Flower Boys Attend Dior Show as Filming Wraps for Flower Boy Next Door

I really cannot believe Flower Boy Next Door has completed filming. It felt like yesterday when the cast was announced and little treats started trickling out before Christmas amplifying the spirit of the joyous holidays. Not it’s already the end of February and time to bid adieu to shy Dok Mi, gregarious Enrique, and dorky Jin Rok. I will look back fondly on FBND for all the things it did right because the little bits that didn’t work never amounted to much distraction. It did feel random and abrupt how Tae Joon and Seo Young were schlepped off-screen, him to some remote island and her back to Spain. What was the point of that potential relationship that never took off? Did he not like her at all, or refrain because of Enrique? We’ll never know, not that I care that much. The gamers and their lot serve as plot devices to generate conflict around Enrique, but it felt like the writers kept tapping into that same vein rather than looking for other areas to explore. Dok Mi remains the most well-developed and fleshed out character, not having a lot of dialogue but her careful considerations and emotional burdens were easy to understand and relate.

Chances are we’ve all felt lonely, all felt mistreated, all experienced the desire to hide ourselves away from the difficult outside world. If Dok Mi was Rapunzel, then Enrique defied all common sense as the prince who clawed his way into her tower even when she didn’t throw her hair down. He ranks in the upper echelons as a male lead with ridiculously high EQ, the opposite of the cold bastard who needs to grow a heart. Seeing Park Shin Hye and Yoon Si Yoon above in what appears to be the drama wrap party, I can only say this pairing met and exceeded all my expectations. They were adorable and precious, heartwarming and frustrating. They were everything that made watching two people fall in love onscreen such an enjoyable experience. Thanks for a great rom-com, FBND. Now don’t screw up the ending, ya hear? Below are pictures of newly black-haired Yoon Si Yoon and dressed up Kim Ji Hoon attending the Dior show this past week – it’s nice to see both guys dolled up to showcase another side of their charm, the debonair celebrity side.


Flower Boys Attend Dior Show as Filming Wraps for Flower Boy Next Door — 23 Comments

  1. Loved KJH in Wish Upon a Star. ….even with the funny wig. I dont know why he’s playing second fiddle to the young actor. I don’t find YSY appealing …his looks or acting. I wish Enrique had been played by Jang Guen Suk. PSH is getting just better and better. She looked so beautiful in this drama.

    • I love Yoon Shi Yoon and am glad that I got to know about this young, talented actor through FBND. I don’t see the appeal of JGS so thank goodness (for me) that Enrique wasn’t played by him 😉

      KJH is one cute dorky ajusshi!

      • lol, how old are you? KJH is sure cute and dorky but an ajusshi?? No way!! He is one cute oppa (I would rather use the word ‘sexy’ to describe him)

        I’m looking forward to his next project and as a lead because he is definitely male lead material in my book…

  2. Yoo Si Yoon looks way better with black hair and why does KJH look like an anime character?! Can’t wait till he’s a lead in a drama again. He was so hot in Wish Upon a Star and I suddenly feel like watching it again.

    • I want to watch it again too. I loved KJH’s take of his character…..A mix of Mr Darcy and Mr Palmer with a little bit of Mr Knightly.
      Everyone must watch the BBC’s 2009 tv adaptation of Emma . Ramola Garai made a great Emma …much better than American New yorker Gwyenth Paltrow. And Jonny Lee Miller was wonderful as Mr Knightley. It’s on youtube if anyone is interested.

      • i soo agree with you .. bbc version nailed it!!! i love all jane austen’s classic n wud love to see a korean adaption of it!! probabaly a saeguk version!! 😀

  3. I watch this drama for PSH, but now I’m in love with YSY, definitely one of the best actor. PSH n YSY really adorable together

    • Definitely my opinion.. though in the real world YSY is not that cheerful.. he even prefers boom than chit chat.. just my guess.. i have read it somewhere that YSY is kind of dokmi in real life and PSH has Kkaeu geums’ vibe…ottoke.

  4. I have no idea how to spend the mon-tues night without FBDN…it will be bored i guess without its cuteness and the warmness. this drama are already engrossed in my mind and my heart.. and during its show never once it fails to put me in my very best mood… i will miss kkae guem… the most unbelievable character ever exist in this world. I cherish the show so much and this on screen otp is my most favorit otp in all kdramas. And i guess it doesnt bother me at all when i know that the two are not that close in real world… just let it be… so that it will not ruin the imagination of kkaeu geum and dok mi… although if they become a couple.. that will be a plus… kekekeke

  5. I know – it was just announced, how can it be almost over?

    YSY – I like his red hair!

    Both of these guys are handsomer than these stills. Usually both are flawless on film.
    No matter how much I want to resist E for DM, he keeps winning me over each episode. I love you KJH, but take the lead role next time so I can root for you!!!

    • Same thoughts. Funny how these looks caricature-sh while their characters in the drama seem more real to us. There is so much love invested in that drama. Just wonderful (and i’m hard to please, mind you.) You can feel the growth in their persons for each episode. This is the only time i felt ‘caught’ that it is ending soon. It has been such a fun, easy ride of some depth we were not even aware of. sigh. let’s hop ad genius picks up.

  6. I will so miss this world and these characters of FBND, I’m nowhere near ready to say goodbye to them even if I have faith that the ending will be one that this story deserves. I’m hoping that the end of episode 14 was a misdirect like so many episode endings on this drama and we don’t descend into cliche territory with just 2 episodes left to go.

    Also, YSY+PSH is now tied with JGS+PSH in my ‘favourite drama pairings’ stakes. Dok-mi and Enrique are a fantastic couple – it’s not often that I find OTPs where I love both leads instead of loving just one and sort of tolerating the other, but when it happens, it’s magic (the last time was Arang and the Magistrate). I love how layered and complex both their characters are, and both actors have done a tremendous job of bringing them to life, as has the rest of the cast.

    side note: Yoon Shi Yoon looks REALLY good with dark hair! He also looks a lot like Lee Jun-ki, come to think of it.

  7. Hhh I cant believe im’a say this BUT I like his red hair better Hahahhaj he looks older in this one hhhh Omg yes time flies it feels like I saw Dok mi and enrique for the firsttime just yesterday I usually don’t memorize name of OTPs but those one I will never forget , I love Jin rok in WUAS Hhhh but I loved her brother more Hhh te one who was the older brother to Jan di in boys over flowers he was the best character Hhh (told ya I’m sooo bad with names ) well I will take my fairwells positively hoping for another great drama , and hoping to see PSH soon I just luf her !

  8. Hooray for no live shoot! Totally in love with kae guem & dok mi!!!! Jin Rak, Dong Hoon, Ms Editor too!! My remedy is to watch the whole show again & again….as I continuously watch the shown eps now 🙂 definitely top rom com for me, overtaking You r beautiful.

  9. Gahhh!!! It’s about to end. I’m so sad already. The succeeding Mondays will once again be crappy. FBND is the first K-drama I watched in which I love all the cast and all aspects of the drama seems in sync especially PSH, YSY and KJH. Well…except for Taejoon…such a waste that he wasn’t able to showcase his talent. Thank you for giving us a unique and novel experience.

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