Lee Dong Wook and Song Ji Hyo Purportedly to Star in Upcoming Sageuk Drama

What fantastic unexpected casting news! IRIS 2 has a good 20-episodes to burn through so it won’t wrap up until early April. Of course its never too early to cast the follow up drama, which I’ve long heard was going to be sageuk Heaven’s Order (or Fate of Heaven). With his Strong Heart MC gig just ended, actor Lee Dong Wook can finally get back to, well, acting. The inside track has him signed on as the male lead in his first sageuk as a Joseon royal physician. I think Lee Dong Wook is an actor that rises to the occasion – given good material and he shines like a multi-faceted diamond (A Bittersweet Life), given bad material and he sinks like a stiff board (Scent of a Woman). It’s high time he takes on his first sageuk and this sounds totally intriguing. He plays a Joseon era royal physician who goes on the run after he gets falsely accused of participating in a plot to murder King Injong (the twelfth King of the Joseon dynasty). While on the lam, he saves the life of a girl with an incurable disease and they get embroiled in a even greater conspiracy that potential will rock the nation. Lucky for Lee Dong Wook, his purported leading lady is going to be a great asset to him in his first sageuk – Song Ji Hyo is in talks to join. She’s not an actress I’m particularly fond of (I still think of her as the annoying and bland second female lead in Goong), but she is totally fantastic in sageuks much in the same way Seo Ji Hye excels at the period roles. Her last drama was the sageuk Gyebaek in 2011.Sounds like this is a done deal, especially since Lee Dong Wook recently filmed Running Man and likely already got to chat with his soon-to-be leading lady. This will mean that mid-April onward will have a sageuk bonanza with Gu Family Book, Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love, and now Heaven’s Order.

Directing will be the PD for Birth of the Rich and Baby-faced Beauty, and the scriptwriter wrote Birth Of the Rich and Only You. I’m not particularly impressed with the resumes of either the PD or the scriptwriter, but since neither had attempted a sageuk before and failed, I’ll withhold any impression until I see how Heaven’s Order turns out.


Lee Dong Wook and Song Ji Hyo Purportedly to Star in Upcoming Sageuk Drama — 17 Comments

  1. Ooh this is interesting! I think I’m gonna love this pairing. Not sure yet if Wookie is sageuk material but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. As for Mung Ji, well I love her in RM but to be honest, I didn’t really watch all of her dramas/movies in its entirety except for Goong and Frozen Flower. So I can’t really judge her acting skills.

    Been looking forward to sunday’s episode of RM.

  2. I love him but her, she’s about as exciting as a wet towel. I’m hoping that she will drop out. I hope she’s not supposed to be the romantic interest. But the plot sounds really exciting.

  3. Song Ji Hyo is so good in Running Man but as an actress, she doesn’t really catch my attention. I hope ji hyo didn’t take the offer..lol

  4. Whoa, please let this be true!
    I’ve been waiting for Wookie to star in another drama for ages.

    I was disappointed with Scent of a Woman not because it was bad material per se, but I found the story failed to capture me and I’ve never cared much for Kim Sun-Ah.

    I haven’t seen Song Ji-Hyo’s projects since Goong, so I’m not sure if her acting has improved since then, but if it has, I could see the two of them making an attractive leading pair.

  5. On the surface they are well matched but I don’t think either of them has a real ‘sageuk’ feel even though Song Ji Hyo has done sageuks in the past.

  6. oh well, i have long wanted LDW on my small screen so i’m happy of this news. i have from one of his interviews before that he had wanted to do sageuk but was not given the role because of his complexion/over-all look like he was a foreigner. 🙂

    hmmm a chingu will be very happy about this news. *coughs* ck *coughs*


    YES! I love rom-coms and basically don’t watch anything else BUT I <3 these 2. OMG. I'm watching it. Please be true!

    I'm re-watching My Girl now and I love Running Man.

  8. I adore the cast especially Song Ji Hyo!! <3 I haven't really watched Lee Dong Wook in anything after My Girl lolol I still like him enough though. I can't say I have high expectations for this after reading about the credentials of the PD and writer. I hope the drama is good or decently interesting enough for me to watch! WHEEE

  9. I think he’ll accept, because he always wanted to do a Sageuk but he said people told him his face is not fit to do a sageuk LOL poor so I don’t think he’ll let this chance pass.

    I’m the only that thought he was good in scent of woman?

    • No you are not. I actually loved him in SoW – he can totally do subtle like nobody’s business. And boy, he’s hawwwwwwwwt!

  10. Wow! i never see lee dong wook in saeguk.
    but song ji hyo superb and very fit to saeguk.
    her role in Jumong was touching. and fantastic in gyebaek.
    she’s also a great in FF despite her “scene”.

    but instead she will have a role in bright drama and cheerful character.
    i love lee dong wook in partner. but never love another his job. but i will try this 😀
    her character or her drama always dark.

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