Rumors Swirl of a Possible Love Triangle with Tia Li, Roy Qiu, and Tang Yan

Looks like there is trouble brewing in the never-confirmed romance between Roy Qiu and C-actress Tang Yan, and its in the form of the very similar in style Tia Li. I’ve long accepted that Roy has a type and its totally not the type I like for him but I’m cool with my guys dating as they like. Roy has been in China since early 2013 filming the modern C-drama Red Wine My Fair Lady with Li Sheng and the drama filming took only 2 days off for Lunar New Year before resuming its hectic production schedule. The C-media dropped the juicy gossip that Tia Li, who co-starred with Roy in Office Girls and Miss Rose, visited him on set in Shenzhen. Not only did she visit, they were spotted retreating to his trailer and feeding each other as they had lunch together. Roy is pretty fuming mad about this latest unfounded gossip and immediately after news broke he met with the media to discuss the drama but also to clarify the false rumors. He confirmed that Tia did visit him on set, but also other friends such as TW-actor Li Wei visited because he was missing friends. He didn’t have any time off but his Taiwanese friends did so he texted folks and some happily came to visit him. He emphatically denied the feeding rumors and said nothing is going on between him and Tia, they are just friends from having filmed two long dramas together.

When asked about rumored long standing girlfriend Tang Yan, Roy stated outright that he’s single right now. Roy and Tang Tang have never admitted dating so this statement doesn’t strike me as confirming the relationship is kaput. After filming completes on this drama he’ll be prepping for another race, and asked if he’ll put a picture of Tang Tang in his car again, he casually replied that he’ll probably stick a picture of the Goddess Guan Yin to keep him safe. If Tia visited I think something is going on despite Roy’s denial since she totally looks like his type. Tia’s fans are angry as heck that Tang Tang’s fans think their idol is a Xiao San (interloper). I really have no clue what is going on with him and Tang Tang but a few days after the news broke a stunning weibo post ripped Roy to shreds. A user claiming to be Tang Tang’s assistant posted a picture of Roy and Tang Tang in casual wear, and with her wearing no make up and hair adorably pinned up, clearly indicating they were hanging out somewhere private. That picture is pretty telling in itself, a rather hard to deny evidence that there is a deeper friendship than simply former co-stars, but what’s shocking is the ballsy and candid statement accompanying this picture.

The assistant is furious at Roy for stating that he’s single and hasn’t seen Tang Tang in 7 months. The assistant asked why he was blatantly lying, wondering then who flew to Taiwan specifically for his birthday and was by his side to blow out the candles? The assistant further yelled obscenities, asking who asked to keep the romance a secret for fear of losing fans? Supposedly Tang Tang has been attacked by his fans for some time now but she keeps enduring silently for him. The assistant said that Roy knows what Tang Tang needs the most and is scared of the most, yet here he is jabbing at her most vulnerable spot. The assistant says that Roy is too chicken shit to be come clean and derides him as not being a real man. Hours after this weibo was posted it was immediately deleted. But of course its now gone viral. All I can say is….WOW. I know Roy’s a total womanizer, he’s broken the hearts of Rainie Yang and Chen Qiao En that we all know about, much less the ones we don’t know about. But if he’s flirting with Tia behind Tang Tang’s back then this is really shitty. But if they are on a break or broken up, then I’m not sure what the protocol is. As for on set romances, SETTV is famous for having its stars hook up. Currently Amber Kuo is still dating her Love Forward co-star Tony Yang, while Alice Ke and Kun Da are a couple after doing Gong Hay Fat Choy together.


Rumors Swirl of a Possible Love Triangle with Tia Li, Roy Qiu, and Tang Yan — 30 Comments

  1. you go assistant! if there really is something going on with Roy and Tang (and it’s pretty obvious there is something there), Roy really is treating Tang Tang like trash. From personal experience, when a guy won’t own up to the relationship after a while of dating, there’s usually something wrong with him. My advice? you’re better off, dear

  2. He actually responded on his Weibo already. And to me, it seems like he indirectly admitted to his relationship with Tangtang, but because “chances of happy endings are very low”, I think he tries to indicate that they have broken up already.

    • That response on his weibo sounds ungentleman and more like he knows he’s already in deep sh!t and just looking around for some response to avoid looking worse

  3. I liked him so much in EFHL but since then it’s been down hill for me. There is something tense and wound up about him. ….makes me uncomfortable. Maybe he’s just not good at communicating and expressing himself. But to have a relationship with every woman you work with …..that makes me queasy. It seems like he’s just focussed on sex …..not on building relationships. Anyway it’s his life.

  4. I shouldn’t have called Roy a womanizer, there have never been rumors he’s a cheater on his girlfriends. He’s better described as a really really bad boyfriend. He’s like all of Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriends. But all his exes still can’t stop talking about him, so I guess even hot celebrity girls still can’t help but fall for the bad boy. I don’t have a problem with Roy’s love life LOL, I like him as an actor. No sane woman should ever date him. He has George Clooney written all over him, when really we all wish he were a Matt Damon instead.

    • Absolutely, what I think too. Really really great way to put it. I remember back to those Rainie days. After all these years, he totally reminds me of George Clooney in the TW ent world. Great references to all of Taylor’s ex’s.

  5. Like wow! I like him as an actor… his love life—well, if he’s afraid of losing fans by admitting he’s in a relationship that’s just low. Just tell the truth if you are or if you are not. Real fans will still like you as an actor–whether you are single, dating or married. As for fanatics–they don’t count. LOL
    Anyone know what his response back about that post?
    Hmm… maybe they are just friends with benefit? Never know, celebrities sure live a different life from normal folks.

  6. what a womanizer he is and his weibo response is ungentleman too! Now I’m starting to believe that it was true he broke Rainie’s heart before!

  7. Today I heard Roy will attend a Huanrui company press conference for this new modern drama with Li Sheng. Reporters sure will flock him. Also attending the press conferences are Detective Dee cast Bosco, Ma Tianyu and Qi Wei.

  8. Ever since the rainie and chen qiao en relationships, i knew roy was more of a playboy and a bad boyfriend that won’t last in a long term relationship – i.e he will always end up breaking the girl’s heart. he really doesn’t have a good track record but girls still fall for him despite that because they always foolishly think they can change a man and when they realize they can’t – they end up heartbroken.

    as for the assistant posting the pics, I think its definitely Tang Yan’s idea to either expose the relationship to get revenge or to get roy to admit the relationship – cuz if you think about it, those pictures are private between a couple, Tang may have shown it to her assistant but it doesn’t mean her assistant will have copies of the picture – most likely Tang gave the pics to her and gave her the green light to post them, that way Tang can protect her image completely becasue she’ll be the victim 100%, if roy’s fans retaliate they’ll direct it at the assistant instead of her for exposing this

  9. I can careless if Mr. Qiu is the TW version of George Cloony or Matt Demon who has been dating numerous women, as long as he continues filming, I’ll be happy. I like him as an actor but have no interests in his personal life. If there news of him, I’ll read them for leisure. That’s it….

  10. i’m surprise to know that he’s more of a bad boy. he strike me as more of those gentle & sensitive guy, but then again i dont really follow him and only saw a series a two from him. he kind of look like Mike He, but i much prefer him over Mike He because Mike gave me that bad boy, prankster vibe. Maybe it’s the opposite in real life?

  11. I’m so sad about this… Roy and Tang Yan have been my OTP since they did those three dramas together in 2011. ;o; The saddest thing is that this Weibo post is sure to sour things between the two of them, so even if their relationship ended amiably, they may no longer be good friends. 🙁

    Anyway, just seeing the picture in this post makes me want to rewatch Office Girls, though, if just to immerse myself in something happy. 😛 Surprisingly, I can’t say I wouldn’t be too annoyed if Roy did end up going out with Tia. I would have been spitting mad if this had happened during OG (first, since he was probably still with Tang Yan; second, Qin Ziqi with Zheng Kai’er?????), but they do seem to get along well and you can’t deny they look good together, even if their acting skills are on opposite sides of the spectrum.

  12. Ehm, as I don’t watch many TW I am okay with who Roy is and who he dates. But boy, am just commenting on the article. They sure have complicated gossip in TW land.
    All you have on KD lands are so called couple rings/bags or secret dates in cars. Oh and sudden pregnancies.

  13. I’m so confuse because he was the one that pins Tang Tang´s pic in his car, saying that she is his lucky star and he has a crush on her. 🙁

  14. I kinda don’t see him Roy as George Clooney or a Matt Damon, but more of a John Mayer at this rate dating every chick in the industry. I’m kinda disappointed that this is making their friendship worse though, Luckily for Tang Yan she can always go to Luo Jin for a shoulder to lean on. 🙂

  15. That post sounds pretty mad and also straight-from-a-drama! Like when a friend gets pissed and disses the actor ON WEB… if it’s true then, I feel bad for her.

    But with celebrities, we never have the full story.. Roy does seem to have a colorful dating profile haha

  16. Hey! let’s not speculate and start hitting at Roy based on those ba gua news.. Roy may not make the best boyfriend but why did he put someone photo in his car and get people talking. I watched him answering reporters’ question online and thought he appeared bashful. Surely he must have feelings for that girl. Things could have happened and he may be the victim for all you know. If you want to base your judgement on reports like this, then surely you have read about how her parents object to their relationship as they think Roy is not good enough. Or anyone read about Tang being involved with some co-actors from HK blah blah…

    I’m sure all of you like Roy somehow but are just too quick to jump to conclusion and judge based on some nonsensical reports here and there.. I will stick to him for sure, knowing how the he industry

  17. sorry, i hit the wrong key and posted an imcomplete comment….

    i mean i will stick by Roy for sure knowling how the show business is like. Let’s not be naive and believe whatever we read. That is not the point. what matter is that we do care about Roy and wish that he will get over these unfavourable rumours and setbacks quickly and continue to shine in his dramas and his career..

    anyone remember those pictures of him carrying a baby. The looks on his face and his smile are so gentle and caring.. You can tell a good man from his interaction and children.

  18. Hey there , let us all spare a thought for Roy for having to face so much remarks and comments which one way or another would affect him . After all , he’s a celebrity . Surely he needs some privacy like anyone of us . We will never know the entire situation cause it ain’t us who experience it . Watching his dramas made my heart melt cause he’s such a good (boyfriend)
    actor . However , inside me , I truly know that
    such guys rarely exist or don’t even exist at all . Taa-daa from those comments amd incidents that happened , Roy is a womanizer , I guess . Because he’s a celebrity , we all think it’s wrong
    and dislike him which made him lose his fans . Personally , I feel that it’s not that right cause any guys out there could be womanizer or worse , right ? So , lets be fair and stop commenting on Roy cause he aren’t feeling good either . Everyone need some kind of understanding at all times , what’s more a celebrity ?

  19. I still hope that roy and tiffany end up together.

    if not just be civil or good friends…tiffany is fast becomimg w roy it is.good for your career to treat tiffany well…who knows u two will meet amd work again…roy you dont have to hide you old enough for that……be gentleman and prove it even if your eduvation is not that…please..
    m a fan of tiffany.

  20. Tiffany Tang is a sweet and caring woman. She’s better off without Roy. He’s a loser to break Tiffany’s heart. Women will sure know who he is. Tiffany deserves good man in her life.

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