The Leads of SETTV Dramas Attend Lunar New Year Banquet

Is anyone watching the daily Taiwan drama Love, Now or the weekly drama Love Me or Leave Me? LN is the cute drama with Annie Chen playing a workaholic who is falsely told she is about to die and she jets overseas and has a torrid love affair and marries George Hu, only to return to Taipei and learn it was all just a hoax to get her to enjoy life more. This drama came from the team who produced the ratings hit daily drama Inborn Pair with Annie and Chris Wang, and now that it’s wrapping up, I can safely say IP was much better in terms of story and chemistry. I think George and Annie are as adorable as she was with Chris, but I like the OTP characters better in IP. Nevertheless, this is a rather inoffensive and entertaining daily to check out when you’re doing chores and have it open on your IPad. Faring much worse was Chris and Tiffany Hsu’s hella makjang Love Me or Leave Me, which went from committed boyfriend wants to get marriage-phobic girlfriend to the altar to crazy evil revenge-minded second female lead wants to steal the guy from the girl to torment her. This drama is absolutely gorgeous to watch, so beautifully shot and Tiffany really rises to the occasion in her acting as the female lead for the first time in her career. But this entire story made me want to barf despite Chris playing a super duper dorky yet awesome character. Both of these dramas premiered late last year on SETTV with lots of fanfare and I’ll say the result is a mixed bag. The network held a end-of-the-year banquet last week for all its cast and crew (last week being the end of the lunar new year cycle) and Chris, Annie, George, and Tiffany were in attendance despite filming non-stop for the final episodes and looking wan and tired. I think Annie’s outfit is so ridiculous it’s veered into adorable on her and is totally worth posting for her alone. Taiwan has labeled these four the most promising stars to take over the top dog status in the idol drama industry in 2013.


The Leads of SETTV Dramas Attend Lunar New Year Banquet — 13 Comments

  1. Koala, finally you post something about this! Did you watch George and Annie’s acting lately on this drama? If you watched it, you would know that both of them improved so much from their last drama. Both their acting deserve awards! I love Chris-Annie at IP before, but now I must say, as a Kdrama and TWdrama lovers, I found that George-Annie is the best OTP i’ve ever seen in years. They act so natural and sooo compatible together (in height, chemistry, facial features, acting, everything!) Chris-Annie at IP didn’t show that many emotions/acting skills, whereas in ‘Love,Now’ both George-Annie were challenged to bring out different expressions (from revenge/anger to lots of sweetness and now sadness bcoz of sickness). One thing i love about LN : the family are so supportive and positive. There’s no antagonist lead/ jealousy plots or anything like that. It’s really relatable and sweet!

    • Ditto, ditto, ditto… Totally agree with you. Love, Now is the best drama ever for the great acting by George and Annie and the supporting cast members, plus the story is super lovely. Gave up on Chris Wang’s “Love me, leave me” long long time ago ‘cuz didn’t care for the storyline and the female leads.

  2. I am actually watching both of these… and also a few other SETTV dramas. In any case, while I think both Annie & George have improved their acting since their last dramas, I think they have a ways to go. At first, I thought Annie was a really good actress cause I felt like she got so much hype. But she seemed just ok to me. I love her because she’s cute and funny – but she is relatively new so I think she’s headed on the right track. 🙂 Not much to comment on George. He’s ok. George could indeed be the next hottest thing. I agree that what George and Annie have going for them is that they have good chemistry. Chris & Tiffany – I think they are ok onscreen – but they didn’t really spark for me. I agree that the story went to heck. Chris’ dorkiness is fun to watch. Tiffany – I am really not too fond of her character, but she plays her well. She seems to do the mature type character really well.

  3. I have watched IP and now LN… and Annie and George definitely have far more chemistry than the AC/CW pairing.

    I have never paid attention to George’s previous drama shows but he really impressed me with his performance in LN. Will definitely keep a look out for his future works!

  4. I love George since “Love,Now”. I meant he was just okay to me. I never really noticed him before. I guess his roles in other dramas didn’t let him shine..except for LN and Summer fever. He nailed both of them very well. It’s like seeing two different people. He’s completely different in Summer Fever (looked young, free, emotional, and a hometown boy) and in LN, he looked so mature with his deep stare. This past week episodes where he cried, really melt my heart. Now, I’m a huge fan of George! Love his deep stare and deep voice, esp. when he speaks english. I also adore Annie very much, she’s just so lively and so smart. This girl has high EQ, can speak so well in the media and know how to introduce/represent a product/brand that she endorsed.

  5. I like Chris at Fierce Wife and IP. But I’m so disappointed to see him at Love me leave me. That drama itself is so ridiculous & his acting seemed really off for a person who had cancer & only has several months to live. Tiffany is beautiful & sophisticated but I don’t really feel her. On the other hand, George really surprised me with his acting in Love Now. I never thought he could pull something like that. And yes, George-Annie chemistry are unbeatable. It’s just wow. There are not a lot of things happened in the drama, but it’s like watching daily drama that you can’t miss. They are both too sweet & lovely.

  6. I’m watching Love Me or Leave Me..and I have to agree on where the heck the story went! It strayed so far from the premise and the Chinese throw in cancer was really wth to me? he story is disappointing and wasting a good performance from Tiffany..It had a lot of potential if it stuck to the guns and explored the premise of can you test commitment. But will stay with it to the end for Chris and Tiffany who do have chemistry.

  7. Koala is right in that IP is a much better drama plot wise and the entire cast gelled much better but Annie and George in LN deserves OTP awards the world over, sooo much chemistry!!!!!! Love both of them, if only the plot is a bit more interesting!!

  8. George and Annie are just perfect together. I have never seen such lovely couple on screen. They act so natural. Yes ! cuteness overload… People who watch LN must be careful… too much sugar. Between LSD and KWX, for me LSD is the best hubby, no doubt.

  9. I’ve watched LN not just because of my idol Annie & George.This tv drama is wonderful and they act very natura and very interesting.Now I look forward for their up coming tv drama in June I’m sure more fans of AC/GH waiting for their new tv drama and support for them.They both nice when it comes to acting.

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