Yoon Si Yoon Does the Interview Circuit Post Flower Boy Next Door

It’s been a week since Yoon Si Yoon wrapped up a successful run as free-spirited Enrique Geum on the youthful cable rom-com Flower Boy Next Door co-starring Park Shin Hye and Kim Ji Hoon. Contrary to my initial worry that I would be torn between two leading men that I love equally, the story made the decision easy for me to board the Enrique ship early on and wholeheartedly. There really was no contest – Kim Ji Hoon’s Jin Rok was a sweetheart, a gorgeous manly exterior and an awkwardly sweet dorky interior, but he wasn’t the spark that lit the fire underneath the placid and hidden-away Dok Mi. That was all Enrique from the moment he appeared wearing boxers and a panda hat. The final scene in FBND required Yoon Si Yoon to dye his hair from the drama red back to black and its actually been awhile since I’ve seen him with that dark shade. Even in Me Too, Flower! he had brownish hair that was styled up, so seeing him in a boyish natural do makes him look his age for once. Yoon Si Yoon has this ability to turn from playful to serious on a dime and he really showcased that to glorious effect in FBND. Whenever Enrique veered into the cartoonish he would pull him back by showing us his vulnerable and tentative side. Park Shin Hye has worked with many talented young actors around her age (Jang Geun Seok, Lee Wan, Jung Yong Hwa), but her chemistry with Yoon Si Yoon is at another level of crackling. I’ve always adored her but it was never because she worked the romance angle in her dramas with her males leads. I’ve actually felt like her male leads do all the heavy lifting and she just responds, but in FBND for the first time I saw a mutually push-and-pull acting chemistry with Yoon Si Yoon that was believable and very heart pounding. We’ll have to see in her next project whether she’s turned the corner or it was all thanks to Yoon Si Yoon. He’s been doing the interview rounds this past week (check out all the awesome pictures below) discussing the drama and his upcoming schedule. He’ll be visiting Africa to do some charity work as he assesses his next acting project. He’s such a good smart boy, it’s really such a pleasure to fangirl him.


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    • Yes, I agree although she is good with YSY too. . In this drama, PSH’s acting was the best…….maybe because of the character and storyline that allowed her to show her abilities as a very good actress.

  1. I’ve been fangirling (or in my case fan-noona-ing as I’m too old to be called a girl) YSY for well over a year now, almost since I first started watching Kdramas. I’m so happy to see him getting more love. I think he is brilliant and beautiful and just all around pure awesome both as an actor and from what I know of him as a person. He deserves all the love and praise he can get and I look forward to his next project!

  2. Yeah you were right. YSY might be be the best romantic on screen partner for Shin Hye. She responded actively in the romantic scene for fbnd. The best on screen chemistry for shinhye.

  3. Completely agree. The best chemistry I’ve seen from PSH (also best acting, she played Dok Mi with nuance and vulnerability). I knew she had it in her!! YSY was great in FBND, he is so talented and completely owned his role. I went into FBND liking all the leads (including Kim Ji Hoon for starring in one of the best shows ever, Joseon X Files) but came out loving all of them. Can’t wait for their future projects! πŸ™‚

  4. I can’t wait for YSY next project! I just love him since Baker King! His best feature to me is his cheerful smile! Looking at him makes me happy! lol

    I like that whenever he has spare time, he’d go to meaningful volunteer works! He’s really a great guy!

  5. Tks Koala. I’ve not stopped trawling the web for bits n pcs on YSY’s since FBND ended. Books, charity work, respect for elders, ever smiling, etc……. You’re absolutely correct, YSY is definitely worth all our fangirling.

  6. Park Shin Hye and Yoon Shi Yoon must have mutually benefitted from acting those push-and-pulls. Both, as actors and friends. I think, what raises their pairing a step higher is some humanΠ΅ factor felt throughout the drama.
    ShiShin all the way!

  7. I think you gave PSH too little credit for the chemistry ‘s part.
    YSY doesn’t have any popular pairing up to date even his acting has always been great. PSH might be not as consistent in her projects (YSY said in one of his interview that his acting and hers are different, he acts on his own, while she adjusts to her co-stars. So if her partner is bad, she can’t do so well either) but she has always had some of the most popular pairings out there ( JGS, LW, JYH and now YSY is just added in the list)
    I think PSH’s acting technique has pros and cons. Cons is it can be seen as inconsistent and very dependent on her co-stars. Pros is she will always have chemistry with all of them no matter what. Like YSY said, it didn’t feel like acting, it was so natural that it feels like they were really falling in love…
    And with the push and pull act, it’s more on the writing. In FBND, Enrique is the puppy and Dokmi is wearing the pants most of the time so they were able to push and pull… While her character in YB didn’t even have a backbone or confidence and was quite passive in the relationship in HS as well. You can’t blame her not to have a push and pull act if the writing doesn’t allow her to do that
    I feel a bit bad for PSH since people really gives her so little credit. YSY wasn’t the only one carry the drama. Enrique is one layered and wonderful character and he did an awesome job. But like he said, PSH’s subtle acting and her way of adjusting to his acting make the difference bw their characters even more standout… but since she act subtle most of the time in the drama people doesn’t really care much…
    I think they both have their share on the table and pushing each other to a better level.

    • Your comment has lot of weight. I agree that they were able to raise their performance to a higher level because both acted their role so well. I feel that she acted extremely well in her previous dramas too keeping in mind the requirements of those roles. She is consistently improving as an actress with each drama.

      • She does and it shows in FBND. She was so expressive even Dokmi has so little lines compares to others… I can’t wait to watch her movie because she got a lot of praise for it also

  8. Fangirl forever !!!! πŸ™‚ honestly I never knew h was the lead in MTF till now which further asserts that this role is the best thing he has ever done!! But I watched the drama way back to recall , how stupid ?! , hahah sorry YSY oppa!!
    Oh I love that word ! Dontcha ! I can say oppa with a pussy cat tone forever !!

  9. After this drama I have come to respect YSY as not only an actor but as a person too. He is very professional and gives his best. In my book that’s the only way to truly enjoy doing something. He was very good as E and he created a character that is not only different from a typical Korean drama hero but a very likeable one too. Only in some moments I found him a tad childish eg. when he jumped up and down and delivered dialogues like a spoilt child tone. I found it got better along with E’s relationship with DM. Now, I will be watching Bakers king next because of him and I hear JW is good in it too.

    • Hi, Maris! Nice to hear from you πŸ™‚
      I respect YSY as a person too! He’s an intelligent guy, enjoys reading lots of books and is planning to collect a huge library at home. Apart from that (or should it be first?), he likes to do volunteer service to people, such as feeding the needy folk. I heard he even disappeared from the filming spot, when they had a break, and secretly left for one of those places where he could do that service.
      Have nice time watching Kim Tak Goo, 30 episodes, lol ! πŸ˜‰ He’s very positive there too, and my fav part is his interactions with Master Bong and Dad.

      • PSH does that too apparently. She often sneaky out to do charity w/o media attention (but netizens still keep track of it) and went to Africa twice. Maybe they will do it together one day. It’d be nice lol

      • Yeah, I know that too. That would be super, if they could do that together!

    • Hi to you too, BuddhaCat! Same here. πŸ™‚ You know what ? I read all your comments now no matter wherever they are posted……thanks to FBND and these forums. πŸ™‚
      Only Once I like an artist as a person too I have the curiosity to know more about what’s happening to them. I like the way he thinks and acts outside the drama too. This is one of the reasons I love Shinhye. It’s so great about that he wants to volunteer and in doing so get out of the E mould that he lived for 3 months. Coincidentally this is exactly what Shinhye does.
      I know 30 episodes of Baker king is a lot . Aren’t you smiling a little too much there πŸ™‚
      No matter …. From what I hear it will be a good drama to watch. I will get back to you you when I come across mr bong and dad….whoever they are.
      As far as their volunteering together is concerned, I think they did that some years back for Korean Food For Hungry international association as honorary ambassadors. Shinhye visited Ghana through them after the drama HS and worked as surrogate mother for a while for a little undernourished boy.

  10. Aw, I love this guy. He is not only tremendously talented, diligent and charismastic as an actor, but also seems so sweet, down-to-earth and intelligent in interviews (and oh so handsome!). Hopefully we’ll get to watch him in another great drama before the army takes him away from us πŸ™

  11. “her chemistry with Yoon Si Yoon is at another level of crackling”….
    U feel me on dat girl ^^…not downgrading any other pairing she’s been with but their chemistry are the best indeed…thanks for the great review ^^

    and ur right its such a pleasure to fangirl this GUY ^_^

  12. yoon shi yoon has the best feel in my heart
    i was very upset when i saw this film and get very better than my before…
    i love this film and love him.
    park shin hye has very good power to show the upset girl
    when she was a bad feel in episod 3 i was crying with her .
    thank you from this film

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