Oguri Shun in Costume Fitting for Rich Man, Poor Woman SP

He’s baaaack! After successfully carrying on a long distance relationship and wooing his poor woman, this rich man is finally returning to the small screen to delight us all again with more of his quirky antics. Rich Man, Poor Woman had a relatively successful run last Summer and enough of a fan base that the network announced in December that it was bringing the whole cast back with a SP. The story will plug the gap between when Makoto went off to Brazil and the end of the dorama when she came back. While Makoto was away working in Brazil, she gets a week off and returns to Tokyo. But she’s already moved out of her apartment so she crashes with her boyfriend Hyuga. The two opposites grow closer by bickering and fighting their way through very different living habits. Asahina will also be featured in the SP which will explain how and why he returned to Next Innovation at the end of RMPW. I’m not sure what Yoko will do in the SP, but considering she pretty much did nothing in the dorama, that about sounds right. The SP is about to start filming because the clothing line which outfits Hyuga in bespoke suits just released costume fitting pictures of Oguri Shun trying on a very dapper grey suit and coat combo. Once he slicks his hair back he totally morphs into Hyuga, but some of the costume fitting pictures have Shun with his current crop of crazy hair and some mini goatee which actually makes him look even more like a computer genius. I’m wondering if the SP will style Makoto a little differently, a girl in love does tend to dress up a bit more and glow a lot more. I hope and pray there will be hot kissing and more as these two crazy lovebirds cohabit after a prolonged period apart. This is going to be such a treat to watch!


Oguri Shun in Costume Fitting for Rich Man, Poor Woman SP — 19 Comments

    • Such a wonderful news! My lovely RMPW… Fantastic!

      So really very happy to know! Yippee! πŸ˜‰

      Thx Ms Koala πŸ™‚


  1. ok, so the first one is Hyuga in business mode, and last one Hyuga in crazy genius mode.. the first

    I doubt there will be any kissing.. I haven’t seen many jdrama where they had makeout scenes

  2. Hyugaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~i missed him so much. He looks good either way..Can’t wait to see him and Makoto again.

  3. I just love Japanese style. So deceptively sophisticated. So conceptual. Not like the Korean stars who think being stylish is wearing the latest, trendiest designer stuff.

    • Lol , totally agree!! They wear those outfits that only show up in the runways and in k-drama conferences πŸ™‚
      It’s cool though got to have chops to wear some of those πŸ™‚

    • Agreed. K-drama fashion always makes me wonder if people really wear such things in real life or if the drama is just trying to be as outrageous as possible.

      And I don’t live behind the moon either, but in anything-goes London.

  4. I was going to say the same thing. People are still wearing regular suits?? Look at his pants πŸ™‚ I don’t think you’d see this suit being worn by anyone in a Kdrama. I could have sworn all the pants being worn are pretty tight (for a suit). Both looks are great. I’m glad he pulls out this looks so wear. I love the 3 piece suit.

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