Spoiler Stills for Upcoming Episode 13 of Flower Boy Next Door

There is nothing wrong with Kim Ji Hoon‘s character or performance in Flower Boy Next Door. He makes scruffy, romantically dorky, and earnestly grumbly look deliciously attractive. It took me a few episodes to warm up to Jin Rok but once his character got fleshed out he became wonderful to me. He was awkwardly respectful of Dok Mi, straight forward with Do Hwi, grudgingly nice to Enrique, and sincerely caring towards Dong Hoon. He was the man alternative to Enrique being the boy choice, and I always go for the manlier character. Except this time. For lack of a better description, I like Enrique for Dok Mi not because he’s better than Jin Rok in any tangible way, or he deserves her more, its simply that Enrique and Dok Mi fit together in a way that feels compelling and emotional. For once I’m not sad that Jin Rok is losing out on the girl despite really loving his crush on Dok Mi, because I feel like it’s a crush that he can move on from and a friendship with Dok Mi will hopefully always keep a connection between them. They are really kindred spirits, both moving into the apartment building on the same day, and choosing a more solitary lifestyle, not to mention trying to avoid their past. If Enrique didn’t show up, not only would Dok Mi stay locked inside, Jin Rok’s crush would still remain a secret and he wouldn’t do anything about it. That’s just sad, and I find Enrique a catalyst for so much forward movement in the lives of these characters that everyone will hopefully be enriched by his giving ways. Episode 13 is hours away from airing so have some spoiler stills that have just been released – above is Jin Rok confessing his real identity tearfully to Dong Hoon, and below are tons of new OTP stills to tickle our happy nodes.


Spoiler Stills for Upcoming Episode 13 of Flower Boy Next Door — 13 Comments

  1. Awww… Jin Rok’s expression really make me wanting to give him a big hug….
    Dok Mi & Enrique are just meant for another, you don’t get a soul mate that can read your thought so often.

    Camping for tonight’s episode now ;0

  2. On his own, I find Enrique really annoying but in the context of this drama,he is perfect for Dok MI and he really draws her out of her shell. Can’t agree with you more about Jin Rok – he would be prepared to leave the status quo as is for fear of rocking the boat with Dok Mi. Great drama Ms K and I love the J Rabbit ost too.

  3. I am like an addict needing my fix,can’t wait for your recap of tonight episode and subbed of tonight FBND..I can only wait..thanks for the spoiler stills to assuage my thirst ,till tomorrow.I off and not watching almost all the latest Korean drama because of this awesome drama of my favorite actress of all time.

  4. le sigh the livestream channel I used no longer works, I am really scrambling right now to find working links. If I don’t find any, I’ll prolly be camping out tonight to wait for the raw vids uploaded in YT. Anyone knows any sites that post raw vids the fastest? thanks πŸ™‚

    • Mari, I personally watch it on Viki, it works pretty fast for me. I live in LA, CA, so around 10am on Monday and Tuesday they send me the invitation to watch it raw, and in 3-4 hours it is already subbed.

  5. it’s weird how onscreen, E n D create a perfect beautiful chemistry, but offscreen (whenever i looked at the BTS pics), PSH n KJH look so comfy tgther n give out unexplainable chemistry @_@ anyhow, cant wait for the E n D’s date at the zo0??

  6. Out of topic. Sorry miss koala, but i really curious about your current header.
    Who are they? I failed to recognized them


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