Ji Hyun Woo Headlines Military Musical The Promise

While I’ve posted recently about upcoming discharges such as Im Joo Hwan and Kim Jae Wook, not to mention Rain is making news for managing to get himself a girlfriend in popular actress Kim Tae Hee while he is still in the army (what can I say, guy’s got game), there are quite a few entertainers serving their duty in a low key way that aligns with their day job. One specific guy I’m talking about is none other than Ji Hyun Woo, who enlisted in last Summer among quite the media fervor having just wrapped a mania drama in Queen In Hyun’s Man with Yoo In Na, and more importantly, carrying on a very public romance with her in front of the world to see. He managed to enlist on a high note with Yoo In Na publicly stating that she’s waiting for her man to come back. It’s actually not like he got shipped off to Siberia, armed service members get days off and furloughs and if they are in the entertainment division, they actually hang around Seoul quite a lot performing. This past January saw Ji Hyun Woo headlining a military-produced musical that ran for two weeks in Seoul called The Promise. Judging from the stills, I’m going to guess the promise entails a band of military brothers promising to make it home alive from the war. There are a few stage-trained musical actors in Korean entertainment (Kang Ji Hwan, Oh Man Seok, Jo Jung Seok, Eom Ki Joon), and Ji Hyun Woo is a member of that small but elite group of men who belt on Grease on stage and then turn on a dime and delivery a melodrama worthy performance in front of the TVs. For him to headline this musical is a no-brainer, and apparently currently serving Super Junior member Leeteuk was also in the cast. Sorry that I have no clue who he is, the only three SuJu members I know and like are Heechul, Choi Siwon, and Donghae. I actually liked Ji Hyun Woo way before QIHM and it was nice seeing him get some mania popularity, though he’s been a drama leading man for years already. He looks great with the crew cut and I’m sure he rocked this performance easily. He’s got another year left to service so enjoy this glimpse of him before he’s squirreled away by the military.


Ji Hyun Woo Headlines Military Musical The Promise — 29 Comments

    • I have to agree with you!

      Thanks Ockoala for the news of the man of my dream..
      What a brilliant way to show off the headline with a musical drama, wow that’s just smart, and wise, and cool, and great, and everything.
      I just love him, I loooveee him…

  1. Thank you so much for this article. I am a crazy Ji Hyun Woo fan and miss him so much. This helped. And OMG does he look good!

  2. I get to know siwon and donghae because of the Taiwanese Skip Beat drama. As for HEECHUL, i got a crush on him when i saw him in that program Dangranji (am not sure with the word but in english the translation is OF COURSE). He looked so pretty.So those were the three SUJU I know

  3. He looks good! I’m so excited for him to get out next year and be in a new drama. He’s one I’ve always liked, but never fell completely in love with until QIHM.

  4. Hhh he looks such a badass hottie In that last picture !! I read that yoo inna was at the conseret and cheated him like a five year old ! Hhh I just love their romance j actually envy them Hhhh but in a gd way I hope they stay like that ! In their memo I’m now rewatching QIHM Hh they were dope ! Hhh

  5. love the pic Ockoala…never watch QIHM…because YIN I don’t quite fancy watching her drama…so when I don’t fancy the leading lady I don’t watch the drama…but due to this I will make an excuse to watch JHW…yes he is very manly and have this vibe like LSW ..tall and mascular,dark and handsome…hahaha

  6. Aw! Thanks for this news. I didn’t know he was trained for the stage. I love getting to see him in these photos. 🙂 He and Yoo In-na are lucky to have each other. Power couple!

    I gotta admit, I didn’t know who Ji Hyun-woo was before “My Sweet Seoul,” but what a great first impression, right? I swear I was so in love with his character that I stopped watching around episode 8. I was in denial about his status as the 2nd lead. Since that drama came out, I’ve seen him in QIHM and “Birth of a Rich Man,” but that’s it.

    Does anyone recommend his drama A Thousand Kisses? I haven’t heard anything about it. If it’s bad, I’ll just go back and watch the first few episodes of My Sweet Seoul again, lol.

  7. First watched Ji Hyun-Woo in “Over the Rainbow”, a copy of which I got most serendipitously! Also the drama which gave me my abiding hate of Kim Ok-Bin. LOL.

    Anyway. He really is a tall bloke, isn’t he? He just towers over everyone.

    • The military always does amazing things to actors. I don’t know how it works, but that’s why people don’t mind shipping the leading men material over there. XD

  8. He’s looking mighty fine in these pix! The military becomes him? Or should I say, the macho, undone, mussed look becomes him? 😉 Wish we could watch this musical, I’d love to see him in action!

  9. i love ji hyun woo! aside from being talented individual, i have love him for being brave to confess his feelings towards yoo in na to the world! Lucky girl! Hope to see him with YIN here in the Philippines. QIHM was really popular here & i think, was # 1 Asianovela for the last 2mos. 🙂

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