Park Shi Hoo Goes on the Offensive and Files Lawsuits Against Various Parties

The best defense is a good offense? Park Shi Hoo’s new lawyer seems to subscribe to that philosophy because this morning it was revealed that Park Shi Hoo has filed a lawsuit at the Seoul Seobu (Western) Police station against his alleged rape victim A for blackmail, against A’s supposed best friend B for defamation, and against the director of his former management agency Eyagi. Talk about hitting three birds with one very large stone. Apparently Park Shi Hoo was the one who fired his last lawyer (not the other way around), because of some advice given that Park Shi Hoo did not agree with. Hhhhmmm, wondering what that could be? I’m not sure why he’s filing a civil suit at the police station when it ought to be at the courthouse but this will surely throw more fuel into the fire. There have been rumors bandied about that the entire rape allegation was one big conspiracy orchestrated by Park Shi Hoo’s former agency Eyagi, which was pissed that he left them in January to start his own agency Hoo Factory. Once again, this is not an impossibility, but K-stars change agencies ALL THE TIME (most recently Hyun Bin and Shin Mina starting their own agency, as well as Kang Ji Hwan), so the chances that disgruntled agencies are out there trying to destroy the lives and careers of their departed stars strikes me as rather far-fetched but that’s just my 2 cents. The blackmail charge against A stems from the alleged text messages where B discusses A can get money from Park Shi Hoo, the defamation charge against B is for the interview given last week containing explicit details of the supposed rape, and I’m not sure what evidence bolsters his charge against Eyagi for conspiring to set him up for the rape charge.

There are now more specific details of the alleged rape contained in A’s police complaint. She claimed Park Shi Hoo raped her twice, and the rape kit sample taken from her has detected the presence of male semen. Both Park Shi Hoo and K were swabbed on Friday so that the police can determine if one or both of these men are the source of the male semen found on A. I’m not sure confirming Park Shi Hoo’s semen sample on A does anything since he already confirmed sleeping with A. It would be very telling if a sample of K’s semen was also found in A, since he’s not made any confession that he also slept with her. In fact, K claimed that he lived on the outskirts of Seoul so that is why he crashed at Park Shi Hoo’s place that night. I’m a little amused that if Park Shi Hoo is telling the truth that it was a consensual sexual encounter, that would mean he and A slept together in his room while K crashed on the sofa outside. How very titillating. K claimed that A’s allegation that he groped her the next morning was the result of him returning the bedding and linens back to Park Shi Hoo’s bedroom before leaving. LOL, please will someone tell me how a person can mistake “groping and molestation” as A claimed with K’s “excuse me while I put the comforter on the bed”. Also, hello where’s the bro code on this one? Why would K walk into the bedroom to return bed linen when there is a possibility Park Shi Hoo and A was inside doing god know’s what? Ever heard of folding it neatly on the sofa and leaving discreetly? This really is like a very poorly written episode of Law and Order: SVU (K-star edition).


Park Shi Hoo Goes on the Offensive and Files Lawsuits Against Various Parties — 167 Comments

    • I agree that this surely throws more fuel into the fire.

      But, is it supposed to control or stop that fire? Everyone involved gets burned pretty bad already. Somehow I see this rather suicidal. I don’t think it’s the time to open more battlefields and create more enemies.

    • I agree. I think he got the countersue charges wrong too lol. Should it be, A for defamation, B for conspiracy and old Agency for malicious intent/maybe emotional blackmail? I read somewhere(allkpop) though that his old agency was trying to intervene on his behalf why they got tangled on this mess. But really the incredulity of this mess is bananas.

  1. Koala, you had me here: Law and Order: SVU (K-star edition). OMG HAHAHA.

    I will withhold judgment, but this seriously is turning out to be a Kdrama all on it’s own (except it’s real!)

    • Hahahahaha I am cracking up with that sentence….law and order…buajajajajaha
      I just hope the truth seeks its way out…

    • Ms Koala, please correct me if the following is wrong. I am seeking your legal expertise.

      I read somewhere that in Korea the accuser is not permitted to reveal any details with regard to the case. If this is true, it explains why A has stayed quiet so far. But now she became the accused, therefore she is set free to release relevant information. Also, being the accused person, she is now entitled to a lawyer. So exactly what does PSH’s side gain from suing her? They may gain one but lose two. Net-net, it’s a loss.

  2. As far fetched as the whole agency set up thing is, i cant say id be too shocked. Kwon sang woo was threatened by a known mobster over agency madness. Even Kang ji hwan who u mentioned got sued for tons of money when he tried to leave. Of course framing someone for rape just cause they try to leave is beyond heinous but im learning that messing with what people think is their money can cause them to go nuts and cross lines waaaaaaay past the bounds of human decency
    Anyhu, the whole situation is nuts. Even if justice is served, the victim (God knows who that is) will likely never be the same again

    • Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, didn’t Kang Ji Hwan’s previous agent sue him and prevent him from doing a drama (Faith?) ?

      But I’m not saying the same thing happened here. PSH lawsuit does make the idea note probable. Or it could be a tactic to make it seem so.. showbiz is weird.

    • It happened to Kang Ji Hwan twice and the blast agency tried to ban him from taking anymore acting roles and claimed he owed them money.
      I recently read that Lee Mi Sook was ordered to pay her old agency money when she left it in ’02 (I think)

    • I’m not saying it’s impossible but I have some questions. Even his agency is acting as a child and wants to destroy him for revenge (what do they gain from it?), they would still wait until Alice in Ch…. being sold to China and Japan so they can get their share of the pie (worth 4 billion won) then crush him after. After all, they are in this business for the money.

  3. Hope i’m wrong but somehow i feel this case wil resolved without any charges against all parties eventhough in the true judicial process of such cases should be the guilty one jailed. But things for sure is while their career damage also their lives will feel the same as in prison. Very unfortunate & disappointing due to one fault overnight pleasure their reputations also gone.

  4. People do stupid stuff when they are angry. Thus in this case Park Shi Hoon did leave his old agency to start his own. I don’t want to stereotype but the Korean Industry is Cut throat and they seem to have all the power when it comes to status. Thus I hope Park Shi Hoon Sue the heck out of that company along with that A and B person, or who else was involve in this rape case.

  5. right, koala! i wrote the same thing (other words) somewhere, about kim

    no way to believe that blanket story.

    one more detail: with this story, k confirm (indirectly) that A was unconscious

    but, long way till the end and the truth. let’s wait the justice

    i’m curios, k has the same lawyer as psh??

    • I guess so, if “good offendings” are the only means to defend him.
      Then he needs to hire more lawyers to run this strategy.

  6. He sued his former agency for what? I don’t think it’s wise to bring the agency into this mess as they must know a lot more dirty stuff about him.

    I have an impression that K is a pimp. The accuser A texted him the first thing after she got home, and he asked her to go clubbing again with the knowledge of what had happened to her with PSH only hours ago. It sounds like a routine for him.

    This is totally ridiculous, dumb, and dirty..

    • I was thinking the same thing too re dragging his agency into this madhouse… They have the clout and means to destroy him…I thought this move of PSH was ill advised….

  7. Also, his attorney previously denied any contacts with A with regard to monetary settlement. If A did not contact PSH for such settlement, he can’t sue her for such an idea in her mind using the text messages between A and B. It was not a threat to him, as he was not even aware of it. So A actually proposed it directly to PSH? When did that happen?

    • Oh that is a really interesting comment. I didn’t catch that one. PSH going a little extreme with the lawsuits against quite a few people. I get the idea of doing this so it seems he’s the victim (which he could likely be) but whats with filing a lawsuit against the agency? Unless he has some evidences that the public isn’t aware of – which honestly should be the case – then I find no reason dragging another party into this. This could get really ugly really fast for him – if it already isnt as ugly as it can get. As for the case against A and B, I find it a little perplexing after your comment. So his lawyer was lying? Or he is just fighting her based on the text messages that has been published to the media, and which also maybe fake for all we know.

      This is a really ugly case, and if it wasn’t real life, I would be inclined to call out on every loophole it has, and dump it 5 minutes after episode 1.

      • But that text message was not addressed to him, so it doesn’t support his law suit. Especially A days ago said that she wouldn’t go for settlement, so what ever said between A and B on 15th was irrelevant, as a flash of thought can’t be used as evicence.

      • @ Lynne: Exactly! Thats why I’m wondering if his lawyer is lying, and there are things not revealed either to the media, or that PSH and his lawyer themselves didnt reveal to the police. In any case, if those txt messages are true, he technically could sue them for conspiring against him, but I still fail to see on what base he is actually suing A and B for.

      • Even if the text messages are irrelevant, it gives the jury and people the reasonable doubt to Trainee A’s accusations and her character. the fact that she and her friend did text about money and how she was going to “act” for it, her texting K afterwards like nothing happened and then after a few days of conspiring decided to go forward with the accusations, and lastly how she called PSH old agency right afterwards is very suspicious. If they can give the jury or the judge any doubts to A’s accusations it will likely make this case harder because we don’t really know what really happened in this he said she said case. As for friend B,I say PSH has the right to sue her for defamation. B was not there at the time and is only told information from A so, why is she spreading info around and giving interviews? Not only that, but what is her reason for doing this before the investigation is done? As for PSH’s old agency what reason did she have to contact them right afterwards? I think, they are both at fault. PSH for sleeping with her and A for her suspicious texts. If she knows she got it twice then she knew what she was doing. And if K was in the same place, why did she not call out? And afterwards even planned on going out with him again. Reasonable doubt. Either way, PSH is screwed… should of kept your p in your pants.

      • True for her credibility in question but still it’s not a blackmail to him, and that is what he is suing her for. Even the fact that the text messages were exposed to the public is done by his attorney not by her. If A never approached him or his lawyer for such settlement foremath which were denied by both sides, how can he sue her for blackmail? Without this countersuit, the text messages between A and B are already well-known. I really don’t see the countersuit serves any purpose. Unless, they had other hard evidence that the public is not aware of.

      • @okay where did you get the info about A calling his old agency? Could you provide a link because I’m interested to read it as I haven’t heard that before. If she did, its very suspicious.

      • But it seems that she did approach his former agency, which then supposedly told PSH to “settle”. What does this imply?

        As for B, she gave out information to the press which damaged his reputation, so a defamation suit is in order.

      • @shiku I read it here.

        and even tho she wasn’t the one who leaked the text msg or that it wasn’t sent to him doesn’t the fact that she even suggested the money with some one else suggest that it was planned? I mean if I had texted that I was going to sue psh for 900,000$ and it was a private message to someone else… Wouldn’t that still imply that I am after money and had planned this all along?

        Whatever the case, we weren’t there and don’t know if rape really did or didn’t occur. Just because she said it doesn’t mean it happened. I don’t know… it’s a very complicated situation. This world is so full of injustices with murderers getting away with murders and people who lie to get what they want. I wish the truth would be brought out quickly and that punishment is served to those who deserve it. It would be sad if she was lying and gets away with destroying his life or that he did take advantage of unwilling participant. Either way, his career is over. I don’t think I can ever watch his dramas or movies without thinking about this.

      • Tiffany, more thoughts added to this.

        Suing A just made instant wins for A – now being the accused person, she is entitled to an lawyer and she got one yesterday. Also being accused, she is now free to reveal her evidence to defend herself and that exactly what she did yesterday. She has been quiet because as the accuser in the case she was not permitted to reveal any details by Korean law (from what I understand). This move by PSH and his lawyer is really not very wise.

  8. This case is getting more and more interesting..
    A. As you said, why would K go into the bedroom? Unless he was already there…
    B. why didn’t A go home after drinks, if K was sleeping over at P? Did she know she would be hanging out with 2 possibly drunk guys? Unless she did pass out…was it really all a setup, was she acting?
    C. Why would P take her to his home if K is sleeping over? I am really wondering at P and K’s relationship. P and K want the truth to be out, “let’s do it…” are they coming out of the closet?
    K sounds suspicious to me too, why is P not going after K? Is K really innocent? Couldnt K have set this up with his past director too? Why does P trust K?

    Hmm…will the truth really come out?

      • Why horrifying? Like some people stated, he is just a guy like anyone else in this society, where over 14% of the population are homosexual and near 10% are bisexual (with overlapping, of curse).

      • Lol I don’t mean it in that way, I have nothing against gay people. I’m just a delusional girl that thinks she will meet him one day and hopefully be his wife and if he’s gay then he won’t marry me ^_^ , I have a big imagination 🙂

    • Suey92, please don’t lose hope. He does like women, though. I also read that he rather to be with an ordinary woman than a hot club girl. You should have better chance than A, only if he knows you….

      • Lol Lynne you are tooo nice , for now i can only dream but we will see what the future holds in store for me i do want to be an actress , it’s my dream

      • Good luck and all the best. You are lucky to have dreams. Please stick to it. Fighting!!!

  9. In my opinion, maybe victim A asked Park Shi Hoo to be his boyfriend instead of just sleep together buddy. She tired sleep around with him without any commitment, but PSH refused to be his boyfriend so this saga started. 🙂 Started with a simple matter and turned out to be a drama disaster…poor PSH….

    • So you know for fact that PSH has text messages from A saying that as evidence for the countersuit. Or it is just your own imagination based on ‘if I were her, I would …’

      • Haahaha…a big girl should no better to take care of herself…c’mmon now when you are out with some guys and drink and got drunk…even saint can rape you 😛 Life is about choice and consequence.

  10. Is it true that “K” is also suing “A” and “B” for defamation and slander? Or is that more hogwash coming out?

  11. This would be funny if actual lives weren’t involved. It really does sound like a drama-go-round where I would stop caring and quit watching at episode 4 or 5. I’m still trying to keep an open mind about PSH and/or the alleged victim A. K’s statement is too ridiculous to comment on. LOL!

    • Yes, K’s statement is too ridiculous to be commented on but it does trigger many questions for the cross examinations coming soon.

  12. K-agencies can be very scary/manipulative, from what I see from JYJ’s ordeal with their old agency. I hope we get to hear what goes on inside the courts with this. I’d like to know the truth to this strangeness.

  13. this is getting so weird , i still cant come to the senses of this , so let me sort it this way . the whole conspiracy plot is not the least impossible , the K STORY IS IMPOSSIBLE ! and childish !i think he just wants out of this mess by anyway possible . but……
    my faith is still with PSH and i think he is the victim in all of this , he is a 36 year old hallyu star ,who is far from stupid, and if he did that stupid act , he would never stumble in that stone twice and go filing suits against everyone cuz that takes things to a whole knew level ! and the mess is not smthing to get out from that easily which he knows ,and will be doing the best he can to save what is left of his image ( for me its still the same btw , im intrested in is acting not sex life !)
    and ive heard of alot of those agencies fights and i cant even believe that the PSH In CA WOULD DO THAT ! OMG !! SO GO ON SHI HOO OPPA ! and im waiting for your innocence to be revealed , i really want a happy ending for this drama !!!!

  14. I just read it. To answer my own question, he is suing his former agency for illegally and rapidly spreading the rumors. Apparently they found his previous representative commenting on the issue over internet under a fake name (like most of us, not me though).

    • Apparently they found his previous representative commenting on the issue over internet under a fake name (like most of us, not me though).

      like most of us but not me either. ;P

  15. This is absolutely ridiculous, and I hope PSH doesn’t think that this makes him come across any better in the media.

    Honestly, given the statistics on numbers of rapes that go unreported vs. numbers of rapes that are “faked” (a miniscule amt. statistically), I am still siding with the victim unless other concrete evidence comes out in support of PSH. Additionally, the bare facts of the situation make me much more sympathetic to A–there was alcohol involved, two men vs. one woman, and a huge power imbalance between A and PSH in terms of age and career status.

  16. The facts seem to muddle up to the point who is right or wrong doesn’t matter anymore. Is “B” really helping her friends or joining the club ot make the stories over the top ? We don’t know that. IMO, the lawyer tactics lean towards to pressure the victim to drop the case and restore the actor’s reputation by her saying that she made things up. See how far the victim will hold on to the end.

    • Ah, nevermind. Ignore more comments.
      It’s not surprusing everything will become muddy to the point everyone forgets the rape. That’s great tactic anyways.

      • I share your view on this. Suddenly we came to the point that the rape is no longer an issue but who has the meanest intention to bring PSH down…

  17. K’s story is ridiculous and not believable in my opinion. And i hope “A” doesnt drop the charges and that this is All cleared up the right way becuz if she drops them then everyone will think PSH bought her off , things will never be cleared and people will always have that doubt on whether he really raped her or not

  18. So far I’ve thought PSH had pretty good lawyers to help him with the case, now I’m not sure anymore. I think the top priority at this moment should stay focus on making him free of the rape charge. Why wasting his limited resources to sue A,B,C for defamation, etc. Shouldn’t these wait after he is proven innocent? Or the purposes of these countersuits are purely some attempts to stop the bad publicities. Well, since his reputation down to the drain already no matter what, his innocence should be their sole focus.

    The best defence is a good offence, sometimes. But I just don’t see this is a good offence because it doesn’t seem doing anything for proving he is innocent of the rape allegation.

  19. K’s presence in PSH’s apartment the night of the alleged assault continues to confuse me, and K’s reasons for being there leaves me scratching my head even more. Like what was pointed out, PSH already admitted that they had sex, and it was consensual, PSH even said he and A were mutually attracted to one another. Why would he bring a tagalong to his date, much more to his apartment? K lives outside Cheongdamdong, so he couldnt take a cab? I mean, he wasn’t drunk that night, right?

    • actually, they used K’s car to PSH house, K took them there, so he could go home then… isn’t it weird? And since it was A and PSH that were flirting WHY he was the one carrying her on his back ??

    • Anymore, today? The following is copy-pasted from commonsense’s comment posted previously:

      The police is going to call P and A for cross-examination but didn’t state when.

      The police did request, based on A’s statement about the possibility of being drugged, for search warrant to search P’s home and his car. But the request was declined by the prosecution bureau.

      Another part of text messages between A and K was revealed:
      A: I felt strange with my body.
      K: Did you two had sex?
      A: Yes.

      • I read the original myself and found the tense in A/K conversation was wrongly translated. It should be
        A: I’m feeling strange with my body.
        K: Did you two have sex?
        A: Yes.

  20. this drama sounds more complicated that its already is. They could make a good money on this one if they make it into a movie or something. But what you wrote here made me laugh when its not suppose to be funny (or maybe you meant it to funny)

  21. Wow! Miss A is fighting back. The first thing in the morning, A said she was going to make public all the text messages between K and her.

    Wonder what’s in it …

      • Not really. My friend does, but her English is not very good. Also because I moved last year, we now live in two different time zones. So it takes more time to communicate. I read Chinese and French.

    • I think she should. Because PSH’s media playing against her is working and she should show it to not make PSH or media twist the texts anymore.

    • She’s fighting back? I thought she was already fighting with her friend B and I think some of the leaks may have come from her.

      • Well, as the accuser she was not permitted by law to reveal any details. But now PSH just made her become the accused person, so A is entitled to a lawyer (she got one right after the countersuit being filed) and also she can reveal evidence to defend herself. A got two instant wins from P’s countersuit.

  22. Lol, I know A’s story have holes, but so does PSH and K story…

    Funny is that he also spread some things that weren’t true about A, so then she can also sue him? He and K was the first one to release news about it to the media, they even said she was lying, then that she was asking for money… but now they say they didn’t meet so, the story of her asking more money is also not true then…

    ? The kakao talk between A and B also can be about another thing.

    A did get raped and was very angry/thinking of revenge against PSH, so her friend B told her to get a lot of money out of it, and A said she would put her acting skills to make her the best viticm there. Maybe she was raped but later thought about getting money out of it too, you know, money is where it hurts the most… and since he wouldn’t really get much time jail.

    So, I find it funny, PSH lawyer keep media playing and everyone is buying everything they are saying… they are doing it right, making A claim and the police claim weak and people are changing sides again.

  23. K being there only makes sense if one of them asked him to stay. PSH, if he did not commit rape, then he might have wanted K as a cover . Apparently its popular for k celebs to date with a third party or in groups so they can claim its all innocent coed fun. If A is not as innocent as she claims then having a guard on your “dates” would make sense.

    Either way it goes I think him being in that apartment makes everything and everyone involved look seedy and suspicious.

    …well even more than they do already

  24. PSH’s former agency also made a statement expressing that they are sorry to see the current situation and to be wrongly accused, and that they will do their best to clear the suspicion.

      • Before the scandal went public,the agency might want to leverage on this issue and win him back. After several unsuccessful attempts and the thing became public, the agency try to stay out but already left traces … I think PSH underestimated how deep this muddy swamp could be.

  25. I don’t trust A or PSH anymore.

    But I’m still on A side, because, if A was this bad and did all of these things, I wonder why PSH waited so much to release it, it seems he didn’t because it isn’t true…. but now witha good lawyer, he is doing a great media play to make people change sides – which is happening right now – and now people are even doubting the police… soon they’ll end up going to gagnam police station and PSH and his lawyer will get what they want.

    Still, what no one explain is why A was being carried by K into PSH’s house, if she was so willing and not drunk like his side is saying.

    • People are doubting the cops because of all the leaks coming from them. Its normal for an accused to take time and prepare because there have been innocent people who have been accused and charged for stuff they didn’t do. So I don’t know why taking time is seen negative? *scratches head*

      • PSH never did any blood test or anything. Now, he’ll never know if he was drunk like he said he was and the sex was between two drunk people. Or if PSH was sober and the girl dead drunk and had sex, meaning she couldn’t give consent for it.

        And PSH’s company released info too. Everyone did. And the media also likes to twist things, why everyone just blame A and the police when PSH side also did things that didn’t help the case at all?

    • Maybe she asked for a piggyback ride. Its possible. One can’t really tell if she is conscious or not since the cctv is low quality.

    • Here you go. The complete translation of A and K text messages on Feb 15th.

      12:55 K: oppa left early, sorry. will be home during the day. oppa called when left

      3:47 K: are you all right?
      3:51 A: not yet complete sober til now.
      3:52 A: I was really crazy yesterday TT
      3:52 A: ah, ah, TTT
      3:52 A: is the biggest mistake of my life
      3:54 K: oppa also didn’t expect that drunk yesterday

      3:54 K: atmosphere totally out of control
      3:54 K: tttt took medicine, not comfortable with heart
      3:56 A: TT plus … Ayhe TTT
      3:56 A: not stick to promise, sorry
      3:58 K: not your fault

      3:58 K: quite interesting till now
      3;58 K: let’s go to club
      4:00 A: only you and me together?
      4:02 K: eh.
      4:02 K: our xxx (someone’s name) has very ordinary figure
      4:03 K: oppa like playing

      4:07 A: hehehehe playing
      4:07 A: TT I’m more surprised by this thing. Why I was in bed with that Park Shi Hoo oppa TT
      4:10 K: want to be with oppa?
      4:10 K: I wanted to be together but the bed was too narrow, move to living room ~
      4:11 A: ay ye!! TTTTTT ahah really think like that hehe. …hoo
      4:13 K: hehe I was also drunk yesterday

      4:13 K: no more drinking
      4:13 K: also no eating?
      4:14 A: I don’t drink, oppa made (me) drink on purpose yesterday!!!

      • I found another version of translation, some differences, maybe because it was read from photo image. Anyway, I post it below:

        12:55 K: oppa left early, sorry. Because things at home. Call if you leave
        3:47 K: all right with your stomach?
        3:51 A: not yet complete sober till now.
        3:52 A: I was really crazy yesterday TT
        3:52 A: ah, ah, TTT
        3:52 A: the biggest mistake of my life
        3:54 K: oppa also didn’t expect to be that drunk yesterday

        3:54 K: atmosphere was too high
        3:54 K: tttt because of medicine, didn’t feel comfortable
        3:56 A: TT plus … Ayhe TTT
        3:56 A: didn’t take care of you, sorry
        3:58 K: not your fault

        3:58 K: well, had fun, that’s it
        3;58 K: let’s go clubbing
        4:00 A: hehe, XX (someone’s name) went?
        4:02 K: eh.
        4:02 K: our XX (someone’s name) has really great figure
        4:03 K: I was surprised to see

        4:07 A: hehehe TTTT surprised?
        4:07 A: TT I’m even more surprised. Why I was in bed with Park Shi Hoo oppa TT
        4:10 K: you mean, should be with me?
        4:10 K: I wanted to be together but the bed was too narrow, so move to living room ~
        4:11 A: ay ye!! TTTTTT ahah totally unexpected thing, really hehe. …hoo
        4:13 K: hehe I was also drunk yesterday

        4:13 K: no more drinking
        4:13 K: you too, do you know?
        4:14 A: I don’t drink, I drank yesterday only because of oppa!!!
        4:17 K: hey, really?
        4:29 K: rest first
        4:29 K: let’s go out later

  26. Shouldn’t he wait to clear his name first then sue for damage? And the texts between A and B cannot be counted as blackmail if they’re not directed to him right? Unless there are other texts or means of communication unpublicized of course. All in all, worst handled case ever!

  27. Three important points in A&K text messages:
    1. K: “drunk too much yesterday, promise won’t do it again.” (he claimed previously didn’t drink at all that night)
    2. K: “wanted to sleep together but the bed is too small so had to sleep in the living room”
    3. A: “I was surprised why doing xxxxxxx with Park Shi Hoo oppa.”

    A sent B, her best friend, text mesages that day starting with “Park and Kim raped me”

    A is feeling angry with P’s side for misleading the public by selectively exposing some parts of the conversation that is favorable to his side.

    A said: “PSH suggested that day play drinking game. Let me drink mixed red wine with soju so I felt dizzy soon after, therefore no time even to build affection with him.”

    A also claimed:”His former agency contacted me a few times proposing settlement, other than this no so-called conspiracy whatsoever.

    • One more message from A –
      “I am not even quite sober right now. I went crazy last night. It was my biggest mistake of my life.”

      • the way K asks if she is fine, makes me believe she wasn’t that fine after waking up and going home, and that she did really drink too much, making me believe he carried her on his back because she really was passed out/too drunk.

        PSH, himself said he cannot drink. He said on a interview that he went to drink with MGY and after one beer and then he passed out, that he really cannot drink at all because he passes out. So I don’t believe the story that his lawyer said he also drink a lot that night, I also find fishy he did any blood tests and this cannot prove us how much he drank thta night, I think he did it on purpose, maybe he didn’t drink at all like A said, that K and PSH keep making her drink, so, if they did really drank, why and how PSH seemed fine in the cttv??

      • It sounds to me that A liked K but somehow slept with P so she didn’t feel comfortable and confused.

      • @bia. Maybe they drank at his house, or maybe the effect kicked in later. We will never know the truth

    • Why dont you post the entire article that shows more of the texts, then point out what you think is important. I think her other entries are just as important, and when you read those too she knew what she was doing , but basically wished it was K instead, she called it a mistake (her mistake) she also included kekekes in her texts too when referring to it. At the start of the night she may not have planned it, but she was not forced, just regretted it being PHS the next day. If you want to pull other articals do it in full, your deciding on which parts are important is not right. Actually ea of us should be entitled to decide which parts are important, not someone else.

      • I needed a little more time to organize it by time and everything. The summary (not mine either) came out first. Come on, I am just here to help. Don’t shoot me.

      • From what I read, I also think A wanted to be with K that night but somehow ended with PSH. No one claimed it was by force so assuming not. But the definition for rape is

        “Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse, which is initiated by one or more persons against another person without that person’s consent.”

        So the point is if she consented it or whether she was capable of valid consent. PSH’s lawyer should focus on this.

      • @ Lynne,
        Now you’ve got me thinking that K was there as a ruse. A was so drunk, so she asked K to piggyback her to what she thought would be K’s room. So she thought she said yes to sex thinking it was K in her drunken stupor but sobered up to find that it was actually P she slept with.
        Don’t mind me folks, I’m on Ecstasy.

      • I agree. She might want to be with K but end up with P. Perhaps K knew she wanted to be with him but offered her to P since he was his sunbae or watever. P didn’t know that A didn’t want him since he thot no women would reject him. So, K is the key to all these madness.

      • etee7114 and HJE, I do mind you guys.

        It is obvious that A had a crush on K (김희준. more photos if google by korean name). If A is the girl netizens posted (not the first one), then she is not 21 yet (22 by korean age), so three yrs younger than K but 16 yrs junior of P (rather an uncle to her). We may say age gap is not a big deal but Koreans are more aware of it since the language is associated tightly with it. K is younger, taller and his career just start taking off. A is not unknown either, she has been popular on the web since junior high and had her own fans. Like many 20 yrs old girls who had a crush, she might just trust K and wanted to please him on a Valentine’s night. But K, what a trash he is. The three of them all need to wake up and learn from it. A admitted and regretted the mistake, but P and K are still denying.
        I am not a big fan of PSH but I like some of his dramas. I became interested into this matter firstly caught by some odd behaviors by his fans. Then as it prolongs, the legal issues and strategy paradox took over my interests.

        In my opinion, P’s lawyer is too radical in this move. Yes, go ahead sue B for defamation. But making enemy to his former agency who knows alot about him, this needs to be more prudent. And suing A just made instant wins for A – now being the accused person, she is entitled to an lawyer and she got one yesterday. Also being accused, she is now free to reveal her evidence to defend herself and that exactly what she did yesterday. She has been quiet because as the accuser in the case she was not permitted to reveal any details by Korean law (from what I understand). This move by PSH and his lawyer is really not very wise. As for us gathering together watching the show, now we see more leading roles, more threads and plots. I don’t complain.


    Imo, the girl was too drunk to give consent, but it seems she didn’t think she was raped at first, a lot of people don’t know they were raped to be honest, some wifes also don’t think husband also can rape them and etc. Some girls and guys don’t believe having sex with drunk people is considered rape and etc.

    Imo, it is still fishy, K lied and keeps lying. He drank too and said he didn’t. he said he stayed in the living room but in truth he tried to lay on the bed with PSH and the girl too, IDK, so weird and fishy.

    Maybe the girl just realized later that she was raped and didn’t know it.

    It seems she was interested on K to tell the truth.

    And she was so drunk to be carried by K into PSH’s house, while PSH seemed fine/sober enough to walk alright… making me believe, he wasn’t drunk enough and A was too drunk to give any consent. Maybe he thinks having sex with a drunk girl is ok or not rape.

    Plus A when she woke up also had no idea and didn’t remember anything so…


  29. He now brings former agency into the fray, depicting a scenario that a set up was orchestrated, using a woman to get to him. Well just for probability, he actually did fell for it, hook, line and sinker. They know his Achilles heel, a pretty girl? Doesn’t take much to bring him down doesn’t it, just bring a girl in front of him, and then BAM! realizations on how easy it is to dupe him, added to the frustrations?

    • True, it wasn’t at gun point when he had the ‘pleasures’ of sleeping with her, he was alert and in command of his senses, but so clueless or just plain _ _ _ _ ?

  30. So… Then I guess all the wives who sleep through their husbands love making can sue for rape.

    • What kind of a husband would have sex with a sleeping/unconscious wife? His wife is a human being not his property or something to just use based on his needs!

      • Hey it happens! You try being married, working full time, and being a full time mother!

      • I guess there are husbands who actually do things like this. And they also can be sued for rape by the wife if she decides to do so. There are cases like that.

    • lol… you probably don’t know how many wives are thankful not to be woken up. hahaha…

      • I don’t know what kind of life you live. Based on your comments, I feel pity for you.

      • lol, Don’t judge me. I love my husband, he hasn’t forced me to do anything that I don’t want to do. I am a wife, a mother, and a fulltime worker. Unless you have been married for 10+ years, don’t tell me YOU PITY ME Lynne. If there was a poll for married women regarding this issue I bet there would be a lot of them who agree with me. It’s not like he beat me, tied me to a poll, and ravaged me unknowingly. I am well aware of what he’s doing just too tired to participate. And I have no idea why I have to prove myself to you but this is the reality of marriage. Ask your moms, your grandmas… if any of them say different… then tell me you pity me. But don’t act like you know everything when you obviously don’t. You don’t know anything about me or anything about this rape allegation against PSH. I really pity you for your ignorance… do you know how many innocent lives have been destroyed due to people like you?? People who are put into prisons and accused of crimes they didn’t do just because people like you think they know everything.

      • “lol… you probably don’t know how many wives are thankful not to be woken up. hahaha…”

        Read your own comment, which triggered our reaction. As I said previously, I am fully aware of the reality but we, as women, should not encourage the normalization of such reality as you described in your previous comments. If you indeed run a happy life (good for you), then please help other women to be happy because they also deserve it. I have been married for twenty seven years and fortunately never had any bad experience with that regard, and I believe this is the norm. Yes, the reality is not perfect so we need to work together to make it better.

        I said I don’t know your life and I have not yet made any judgment to this case, I only comment on the progress. I understand it is hard for his fans to stay neutral, but still try to retain healthy empathy toward others.

      • Wait, couldnt he wait till you’re refreshed and awake? Plus you’re being unfair to Lynne, you made it sound like you were sleeping and the hubby just “do” you. Only your last comment did you clarify that you were tired and fell asleep. There’s a difference you know.

      • I was joking around but you must not have gotten it. I’m sorry Lynne, I wasn’t trying to attack you but you did make judgements based on my two comments which obviously told you that I have no problems with it and was made in a jokingly way. “I don’t know what kind of life you live. Based on your comments, I feel pity for you.”
        You are right, you don’t know me or what life I live so then why do you feel pity for me? I just want to say that, it may not be a norm or okay to some but it’s an understanding between my husband and I because we are comfortable and love each other enough to know when it’s okay and when it’s not. just because you think it’s not right doesn’t mean others think that way.

      • Oh geez, I regret even saying anything. Can we just forget this even happened and go back to PSH drama. *embarrassed*

      • @innocent until proven guilty
        Don’t worry. I do see your point. Love is consent and I am glad you have good relationship with your hubby. I guess most of us here are women and we are sensitive to issues with regard to our rights and our protection. I don’t have a son but I do feel the mothers who have teenager daughters and worry about them all the time. So we need to teach our girls about self-respect and self-protection; but we also have to teach our boys to respect women and to act like gentleman. Exactly as you pointed out, the reality is not that perfect. That’s how things like this happen, and we all need to learn from it.

      • In her defence can I say that she meant it as a joke. The difference is our husband did it out of love with care until we don’t really mind to be woken up…but in this case it’s purely sex. Get it done and over with. Just IMO..

    • Actually, in the US, yes, spousal rape is illegal. Internationally, YMMV, although a quick google tells me that South Korea is also a country where marital rape is illegal.

  31. Through out the whole night, K was with both PSH & A. PSH said he & A were attractes to each other & agreed to sleep together. If it was the case, K must know whether A agreed to come to PSH’place or not. Why K is not confirming or denying about it? Also, why the polices are asking K or PSH why they took A to PSH’s place & put her on PSH’bed if she was so drunk or unconscious that K had to carry her on his back.

  32. Can I say isn’t it ironic? With cheongdam Alice being about a girl who played a game on a man to get into the rich life and the man who thought he was in love with the candy girl. I bet PSH is hitting himself on the head. Thought he would just have a one night stand with a girl only to have her play him and sue him for money.

    • Truly ironic, the parallelism. CDDA gave an added push to PSH’s popularity, it’s about a cute love story in Cheongdamdong, of a guy saving a girl from the clutches of a supposed “pimp”, of a guy so gentleman to bring the poor drunk girl home to the parents” of getting to know the girl you love, meeting her family, and caring for her safety etc. etc.
      This time for real, an “incident” also happened, where ? in CHEONGDAMDONG!
      but not so rosy and harmless actually it’s sinister, cold, and brash and there was no “gentleman” in sight on that cold bitter night.

      • He should learn from the character he portrayed in the show. He knows what is the right thing to do since he did it on screen. But in real life, … or otherwise nothing would happen … He is responsible for what happened to him.

      • Lynne, I hope you are right because it would suck to be innocent but condemed due to a greedy Alice. I hope trainee A learns from this also not to go drinking with men who want to get into your undies unless you want 900000$ from them. Psh should learn that he needs a signed document of consent before any sex happens.

      • @Say what, yea what you said made me feeling sorry for all celebrities. It is harder for them to trust people and to run a simple happy life. It does require lot of wisdom.

        I have been feeling sorry for PSH all along since the scandal. This is a guy who has been an actor since school, and has lived most time in a bubble – the character he portrayed or public image he had to present. Not much going on in his real life to keep him grounded. To today, I still believe the incident was by multiple mistakes by multiple parties as described below by “shift”, with no criminal intention. But the law is the law, and we have to comply.

        Love is consent. Without love, he probably should follow your advice and carry a consent paper with him when conducting one-night-stand.

  33. Argh this case is so convoluted at this point. But I think “Trainee A” wasn’t wise in releasing the text messages, especially if she was in fact raped. I say this because while the texts may have disproved some of K’s early on statements they bring a lot of questioning into her character and what really happened that night. Which in a case of he said/ she said can really work against her. I mean there will be people who will interpret the text as she saying she did not know why she was in the bed and therefore was forced to do something. But her texts can also be interpreted as she had drunk sex and somewhat regrets it especially since the texts made it sound like she wanted to sleep with K and regrets that it was Shi Hoo , and lets be honest if two adults have sex while really drunk and then fall asleep and don’t remember what happened, we can’t really say anyone was raped. Plus the fact that she wanted to party with K afterwards gives the impression that she was a party girl which will work against her in celebrity loving conservative korea. Now I don’t know what happened and if PSH raped her I hope justice is served, but if he didn’t and this was all the act of a girl who made a drunken mistake than I hope the truth is revealed.

    As for the consipiracy of his old company wanting to bring him down, if you follow K-ent or K-pop, it isn’t far fetched. K-ent companies have been known to go after their big talents after they chose to leave. I have lost count of how many k-actors were semi-blacklisted from acting due to pending lawsuits with companies they tried to leave and don’t get me started on the broadcasting banning that goes on in kpop.

    • The definition of rape –

      “Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse, which is initiated by one or more persons against another person without that person’s consent.”

      So the point is if she consented it or whether she was capable of valid consent. PSH’s lawyer should focus on this.

  34. I bet PSH wish that his one night stand nightmare would end. Sadly it’s just the begining. There’s nothiing wrong with a one night stand if it was consensual, he should stand tall and fight the accusations and not be ashamed of it. It is afterall, his private matters and he can do whatever he pleases. However if he and K committed any act of rape, A should fight them to the end. I support the truth and right now I truly find PSH and K to be two sleeze balls, and not as innocent as they want tp play it.

  35. Those text messages don’t really help her case or her image. I hate to say it, but it sounds like to me a bunch of adults drinking and then doing things they normally wouldn’t and regretting it in the morning. It’s impossible to prove what went on and everyone’s stories has holes in it. How’d she know she was raped twice anyway? Her friend B said she wasn’t drunk and possibly drugged and now she admits to drinking. She probably wasn’t molested by K in the morning considering her aegyo conservation with him…

    The damning piece of evidence is her being carried, but supposedly she was walking fine before and wanted to be carried. Who knows if that is true. I’m sure the full CCTV would prove that one way or the other.

    And yeah, she obviously has (had?) a thing for K and not PSH. She probably did have no intention of sleeping with him, another piece of bad news for PSH. I can’t help but think this ends with a settlement, especially since A is losing against PSH media play now.

  36. hmmm…I lost interest in the case itself. But I like to read all the comments though. It’s entertaining! LOL…I won’t be surprised if tomorrow there’s another evidence or another info that make it more complicated. I felt like in the end, the crowds will only know what the winner of this case wants us to know. But not the whole truth.

  37. So many intricate twists and turns. Ok, what I really want to know now are all the text messages between P and K. For K to go into PSH’s room the morning after just confirms for me that this is not the first time something like that happened.

    1) It is with K that A is acquainted, that they’ve known each other for some time
    2) while K is friends with PSH
    3) Just presuming that A developed feelings for K (whether K is aware or not)
    4) For sure K has no feelings for A because he let another man sleep with her
    5) A accepted the drink invitation because of feelings for K, and wants to be friends with his friends too
    6) But it could be that K has a different motive in bringing her along, it might be a harmless match up with his friend PSH or there is a more “underlying” motive
    7) whatever this arrangement was is clear between K and PSH
    8) but it might not have been made sooo clear to A.
    9) So A was happily drinking with that two, being friendly and all to impress K that she’s cool and all.
    10) while the two guys was getting the wrong signal that she’s being flirtatious and “willing”
    11) so she drinks what was offerd and even tag along to PSH’s apartment hoping to have more time with K.
    12) perhaps A by then is already tipsy, made more brazen by the liquor and so the incident happen.
    13) then the harsh realization that K whom she likes was just willing to hand her over to some other guy. she’s no worth to him at all.
    14) she tries to process it, clearly K didnt share her feelings, and he was even instrumental in using her for a night of fun?
    15) she was hoping for an emotional connection with K, but what she was led to was a one night stand with his friend.
    It’s like that K has no hesitations at all in throwing her to the wolves.
    16) now if PSH went on with it being clueless to all of this, what does that makes him?

    • This is what I think too. Thanks for the recap. This case gets stranger by the day. I shouldn’t follow but it’s like a bad car accident; you don’t want to look but can’t help yourself.

    • Moat part of your description echo what is in my mind. Assuming PSH was clueless ( I actually doubt it, he probably was aware of A’s crush on K), sexually engaged with a girl he barely knew and who was not in her capacity to consent, this still makes him a rape suspect.

      • Having said that, if everyone acted decent towards each other aftermath, things won’t go this far. Other than A who admitted in her text message that it was the biggest mistake of her life, the two men have never admitted any wrongdoing. And A was the one who got hurt from the misunderstandings as you described above. The men didn’t act as gentlemen during the incident nor aftermath. Then the cold law has to come in for the ruling. The entire thing is poorly managed, so everyone involved gets hurt.

    • wow B! Now she’s not speaking with A. It seems like A is the one who should be mad at her, not the other way around. Who are you trying to help? I seriously don’t get who this girl is and what their motive is. Nothing they’ve done/said has helped their friend.

      • I believe B is being paid for telling these things and she was never really A’s friend. I still don’t know WHY she has any right to say anything in this case.

      • Ignore her entirely, last time, this time, or next time. She is inviting more lawsuits, so let her be.

  39. If what B said about them meeting C is true this does not negate the fact that something “initially” happened that has driven A to do that. if she felt she was violated and used, ofcourse she will retaliate. some are even on a murderous rage!

    • I just ignore whatever B said, the same as last time. She is inviting more law suits against herself. Maybe that’s her way to become famous.

  40. 4:07 A: hehehe TTTT surprised?
    4:07 A: TT I’m even more surprised. Why I was in bed with Park Shi Hoo oppa TT
    4:10 K: you mean, should be with me?
    4:10 K: I wanted to be together but the bed was too narrow, so move to living room ~
    4:11 A: ay ye!! TTTTTT ahah totally unexpected thing, really hehe. …hoo

    I don’t know, but if I felt violated, I can never say, “….totally unexpected thing, really HEHE …HOO”

    • Maybe up to that point she was still trying to get K’s good side…it has not yet dawn on her the gravity of what K actually did to her. In her muddled mind she was hoping that she just imagined the ugliness of what he put her through, like a denial state, trying to push it behind your mind. But it something that would bother her inside, and would always be asking how can a betrayal hurt like that.

      • I’m with you. I can see that. In many non-violent rape cases, it is normal for the victim to be first confused, blame herself and try to act normal. Only when they find they can’t cope with it on their own then they seek help or report to the police.

      • Very possible. Another scenario could be that She really come to regret the given sexual experience. Like A kinda said on her texts. Cuz I also get the impression that she likes K and was surprised she ended up with PSH. Rather than put it behind her, she obsess over it, perhaps “slut-shaming” herself. Then, the guilt becomes too great and she looks for a way to not take responsibility for the aftermath of the drunken sex. The easiest way to do that is to reimagine the regretted sexual experience as a rape, and blame PSH and eventually also K. So, she’s not lying but in her frame of mind she was raped.

    • Thing is, you can hide your true feelings very well behind text messages. They don’t neccessarily show how you really feel. It’s like with the messages/comments here on the internet. What you read isn’t always how people really feel, and often things are posted thoughtlessly.
      That’s why I take that entire SMS-hullub with a grain of salt. It’s like reading a script for a TV-drama, just the dialogue, but you don’t see the faces and don’t hear the voices, and don’t know if the scene is to be played funny or serious.
      Honestly, both parties in this will end up destroyed. In the end, it doesn’t matter who is guilty or who did what, because what gets burned into the minds is just the fact that “Yeah, wasn’t he/she involved in that rape-case”? That is the first that people will recall. As the saying goes “Once your reputation is tarnished, it doesn’t matter what you do.”

    • Hmmm, I have friends that when they find themselves in embarassing situation either they giggle, get mad or storms off. So her reactions doesnt surprised me. Also, K makes me wonder if He texted her to play it off what had happened. Just to be sure he is on safe side. A didnt know how she ended up on PSH bed. So that is telling. So between K and PSH, who moved her to PSH bed?

      • I assume it was K since she was on his back ….
        But why not on the couch in living room, why straight to PSH’s bedroom … I can’t explain.
        Maybe a question for the coming cross examinations?

    • It’s possible that she was raped. But if she consented, even while severely intoxicated, I’m not sure can you call it a rape. I mean, if she was active in sex and doesn’t just remember that later because she has a blackout, is it a rape? I know about myself that when I’m very drunk I might do thing I wouldn’t otherwise do and will regret in the morning and I also easily loose my memory if I’m in a such state. So it’s possible that she was eager in bed and PSH took it as yes – why wouldn’t he? Yeah, it’s not a good idea to have sex with a very drunk person, but there’s also the catch that you cannot always tell if you don’t know the said person from before. Like, if A was so drunk she couldn’t walk herself to apartment and then “sobered” there enough to be active participant in sex, why wouldn’t somebody think she’s pretty much sober even though in reality she’s still stinkin’ drunk?

      But this is just one theory…

  41. I think PSH lawsuit against the 3 is working. It takes out a bit of the focus from his end, fallout between friends A and B, and the agency to stop whatever PSH thinks/knows they are doing. Makes me question if he really thinks that this police station is incompetent why file it there than the courthouse.

  42. @Innocent until proven guilty

    sad marriage life. anyway, psh and A aren’t married, as i know

    do you know the Assange’s extradition case???

    a “half asleep” rape (one of accusations)

    and A is only 21 years

    for reference, a very prestigious newspaper

    i know, diferent countries, continents but…

    all we need is critical thinking

    why everybody accuse A that she lies, she’s immoral etc?
    psh use to lie everyday sustaining an pure image far away from reality (he’s just like all of us – with a lot of ‘sins’). this is double standard

    and her behavior is normal, bc the abnormal is normal in such a situation

  43. Who is B?

    In many K-dramas there often is a ill-minded vicious character (mostly female) who tried all the tricks and means to destroy others’ lives. Now we have in this case a similar role appeared in front of us – Miss B

    According to the newly exposed text messages between A and B,
    On Feb 15, at 8:30, B suggested A to meet with H of PSH’s former agency to teach P a lesson, and also asked A to record the conversation with H as proof.
    On Feb 17, a day before the scandal broke out, B suggested A to quickly approach the media, ahead of H in order to get more settlement money.

    As we all know, B on the previously exposed text messages suggested A to either ask for 1 billion won for settlement or crush PSH.

    There is also report saying it was B who leaked PSH’s name to the media.

    Soon after the scandal broke out, B was told by A that A would handle this issue with her parents, and A cut the communication with B since.

    Although somewhat amusing, I found B very annoying. She is quite ill-minded and her actions are hurting everyone in this case. The best way to deal with this kind of person is ignoring her entirely, including the police, the media, and the public.

  44. This whole thing plus the comments would give you a major headache. But the beast in all of us would still follow this until the end.

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