Rainie Yang Spotted in Honolulu with New Love Prince from Idol Group JPM

Shoop shoop, new couple alert in TW-entertainment! I gotta hand it to Rainie Yang – the girl does not have a type at all. Her first boyfriend was Xiao Gui (Alien Huang) when they were both in high school. Next came Yuan Jun Hao, followed by a high profile romance with Roy Qiu, then a not-so-subtle fling with Sunny Wang. Along the way there have been rumors of her and co-stars such as Mike He and Show Luo. So far she’s always dated older, so this comes as a surprise for me to hear of her possible new romance with baby cakes Prince from the boy group JPM. Prince (stage name 王子 and real name Qiu Sheng Yi 邱勝翊) is a 23 year old member of the newish boy band JPM along with LilJay and Modi. The TW-media has been heating up about the romance between Rainie and Prince since they were spotted out on a 9 hour date right before Lunar New Year. Next came the clincher where Rainie and Prince were snapped by an eagle-eyed fan at Honolulu airport last week arriving on a flight from Asia. They were trying to go incognito by wearing sunglasses and all black at the luggage carousel waiting for their bags. They stood next to each other looking very relaxed and comfortable, with Prince seen searching through his bag to make sure he had his passport. Apparently his group mates Modi and LilJay were transiting there on their way to LA, but providing great cover in case Rainie and Prince were spotted since they would always claim it was a group outing. Riiiiight. Rainie’s fling with Sunny over a year ago was also outed when they were spotted in first class on a flight from Tokyo to New York City, where Sunny’s family lives. Looks like Rainie enjoys overseas getaways with her boyfriends, which I totally understand. The girl is always under the microscope in Taiwan and it must be nice to jet off somewhere and have some degree of anonymity. Rainie is just 5 years older than Prince but she’s been in the industry for 13 years so I feel like professionally and emotionally she’s probably light years ahead of this relative newcomer. Nonetheless, I adore Rainie and if she’s happy having some fun I’m happy for her. This cutie pie is a total looker though his acting and singing needs some major work. I hope these two are enjoying this unexpected romance wherever it leads!

Below is the world’s blurriest picture of Rainie and Prince at Honolulu airport, bu when asked about this sighting their agents confirmed they were indeed there together but said the company line that it was a group trip to take advantage of the few days off for Lunar New Year.


Rainie Yang Spotted in Honolulu with New Love Prince from Idol Group JPM — 20 Comments

  1. Wang zi had a lot of rumours with Gui Gui during his debut, lollipop days and I feel like they were close. He’s not exactly a newbie, he debuted around the same time as Gui Gui but definitely Rainie Yang is still his senior.

    Rainie Yang seems like his type, the cute and pocket-size girl but I’ll never imagine them being linked together. Anyways, good luck for this couple if it is true.

  2. I wouldn’t say she is old because she isn’t.. I think it’ll be more appropriate to say, he is young? lol I don’t know him, just going by the picture, he looks kinda young for her.

    But if they are together good for them, both are pretty.

  3. To say 王子 is a newbie is incorrect, he was a member of Lollipop which came out around 2006 through tv show 模范棒棒堂. So he has actually been in the industry for a good number of years.
    What disturbs me about this rumor is that Rainie was also linked to be dating Modi sometime last year…… Modi is Prince’s BROTHER, or could that have been a cover up?????

    Ok so I want Rainie to find her man (its been a while and she deserves a nice guy), but Prince…. Girl, you can do so much better!!

  4. ohmygawd…I saw Wang Zi in Brown Sugar Machiato…what a cutie pie…sad to hear that he left lollipop, but yeah for still being in the business….and together with Rainie – congrats!!!

  5. OMG I knew this was going to come back and haunt me. I saw JPM holding a fan signing at xin guan san yuan when they just/hadn’t yet debuted in 2010 and ignored them because I didn’t know them and I thought they copied 2PM’s name 😛 Good luck to them!

  6. She can do sooo much better. I can’t think of a tw idol as talentless and as full of himself as this wang zi guy (seriously, who chooses “prince” as his stage name?). Take away his “good looks” and he’s left with nothing. *sigh* Rainie, I really hope you know what you’re doing…

  7. Ooh Wang Zi. I haven’t heard from him in foreverrr. Probably since the whole Brown Sugar Macchiato drama and its sequel. I always thought him and Gui Gui had a thing going on… probably did and maybe they’re just friends now?

    Well, at least he and Rainie make a cute couple. But I wonder if it’ll last…

  8. as long as she is happy.. he doesnt give me a good impression, but im not the one to choose. but it seem like rainie like ‘cute’ looking guy, or is ‘sunny’ not cute enough? hmm

  9. ..im happy for you..i want to say that im a big fan of your show…hi my sweetheart i cant sleep when i thinking your show..i want another part part2..i like your out fit like a bad girl… advance happy b-day miss rainie yang in June 4..i hope you’ll read this message ..

    • Shut up you idiot. She chose who she wanted. You are nothing but an ignorant, delusional bully who wants what you think should happen, and who should be with who. Shut the f..k up.

    • You jackass, RAINE WAS NEVER WITH MIKE HE. ARE YOU SO SICK IN THE BRAIN THAT YOU CANNOT SEPERATE ACTING FROM REAL LIFE?? Raine’s loss???? I think not. There is only one person who has Mike’s heart and that person is not Raine. Raine and Mike never were, and will never be together as a couple. The only loss here is YOU. You are lost in your delusion.

  10. OMFG I DID NOT SEE THIS COMING!!! When I read this im like hey the guy looks like wang zi to my suprise it was him o.o considering i havent been following up on the actor/singer it hit me and i thought they’re resemblance is waaay too alike and i looked at the current pics of him and my first reaction is HOLY FUDGE…. but im soo happy Rainie has always been one of my favorite singers and actors of all times and Wang Zi (prince) is HOT so i think they make a great pair. guess that means it didn’t work out with gui gui lol XD

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