Lee Wan Pairs up with Noona Kim Tae Hee for PNS Campaign

I think its harder for female actresses to attain A-list stardom than it is for men. The glass ceiling in every industry exists in entertainment, and in K-ent its especially hard for women because they need to have a pure good girl image for the ahjummas to want as daughter-in-laws, but then also subtly exude sexual charisma for the men to desire. Whereas guys just need to be hot and good looking, because its so much easier to win the hearts of the predominately female viewers of K-dramas and the like. With that said, its pretty amazing that Kim Tae Hee is one of the few top actresses in Korea that is more famous than her equally good looking younger brother Lee Wan. As an actor I actually think Lee Wan is much better than his noona, but she just wins all the hearts and endorsements while he has a rather low key image in the industry. Since finishing his military service last year, Lee Wan hasn’t been in the spotlight much. There were rumors he was going to be the second male lead in Missing You but that role ultimately went to Yoo Seung Ho. I think he dodged a bullet but it would have been nice to see him back in a melo. He’s probably best known for Tree of Heaven with Park Shin Hye, but he also held his own in Swallow the Sun with Ji Sung. Kim Tae Hee is prepping for Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love, but the siblings appeared together last week for an autograph signing session for housing developer PNS. It’s weird they are doing the endorsement together since PNS can’t exactly go with a lovers picking a home vibe since everyone knows they are siblings. And they look alike, to boot! How about go for younger rich brother buys noona a nice vacation condo concept? I hope Lee Wan picks a acting project soon since its been 3 years since he last acted and them acting skills are likely getting rusty from the non-use. Maybe he can do a cameo in Jang Ok Jung as Kim Tae Hee’s wastrel other brother who dies young. Okay, I made that up, historically there is no such person. Their real life parents must be so proud to have two successful and well-liked actors in the industry pursuing careers they love.

Kim Tae Hee and Lee Wan PNS Making of:


Lee Wan Pairs up with Noona Kim Tae Hee for PNS Campaign — 16 Comments

  1. “Gorgeous” hasss to be their middle name!!!! I just finish one of her early k- dramas and she is so beautiful and don’t get me started with everything I find gorgeous about him 😉 uff

  2. Kim taehee’s teeth, are they real? Just curious.

    Anyway, I use to really like Lee wan back when I watched him in Tree of heaven with Park shinhye, he has pretty good screen presence and I thought he was gonna make it big but…nothin’. Hope he has better luck in his next project.

  3. Way him ( I don’t know ) I don’t know why but I know pretty much alot ! Hh but her Omg I loved her in my princess she was such a doll and I remember that she was lovely ! But then I lve her more us she is dating Rian . That gurls got taste !

  4. She is beautiful and loved her in my princess. Lee wan’s acting was impressive in Tree for heaven. ……..his eyes were so expressive. After watching them in these two dramas I actually looked them up to see any others that I could but did not find any that were interesting enough. Hope to see them in a new drama

  5. Wonder how their parents look to produce such beautiful children. Wish them both a long and successful career.

  6. I bet they “sleep” on the same bed too…Lol, just kidding, it was just a reference to that winter the wind blows…i don’t understand oh young at all and why she would want to sleep with her “brother” who is a grown man
    …but yes, lee wan needs to do a drama soon!

    • well, it’s strange too,,i’m also asian,,but i find it weird too..
      the furthest skinship i have with my brother is a hug..hahaha..

      but maybe this kind of sibling like The Winter does exist..who knows..

  7. Oh I’ve not seen Lee Wan before, nor did I know that KTH had a brother in the industry! He’s cute.. perhaps the lisp is holding him back from making it bigger? Does he always lisp like that?

  8. Just saw this. I had no idea she had a little bro.

    I am actually VERY excited to see KTH and YAI in that new saguek.
    I pray it gets a good audience early on so the subbers want to sub it.

    I am one of the very few who enjoyed watching that Fking mess, so YAI can do no wrong with me. I find him slightly odd and appealing.

    Hopefully KTH will be charming in with him. The first thing I saw her in was MP and totally fell in love with her. I prolly shouldn’t have watched Love Story in Harvard or that other one I don’t even want to remember the title of…

  9. Aw! It’s always good to see Lee Wan. Tree of Heaven was the first drama I ever watched, so he’s my first ever leading man.

    I first saw Kim Tae-hee as the second lead in Stairway to Heaven, but I never finished the drama, so it doesn’t count.

    Yeah, those dramas were how I figured out that makjang is a genre, lol. Tree of Heaven made me so determined to find a drama with a happy ending that I kept watching kdramas and my addiction was born 🙂

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