SnowQueen!
    I agree, it was difficult to be seen with the great Hyun Bin hovering all over, but yes, this adorable handsome face held its fort, held it tight, and managed to shine, without much fanfare, but shine still, he did, despite the unbelievable impact of Hyun Bin in every scene……it would be good to see him act again!

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