Lush First Stills of Lee Yeon Hee and Choi Jin Hyuk in Gu Family Book

If these absolutely gorgeous first official stills from the upcoming fantasy sageuk Gu Family Book are anything to go by, this will be one lush and beautiful to behold sageuk. To this day Arang and the Magistrate remains one of the prettiest sageuks I have ever watched (Chuno is still the most stunning visually), and that is always an achievement I gladly hand to any drama regardless of whether the end product as a whole is any good. With a little less than two months out from its premiere, GFB has started filming in earnest and this actually isn’t that far out especially given the comparatively more difficult sageuk filming requirements. The prologue for this drama will explain how Seung Gi’s character was conceived – Lee Yeon Hee and Choi Jin Hyuk are guest starring as the parents. She’s the fallen daughter of a yanban who finds herself working as a gisaeng. He’s a god from the mountains on the run. They meet and fall in love. It’s clearly all very meant to be but in that epic sad way only seen in historical period settings. I must say that Lee Yeon Hee is jaw droppingly beautiful as a down-on-her luck noblewoman. Too bad she’s such a bland actress. If only she could follow Han Hyo Joo‘s career trajectory, they are two of the most beautiful actresses in K-ent and neither are very good actresses, but Han Hyo Joo keeps pushing herself and trying hard. I feel like Lee Yeon Hee (or her agency) shields her from taking on more challenging fare. This is her first sageuk since she debuted in a bit part in the naval sageuk Sea God and might just turn out to be a great boon for her acting practice. I also like Choi Jin Hyuk and I think this pairing will be quite compelling and set up the story nicely. The stills are bathed in such beautiful colors and light that I just the drama itself shares the same dreamy cinematography.

Leads Lee Seung Gi and Suzy haven’t reported to set yet but the prologue parts of the drama started filming two weeks ago in Jeju. Unlike Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love, where the kids have been filming the childhood portion for a few weeks now, it’s not clear whether GFB will have a kids section or segue from the parents straight to grown up Lee Seung Gi’s character as a half man-half beast hybrid hottie. I’m hoping he’s less of a bumbling type and more of a silent broody type. Or maybe the latter pretending to be the former.


Lush First Stills of Lee Yeon Hee and Choi Jin Hyuk in Gu Family Book — 11 Comments

  1. Ahh I can’t wait I’m kinda of lee seung gi stalker I wait his works by days ! Shhh how hot he is gonna be , one can only imagine ! Thanks mrs koala !

  2. I can’t wait for a Suzy still cuts. I really wanted a strong action heroine throughout the drama. I hope I can see that now in GFB.

  3. The cinematography stands out…..since this drama is well shot in advance i am expecting it to be visually classic in depicting the saeguk fantasy genre and it’s gorgeous stills now i see very much put my predictions right………can’t wait for still of our hero choi kangchi (LSG)………It has all ingridients to be a’DAEBAK” drama……”GU FAMILY BOOK ” fighting…

  4. I don’t watch many sageuks but to this day I still find Tamra so vv gorgeous. It had scenes that made the mood and rode the same heart beats as the story it was telling. Never flashy, but often memorable. I’m hoping Gu Family’s Book will do the same. These stills are breathtaking.

  5. I can’t wait for this. Honestly I didn’t come for Lee Seung Gi or Suzy but for Lee yeon Hee…..I like her as an actress…but the whole cast got me hook. I will wait night and day for this drama to air. Can’t wait. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Yeah my doubts about this show are becoming harder and harder to keep up…I mean damn If these shots are not gorgeous…they have that mystical aura that will help with the tone of a fantasy show…plus Choi Jin Hyuk!..he is such a wonderful actor and it is such a damn shame that he doesn’t have a bigger role…still iffy about Suzy and Lee Yeon Hee but if LSG keeps up the growth he has shown in K2H I’ll be game to check this out

  7. I hope no kids…for my sake. Seunggi and Suzy already won’t be in the first couple of episodes. I don’t want to wait even longer. But yes, it looks beautiful! Lee Yeon Hee is stunning. Daddy isn’t so bad either…

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