Yoo Seung Ho Quietly Enlists in the Military

And just like that…..he’s off to the army. As he said he would do, Yoo Seung Ho enlisted for his mandatory military service today without a single media or fan member present to send him off. That’s quite a startling contrast to the majority of star enlistments, especially stars of his degree of popularity, where the media is camped out and his dedicated fans from all over Asia show up to wave their favorite oppa goodbye for nearly 2 years. For one thing, Yoo Seung Ho is probably not an oppa to 99% of his fans. He’s also not enlisting towards the tail end of the enlistment period but is rather enlisting when the majority of Korean men serve which is around 20-21 years old. Below are pictures of Yoo Seung Ho sporting a buzz cut at a farewell party this past weekend. He also released a short video on his fan café apologizing for enlisting so quietly but he didn’t want to distract from other enlisting soldiers by the media presence because serving his military duty at this stage in his life is what he wanted to do. Yoo Seung Ho makes me love him more with every career decision he makes whether its choosing supporting roles for the variety and breadth of experience or electing to experience military life with most Korean men in his age group rather than delaying until the very end. I’ll miss him dearly but it’s with a happy heart I send him off. Be good, get some army abs, and noona will be here waiting for you in two years. He has been really busy acting the last two years alone, leaving four dramas and a movie behind. There is the thriller Blind with Kim Ha Neul, the sageuks Warrior Baek Dong Soo and Arang and the Magistrate, the weepy melodrama Missing You, and the time-traveling romance Operational Proposal. There is bound to be something for everyone to rewatch while waiting for him to return.

Yoo Seung Ho saying goodbye:


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  1. Awww I’ll miss him! But I’m SO PROUD of the way he decided to enlist – no need for grandeur but instead stepping up to the call and handling it like a man. When he returns he’ll be totally leading man status – older, more matured physique and mentally – which is GREAT. 2 years will pass by in a whiz 🙂

  2. I am actually proud that a boy who has grown up in the k-entertainment world has still managed to stay so grounded and humble. Even though he will be missed, I have no doubt that he will come back a even better man and continue to wow us with his integrity and good nature.

  3. Wow! He is one classy person. I just love that he hasn’t made a big deal out of enlisting, and that he wanted to go quietly. Not only does it make me respect him more, but I think it shows how mature he is. I am sure he will endure the military well, and come out ready to take on even more projects, and just continue to be fabulous and awesome! Yoo Seung Ho hwaiting!

  4. I haven’t really watched anything he’s been in, but he seems like a good kid. And smart to given the recent issues with celeb soldiers to do it like this. He’ll probably be owning everything in 2 years since all the 86,87 and 88er actors will be leaving and he’ll be coming back at 22/23 without the MS issue hanging over him.

  5. I actually have tears in my eyes…
    I think mostly because he is such a baby and has to go put up with all that institutionalized bullying.

    He did already fake experience it in OP, so maybe he will blink and it will be over.

    What a class act, our YESH. Stay healthy!!

  6. He still looks good with a shaved head! I’m glad he’s chosen to go ahead and to get this part of his life over with. Such a talented young man… he’ll be at the top of the casting list when he returns.

  7. Well he is an oppa to me !!! Hhh I will miss u oppa even though I hated his PSYCO character in IMY , but I still love him , I’m going to watch operation proposal now , but im scared it will end badly , does it ? If yes tell me , I really want them to end up together after all! Pls

    • @Boba – Watch it. You and he will be fine.
      Especially because wardrobe, hair and make-up colluded to making him the most beautiful human being ever on screen at times during that show.
      I paused the scenes just to stare.

      Now, Warrior Baek Dong Soo? I still cry about that one.

      • Same here… I cried a lot also when I watched the Warrior Baek Dong Soo… Yoo Seong Ho really portrayed the character to the highest level:-) this drama is my second favorite My Way Home is on top of my list. I will surely miss this dude… God bless to him and praying for his safety and good health.

    • It’s not bad, but it also wasn’t very good. Well, okay, some of it was bad, but YSH was lovely in it. And the OST had some cute items, and Go Kyung Po and Lee Hyun Jin are rather lovely to look at.

  8. with his hair buzzed off like that he looks like such a baby. and more like so ji sub than he has in years. aww i’ll miss him.

  9. I like him too. He is still young so no worries, we will see him again. I believe he will be more mature and handsome in two years. I am looking forward to seeing his new image on screen.

    Hope he has good time in military.

  10. That’s an intelligent man, right here. And good-looking and talented, but intelligent, definitely. Come back safely and congratulations on your wise decisions!

  11. He seems to have a good head in his shoulders, to enlist with his agemates instead of waiting till the last minute *coughKimNamGilcough*

    can’t wait till he comes back again. Goodbye and all the best!

    • I will never forget the FUBAR situation that surrounded his forced enlistment. lololololol I mean Bad Guy was an ok drama imo but that crap ending was a sharp nosedive for the last few episodes.

      I’m not angry. I just found it HIGH-larious!!!

  12. Since most of the guys will be his age I hope he won’t get bullied, either way it won’t be an easy time for him. *SOB*  Now I have to watch all of his MY cuts and imagine a better ending.

  13. Can I ask a question, I try to google but I did not get a clear answer. Going to the military service it’s mandatory right? So what’s the right age? 18 to 29? What happens if they don’t do it? And last I assume there’s like an entertainment enlisting right? Cause some celebrities seem like they never leave “Rain” while others really seem to b gone for 2 years like Hyun Bin ( I just started watching Kdramas last year, right at the end if His service) sorry for the quest, I just wonder

  14. All admiration for this young, talented and handsome actor. He showed how it is done and in the process gained my respect for him for an act that is selfless. It shows a maturity much beyond his years. This is one artist that I will actually look forward to seeing after the mandatory military service. May he be safe and happy during his time in the army. Way to go YSH.

  15. For some reason, I read the title as “Yoo Seung-ho Quietly Gets Married”… My heart literally stopped.

    Well, in any case, we’ll miss you Seung-ho. We’ll look forward to your discharge in two years. P.S – We will expect abs….

  16. Awww. I don’t know how I’m going to spend the next 2 years. Stay safe YSH and come back happy and healthy and pretty.

  17. That is a young man with the correct priorities in life.Acting is not everything even if you’re so talented.Think he will fit in so much better when he’s the same age as everyone.Instead of being the hyung to all the younger soldiers. Good luck with his military service.He has a whole lifetime when he comes out to do what he wants without interruption.

  18. What a class act , Seung ho noona will be waiting

    saw this on a korean news website and I thought of Koala it will 2015 soon

    oh man I am getting old

  19. Wishing Yoo Seung Ho a safe and memorable army experience! I can’t wait til he comes back in 2 years. He is one of the most level headed and down to earth celebs and I’ve enjoyed most of his dramas especially the cute teen drama God of Study.

    I like that he departed without a lot of bells and whistles and enlisted like any normal young adult would. Such a contrast from Lee Teuk (of Super Junior) who had a goodbye special on every variety and talk show and made it seem like he was going to the land of no return. You’d think he was dying of some terminal illness since every special featured stories about his life from childhood to gaining celebrity status to finally going to the army with interviews and farewells from family, friends, and other celebs. *Sorry for the Lee Teuk rant he is one guy that gets on my nerves and the army farewell just reminded me of his “star studded” farewell.*

  20. I can’t say enough about what a great head he’s got on his shoulders. He’s got such maturity, for ANYONE, not just in the context of his age. And he’s so down-to-earth, in spite of his celebrity status – LOVE that!

    SUCH mixed feelings.. I so approve of his decision, but I will miss him!!

    Looking forward to welcoming a more grown-up, ab-stastic & fantastic, smoldery YSH to my screen in 2 years! <3 <3 <3

  21. Matures and responsible beyond his age..He will be still very young when he is out of MS…all the best..Thanks Ockoala, I think he loves his die hard fans to even trouble them..He gain my respect for even thinking not to trouble his fellow youngsters that enlist with him on the same day..All the best YSH

  22. I will miss you so much, we will continue praying for your health & all the struggles you will be undertaking. Love you so much!

  23. Hey, an advice to some people who wants to buy YSH clippings from recent photo shoots, go to Ebay and search his name. I had tried to search for months to buy poster or even pictures from magazine of YSH but all of the online KPop website doesn’t sell it.

  24. wish him the best & hope he stay healthy & happy throught out the 2yrs but at least after he come out, he can ask those hyungs y they haven’t done their military haha

  25. ……..and he’s gone already! Goodbye darling, and see you again in two years with a long and successful career ahead and no MS to disrupt it!

  26. GRETING from mystroe peullolin meaning than you expect to be healty success army YSH you expect to be happy and a lot love from Romania and l expect to come back anda secret life friendship and brotherhood…to be healthi.

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