Park Shi Hoo Appears at the Police Station for Interview on the Rape Allegations

On March 1 Park Shi Hoo showed up at the Seoul Seobu (Western) Police Station for his interview summons after police denied his latest lawyer’s request to transfer the case to the Gangnam Police Station. His lawyer stated that Park Shi Hoo is complying with the summons to get this matter resolved as quickly as possible since dragging it on only makes the situation worse. Gee, this statement makes more sense if he didn’t delay 2 earlier summons already. Park Shi Hoo, looking like death warmed over with the sallow complexion and eye bags, walked the media gauntlet of 200 reporters camped outside as he entered the police station. The only statement he made on the way in was to respectfully tell the media that he was sorry for causing such a big ordeal and the truth will be revealed shortly as he speaks with the police. The interview apparently went pretty much the entire day. After Park Shi Hoo arrived, the so-called other person being investigated also arrived for his interview. K is 24 year old actor Kim Hee Jun, who had bit parts in a few dramas and isn’t anywhere near the celebrity status of Park Shi Hoo. This week has seen more details leaked left and right – supposedly Park Shi Hoo offered 100 million won to A to settle but she turned it down, and his lawyer has emphatically denied that ever happened. K is supposedly in possession of a series of text messages between him and A the morning after the alleged rape. In those messages, she appears fine and chats amiably with K with no mention of being raped. All of the above leaks are unverified and I’m only mentioning it because it adds to the madhouse nature of this case and the investigation. From the get go there have been so much information given to the public by a variety of sources, not to mention the police themselves, that it borders on farcical. What is fact is that the police will have to determine after the interview with Park Shi Hoo and K, along with whatever independent investigation they are conducting, whether to charge one or both of them with rape. Until then, this case remains a sensationalized pit of lurid gossip and slings and arrows lobbed via the media.


Park Shi Hoo Appears at the Police Station for Interview on the Rape Allegations — 195 Comments

  1. I am more interested in this than I should be…..At least these two went in for interviews…on the same day. Stop. 🙂


    • you more interested? mmmm I am checking for updates on my phone on the computer i know more about Park Shi Hoo than my darling Binnie now

    • Once again, thank you Ms. Koala for you objective view and professional input. The best blog host I’ve ever seen.

    • Its Over folks – Ms A has been caught in her outright lies and true motive revealed. She was out to cash almost a 1MM USD out of this scandal. All she did was ruin her career – she’s probably going to have to get shipped out of the country for her safety.

  2. I feel so pathetic , I keep coming up with excuses or possible events that might turn this investigation towards the best for PSH Omg I can’t even think of the possibility of him being charged with rape ! That would ruin him !
    As for the rumor that she didn’t accept the compromise ! I don’t think she will cuz that proves that she is in it for the money ! Which makes me more afraid ! But him I think it can hold to both side as for 1 : he did rape her. (godforbid) or 2:he just wants to get it over with with no headache ! (god Plz) so I know I’m being on his side but ! I don’t know how can’t I be !! A , unless this is done I will not take any comments on you ! And thanks mrs koala I’m so thankful , I can’t find other site with that juicy stuff!

    • boba , nope you’re not pathetic coz there are news that mentioned about the message exchange between A and K’s the news.

      e have another shocking update on the Park Shi Hoo case. The text messages exchanged between rookie actor “K” and victim “A” were finally revealed to the public, which sheds a new light.

      The text messages (exchanged through the instant messaging application, KakaoTalk) were aired on Y-Star’s “Live Star News.” The conversation goes as follow:

      A: I’m home
      K: Are you feeling okay?
      A: I can’t sober up…
      K: Well you didn’t make any mistakes
      A: Whatever, as long as I had fun, it’s fine
      K: Let’s go clubbing later
      A: Sigh kk you said you’re going to Club Ellui, right?

      Sources from actor “K” spoke in an interview, “He doesn’t know what to do since this is such a shocking thing to happen so it came to this,” and “On the night of the incident, he received a text from another woman. The texts show that she and ‘K’ are very close.”

      They continued, “Since ‘K’ lives on the outskirts of Seoul, his home from Cheongdamdong is pretty far. Since he didn’t have a car and public transportation was cut off, he just crashed at Park Shi Hoo’s home. So he’s so bewildered that this sort of thing happened. We will be handing over the full conversation between ‘K’ and ‘A’ to the police.”

      KakaoTalk status messages for both “K” and “A” were revealed as well. For his status message, “K” posted, “Fine, let’s go till the end and see.” On the other hand, “A” posted, “A wise one knows how to be humble when the enemy strikes. An eye for an eye may be the right way but it will make others think of me as the same level as the enemy and it will not earn the hearts of those around me.”

      • Ooh this sheds a whole new light on things but also makes it really tricky. So A was able to get home, but is the “mistake” K is referring to sleeping with him and PSH? And since she said “I can’t sober up” it means that she believed herself to be drunk and unable to clearly make decisions? Yet her “friend” clearly claimed that A would never get drunk from 1-2 bottles -___-;; (sorta thinking out loud here). I really don’t know anymore.

      • Was there any confirmation that these are genuine?

        Cause leaking evidence like this to the press should be reason to either dismiss someone from their job or sue them.

      • From What I’ve read, it was not quite a conversation. The above-mentioned text messages are parts of the communication between them that day, meaning there are other messages in-between and after. This is why it triggered questions wondering what is the entire dialogue like. The more questions were raised for the timing (why not earlier since K always had it) and the method that they present such sensitive and important evidence directly to the public on TV.

        Like all other info we’ve heard or seen, none of them is the WHOLE truth, some part could be true, like the CCTV footage or the text messages, but the completeness is always questionable. I don’t trust anything I’ve heard/read, although I like to know what is out there but won’t draw any conclusion or judgment based them.

  3. PSH looked worn out. I can’t say I feel sorry for him though, after dodging police summons twice. It’s about time he showed up. This has turned into a madhouse and I anticipate after his (and K’s) questioning, the police will take concrete actions and DO their jobs, instead of constantly blabbing to the press.
    Thanks for the update!

  4. I can’t wait for this to be over. I mean,these days when I check allkpop there’s bound to be some new updates on the scandal. It’s hard to stay neutral and not pick a side by now. I am not trying to accuse anyone of anything,but I don’t think that I can look at PSH the same way again. It’s going to be tough for me to watch any of his projects anymore for quite some time,regardless of the outcome of this case. Whatever it is,I hope that justice will eventually prevail.

      • Meh I can’t even decide if I should be happy that I watched it before this happened or bummed that I actually watched it at all. Say what you like but I feel like the story’s kinda tainted now because all I can think of is this scandal and wonder how true the accusations made against him are instead of focusing on the good points of this drama. I know that this isn’t fair but like I said,it’s hard not to feel anything at this point.

      • @Belle3005, no I think that’s understandable. Some who are fans of his body of work have expressed the same sentiment. I’ve read good reviews about TPM, and was on my “to watch” list… But maybe not in the near future. There have been news that Japanese and Chinese broadcasters pulling out of negotiations with SBS to air CDDA abroad. As much I’d like to separate the person and his private life, from his work, it’s hard, as inevitably one affects the other, both in positive and negative ways.

    • Serina ! Omg I think ur the one that understands me ! I’m so happy with these stuff that shows that A is very well the bad side in this investigation ! Haha I can’t believe he got out crying ! Now I believe in PSH more than ever ! I’m happy I didn’t lose that faith ! When I saw those pics tears were flooding in my eyes , I can’t start to think how much he feels betrayed and weak ! But no I think he is gonna come out stronger than ever and hopefully get us to laugh our hearts off like in CA ! Hh thanks Serina I could have never found those things on my own I’m a really bad net surfer , u just made my day !! Err my night ( damn time zones )

  5. Crash landing to one’s downfall is always shattering. falling flat on your face in front of the public. never a pleasing sight. its always gonna be a cause and effect thing, what you reap, you sow. if one is clean living then no dirty secrets getting publicized, most bastards dont get discovered, unfortunately for him fate caught up with him and smackd him on the head. sexcapades? well he was so intelligent enough to jump out of the plane without a parachute, now everythng is broken. damaged goods.

    • Yeah so true… despite of his time off from his schedule or celebrity activities.. why.. why.. he chose one night stand… poor si hoo.. act without thinking..

      • he was thinking, it just so happened that his head is between his legs. whether he raped or not, he is still disgusts me.

  6. I had no words to say over this matter because it’s just so shocking, frightening and ugly.

    I hope this case will be resolved quickly and if he indeed did that unforgivable thing, I want him to get the punishment he deserves. But for now, I want to remain neutral on both sides. To be honest, I hope it’s not an intentional rape. That’s just so scary to think. Especially with an actor that I used to enjoy watching in his dramas.

  7. Don’t get too taken with the haggard, lost, i’m so pitiful i’ll-never-touch-a-wowan-ever-again look. well serves him right..
    he’s an actor after all. boohoo!
    As the barbie song goes “life is Plastic! its fantastic!

  8. hades that a pretty harsh thing to say. i have to say this woman are dumb, why go out alone and have drinks with guys that you hardly know all by herself. As people say, bring a designated driver/friend if you gonna get drunk…..i don’t like rape but it is useless to blame it all on the guys if we woman ourselves did not wake up….furthermore, don’t drink if you can’t drink1even thou you know that guy, it is always advisable to bring someone else along, period!

    • In this situation, all parties are adults and they should be responsible for their actions. One of the parties is a man who has more than 10 years of life experiences ahead of the other 2. I would think that the oldest person here should be a good role model for his 2 hoobaes. Sadly, that did not happen here. Sometimes you learn things the easy way, but sometimes you learn things the hard way if you do ever learn.

    • Let me paraphrase that: “I have to say this man is dumb, why go out alone and have drinks with a woman that you hardly know all by yourself.” He might end up raping her, who knows right?!! How does this sound?

      • Or a guy might end up with a kkot-baem in his lap. Serves him right for having one-night stands.
        Really I don’t get the whole policy “I’m married with fans therefore I don’t have a girlfriend or a wife”. Is it better to have one night standers?!?!?! I don’t think so. Beside STDs and kkot-baems, a guy can’t know for sure if the girl wants the same thing as him (aka thinking with the other head) therefore he ends hurting someone (intentional or not)

        If she is a kkot-baem all the victims reading about this case will refrain from going to police being afraid to be treated like “A”, on the other hand if she was the victim here, every rape victim in South Korea will avoid to go to police just because of the stigma, media circus and even more THE VICTIM made into ASSAILANT.

        I don’t understand the part where the women are made responsible for the behavior of the guys. A rape is a rape even the woman walks naked on the street. If the woman says NO or she can’t really say YES a rape is a rape no matter the circumstances.

        Except being a kkot-baem or a real victim the other option is ” Oh mom I did some sex but it wasn’t really my fault, I’m innocent!!!!” well… If I would started such a charade I wouldn’t budge even an inch from “I’m the victim here I want THAT guy judged and punished “. At this moment if she gives up her reputation is tarnished beyond recovery or worse she will be accused of perjury.
        BTW who in her right mind would give up such accusation (aka own integrity) for just $100 000? when the guy’s income is way better after a few months of work? Well after this he won’t be paid as much.

        You can’t ask me right now to believe her(it is police’s job to find the truth – but there is no guarantee that it is the actual truth),
        but I don’t believe him either. C’mooooooooooooon an actor crying? Ask Joo Won to cry… under a minute he is full of tears like there is no tomorrow(after 45 seconds he is in the middle of a crisis), don’t tell me that Park Shi Ho can’t cry under 20 seconds under THESE circumstances?

        My conclusion? Dear “OPPAS” to have sex you must GET a girlfriend : try to know the girl before touching her. If it is too easy you better RUN. I don’t ask to marry every beautiful girl from South Korea but some “oppas” need to learn common decency and respect, to cherish the woman without seeing her like an object.

        I really felt sorry when Lee Min Ho got tons of hate from his own fans because he liked Park Min Young… THAT was consensual. However if these guys with huge appetite get to be single for months/years no wonder that things like this happen. The bomb was ticking and it exploded in PSH’s lap. I like my fav actors seasoned and experienced… You can’t ask from Yoo Seung Ho to be experienced at 18, but from guys like Joo Won, Lee Min Ho, Jo In Sung, Kim Nam Gil, Song Joong Ki etc… it is kinda common sense to have a minimum life experience and not one-night-stands experience. That isn’t a life is depravation.

      • @just me

        it is 2013, do you really expect an adult of the 21st century to act like white driven snow lol

        Unless you have strong religious beliefs holding you back. Most adults are having sex. it’s part of our biology. Some just cover it up better than others.

        Just cause people are single does not mean they are not engaging in sex with different partners. That just depicts your naivete of the Real World.

        Just because there job is being an actor/actress doesn’t make them any less human and for that fact have any less urges as the common folk. Nor, should they be held at a different regard.

        I hope he has sex, frankly I hope he has tons of it. It just means that he has a healthy libido and is not repressed by small minded thinking. Unfortunately that doesn’t save him from being persecuted and jabbed by small minded folds either.

        Sex is sex kids, people have it a plenty. Some more than others, it doesn’t make them perverts, sluts or any other derogatory term.

        nor does it mean that people that don’t have it should be labeled prude or saint like.

        It’s just a personal preference that shouldn’t be harped upon as a means of defining a person.

      • Michelle No religious beliefs about sex(in fact my marriage is just civil). Promiscuity is still promiscuity no matter the name used for it or the gender of the person. On the other hand I don’t judge my friends with multiple partners but none of them was charged with rape but most of them have certain boundaries and underage or rape are some of them. Other off limits are occasional sex with unknown people. And my friends are salary men/women and not celebs. Doing sex is a good thing if it doesn’t hurt the partners in the meantime, before or after it.
        As you write it we all should have a gang bang at least once a year, but you know this isn’ t the norm for usual folks.

      • @justme – Honey Im not saying that people should engage in gang bangs (unless that is your cup of tea). Im saying that in this day an age of “Sexual Freedom” your beliefs on how they should be are just that – Your Beliefs. Thus they should be respected just like someone elses choices should be respected as well.

        This respect ofcourse goes with boundaries – once someone is not having fun or it has become to dangerous for any of the parties involved in the tryst then they have the right to stop engaging in said activity.

        I am not promoting sexual daprevity. Im saying respect others.

        This world is made up of a soup of nuts and everyone wants to police everyone elses behaviors. Take care of your own as everyone is looking out for theirs.

        Just Saying.

    • Seems like when a woman gets raped, it’s the woman’s fault. It’s also her fault that a man cannot control himself? You ok?

      • Yea, some netizens from the very beginning blamed the girl instantly because no way a goodlooking famous guy as PSH would rape anyone; after seeing the girl’s picture (was leaked but not sure about the genuinity) which shows a very lovely girl, then they said that PSH couldn’t help himself because she was too pretty. It is always the girl’s fault no matter what. And sadly, most people said such are female themself.

      • The problem is that people who rape (in most cases) are turned on by the feeling of power over the victim. So, in other words, a hundred beautiful “lovers” can line up willing to give everything, but the rapist doesn’t get any satisfaction and relief from it. Only when they see their victim scared, kicking back, or completely in their power (unconscious, for example), only then will the rapist get their “satisfaction”.
        Unfortunately, like you and Lynne said, it’s always the girl’s fault in the eyes of the excusists.

      • I think it’s unfair to start bringing sexism into this. I don’t believe people blame the girl because she’s a girl – I think it’s more related to their social standings, and the fact that we’ve all seen many cases of golddigging and sensationalized, falsified cases. I wouldn’t feel any differently if their sexes were reversed, i.e. if a poor guy accused a well-off woman of doing something to him. Of course, I still don’t have a solid opinion of this case, but all the mud-slinging isn’t exactly making me sympathetic to the girl, for all the above reasons.

  9. I never get to grasp the exact meaning of what DOUBLE STANDARD really means..until I get to read scandals such as this..

    If a girl “sleeps” around…she will be called a slut.
    If a man sleeps’ll hear things like ..oh of course he’s a man, that’s why..he has needs..let’s not be too quick to judge him…FAIR??? you decide.

    I am not generalizing all guys…but you’ll see such type everywhere…the players…the casanovas…they are usually at the mature age to get married already and start a family..but behold they are still very much single..why would they give up a life of freedom..of wild abandon..why would they be tied to one particular woman and be given restrictions..when it is so much FUN, FUN to bed any girl they fancy, any time they want, any time they feel like it…no strings attached, one night of passion, “WHAM BANG THANK YOU MAAM” for the great hustle in bed. Now moving on to their next target when the bed is still warm…or should we say dirtied. What a life right. Well retribution usually hits them like a hard brick wall. Having too much fun aint you? Now take that !

    • yupe, Money, power, and fame can change people from being decent to being arrogant. There’s a saying “you reap what you sow”.
      If Kim Hee Jun’s car coincidentally broke that evening (rolling my eyes) and he slept at PSH’s house, does it mean he was a participant or an audience? don’t tell me he didn’t know that PSH and miss A were having sex. then why she accused KHJ for raping too? accusing two men of raping her is a huge accusation.

  10. Yes, she shouldn’t go out with them alone but whatever I would blame it all on the guys (if they really raped her) Even if she won’t wake up for the rest of her life no one have the right to have sex with her.

    Btw, I still don’t take side. I hope to hear more clear statement from the police not from the media.

    But in general case, I like and respect a dumb woman more than a guy who raped, period!

  11. .what a turnaround….. also this report revealed just half of the text… point is why didn’t they reveal everything ……really there is more to this….plz don’t side either with PSH or victim after this report……..don’t label the victim as fraud as there had been also much evidences against PSH before like the latest being offering money and outside settlement… it’s better if we don’t jump the gun……our mind needs to be steady not fragile to swing every minute a report coming in….these anews all leaked so this may not be reliable….other than victim to be not innocent can’t be ruled out with so much evidences put before PSH is not innocent either at this point if not guity….PSH still showed himself to be shady, but not sure I know who to believe now… Maybe they all suck…..

  12. It’s about time he showed up at the police station. Watching this unfold has been like a circus. Information or misinformation being released by PSH, Kim, “friends” police, lawyers, unnamed sources. WTH? People going wild with theories and opinions taken as fact.
    Got a bad feeling this will go on for a while. Still seems that there should be more physical evidence then what we’ve heard about and I hope the information (facts)will shed more light on this mess.

  13. I really don’t know who to believe but I really don’t think PSH having sex with this girl makes him a bad person if she was willing. He is single and she is single and the age difference??? If you had heard that they had fallen in love and were getting married no one would be saying he was a bad person but just because he slept with her that makes him a bad person??? If she was willing and now realizes that it was just a one night stand but maybe she wanted more so now wants to make trouble it sounds like the Korean public holds their stars to some really archaic expectations. If PSH did rape her then he deserves to go to jail but if he did not he deserves to get his life back and not be judged a creep for sleeping with someone. Get real people just because he is an actor does not make him have to live his life to a higher standard than anyone else. If he is found innocent he probably will never trust anyone again so all you self righteous people can rest happy that he probably will never have sex outside of marriage again.

  14. Park Shi Hoo looked really frustrated. I hope the truth will be revealed shortly, wishing all the best for him. Although why is he so late coming for the interview?

    • He’s an actor. He can look just the way he wants to look. More this is the role of his life. If he plays badly his career and life is really over.

  15. Such a double standard calling the girl slut or dumb while calling the man who committed one night stand as “just being a man”.
    If she’s dumb then he’s dumb too as he was the willing party. PLEASE don’t judge the girl! Let this be a lesson learned to men like PSH who sleeps around having 1 night stand: stop fooling around with girls! If you want sex be in a committed relationship. Women arent objects you know.

    • I agree with you. It really concerns me that so many women mindlessly took side and bashed the girl immediately without even trying to find the truth.

      • Well your statement should should go both ways what about all the people who mindlessly took sides and bashed PHS IMMEDIATELY WITHOUT EVEN TRYING TO FIND OUT THE TRUTH.

        I have just sat back following this case and reading all the mudslinging of those involved in this case, without commenting. Seems to me many others should have done the same. At this point in time so much has been put out there(regarding A and her story)that if even 1/2 of what has come to light is true, it should be enough for the PHS bashers to shut up and just listen till the end. None of us know the truth of what happened that nite, nor what his true intentions were after the fact if this had not happened he could have actually liked this girl.Luckily for this girl her name, pictures, and life has not been put out there for all the world to see. Can this person begging us to remember innocent until proven guilty say that?

        Lynne, speaking of mudslinging,this does not have anything to do with the topic at hand but you posted an article and your opinion regarding his fan club, family, wealth, etc.. on another thread regarding this case anyway. Could you be so kind as to do the same with the official statement/article that came out from his fan club today.

        Peace Everyone

      • OneVoice, by your request, here is the official statement that came out from his fan club (source:
        We’re sure you are all very taken back and shocked with everything going on right now.
        We completely understand and can sympathize with everyone’s heartache over everything that has happened even before the case has been thoroughly investigated.
        We are absolutely shocked and offended by the media’s irresponsibility in publishing news without verifying the details. We also cannot begin to imagine why they would report on events that took place within our fan club without confirming the facts with anyone. When did it become so difficult to depend on an honest and reasonable media outlet. What the fan club and Park Shi Woo expect from the media is not for the actor to get special treatment because he is a celebrity at all. All we ask is that everyone gives Park Shi Hoo a fair chance as a citizen of the Republic of Korea and give the police a chance to make a thorough investigation before making any sort of judgments. We do think that the media should not be allowed to publish any sort of judgments or speculations even in a situation where a decision on the case has not been made yet, much less even started a formal investigation. How far does a paerson need to be pushed in order for the media and anti-fans to be satisfied. We beg you. Please stop here. Actor Park Shi Hoo has said from the beginning that he is innocent and that he will cooperate with the police to prove this. The truth will be revealed soon enough so we ask the media to minimize publishing any articles containing unconfirmed statements, speculations, and offensive information.
        Below are details of the ‘gifts’ that has been quickly spreading online. New members most likely had a lot of questions when they first read the articles. People who loved him more than anyone else at one point have turned their backs on him and started to spread terrible rumors about him just as though they have been waiting for this moment all along. As a fan, we can’t help but to feel betrayed and disappointed in the individuals who saved screenshots of internal fan club postings and are now using those against not just the actor but his family members as well.
        (A) Luxury brand necklace
        Often times fans donate money to provide support to celebrities in their line of work. Every single person cooperates on their own free will and all press conferences, birthday parties, and meet and greets with the fans are completely organized by the fans and the celebrity does not take any part in the planning process. The entire planning and execution is run by the fan club. In 2012 the fans wanted to get Park a gift by pitching in money and ended up collecting a large sum of 7.8 million won. The fan club moderators asked what the money should be used for and Park’s representatives expressed that Park wanted to donate the entire sum to charity. However, the fans wanted to apply it towards a gift that Park could use, especially because the money was collected with that intent, rather than with the purpose of donating it. For this reason the fan club wanted to get him a lasting memorable gift with the money and ended up getting him the necklace. It is completely false that anyone from Park’s company requested for us to get him the necklace.
        (B) Personal bank account
        To present, the fan club organizers have managed finances related to the fan club with a bank account set up in the fan club’s name. As the fan club grew, in order to be more transparent with our finances, we consulted with the bank and were advised that we should register the organization under a CEO’s name and then create a sub-account with the fan club’s name under the organization’s umbrella account. After that we appointed accountants to oversee and audit the account in order to keep all finances as transparent as possible. To be honest we put a lot of thought into who we should list as the organization’s ‘CEO.’ To the end we had fans who were worried using Park Shi Hoo’s name may cause misunderstandings and also had fans who felt everyone would believe that this was in the best interest of the fan club. And in the end we decided to register the account under the actor’s name. At the time we put a lot of thought into everything and thought we were making the best decision and now feel bad about having this used against the actor. We send our deepest apologies.
        We would like to emphasize that immediately upon opening the account, all finances were handed over to the club’s organizers and accountants to maintain transparent financial activity. According to the fan club’s rules, all costs and receipts are required to be submitted within 2 weeks following any activity. This was announced to the club last year and no one expressed any sort of opposition or concerns.
        The rumors that the actor asked the fan club for money is completely untrue and is slanderous. We would like to confirm that articles stating such is only creating misunderstandings and were never confirmed with anyone in the fan club prior to publication. They were mere rumors floating around the online community and were started by what looks to be anti-fans. Fans are disappointed and increasingly losing faith in the media that continues to publish unconfirmed stories every day without any sort of evidence to support their claims.
        (C) The ‘Gift Lift’ that the family allegedly requested
        Every year on the actor’s birthday, the fan club creates an event online to discuss and plan his birthday through an organized meeting where a gift is decided on and then sent to the actor. The birthday presents are always willingly sent to him and a ‘Gift List’ such as the one reported in the media does not exist. Additionally, reports that the actor’s mother generates a list each year and gets involved in the process is completely untrue and a defamation of character.
        We would like to emphasize once again that the actor has not once asked us for gifts or money. All decisions regarding gifts are decided on solely by members of the fan club and anything stating otherwise is extremely offensive and hurtful to the faithful fans.
        If there is one thing that saddens us about the current charges he is facing it is that the media has been very biased in their reports and that despite the fact that he is also a citizen of this country and has a right to privacy, his rights and reputation have been crushed because of the sole fact that he is a celebrity. In addition to that the negative comments made about him by anti-fans reached a level of cruelty to a point that even the strongest person would not be able to survive it. Moreover, reports are now dragging in the fan club who is standing by him and having us question who will be able to restore the reputation and image of the actor that has been crushed to pieces. How will the fans who’ve prayed for the actor and supported him with a pure heart ever get over the hurt brought on by all this. If a crime was committed Park Shi Hoo will pay for the price for his actions. However in a situation where a formal investigation has barely started yet the media has already reported numerous speculations and dragged his family and devoted fans into the matter, we ask the media to be a bit more understanding moving forward. We beg those posting negative comments and the media. The truth will one day see the light of day. For now please quietly take a step back and watch as the case unfolds.
        Thank you,
        The organizers of Park Shi Hoo’s Fan Club

        1. The original info/”rumor” was published by his fans (or maybe ex-fans), with the photos of the bank account statement and receipts. The above statement didn’t mention them at all. Are they all fake?

        2. Over the past many years, are there any donation to any charity at all from his fan club? You can’t just say you did because for the reason of tax exemption any charity receiving any donation must produce receipts. There should be at least three copies retained by three parties: the National Tax of Korea, the charity, and PSH’s fan club. If they did make any donation, even once, they should be able to present a copy of the receipt.

        With regard to the previous post about this issue, it was not my OPINION. I didn’t use any expressive or statement words such as ” I think” or “I believe” , not at all. I simply summarized and reported what was happening that day out there in the media along with some background, just as I did the same for the report on K and A text messages.

  16. I hope my favorite A-list actresses don’t ever get to act with him, seen too much of his “reality” that the acting part no matter how good will appear with a tinge of …irony and cynicism.
    I might have to cover that part of the screen his occupying. Arrghhhh!

  17. This is like watching a train so can we know if he is going to be formally charged or not

    I really want this to be over already seriously

    wonder why he was crying

    • Maybe he finally realizes he’s gotten himself into a fix that neither his mommy nor his agency can sweep away? That he is going to be publicly held accountable for his actions – and even if they are not criminal, he will still be held accountable for his lack of judgement? He has tried to wriggle his way out of this confrontation with buyoffs and delays, so seeing him cry out of frustration and embarrassment is not surprising.

  18. Funny thing… Even though it took a day or so, PSH has provided statements refuting the accusations made by the press or by Ms A or Ms B. How come Ms A hasn’t refuted the text messages as being wrong.

    Fishy, Fishy, Fishy

    • I do agree with you Michelle. that’s what I feel too .. why there’s no refute from A’s site about the message …. and well , regsrding the KaoKao Talk message exchange , I read it on another news site that KaoKaoTalk the company itself that submit those messages , so those messages should be genuine then. however some people still choose to ignore the newly discovered messages and keep on bashing PSH . it’s weird to see how of them keep on saying that the ones who backed up PSH being double standard when they are also doing the same thing , keep on accusing PSH when there’s no confirmation or concrete proof that he’s guilty. he’s not yet proven guilty.

  19. Firstly, I am very glad we have a legal minded person posting these updates because you are carefully letting us know the facts vs “sensationalized lurid gossip.”

    Secondly, I find the MOST interesting aspect is how the public is judging, interpreting and commenting on the event.

    We learn more about the commenters’ own life experiences, world views and upbringing than the case as we go.

    Suddenly his whole life seems to be subject to judgements – not just if committed a specific crime with a specific victim.

    Suddenly he is guilty because he has one nights stands? Because he hangs out with pretty young girls? Because he drinks in bars?

    You really really do understand why guys like him and Lee Jun Ki and all the other single popular entertainers must be hyper vigilant, and why sadly, they do stay away from dating. You are always one step away from being publicly shamed. It also makes me wonder why anyone would want to make a living in this glass circus.

    • I totally agree with your statement jomo! It’s been one hell of a roller coaster and trying to stay objective has been trying at most.

    • I agree. I didn’t realize how many people still had such medieval views on consenting sex between adults. We want to use hip terms like “slut shaming” but underneath it’s clear people still think of women as celestial flowers devoid of lust and men as bestial perverts all one step away from rape. Those types of attitudes are just as sexist and disgusting. 

    • I don’t think one-night stands are healthy or good behavior, no matter who is doing them. If he wants a one-shot, there are plenty of people he can pay for the favor. If he wants to just hook up for free, he’s got to be sure that the other party shares his expectations for both the income and the outcome. What we have here, at the very least, is a failure to communicate. I just expect more than this ham-handed behavior from someone pushing forty and, at least on paper, the more mature member of this outing.

  20. Come on guys, some of u are being so harsh on PSH , I might. Be totally subjective with this case towards him but I’m only relying on facts , and what done and not done like michelle said , that stuff abt the msgs has been out for as long as I remember why didn’t A report them false , and if they were false I don’t think they will have the courage to plot that kind of scheme ,they won’t stumble with the same stone twice , they are no dummies !
    Plus him being an actor DOESN’T MAKE EVERY THING HE DOES ACTING ! some chefs don’t cook at their houses !

    And for the age different , Plz , that’s just silly to even discuss , they are both very well mature and obvious to what they are doing and it’s a very normal thing for both to go out and drink! It was on valentines day for gods sake ! And I don’t think that that was just a normal date !

    Hhh so pls don’t make instant judgments and finalize ur status !

    • Many comments here only refer to his one-night-stand behavior, which is the fact that he admitted, or to the biased netizens’ comments bashing A based on NO facts at all. What irratete people are the comments such as it is impossible for PSH to rape anyone because of his look and fame. This kind of speculations are NOT based on any evidence or facts. This is not being harsh on PSH.

  21. Sadly, he’s probably had fooling around with girls he just met many times in the past but this time he did it with a wrong (perhaps right) girl. Not to say that he deserves the mess (if he found innocent on the rape charge) but sometimes a harsh consequences need to happen before someone will change. In his case it’s a one big price to pay.

    • Right, because fooling around and having consenting sex deserves a harsh punishments. I say give em fifty lashes for every orgasm. That will tech him.

  22. I guess I’m in the minority by saying this but I think PSH’s side has handled this fairly well since the beginning. When the initial story broke, he made his public statement then he shut his mouth and let his advisors and legal team take over.

    Because it so quickly became a media circus, I didn’t have the problem most people seem to have with his delayed appearance or the request for a transfer to another jurisdiction. It seems reasonable to me that this is what the legal team of an accused high profile person would do when rumors are dropping at a mind boggling rate and it’s not clear if the leaks are coming from within the police department that is supposed to be conducting this investigation.

    Innocent or guilty, the accused should be tried in a court of law not a court of public opinion. IMO his team correctly advised him not to say anything until things either settled down or there was more proof that this investigation was being professionally handled.

    • I totally agree. He has had a good defense thus far making statements when appropriate and collecting evidence to support their claim.

      Since the police were so quick to provide details of Ms A statement, I wonder if they will also provide a press release on PSH statement.

    • I think his new legal team really helped him a lot. I agree that the case should be tried by law instead of public opinion. Being “wrong” does not equal to being guilty of a crime.

  23. I think because of all the evidences, and facts (or not) being leaked out, some of the observers have really started to question PSH’s character even if he didn’t rape A. Don’t get me wrong, in my opinion, I think he raped her, and I also think he deserves to rot in jail for the rest of his life. No ifs and buts. If he is proven innocent, I will be guilty, but if I don’t support A right now, it would make me feel guiltier.

    But… If this was consentual, then it is not “low, disgusting, etc.” for a man to sleep with a woman – regardless of age – just because he is not married to her. If that was low of him, it was also low of her. And we live in a society of free will, where – if this were free will – if a random 36 year old guy has a one night stand with a 20-something girl, no one would have looked twice.

    That being said, I also feel that if this were a high profile actress, and an unknown guy, this case would have been done and dusted with, and the guy would be in jail by now – probably waiting for his trial. I’m damn sure “everyone” would have supported to famous woman in question, and cursed the guy to no end.

    I dont think this is an issue of women against women. This is a huge issue of worshiping an idol you really dont know in real life. We don’t know if PSH a scum, we can just assume he isnt because of his characters. Now, because of this issue, I think he is. Do I have concrete evidence? No. But I’d rather believe in a woman who (if real) has sacrificed her career, and possibly dignity to be able to stand up to an all mighty star and be a bit of an inspiration to women who are raped but afraid to speak out…

    • My friend, all for girl power nonetheless— you may have to expand your mind just a bit that there are many great motivators in the world other than money, power or fame.

      Now the question is what motive would be stronger to sacrifice your own personal fame or power to destruct another.

      In the case of A, K, or PSH – it’s the same for all involved.

      Everyone has a rain to do something

    • I’m not sure I understand your comment. You sound like you’ve already passed judgment with a lot of disclaimers just in case your wrong.

      • I have definitely passed my judgement. I did say that I think he is guilty; so there’s no denying that. Neither do I plan to. As for the disclaimers, I had none. I said that I would feel guilty if he is proven innocent, even if I don’t think he is right now. I think a lot of people – like me – who think he did rape A would feel guilty if the court declares him innocent. That’s normal, but hardly a reason not to give an opinion. I’m just saying I wouldn’t mind being proven wrong, as long as the truth is out.

      • @Tiffany… Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but it honestly sounds as if your opinions are based on wanting to believe that the best side to be on regarding such accusations is the side of the accuser because its the more righteous side to be on.

        Knowing that there are always people who are going to lie or do things based on their own motivations, I just find it difficult to understand how a person can judge another with the disclaimer that they will feel less guilty doing so if it is proven in the end to have judged wrongly.

    • My assumption still is that this is an act of boneheadedness and low (arguable) moral value. PSH being a rapist or not, is not for me to judge.

      I have one confusion: if indeed it was consentual, then the text messages, or any communication for that matter, the following day should be between PSH and A, not K and A.

      So it is a typical one-night-stand, right? And, with a drunk woman … I still think the act is pretty low.

      • I honestly don’t believe those text messages were the whole truth. K could have deleted some in between to make it seem like it was a perfectly normal convo. Also, I dont think A would actually be so stupid to go out to the police and scream murder when her text message from earlier that day could prove her wrong. As for who she should text, she did say K raped her too… I’m a little confused myself with those texts :S

        And a one night stand with a woman who lost consciousness, or is still drunk when he had (as he claims) “mutual sex” with, thats definitely low. But in general, I think if both parties are fully aware of their actions, I don’t think one-night stands are low.

      • Its not very confusing – she was friends with K. She was communicating with her friend to hang out later. Tis All. Why would she have to engage in communication with PSH?

        And the other thought of why she would keep those text messages. Just because she deletes the messages from her phone doesnt mean they were not stored in a server before being transmitted.

        The police have pulled directly from the servers of the company that provides this service. The record is intact.

      • Well, the assumption was that P and A had affection toward each other as man and woman according to the initial statement by P. So the affection came mutually and went away mutually right after the … the sex totally killed the affection?

        But again, we don’t know whether there is any communication between P and A after the night. The media/police/P’s attorney only make public the stuff they want us to know. We will never know the whole truth.

    • @ Tiffany … IMO people who have already pre-judged more than likely will not accept a court verdict if it turns out different from their opinion.

      Your statements of feeling more guilty or less guilty depending on the side you’ve chosen to stand behind are self-inflicted only because you have come to an erroneous conclusion that a side to stand behind *MUST* be chosen beforehand.

  24. I think he should learn that fooling around isn’t a right way to live or hang out ! As for the  investigation I feel that PSH side has it handled the best . 

    After reading some articles abt K and A’s msgs ( from Serina’s link also)  pls note her proverb on her  account ” ….an eye for and eye ….!)  I don’t know abt you but for me that really sounds as a way of revenge or payback ! So here is the question.
     , was it all for revenge? But why? 
     Answer  ; that is possible  , maybe she wanted more than a night or a date as they say in  dramas “take responsibility  ”  ,well if that so , honey that ship has sailed ,  and that happened in dramas or with real lovers.  However at first I thought,  what abt the timing ! Then reread the “sober yet” part . BINGO! 

     Secondly, I don’t rely on  what A said or when or how nor her tone , but how would you even talk to some one u accused of raping u,?!  u should be frantic right then and going crazy about what happened , and how did u use the word FUN ! ??! What was fun ?! Daaaahh that’s  so BIPOLAR ! My head aches ! 

     All I know Is that no crime  is perfect ! Weather its rape or false accusation   , And that any crime from either side will be revealed ! And ppl will be punished !  
     And whats up with the news abt PSH fan club and money claiming ? How is it  related ! It’s  going out of control and that coaster is getting so fast and dangerous ! Hope oppa gets out harmless even though I doubt that 
    Damn I’m writing so much, and commenting too much !  Still thats just me and im far from the law part ! Which will have the final word! 
       hope it makes sense to u as for me ! I’m not sure of anything except that if PSH was proved innocent ( hope! ) I will hunt A down and hang  her with my own bare hands ..  
    Waaaaaaaaa3 she caused me and PSH alot of heart attacks  ! And If in some other universal dimension   he did it then I wont be around, just hope for my soul to rest in peace !  Cuz if u haven’t noticed already by comments and subjectiveness I’m loyal fan ! Ahh that tiers me
    I should shut up now and go to sleep ! 

    • boba , go and read the latest article that I posted , seriously A gave me a big headache!!! this girl is just $(*&^%$#$%^&*()*&^%$. sorry , I just can’t help but to react right now since the report seems genuine since it involves the police .

  25. My friend, all for girl power nonetheless— you may have to expand your mind just a bit that there are many great motivators in the world other than money, power or fame.

    Now the question is what motive would be stronger to sacrifice your own personal fame or power to destruct another.

    In the case of A, K, or PSH – they all have something to lose and no gains. So what is the motive? Since A is the one that brought these accusations to light (however no evidence can corroborate her point of view of the event in question (toxicology report and cctv)) she is painted add the victim – but there is no proof to the fact just her official statement to the clinic and police.

    K, whom by police was first considered a witness until A decided to press charges days later- has his career to lose- however he has adamantly stated that he had text message proof that it was not so. Up to now he hasn’t changed his tune. If K raped A with PSH he was willing to sacrifice his career for one night of pleasure.

    The same goes for PSH – he was willing to lose fame, money and power to rape A. However since the allegations were made public he has stated consensual sex and that Ms A was all for it. So far the toxicology report proved she was not under the influence of the narcotics and the other angle of the cctv shows her getting out of the car unassisted and climbing on K’s back.

    Motive is tricky because it’s not available to be seen like a pencil on a desk. It needs to be uncovered.

    Everyone loses and no one outright gains the top three (money, fame, power) – then what wad the true Gain and for whom.

    Is PSH a pervert who gets off on screwing lifeless bodies.
    Is A, scorned and pissed-willing to take this to the end just so that the guy who threw her to the side -is publicly humiliated and chastised.
    Is K??? I really can’t think one for him

  26. There’re so many haters here. Why do you have leave nasty comment about PSH? If you don’t like him, leave him alone with all his problem. AND YOU THE KOALA!!! if you hate him, why do you have to write about him in public? You seem enjoy all the nasty comment about him. So, are you a lawyer? I think you’re nota good lawyer. Just think about your client’s case. Poor your client. They choose the wrong lawyer. They are wasting their money, because their lawyers busy making drama summary!!!

    • Enemy – everyone has different point of view which is a given. However to talk to Ms Koala that way is unacceptable. She has a right to her point of view and she has been so kind to share it so candidly (this is her blog afterall). Kindly refrain from commenting on her personal life.

  27. If Miss A was just angry because PSH didn’t want a relationship after one night stand, and then she took a revenge, it still doesn’t make sense to me considering that she reported the incident on the same day, Feb 15th. Wouldn’t you want to pursue him a little bit before giving up if you are really interested in him? Another possibility is if she just regretted her mistake for sleeping with him. If this is the case, why sue him? and sue K?

    I don’t think Ms. A planned to ruin PSH since the beginning by seducing him and sleeping with him. First, She was invited by K and not the other way around, as such the burden to plan “rape” is not with ms A but with Mr K and PSH. Secondly, the negative drug test actually supports the idea that she didn’t plan the rape. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be easier to win/for sure to win if she took the drug herself and blamed him. the fact that she asked for the drug test days after the incident and the result was negative only give the benefit that she didn’t plan the rape.
    I don’t know anymore. just have to wait and see

    • How could the negative drug test support that she didn’t plan the rape lol all it does is prove that her testimony of feeling woozy and passing out in the car because she doesn’t get drunk of a bottle of soju – was a farce. The samples for the drug test were retrieved within 24 hours from the alleged rape (sample base of hair, urine and blood). Basically all three ruling out that she wasn’t drugged within the last 24 hours as well as the last nine months.

      Like I stated before – motive is not something available immediately. But there has to be a motive – Rape has a motive as well.

      Since the top three gains (money, power and fame) are not outwardly apparent. Then who obtains the secondary gains?

      Trying to speak objectively: PSH raped A and he was willing to sacrifice his Name, Image, Fame, Power and Money to do so. It doesn’t mean its impossible – just a hefty price to pay. And yes we could argue that he thought he would get away with it – but then we would have to think if he thought he could get away with it, It must be because he has done it before- then where are the other victims. Someone who has raped and gotten away with it, becomes a serial rapist – find the other victims, catch your rapist.

      IF A has a secondary gain from this situation – what would it be. Because we already know its not money, fame or power. It would have to be intangible (unless shes getting the money from another source). The reason we can argue “revenge” is because the chick is 22 years old, Ive met in my life many of crazy 22 years old that are willing to do and say anything just to gain “?” the illusive whatever – because they hardly ever think of the consequences. Which we can argue based on science that its due to the fact that the frontal lobe is in its final stage of formation (completes from age 25-27) the frontal lobe is in charge of our executive long term planning functions.

      But at the end of the day – these are all suppositions.

      Who truly gains is it Justice or is it something that we cant see or even imagine with our current perspective.

    • I also see that. A revenge from Miss A. Think again, this guy had sex with you and not drop you like nothing (if the feeling was mutual then the communication (text message or so) the next day should be between PSH and A, not K and A. She must be mad. The problem is, why the police does not question such motive? Is it pretty obvious?

  28. Whatever becomes of PSH’s career, whether he bounces back or is shunned in the entertainment industry is all his own doing. No one to blame but himself. I’m not sure if this issue will ever be resolved. What happens after this? Trial? Case thrown out?

    • Quiet settlement or fights in the court. It can be thrown out. It could be more new accusations though such as PSH and K suing A for damaging their reputations, etc. It could last for years if some sort of settlement is not reached.

  29. @jomo I’m not sure if there’s any verification that those messages are genuine or not but then I’ve read on another news site , it’s said that those messages was submitted by KaoKaoTalk , the company itself. the legal team of PSH and the court has already got the messages and police had even asked the service provider to provide A’s call and message records before the incident , during the incident and the days after the incident. so for me , if those messages are provided by kaokao talk , then the probability of them being genuine are very high.

  30. I’m not siding with any side but I really don’t understand why people associate certain very smart behaviors with being guilty.

    1. If you are accused of doing something you didn’t do, of course, you’re not going to rush to the media and the police and make yourself vulnerable. Unfortunately, the police and court systems even in the US are not perfect. They are headed by individuals who may have special agendas – I’m not saying that’s the case here, but we’ve all heard of stories of prosecutors who zealously prosecute innocent people to advance their political careers. I’m not saying that PSH is innocent, but if I were him and I didn’t do anything wrong, I would still take as much time as I need/could take to strategize with my attorneys before presenting myself to the police. Heck, even the police seems to be against him if they really in fact are responsible for all the info leaks. PSH is the one to stand losing the most – even if he’s proven innocent – there will always be people who think he was guilty. And if he’s not careful he could really dig a hole for himself. I don’t see anything wrong with him delaying the hearing to stategize with his attorneys. I would do the same thing.

    2. If PSH met with the girl to offer her money to withdraw the lawsuit. First, this would have been ill-advised and I hope he didn’t do it. Though if he did, it doesn’t mean he’s guilty. And if she accepted the money, doesn’t mean the rape didn’t happen. If you’re someone who stands to lose A LOT, even if you didn’t commit that crime, you’d want to settle and get on with life and salvage his career, which hinders on his public image. I had to sue a tenant once for not paying rent and that was so stressful. I couldn’t sleep for weeks. So I can understand if PSH did offer her $ to settle this out of court even if he really didn’t do it. It’s stressful for yourself and all your loved ones.

    3. Some people say PSH is shady because he slept with a girl 10 years his junior. Ok, come on, be real people. This is and of itself not shady. Many men marry much younger women. I’m sure most of them slept with these women before getting to the alter. Men sleep with women. Women sleep with men. Women are not sluts and men are not shady because they do this. We don’t know what he is like in real life.

  31. the latest update … now we’ll see who’s the big LIAR in this case … it seems that the police already obtains the text …. like I said before , police asked the service provider to track A’s text and call records before , during the incident and also the days after the incident .. I’m pretty sure with this news because it mentioned POLICE in the text . here’s the news.

    Police obtain texts in Park Si Hoo’s case where ‘A’ states she will show off her acting skills in the investigation

    More text messages are surfacing against trainee ‘A’ in the Park Si Hoo sexual assault case.

    Alleged texts previously revealed seemed to show that trainee ‘A’ was actually not sexually assaulted, and the police seem to have received more evidence in support of this. According to Joins MSN, the police obtained a KakaoTalk conversation between ‘A’ and her best friend ‘B’. In the conversation, ‘B’ stated to ‘A’, “Since this is a big thing, you should request 1 billion KRW (approximately $922,000 USD) from them. Use this chance to definitely get money from them or you can crush him.”

    In reply, ‘A’ said, “I’m going to show off my best acting skills during the police investigation to make it seem like I’m the biggest victim.”

    In a previous interview that ‘B’ had, she had commented that those texts were trying to comfort ‘A’. There had also been reports that Park Si Hoo had offered ‘A’ money, but ‘A’ had demanded more, and these texts seem to prove those previous claims.

    original link :

    go and check how are the netizens reaction on allkpop … if what is reported is true , then I would just say that A is totally screwed. if what is reported is true , I really feel so bad on behalf PSH , he was definitely depressed and also the way netizens slammed him are just too harsh .

    • if what is reported is true , then thanks to this miss A , PSH’s career is totally ruined . his image is badly damaged . oh god!!!

      • @serina would you mind pulling over the article posted earlier today at the same site, the one from his fan cafe, not sure why but I cant copy and paste on this site… thanks

    • I just read it now. The report is from Korea Central Daily, should be reliable.

      It is much longer report than the link you put on. It stated that on March 1st, the Police Western Station obtained the text messages between A and B after the incident, full of one page of A4 paper.

      The reporter used the phrase “according to the police …”

      I believe this report should be true. It is beyond me that the police didn’t collect this kind of info sooner, otherwise the media wouldn’t go that far on PSH.

    • I love it that they were able to pull the record of the text messaging conversation direct from the Server. Sweet justice! It always comes back to motive kids – she wanted money and lots of it. She just picked the wrong medium to do it. Her career is now OVER.

      PSH now has to redeem his public image – unfortunately it seems that the South Korean public is not open to a single man being promiscous in any way shape or form. He may just want to stay with women of his own age who are more understanding of the rule kiss/don’t tell. #JustSaying but to each their own

  32. I was starting to believe the “victim” but now evidence keeps cropping up that she really is indeed a kkot-baem. I am not really upset that she fooled the public or that she was trying to make money off of him, but I am angry that she has given real victims a bad name and has made it indefinitely harder for them to come forward and report crimes without having their motives questioned by the public.

    • yes , she gives the real victims bad name and she also tarnished PSH’s image as a celebrity . she made him depressed. she made him lose his fans. and she even made the CDDA lost its right to be sold overseas.

    • for such a high profile case and stakes for both sides, i think we should be wary of tainted evidence (and as someone commented, why didn’t the police release the full contents of the texts?), frenzied media reports, and being quick to pass judgment. i also believe in innocent until proven guilty, and that goes for both sides.

      also, interesting that kakao talk can release these conversations so easily.

      • Since the organization Kakao is from South Korea – their privacy laws are not like the United States and with a request from the police the information is giving over liberally.

        Even if you delete the information from your phone – conversations can be retrieved for up to one year.

        The information age is quite interesting that way don’t you think.

      • You are right about rushing too quickly to judgement. Until the courts make a ruling, it probably is better for me and the general public to hold off on making judgements about either parties. However, I don’t think the police evidence is “tainted” evidence, usually police do not reveal all the facts of the case until trial. Also in earlier reports, A, the victim, and B her friend, told different stories of what happened that night. While both of those things make me suspicious, like you said, we will know in due time.

  33. @Onevoice , here is the news.

    Park Si Hoo’s fan cafe shoots down rumors of the actor demanding money and gifts from fans

    With rumors flying about with various topics on popular online forums becoming reported on by the media, Park Si Hoo has faced many threats to his integrity ever since the rise of his alleged sexual assault against a female trainee. One of those rumors is that Park Si Hoo had demanded money from fans, even disguising himself as one, and that his mother kept a list of items she desired to receive from fans.

    The official fan cafe has stepped up to release an official statement on the issue, shooting down all the rumors and expressing disappointment in those who have been spreading snippets out from the posts on the fan cafe, while taking things out of context.

    On the topic of the luxury brand name necklace that Park Si Hoo received, the fan cafe stated, “To gift the actor a present for his birthday back in 2012, the fans gathered money, which totaled up to 7,800,000 KRW (approximately $7,200 USD). While considering what to get him for his birthday, we asked the actor and his agency and they had wanted us to just donate it to charity. However, as this particular fund was set up so fans could get him a birthday present, we looked for an item that we could give to the actor, something that the actor would be able to cherish and remember the love of his fans. So while looking for something that would amount to the money collected, we decided on a necklace. It is absolutely not true that the agency and he had requested that we get him a necklace.”

    As for the portion about the bank account set up under ‘Park Pyung Ho’, Park Si Hoo’s real name, the fan cafe clarified on the matter. They explained that the fan cafe had initially started a bank account under the name of the administrator of the cafe. However, as the fan cafe grew, in order to more transparently manage the funds, and after receiving a consultation from the bank, the fans and the administrator decided to put down the actor’s name instead to prevent any corruption or controversy within the fan community. The fan cafe commented, “Although we thought that it was a wise decision after putting in a lot of thought, we are very sorry that this actually ended up causing harm to the actor during this difficult time for him.”

    Finally, on the subject of Park Si Hoo’s family members, like his mother, keeping a list of items she wants as presents from the fans, the fan cafe commented, “As an actor’s official fan cafe that is filled with fans who cheer on the actor, as the birthday of the actor approaches, the members collect money and through a meeting with the administrator, the present is decided upon, and then delivered to the actor. The presents given to the actor happens only in this way, and there is no ‘present list’ that has been mentioned in the media. It is absolutely not true that the actor’s mother keeps a list, and this is completely defamation of character.”

    They further added, “We emphasize this once again, but there has never been any request or demand from the actor and his reps for presents nor money, and all the gifts that have been presented have all occurred under the full negotiation of the members of the fan cafe. So [these rumors in the media] are not only defaming the actor, but also the dignity of the fans as well.”

    seriously how come there are so many allegations towards PSH when he actually didn’t do it ??? I am so mad knowing how people’s life can be ruined just like that.

    • ha same here

      there is a new News report posted you might want to read under thread
      Good News

      • thanks for the update , OneVoice …. now I wonder what will the netizens reactions whom had actually slashed PSH badly before would be … it truly seems that A is the one who had the motive and PSH is the real victim right here ….

  34. New report by Korea Central Daily

    Western Police Station which is responsible for investigating actor Park Si Hoo’s (35 years old) sexual violence case has mastered enough evidence of the SMS messages A (23-year-old female) exchanged with her close friend B after the event and is now analyzing the contents of the SMS (short messages).

    Police revealed that the SMS contents occupy about a piece of A4 paper. It is reported that in the SMS A showed her resentment of Park Si Hoo and was determined to get him in trouble. Accordingly, the battle between PSH and A has now entered a new situation.

    The Police summoned PSH for questioning on March 1 at 10 a.m. and focused on their investigation of this alleged rape case until late in the evening. This was the first time PSH appeared to assist in the investigation since the incident.

    On the day after the occurrence of the incident (February 15), A and her close friend B engaged in a series of chat on Kakao Talk (smartphone messages) in which B proposed: “This is a big opportunity. Ask him for 1 billion won (approximately US$920,000).” B also said: “Either get his money or use this opportunity to make sure he can never stand up again.” A replied: “In order to play the victim during police investigation, I’m going to display my acting talents.” In the recent interview that B gave, she claimed she sent A SMS messages just to comfort her because A was too pitiable.

    On the same day (March 1) the police also talked to the younger actor Kim (24) who was also summoned for investigation. They cross-examined him about the SMS he exchanged with A on the afternoon of February 15. At 15:42 A texted him: “I’m home” and K texted back: “Is your stomach feeling OK?” and also K: “Let’s go to the club tonight” and A replied: “XXX Club, right?” According to the above phone message contents, the police investigation process advocates “there is no situation of sexual violence or indecency.” The police said there were inconsistent statements on both sides, so in order to ascertain the truth, they are exploring confrontation interrogation (cross-examination) of PSH and A, and A and K.

    On the evening of February 14 the three of them (PSH, A and K) were drinking at a bar in Cheongdam-dong, after which they went to Park Si Hoo’s residence in the early hours of the next morning. A claimed that she was raped when she was unconscious after drinking and accused PSH and K of rape and sexual molestation respectively. The police suspected PSH and K might have drugged A and commissioned the National Academy of Science to analyze A’s blood and urine samples, but test results were negative (no drugs.)

    • This was copy-and-pasted from There are a few translation mistakes. So please scroll the mouse wheel and see the revised version posted below

  35. finally the truth is being revealed …. I’m happy that I have never ever bash PSH coz I believe he was innocent . it’s definitely unlucky for him to get involved with A . now with the all the messages being revealed it’s not impossible to say that A must have planned to seduce PSH, then PSH being the guy who’s very lonely and has always said that he wanted to be in a love relationship finally got into A’s trap . seriously it is sad to know that he’s badly framed like this and how people easily labelled him as a rapist when the actual is he’s not . made me smile and remember that some people actually labelled the fans who side PSH before as low just because we believe in him.

  36. An actor with a police record.
    Well atleast this opens new possible complex roles for him:
    the sinister, dark, psychey kind of roles.
    can’t imagine him doing cutie, aegyo witty roles, or gentler depiction without gagging, it would be funny as hell.

    • exactly, how to see him onscreen acting all self-righteous, ever so gentleman, and full of sweet consideration to his lady love. otoke!
      cringeing, then rolling of eyes might help LOL.

    • If all it takes is just a pretty face ( for he was not even drunk that night) to fool him, what does that make him? not so wise in the brain right. A senior actor stumbled to some random young aspiring actress, for a night of fun and a lifetime of regrets. would it even serve as a wake-up call to someone shallow, who has not evolved mentally and lacks emotional quotient. beats me.

  37. Ha. As speculated prior to the big reveal >>>>> Unforseen motive – her want to bring the actor down or gain at least a million dollars for settlement.

    Its finally over!

  38. New Report from Korea Central Daily (revised by myself from the original, word by word)
    (I should have indicated the source of the previous post was copy and pasted from parkshihoo4u. Here are a few important points being revised)

    Western Police Station which is in charge of the investigation of the accusation against actor Park Si Hoo’s (35 years old, male) for suspecting sexual violence has obtained the text messages between A (23-year-old, female) and her close friend B after the incident and is now analyzing the contents. It was revealed that the messages, approximately filled up a size A4 paper, consist of the conversations expressing A’s resentment of Park Si Hoo and the willingness to get him in trouble. With this, the battle of who is truthful between PSH and A has now entered into a new phase.

    The Police summoned PSH for questioning on March 1 at 10 a.m. and conducted their investigation until late of the day with the focus on what happened before and after the incident as well as whether there is intention of violent force. This was PSH’s first summons after the incident.

    On the same day, the police revealed that on the day after the occurrence of the incident (February 15), A and her close friend B exchanged messages through KaKao Talk in which B proposed: “It is a big deal. Ask him for 1 billion won for settlement.” B also suggested: “using this opportunity, either get his money or crush him down for good”. A replied: “In order to present as the victim to the highest level during police investigation, I need to exercise my acting talents.” With regard to her text messages with A through KaKao Talk, B claimed, during interview with the media, that “I felt she was so pitiful, therefore I only want to comfort her.”

    The police also, on the same day, summoned the younger actor Kim (24 years old) for investigation. They questioned him about the text messages he exchanged with A after having left PSH’s home. According to K, in the afternoon on February 15 at 15:41 A texted him: “I’m home” and K texted back: “Is your stomach feeling OK?” and afterwards during the text messaging, K also said: “Let’s go to the club tonight” and A replied: “XXX Club, right?”, etc. Based on the above text message contents, K insisted “there is no situation of sexual violence or indecency.” The police officer-in-charge said there were “conflicting statements from the both sides”, “so in order to ascertain the truth, they are discussing plans of cross-examination between PSH and A, as well as between K and A”.

    On the evening of February 14 the three of them (PSH, A and K) were drinking at a bar in Cheongdam-dong, and went afterward to Park Si Hoo’s residence in the early hours of the next morning. A claimed that she was” raped when she was unconscious” and accused PSH and K of rape and sexual molestation respectively. The police suspected PSH and K might have drugged A and commissioned the National Academy of Science to analyze A’s blood and urine samples, but the test results were negative.

    • thank you for your effort to translate this news. so now , we can say for sure that A is really determined to trap PSH and crash him down .. I really don’t know what kind of word should I use to describe A. and I really hope that I can see her picture to see how pretty she is . so sad to know pretty girl with such ugly heart.

      • From the sentiment of this report and others going with it, it seems to me that it was a revenge act. Definitely her credibility is in question now. But it doesn’t automatically clear the rape case. I suspect, with this being known publicly, if A still doesn’t withdraw the accusations, PSH should be able to have an easy settlement which doesn’t harm reputation any further nor his wallet.

      • A person that was raped would want to go to the club the very same evening. Sounds to me like rubbish. A & B did this together. They just didn’t execute this well.

        She miscalculated an opportunity that wasn’t really there. Her price was a million bucks but unfortunately she didn’t prop her cards correctly.

      • yes , that’s why I believe that she was not raped by PSH. she even said that she had fun. errr… then she claimed that fun as rape ??? foxy!! ahaks!! and she even dared to ask the place to hang out ?? someone who’s been raped wouldn’t react that way. and I guess it’s not impossible for me to say she was the one who seduced PSH first based on her text record.since she said that she had fun , so it seems that she actually enjoyed the intercourse.

    • I wonder what her story would be if the police locked her up in a room and questioned her for 10 hours straight, after all that has been exposed.

      PSH apparently did not waiver on his stance of innocence.

      • yes , I really want to know about that too … how would she react once she’s detained for investigation now that her lies are all exposed.

  39. New Report from Korea Central Daily published on its Chinese website
    (revised by myself from the original, word by word)
    (the previous post was copy-and-pasted from parkshihoo4u. the major point being revised is underlined, hope it shows)

    Western Police Station which is in charge of the investigation of the accusation against actor Park Si Hoo’s (35 years old, male) for suspecting sexual violence has obtained the text messages between A (23-year-old, female) and her close friend B after the incident and is now analyzing the contents. It was revealed that the messages, approximately filled up a size A4 paper, consist of the conversations expressing A’s resentment of Park Si Hoo and the willingness to get him in trouble. With this, the battle of who is truthful between PSH and A has now entered into a new phase.

    The Police summoned PSH for questioning on March 1 at 10 a.m. and conducted their investigation until late of the day with the focus on what happened before and after the incident as well as whether there is intention of violent force. This was PSH’s first summons after the incident.

    On the same day, the police revealed that on the day after the occurrence of the incident (February 15), A and her close friend B exchanged messages through KaKao Talk in which B proposed: “It is a big deal. Ask him for 1 billion won for settlement.” B also suggested: “using this opportunity, either get his money or crush him down for good”. A replied: “In order to present as the victim to the highest level during police investigation, I need to exercise my acting talents.” With regard to her text messages with A through KaKao Talk, B claimed, during interview with the media, that “I felt she was so pitiful, therefore I only want to comfort her.”

    The police also, on the same day, summoned the younger actor Kim (24 years old) for investigation. They questioned him about the text messages he exchanged with A after having left PSH’s home. According to K, in the afternoon on February 15 at 15:41 A texted him: “I’m home” and K texted back: “Is your stomach feeling OK?” and afterwards during the text messaging, K also said: “Let’s go to the club tonight” and A replied: “XXX Club, right?”, etc. Based on the above text message contents, K insisted “there is no situation of sexual violence or molestation.” The police officer-in-charge said there were “conflicting statements from the both sides”, “so in order to ascertain the truth, they are discussing plans of cross-examination between PSH and A, as well as between K and A”.

    On the evening of February 14 the three of them (PSH, A and K) were drinking at a bar in Cheongdam-dong, and went afterward to Park Si Hoo’s residence in the early hours of the next morning. A claimed that she was” raped when she was unconscious” and accused PSH and K of rape and sexual molestation respectively. The police suspected PSH and K might have drugged A and commissioned the National Academy of Science to analyze A’s blood and urine samples, but the test results were negative.

    • These were the worst scam artist ever Seriously.

      This big heist came down hard because A & B are friggin retarded. PSH must be thanking the heavens that they are though. A’s testimony and B’s rant to the media never matched.

      Whatever happened to the sperm samples though – where there really two? Or was it just gossip?

      • I also want to ask about this. I’ve never read any news mentioning about PSH’s sperm being detected in A’s V .. and I’ve asked this question before right here , but then someone actually condemned me just because I’m on PSH’s side. ahaks.

      • The rape kit pulled semen – thats what I read as well. It was never confirmed if it was PSH semen because he hadn’t provided his sample for testing

        I wonder if it was collected to day by the cops?

      • I hate to say this but I really feel like watching a very very badly scripted Korean version of CSI. What a turnaround! How incompetent and stupid is the Korean police! Everyone assumed that they had collected all these evidence at the very beginning of a such high profile case. It would take them very little time to do so with today’s telecom.This is beyond me.

    • me too think there was no news about it. it’s just that someone assume perhaps it happened that way on how suddenly K was also accused as one of the assault.

      • Never mind. You’ve seen how incompetent the police is. They might misplaced it or forget to do the routine… To save their face, they got to convince A to drop the claims or propose a small settlement. If the case progresses any further, the public will see more stupidity from their side. Everyone loses in this nonsense case, PSH, K, A, the police, K-drama industry,… the only party wins is PSH’s attorney.

        Let’s go back watching dramas on screen, the reality show sucks.

  40. this case actually reminds me of Tablo’s case. sure the case is different but then Tablo was also framed and how his career actually went down the drain after the accusation. it seems that PSH is also going through the same thing , but I really hope that once his name is cleared , he’ll get to gain his fame again .

    • Yeah. I remember that and it took years for him to clear that mess – wasnt it his cousin or something that created that horrible rumor out of spite & jealousy.

      Anywho. It’s just to remind us that motive can be anything not just money, fame and power. But in regards to PSH the girl was after dinero – I wonder what circumstances instigated her creative juices to try to scam PSH for this money though. How did she validate this in her own mind.

    • But Tablo was accused by some netizens and the media. This is a criminal case handled by government agency! Tablo can easily get the print-out from Stanford, and everyone had to shut up. Plus, he doesn’t really care himself. This is 10 times worse.

      • yes , this is much worse. and sad to know that this scam is actually conducted by a pretty girl who’s only 22 years old. she pretty much ruined PSH’s life.

      • Exacly how old is she? she is 22, right? The news report I just translated indicated as 23. But the girl that the netizens put on the web as Miss A is 21.
        Why am I even asking?

      • I haven’t seen her profile yet nor have I seen her picture … is it possible for you to share right here the link where I can access it ?? hurm … I guess perhaps because she’s young , she doesn’t think properly of what might get her when she commit something like that.

      • Not necessarily. What happened to Tablo was witch-hunt. Those crazy people were really out to get him. He tried to prove it several times with hard evidence but they still refuted his claims

        It almost completely tore apart Tablo and his family and really shouldn’t be taken lightly. To this date some members of Tajinyo will still spam his articles. It’s frightening.

        Looks like PSH is really going to take a hit from this but, honestly, he could’ve been a little bit more careful.

      • girlatsea, may I bother you for more info about Tablo’s case? why it was so important if he graduated from Stanford – the fact is that he was admitted and studied 3+ years there which already made him better, on the intelligence level, than 99% of the population. Plus, he is an entertainer, he was not applying to be a prof in U of Seoul. Did it even matter? I don’t understand.

        Sorry for switching focus, …

      • @Lynne- I remembered the Tablo case, he actually suffered depression and can’t stand in public for a long period. The reason is because No one can be that perfect, has caused the unecessary rumour. Even when e produced the transcript the Tajinyo still doubted him. I can’t remember where I watch it but perhaps search for (I think) The truth about Tablo, i think that was his very first documentary style interview to the public then you’ll get details about the case (totally forgotten which TV station , but I definitely have watched it and it was pretty scary stuff of the thing Tablo has gone through, whatever he tried to clear his name have been shot down and made things worst by day. He even got death threat etc, poor guy)

  41. If what is said is true about the Japanese and Chinese broadcasters not broadcasting CDDA because of PSH’s case, then I am really angry with him. Before lashing out good and proper, I will wait for the final verdict of the case. I really feel bad for MGY as this is her first comeback drama and unfortunately this incident has to happen. As I am not his fan, I really don’t care what happens to him. My concern is MGY and unfortunately her comeback is smeared with such an ugly scandal.

    However, I wish him well and hope he will co-operate with the police 100% if he claims he is innocent. Moving forward whatever the outcome, I hope he will learn his lesson and not repeat this stupid mistake again. This incident also goes out to be a lesson for the other actors and actress in the Korean entertainment be it up and coming starlets or the veterans to think before they act.

    I don’t care about the sordid details of his personal life but if it spills over to MGY, I will sit up and take note.

    • feisty , have u read the latest news ?? about the text exchange between A and her friend ??iif u haven’t then please go and read that article. it was just posted by Lynne above . PSH already cooperated well with the police . he went through for the investigation for 10 hours yesterday.

    • What is really at stake here?

      1. A true rape victim may be falsely accused of scam/frame/setup?
      2. An innocent man may be falsely accused of rape/sexual assault?
      3. An aspiring actress’ and actor’s life, reputation & career may be totally destroyed?
      4. An established actor’s life, reputation & career may be totally destroyed?
      5. True rape victims may never dare to come forward, in view of the media circus, victim blaming, vicious netizens?
      6. Will justice be served or will there be a miscarriage of justice?

      And some people are worried about whether a drama gets broadcasted?

      Talk about priorities!

      • 7. Korean law enforcement loses credibility and no victim dares to go forward
        8. K-entertainment industry loses its market and furthermore affecting the quality of the shows we like

        Man, I am a victim too. Where do file my claims?

      • febe, I am mad because seeing how incompetent is the law enforcement in Korea, we will never know the whole truth about this case, and it sends a really bad message to the public. I am mad about how this case being handled – the public (including myself) was tricked and fooled by the media and the police who selectively leaked scattered information/evidence. I now lost all my hope for the justice to be served in this case.

        I am also mad to witness the ugliness of human nature.

    • It is true that they suspended the negotiation/discussion about purchasing the AC show. But nothing had begun yet. Don’t worry. Your MGY is still pure and fresh like spring water. Everything about her is positive. As for AC show,… I don’t dare to say… you may hammer me with your words…

    • Please don’t make a hater hates MGY even more. Stop associating MGY with this case. There are real issues to worry and talk about apart from whether the drama got sold overseas…

  42. @feisty, i understand your sentiments. but pls don’t associate MGY’s name with his name anymore. CDDA is no more. its all in the past.
    If all it takes is just a pretty face ( for he was not even drunk that night) to fool him, what does that make him? not so wise in the brain department right. A senior actor stumbled to some random young aspiring actress, for a night of fun and a lifetime of regrets. would it even serve as a wake-up call to someone shallow, who has not evolved mentally and lacks emotional quotient. beats me.

    • “If all it takes is just a pretty face…” This statement is true for about 99.9% of the male species of the human race. Not sure why it makes him shallow. Not sure how it would make any human shallow to be attracted to an attractive person. Not sure how a one-night stand makes a person immature and lacking emotional quotient. Many relationships leading to marriage started out as a one-night stand. Maybe not that many but not unheard of. Perhaps you have a set if moral standards which say one-night stand is wrong – and that’s fine. But not sure how a one-night stand justifies the vindictiveness in someone’s desire to destroy a person’s life. Not sure that his one-nigh-stand deserves this kind of punishment. He didn’t hurt anyone (on the assumption that it is consensual one night stand sex – which I don’t know is true – but only saying for the sake of argument) – his sex life is his business.

  43. there’s no one in this world who is perfect. PSH is not a saint. he had always said that he’s lonely and wanted to be in a relationship since his last relationship was 7 years ago. so out of loneliness and being tempted as well , he gets involved with A . it’s definitely unlucky for him to be associated with A. if only K didn’t introduce him to A , all this wouldn’t have happened. I’m not putting the blame on K. it’s just that I’m sad certain people can’t accept that normal human beings tend to do mistakes. yes , PSH may be guilty because he was attracted to A and slept with her. however , he actually frankly admitted that he did have sex with the girl. he told the truth. it’s just very bad that A actually took him for granted and accused him of raping her when it’s pretty obvious there’s no rape happened based on the latest news report and the discovery of the text exchange.

  44. Does the means justifies the end results? and Does the end justifies the means?
    the one and the same excuses?
    -even if he’s an actor he’s just human
    -he has needs as a man
    -he’s sad and lonely and not perfect
    oh plzz
    So by these technically everythings justified? and he’s not at fault at all, wow if that is not some blind allegiance.

  45. Four letter words: UGLY

    I have to quit worrying about this stupid nonsense. It pollutes my mind.

    om ma ni padme hum… om ma ni padme hum … om ma ni padme hum… om ma ni padme hum …

    • Wow…..didn’t expect to see this. Om Mani Padme Hum indeed for both A and PSH. I hope justice is served. PSH should stop hustling with younger junior artists and play with actors of his age and stature. It does seem like a one night stand that went wrong. The girl felt wronged and decided to make him suffer. And PSH fans…..don’t take whatever A said out of context. Maybe she felt used and discarded by PSH and decided to get back at him. So words like……I will make him pay…….I will practice my acting skills on the police……can sound devious but may have been said in the heat of the moment. We don’t know.

      • She slept with him because she wanted to. If she was stupid enough to thin that a one night stand could lead to something more well too bad for her. 22 is not all that young she is an adult and she wanted to extort PSH and decided to use her body to do it. Looks like he is innocent and did not rape her. It is not a crime for two consenting adults to sleep together. Used and discarded?? You have to be kidding me. There are no excuses for what she has done she is guilty of lying to the police of defaming PSH. She deserves to be arrested and sued.

      • OMG, hers is not the first one-night-stand that went nowhere! sure, it’s natural and inevitable to feel used and discarded, disappointed and regretful. But if it was consensual, she doesn’t have the right to destroy the other person’s career and reputation. And people have to stop saying PSH is this and that because he slept with a younger woman. I’m not defending him in particular. I’m just defending common sense and asking people to not jump to conclusion about a person’s character based entirely on one event. For all we know, this could be the first person he’s slept with in 5 years. And he’s a grown man. His (mutually consensual) sex life is not of our concern.

  46. Maybe when he was interviewd by the authorities of his motivation of the said consensual act, he might have really said, “because i was feeling lonely, and it was valentines day” with matching tears.
    wow, for the record of all times!

  47. I hope koala will post a new update regarding this issue,with the new evidence found against A,I’m curious how the comments will be…seriously,reading all of the comments in this blog are interesting

    • me too . I sure hope koala will update about the latest news coz it seems that some commentors right here seem to haven’t read the latest news before commenting.

  48. To those commenters bashing PSH at this time when nothing has been proven yet, you are all very predictable. Nothing surprising about mob mentality – kick the person while he’s down and out. You remind me of a group of people of long ago, and it starts with the letter P________s. If you are so clean yourselves, go ahead and stone him. To those who say the girl is a kkot-baem, shame on you! Don’t you have sisters, or friends, or relatives, who made choices the way she did?

  49. I still can’t get over the fact that it took PSH’s team 14 days to finally brief the police of his 13-hour tryst, all while saying that he’ll fully corporate and they get to call their interrogators incompetent while they were at it.

    There’s a lot of he says, she says, they say and what not less than a day after the hearing. Watching this from afar just makes everyone in all their respective departments in SKorea looks like complete idiots. In a country where business dealings are not all that transparent, and in an industry where almost everything is shady, I don’t think I can really handle the truth.

    • The media is making this into a circus. PSH’s camp says little – smart of them. The less you say the fewer chances you have of saying dumb things.

  50. Idk, I feel disappointed with Korean law enforcement for leaking out evidence before the case goes on trial. Can’t they stop the media from publishing statements and evidences? In future if a girl really, truthfully got raped by any actor of singer, she would never have dreamt to seek justice since she has already been punished.

  51. Both side sounds equally shady at this point. A may not be innocent after all. However, I will really like to know what happened that make A resent PSH so much and what exactly is said before B said “Because this is a big thing” Why was that portion not reported or why is it missing?

    One thing is for sure, PSH’s new lawyer is doing a great PR job.

  52. First I have to state that although I am not a super devout fan of PSH I do follow his news.

    I feel that sometimes people bash others on the internet because we think that it’s over the cyberspace and it doesn’t hurt (as much), but it does. I’m so glad to see that not much of it is going around Koala. 🙂

    Don’t know if my two cents are important in anyway. We keep forgetting that whatever “image” the performer puts on screen might not be his/her real personality, etc even if you want to believe “your oppa/noona/insert your favorite nickname” to be that lovely angel image that s/he has carefully carved out through the years. Deep down inside I very much would like for PSH to be innocent but life experience have taught me never to completely believe what people tell us, and that includes the authorities. And life also taught me that we should formulate our own thoughts and views, to take every piece of evidence into consideration before siding with one party (even if you want to believe in one or the other).

    I really disliked it when people bashed PSH to no end and then suddenly did a 180 when A’s texts came out. Some (?supporters) of PSH were bashing people who thought A was the victim, vice versa. The sad truth is that nobody apart from PSH and A will ever know what happened between them. Well, it’s not sad, because whatever verdict or final ruling that comes out (strictly speaking) is really none of our business as an outsider.

    Honestly I guess PSH camp could have considered finding a big shot lawyer earlier, and the delay to attend to Police was somehow viewed very negatively by the general public like he was avoiding investigation. However what turned me off even MORE was how the Police handled the whole thing from the beginning – releasing pieces of information that were seemingly incriminating PSH and painting A as the victim – before ANY investigations were in place or had ANY results. All new news seemingly suddenly points the other way and the tide turned.

    I don’t think I should comment on the age difference, premarital sex, one night stand, etc etc etc. The entertainment industry has always been somewhat shady anyway, they’re grown up and if it was truly consensual then it’s their own darn business and plenty have relationship (sexual or not) with a partner with a large(r) age gap. Same same for premarital sex, one night stand, blah blah blah.

    If PSH is truly guilty then as much as I like him and I hate to see him go, he deserves punishment. If PSH is innocent, then A has really gone way too far with this and she’s lucky if a lawsuit doesn’t follow. However nothing is ever black and white. How can one hate/dislike another so much to implicate him in such a serious allegation? One cannot get away with “just saying” in this modern era of medicine and technology where most evidence can be traced. May the truth prevail….

    Now damage has been done, and if he is truly innocent his image will be tarnished for life (especially in the Korean society where image is everything), and same for Actor K (who unfortunately was pulled into the whole fiasco) and “aspiring actress” A, who will probably have no place in the business after this as she is still “aspiring”.

    We’re allowed freedom of speech, especially on the internet, and lets continue keeping everything respectful to everyone else (including Koala~~)

  53. From unconfirmed source: the police have come out to urge the public to stop speculating on the case as some of the text messages they obtained are favourable to P, and some are favourable to A.

    Why being selective? The public speculation was triggered by the leak from the police. Gosh!

    This is my final post. I’m sick and tired of being tricked and fooled by the media/police.

  54. This case made me learned more about the nature & behavior of people who are troubled. I guess it’s time for him to stop underestimate any woman where he could get easily b’cos sometime a woman will act more dangerous if she intended to conquered one’s attention. Whatever outcome will be, framed or not, guilty or not, but his involvement in a case like this remains the same for me that he’s dissapointed actor.

  55. Two men, one woman, she was doped, what in the world were the two men doing? We judge cause it is in our nature but I will believe A until she comes here to my home to tell me that she was not raped. There is no truth in media and I refuse to believe that this woman would shoot her career in the foot to get a career. Makes no sense. I mean no ill will to any other actor but an allegation was made and as many have pointed out there were three people involved and only those three know the truth.

    • Get your logic as well. We will never know the truth anyways. The girl’s future, hopefully she will find alternatives since it will be very very hard for her to stay in the entertainment industry with her daring to create trouble to a very famous celebrity.
      However, I don’t agree with some netizens want to report PSH regarding the “tax invasion”. That’s very UNFAIR to him. If those netizens aren’t happy (or jealous) with how much money being given to the celebrities, they must as well report ALL celebrities since they receive stuff from fans.

  56. Well ofcourse he is not a bit shallow, he’s so much deeply profound isn’t he?
    Meeting A for the first time brought out the wise man in him, brought out the best in him. Actually he was so cool and mature in handling the encounter, so awesome that for a public figure like him now washing his dirty linens in public.

  57. After watching K-drama “The Chaser”, I can’t trust celebrities. They may be innocent but due to too many distorted facts plus real facts, the truth becomes vague and even if the truth is out, it’s hard to believe it. IMO, PSH will high probability find innocent regardless what the truth is. The accuser and whoever will become the bad guys. Just like the LBH’s case about illegal gambling and marriage, do I really believe LBH really that clean and those accusers are making things up? Hardly since humans do make mistakes too. Those accusers end up being the bad guys and the public will never know the truth except the LBH. Don’t get me wrong, Public figures can’t be trusted regardless how perfect or innocent or clean they seem, because nobody in this world is that perfect. That’s my point.

  58. I just started watching some of his dramas and now this scandal. I really don’t know who to believe. I guess I will just wait for the verdict in the courts. It is just sad that his career is so damaged now.

  59. Then an actor (since he is just human like most us) has no moral obligation whatsover to the public or for example to those younger people who idolizes and one way or the other is looking up to him as A ROLE MODEL. He is not to be expected to be more discreet because he’s not answerable to anyone? If he can’t take that the public eyes are on him on a situation he brought about to himself, then why did he got into this profession. maybe he should just be a private citizen and doing somethng else.

  60. I love Park Shi Hoo in The Princess Man as his character and his acting, but didn’t like other character. His actings were great. If he wasn’t proof guilty, I would love to watch his acting again thousand times. I don’t care his personal life, One night stand or casanova, as long his acting is great, i’d love him forever. I am not a fan, but acting doesn’t have anything to do with personal life. Sorry just my opinion.

    • At least someone who is rational and not mixing Acting skill with real lie personality, which we have No idea only the illusions from the drama characters.

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