Kim Bum is Flying High with New Drama, Movie, and Elle Korea Photospread

Kim Bum is really on a roll right now with his acting career. I can safely say he’s been making all the right decisions since he broke out with East of Eden playing the younger version of Song Seung Heon. He was one of the Korean F4 in Boys Before Flowers, he pulled a Yoo Seung Ho in Missing You (or really its the other way around) romancing Park Jin Hee convincingly in Still Marry Me, then last year he chose to do a odd but interesting role as the guardian angel in Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeat. That got in in the radar of Noh Hee Kyung, and she loves to reuse her actors, so now he’s back in That Winter, The WInd Blows alongside his idol Jo In Sung. I actually think it’s not that far out that Kim Bum can headline a Noh Hee Kyung drama, he just needs to keep growing his craft. While TWTWB is now leading the ratings in its timeslot, Kim Bum also has a new thriller movie coming out called Psychometry with Kim Kang Woo. Below is an Elle Korea magazine spread promoting the movie, where Kim Bum confessed that he’s taken only a week off in the last 5 years as he’s focused on his career. Poor baby, it’ll all be worth it, I promise. He is so charismatic and talented to me, and now in TWTWB he gets to express two sides of him that I love – the puppy dog bromance partner and the romantic leading man with the hard-to-win love. Above are stills from TWTWB that come from a cut scene between him and Jung Eun Ji, where he is comforting her after she cries because Jo In Sung’s Oh Soo has forgotten her sister’s anniversary of passing. It’s nice of SBS to release the stills and now I’m just bitter that there are Bummie and Eun Ji scenes that are cut. Oh wells, I love watching the OTP of Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo‘s crackling chemistry I’ll let it slide for this drama. Its just wonderful to see him onscreen every week as is. The Elle Korea pictures below where he looks all deliciously badass also hit every one of my kinks.


Kim Bum is Flying High with New Drama, Movie, and Elle Korea Photospread — 9 Comments

  1. Hh he is such a great actor I first saw him in BOF and I was hooked ! Oh honey bummie Heheh he should have some rest ! We want more of u but not kill u over ! Hhhhhh love him to bones ! Btw aren’t posting the new ep of TWTWB?!

  2. 2 weeks in 5 years?
    I think we saw his exhaustion and thinness in Padam as a result.
    He looks so much healthier today.

    Love the back and forth with him and JEJ. I absolutely love every second of them on screen, and crave more. The writers can definitly use them more if the dreaded extension happens.

  3. Out of F4 he´s the most charistatic and talented. Lee Min Ho is a good looking guy and all that but I think he´s a little bit overrated as an actor. Or maybe I´m just not a fan of his roles.

  4. Boy is getting hotter and hotter, finer and finer.. I would’ve never guessed from his BOF baby days, or his High Kick days! I’m lovin’ yummy Bummie tho, no complaints. At. All. ^^

  5. Gah. **sputter**sputter**

    He just needs to stop. This ole ahjumma can’t take much more of his beauty or she’s gonna pass out. Who said he could grow up and become, well, just about the most attractive man on the planet? Sheesh. Where are my heart pills? 🙂

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