Friend of Park Shi Hoo Gives Media Interview to Reiterate the Encounter with A was Consensual

Da hell is this sideshow turning into? After a veritable alphabet soup of parties involved in the Park Shi Hoo rape investigation ranging from A to K, now there is yet another person speaking out on the case. SERIOUSLY? People need be shutting up here is all I can say. Alternatively referred to in the media as Park Shi Hoo’s “friend” or “representative”, this person hasn’t yet been given a letter of the alphabet but I’ll call him D for now. D met with a reporter of Sports Seoul on March 5 for an official interview expressing how Park Shi Hoo remains completely bewildered and perplexed over A’s position. D says Park Shi Hoo liked A when he met her through K that night. Their interactions remained positive throughout, drinking happily at the bar and even the next morning at his apartment she conversed with him very amiably. Apparently they exchanged phone numbers the next morning and A left after saying in a very aegyo way to Park Shi Hoo “oppa, I’m off now.” According to D (remember, that’s my nickname for this unknown source for ease of reference), Park Shi Hoo intended to keep dating A afterwards otherwise if it was just a one-night stand he wouldn’t have given her his number. Of course, the fact remains that if Park Shi Hoo’s version of the tale is to be believed, he still slept with a girl 14 years younger the first night they met, albeit consensually per his assertion. I’m sure his fans will explain away their oppa’s libido as perfectly gentlemanly and normal. The funniest part of this interview is that, at the urging of the reporter, D actually called Park Shi Hoo during the interview and asked him the reporter’s question about how he felt about A. Park Shi Hoo replied over the phone that he liked A, thought they had a lot in common and felt she was a good person, and he had wanted to keep getting to know her. Can E, F, and G please come out all at once to keep this crazy show going?

I have to say none of the leaked evidence or assertions are cut and dry in determining whether there was a rape that night or a consensual sexual encounter. For all I know, A liked K and got drunk drinking with him and Park Shi Hoo, then they all went back to his place whereby A thought Park Shi Hoo was K and slept with him only to wake up sober the next morning confused as to why she ended up with Park Shi Hoo and not K. In her confusion as to what happened and in the period of trying to process everything, she exchanged cordial chit chat with Park Shi Hoo as she left his place and then text messages with K that highlight how confused she was about everything that happened (she’s not exactly the brightest bulb in the room based on those texts, and if she likes K then she has really bad taste as well because K is about as sleazy as they come based on how K talks to A in those texts). The confused A talks with her so-called friend B, who somehow has it out for Park Shi Hoo and thinks this is the best way to destroy him or shake him down for a 1 billion won settlement. Wanting to get money from someone does not in and of itself indicate a set up or conspiracy, as there are times real victims would rather have monetary compensation over justice being served. Remember – greedy and bad people can in fact be genuine victims of a crime and its not always saintly people who have bad things happen to them.

Let me use very coarse language here to illustrate my point – A may very well be a stupid greedy slut, but being a stupid greedy slut does not in itself mean that she was not raped that night. Only facts about what happened will prove or disprove that, character speculation is spurious in establishing the case. Back to the possible scenario – after hearing of the events according to A’s confused recitation, B encourages A to report the rape and gets her in touch with Park Shi Hoo’s former agency director who is still completely pissed that Park Shi Hoo left his agency without a by-your-leave. There is no conspiracy to set Park Shi Hoo up for rape, but the former agency director pours fuel on the fire and tells A to report the rape since its like getting a Christmas goose delivered to him that Park Shi Hoo gets himself in potential trouble by sleeping with a chick he just met. A, who had no intention of sleeping with Park Shi Hoo but may have drank and flirted with him and led him on, ends up reporting it as rape because it was a non-consensual sexual encounter that she didn’t agree to beforehand and may or may not have taken place while she was either incoherently drunk or even completely passed out. And then all hell breaks loose and the clowns all come out and soon the zoo will release the wild animals as well. Did I miss anything in building my case based on the available information? If what I posit is correct, the prosecutor won’t have an easy decision on whether to press charges.


Friend of Park Shi Hoo Gives Media Interview to Reiterate the Encounter with A was Consensual — 232 Comments

    • Thank you, Ms koala. I can’t think any better way to describe the current situation.

      For sure, more to come.

      Now the very juicy word “pregnancy” appeared in the later part of K and A text messages that was just exposed by PSH’s side (I haven’t read the whole thing, and I don’t know why)

      The police asked A, K, P to hand in their cell phone. A did on March 3. K and P refused it. The reason from their lawyer is to “protect the actors’ private life”.

    • The police requested P and K to hand in their mobile phones and got rejected again.

      It reported that the police seek search warrant for P and K mobile phones before but the request was declined by the prosecution bureau.

      I’ve been wondering for a while why the police didn’t make all these necessary moves. Now it looks that they did but the prosecution bureau stopped them every time. Now I can see that power plays in this case.

      Rumor said P’s lawyer used to work in prosecution field (don’t know exactly where).

    • Can I thump you up for this, it is exactly what I was thinking! It’s like a bus heading off a cliff, you can’t do anything but watch and be disturbingly facinated.

  1. “And then all hell breaks loose and the clowns all come out and soon the zoo will release the wild animals as well.” ROFLOL. This is so apt Ms Koala.

    • Totally agreed! Loved that comment from Mrs Koala!!!
      It is indeed a new real-ife drama… too bad we can predict the finale nor when the next episode or characters will show up…
      We just need to stay tuned!

  2. You forgot to mention the most recent interview with B, which reveals A lied, or at least embellished things, to B.

    • I think Ms Koala tends to focus more on things that clearly show PSH and K in a bad light (which lets face it, they deserve) and not soo much on things that show A in a bad light. Its her blog so she’s allowed some bias and honestly there are many sites that focus on vilifing A (which if some of the ‘evidence’ is to be believed, maybe she deserves some of it as well) as opposed to the other 2. Anyone who wants a more balanced view needs to follow multiple sources which is fairly easy to do since this story is everywhere on korean and korea-related sites.

      • As far as I am concerned Ms. Koala has been fairly balanced in her coverage of the PSH rape case.

      • Really? I just posted about Park Shi Hoo’s friend standing up for his side of the story, and I insinuated that A was a ditzy bimbo with very bad taste in men. I think I’ve been more than fair to both sides in reporting. Also, what B says A said to her is not worth the letter on my keyboard to type out. It’s hearsay and B is completely without any credibility in this case.

      • Please dont think Im on the side of the guys here. I personally believe PSH assaulted her and K is a monster who essentially fed her to the dogs. I just personally feel that non-bias means reporting on everything regardless of who it favors. I feel the things you haven’t reported on painted A in a bad light whereas you’ve brought to light everything that highlights how the men took advantage of a girl barely out of her teens. Also you tend to wax lyrical about all the ways PSH messed up (and I agree 100%) but when A messes up you tend to not comment as much. That’s how I formed the opinion that I posted above. I apologize if you feel like I insulted you as that was not my intention.

      • @keke How about the texts A relaesed which Koala posted. A wasnt painted exactly sinless there. All news agency reported same news. Blogs have different pov on the news because its blogs. You dont see A villified here much because not everyone is same pov that A is solely to blame. Here, healthy exchanges of pov by giving one’s alternative take on the scenario. Regardless wether you are sold or not.

      • I was thinking the same thing. Maybe she’s playing devil’s advocate? Or she has the lawyer mentality where she picked one side and will argue that side to the death.
        Maybe she didn’t read that article before releasing this post.

      • I find that Ockoala’s reporting is one of the more balanced one, and the discussions in this forum also show both sides perspectives, less lopsided compared to Allk and netizbuzz

      • Sorry, but I have to disagree. This is one of the most balanced reports on the topic I have read. In my opinion, Mrs Koala is doing a very good job. And if you read the above article, it isn’t really making A look good, on the contrary. As for what is said about PSH, there is truth to that. If one of my younger brothers would pull that stunt, he would get an earful from my psrents and me, that is for sure. Mrs Koala is much nicer in her phrasing than I would have been, both towards A, K, and PSH.

      • I totally agree that she is one of the most balanced sites I read regarding this whole situation but that doesn’t automatically mean that she is without bias. Was it really that terrible that I suggested that someone should have more than 1 source for information? And I didn’t mean to imply that she is painting A out to be an angel. If that’s the impression you got, Im sorry. I just feel that its hard/impossible to find an opinion-stating blog that is without bias. Sure CNN blogs may be less biased than say, FOX news or MSNBC, but I still wouldn’t tell anyone to listen to only CNN.
        Again, if my comments offended anyone, I apologize. I just got the impression that if Ms Koala had to pick a side, based on the sum of all the opinions she has expressed in all her posts, she would go with A. I should note I’d pick A as well.

      • @keke, I think I understand what you mean. However, as per definition, a blog is always subjective and therfore biased, as it reflects personal opinions rather than being a newreport, kind of like a diary. It’s not a newpaper, Fox, CNN or their blogs, where reporters are supposed to examine things from all sides and “not have an opinion”.
        I am always pleasently surprised to see that in Mrs Koala’s blog, more than one source is considered. In this particular case, she has considered statements from all parties in her articles, though of course not neccessarily she sifted through all sources available.

        And perhaps the problem is that PSH and K’s behaviour IS actually shining in a bad light and not making them look really smart when you look at it in broad daylight.
        If you know you can’t hold your liquor and know you take risks when tipsy, then don’t drink. That goes for all three parties involved, A, K, and PSH. Otherwise, when you wake up from your drunkness and have to examine your behaviour in the harsh sunlight, you might want to bang your head against the wall repeatedly.
        Alcohol has made a mess out of more than one life, and once again it show that it makes idiots out of otherwise perhaps nice and decent people, and especially out of people who are considered “pure, innocent” and who are being put on the pedestal as role models and in god-like status. Otherwise, the tabloids would be out of work.

  3. Your scenario is how I’ve interpreted all the crazy that’s been released. Park Shihoo was and remains a total turn off for me. Some’n about the dude. I hope this clears up soon.

  4. I would ignore D. He wasn’t there during the drinking session, he wasn’t at the apartment when the alleged rape took place… in short, he has no personality in this real-life drama. PSH camp is just trying to muddle the issue. Maybe they think that if they muddle the issue enough, people will just forget that PSH had sex with a girl 14 years his junior whom he just met for the first time that night… and that said girl is too drunk to give consent to being used sexually.

    • they want to make PSH in every way the good guy who was fooled. Poor guy fooled for an 22 years old girl who he thought liked him back and he even intended to date. Of course, never a one night stand! PSH isn’t this kind of guy! No!

      lol BS.

      And they try to make A be the slut girl using this poor innocent oppa.

      Did you read A gave her phone away to police investigate it and PSH and K told they would also give their phones, only to then say they wouldn’t anymore because of their ”star privacy” lol I wonder if the police could find other girls that PSH and K did the same they did to A.

      PSH is just trying to clean his image and stain A’s image, but by doing it for me, even if he is innocent and didn’t rape the girl, it showed me what kind of person PSH and K are…. Ugh. Turned off.

      Act like a man, stop hiding behind media play and just cooperate with police to make this case end.

    • Yea, it’s only part of PSH’s strategy plays. Let’s see:

      March 5: P’s lawyer filed countersuits against A,B,and H. Playing offense
      March 6: P’s friend reiterate the consensual feeling between P and A. Olive leaf?
      March 7: P’s lawyer stated that he had no more to lose so they are going to fight to the end.

      I the attack/retreat/attack strategy, but what about the pace? It doesn’t leave much time for digestion nor reaction. I feel dizzy and confused.

  5. This new kdrama series is getting more casts, I wonder when and what episode will the other letters from the alphabet going to do their cameo?

  6. Is this also example of occupational skill as YChase007 mentioned? He cant really say he didnt like her. That would put him in deeper hole.

  7. I think Koala had figured out the whole thing. Very match up with all the evidences and the text messages so far. If you saw “A” picture, you would think she is such a girl who is so easy to be tricked. So the bottom line, K is the cuprit, he set up the whole thing for his senior which is hard to resist and sold off the girl who likes him.
    If I were in the jury, I would charge K guilty and put him in jail for 1-2 years, ask the actor to pay $$$ and apoligize to A for his action even he doesn’t know she is not willing to, charge A light penalty for having plan to get $$$ from the actor.

  8. It might be unrelated but I am genuinely curious as to why if a girl is unconscious/drunk, the guy is held responsible for the sex/getting consent? It works only if the guy is NOT drunk. What if both of them are drunk, whose fault is it then? How does it work?

    I think this case is going to have A-Z before (if) its sorted out. It doesn’t really surprise me that he slept with a 14 years junior.. If I remember right, there are other couples in k-ent with such age gaps.

    • thing is… PSH cannot drink. If he does he passes out, wit some sips/one beer. He said it many times, his co-workers said it. And etc. So he wasn’t drunk at all or else there would be no rape since PSH would be sleeping/passed out.

      • We DO NOT know this. He might have been exaggerating in the interviews. You were not there, you have not taken any blood tests from PSH so do not talk like you KNEW that he wasn’t drunk during that night.

      • lol Arawn, but it isn’t a case of ”exaggerating in the interviews” and I was not there, because have a lot of people to confirm this.

        Almost all his co-workers from his past dramas said the same, the drank with him and saw it. if they drank together and saw this, means they know how much PSH can drink, no? If a lot of people say the same this means it is true and not just Exaggerationn.

      • lol bia, since you were not there, it’s still…he say, they say and you say. Anyway, I agree with Arawn that we don’t know whether he was drunk or not that night, and there are different levels of drunkenness, you know.

    • So he should have taken haste and rushed immediately to submit his blood sample right?
      because a high alcohol level will be a needed fact for him, but he did not

      • It might have been too late for that by the time he was informed about the rape accusation. It’s possible that all alcohol had been burned by his body by that time.

      • And anyway, if you have charges filed against you, your FIRST worry is to get a decent attorney and ask him/her what you should do next. Whether you’re guilty or not. Arranging everything takes more time and by the time tests are taken, it’s too late.

      • It was probably too late to test for alcohol in his body system by the time he knew about the accusation or the police summons, because the alcohol would have already been burnt off. For a very drunk person with blood alcohol content level at 3xlegal limit, it takes about 15 hours to get rid of all the alcohol in the body system.

        According to Lynne’s timeline posted previously, A, K & P entered P’s apartment at around 1-2am on Feb 15. A went to the police & filed the report at around 11pm that night, by which time a total of 21 hours have gone by. Furthermore, the police summoned P for an interview 4 days later on Feb 19 at 9pm.

        So, people should stop saying that P should have rushed to submit his blood sample, it was already too late, as P should have done the blood test by 5pm on Feb 15 itself!

  9. Your scenario sounds pretty good actually but it also sounds like a nightmare to prosecute. Too many things have to be assumed or excused. K sounds like the worst, in those first text messages I assumed he was her pimp. But if this guy is really just a friend , and obviously someone she likes,he treated her worse than trash. 

    PSH…How can you have a connection in two hours of drinking? Goodlord. 

    Since this is a personal blog I don’t think Koala has to be unbiased. I just appreciate the legal perspective…and she does let people bitch and fight in the comments. You can’t get more diplomatic than that!!

    • How can you have connection in 2 hours? Well, isn’t called love at first sight? Romantic dream that movies, books and dramas enforce? And funny thing is, some people do actually experience these feelings.

      Then again, falling out of them can happen as fast. 😀

    • And the fact that K is P’s friend reflects a lot on P’s character as well – you know, as they say, you are as good as the company you keep

  10. Ha-ha-ha now D joined the cast.
    so ridiculous, i wonder what crazy idea D will throw in next? that PSH will offer marriage puhahaha!
    when D was not even there in that room and the morning after. are they getting desperate, this desperate?

      • dude! if you believe the leaked kakaotalk conversation between her and K the next day, she said “You don’t think I’ll get pregnant from that right”. You’re clearly the script writer for this makjang drama

      • oooh yes many will be delighted to see their idol get married now! LOL
        the wedding theme: “circus”

      • @ Jae: that was my exact reaction! But the worst was when allegedly, after she found out that K would be charged as well she texted him to say “sorry I couldn’t protect you”. I actually fell out of my chair! Then I raged! And then cried for all the little children. Then remembered I was late for work. Then I went back to hoping that particular leak wasn’t true

      • sorry! she said that before she found out he would be charged. I’m still mad about it tho! Protect him from what? His jackassness? Or the fact that he’s a bastard? Once again I cry for the little children

      • @keke. I understand how you would feel and hopefully wont come to fruition. It maybe jumping the gun a bit but its possible. Hopefully, the condom thingy is true. The child will be forever tainted as product of this scandal.

      • keke, the girl (A) certainly lost her mind over K.

        The reports I read with photo images of the entire text messages conversation between A and K. I think it’s real. The report also said it was released by P’s lawyer.

      • You’re funny. If this is the 18th century, they’ll be married tomorrow, child or no child.

    • Marriage?!!…oh dear, I will really feel sorry for A. He already admitted he likes A. Some of his fans will doubly hate her now.

  11. credit:cecece

    Actually in this article, his statement and her statement don’t clash. She said that they hardly had time to connect since she passed out soon after the drinking game began (after a few shots of soju), but he said that they connected since they talked in the bar, which was only for 2 hours and the morning after. In her mind, a few hours is hardly considered a “connection” but from a man’s perspective, a few hours is enough to build interest.

    Some people speculated previously stating that A sued PSH because she wanted a relationship and he didn’t. Now we know, it’s not the case at all. PSH claimed to have interest and she didn’t reciprocate the feeling, thus the accusation of rape. If it were between two people who have mutual feeling, then it isn’t a rape. Is it?

    If PSH truly liked her and wanted to date her, he should have been a gentleman and showed respect for the girl, by not engaging in a one night stand. It’s difficult for the readers to believe that he had genuine interest in her since you banged her a few hours after you met her for the first time. A’s statement that she passed out from soju might incriminate PSH because it could indicate sex without consent . If He was sober, she passed out, sex occurred , hmm..isn’t the sober one should be more responsible and not take advantage of her especially since he said he connected well with her. Advice to young girls out there, if a guy says he likes/loves you but wants to get into your panties immediately, go run asap! because if he truly likes you, he should be able to treat you respectfully by exercising self-control. Don’t allow them to trick you into sleeping with him on a first date, it’s not love.

    • Right, gigi43. It is very obvious there is no loving connection between P and A. It’s merely a strategy play. Very lame.

      I think the police have to conduct cross examinations as they said they would. I’m not sure those will help out, though. What a mess, and it gets muddier and muddier.

      I hope there is a dim of light at the end of the tunnel. But honestly, I don’t see it.

  12. A handed her phone over to the police , but PSH and K refused to hand over their phones. To me, A doesn’t have anything to hide thus able to hand over the phone easily. PSH and K has something to hide, thus refusing to hand over their phones using an excuse of star privacy. Really? you want to talk about privacy? too dear. your face is everywhere. You should worry about clearing your name , not some star privacy issue.
    Since the beginning PSH has been nothing, but making every investigation difficult. If you got nothing to hide, why is he so afraid?

    • In my humble opinion, perhaps there are other names involved. Perhaps there were exchange messages asking D to stand up for him thus the phone has to remain private. What I find more interesting is the fact that D called PSH in the middle of the interview TO ASK ABOUT HIS FEELINGS FOR A????? If I were the reporter, I would have taken D’s phone and asked PSH myself and continued the interview with him and ask D to take a hike…

  13. Me thinks if we want the A, B, C and D people to shut up, we have to stop posting and anylyzing this case/issues/scandal. By doing so, we just contribut to this crazy, frenzy and created interest and havoc caused already. Media want to make money, and they gain it by release statement, leaked evidence, specualtion, uncertain information. The more people respond and react the more greedy they will be.

    If not, if we want this matter to settle quietly and fairly I second one of korean MC who said, ALL people just need to shut up.

    If we disagree that everyone entitle to their opinion and can voice out their views since this has become a publicly known, then we have to know that this is a case where many will take advantage out of it. Be it positive or negative.

    Just last night, Mnet Enews reruns has aired the most elite family in the industry. Believe me, who is no 1? PSH. (this aired before the scandal). He even beat Roy Kim and many actor/singer who has intelligent family. This doesnt mean anything but sure does mean, he is not someone as superficial or lack of intelligent as some commenter here always said.

    Poor judgement is yes.

    • His family is one elite, rich and respectful family. Pity them. I hope this case is settle accordingly and give justice to all people involved.

      • Why does the so-called intelligence and/or wealth of his family have anything to do with this? And an “intelligent” family produced a son as this? I’d go for the stupid ones then..

  14. Iäm not his fan by the least but still I see his libido quite normal – in case it was consensual and not a rape, that is. 14 age difference, so what. men like younger women. If it was other way around, ladies here would be applauding the woman in question for being empowered and all. You can’t have it both ways. I don’t care about the age difference in the least as long as all participants are consenting adults.

  15. I’m starting to believe both PSH and A thinks that the media and the audience are the judge to all this drama they’ve been dishing out. First, B comes out to reveal A’s side of the story. Then K/PSH (Not sure who) releases a set of messages that was exchanged. Then to retaliate, A releases the ‘full’ set of messages. And now, not to be outdone, PSH sends in a friend to clean his name.

    How utterly ridiculous is that? Did both PSH and A miss the large popocorn and drinks that these reporters and us audiences are holding onto? Because if they truly understood that it doesn’t matter what we or the media thinks, then maybe they wouldn’t be so stupid and actually hold onto their ‘evidences’ and show them on court. Where it would actually matter.

  16. Ah, the irony of the “half-awake, half-dreaming state” in Cheongdamdong Alice given a reality twist! PSH must be pinching himself black and blue to rouse himself from this nightmare and its endless parade of strange characters, each with a story to tell. The Mad Hatter is in an asylum of his own making.

  17. P and K gave their phone to the police, too. They just have announced official statement about it.

    Hope that there will be more people with alphabet for their names: E, F, G, H, I, J…

    So funny!

  18. Is bringing out this D person another one of his “intelligent” moves? oh plzzz.
    the said “poor judgment” that night did that brought pride to his said “elite” family?

  19. yerp P and K already handed their handphone .. and now more messages between A and K is revealed. these are the messages between A and K after A had already reported PSH of raping her . when I read these messages , it’s pretty clear she was not raped and she actually was aware that they had sex. it seems the sex was done with consent coz if she was raped she won’t saying as what she did . ok here’s the message

    – February 15th Night (‘A’ files report against Park Si Hoo with police at 8:37 PM) –

    K: call me [8:33 PM]

    A: I’m still not feeling all that great (from drinking)… [11:57 PM]

    A: maybe because of that.. I couldn’t be pregnant rightㅜㅜ I’ve been feeling queasy ㅠㅠ

    – February 16th –

    K: you think you’re pregnant? [2:34 AM]

    K: you did it with oppa (Park Si Hoo)?

    A: well of course we were both naked ㅠㅠ Don’t act like you don’t know ㅜ sigh I still can’t sober up [4:49 AM]

    A: I guess there is still some residual alcohol effect ㅜㅜ

    K: your status, did you write it so that I can see?

    A: no~ my friend — someone who’s been ignoring me

    A: whew

    K: I’m unable to eat because my stomach hurts.

    K: where are you?

    A: home of course ㅜㅜ

    K: whew

    the reason why I said that A was aware she had sex with PSH is because when K asked her if she does it with PSH , she told K don’t act like he doesn’t know and she even told him that they were both naked. someone who’s raped won’t say something like that. all that I can say is , the sex actually happened with her consent , but then she regretted it afterwards coz she seems to like K more and perhaps she’s worried that she would get pregnant because of that intercourse , she reported PSH to the police. seriously if the sex happened when both parties allowed it , it does not called as rape at all . furthermore , A said that she blacked out and she think she might have been drugged , but then from the message revealed it seems that she knows everything that happened and remember before this she even said PSH raped her twice . how come someone who passed out can even remember how many times she was raped. so I think perhaps they had sex twice, but then this girl feel not satisfied and regretted having sex afterwards. but still , it was wrong for her to go and report PSH as a rapist when he actually did not rape her .

    • I’m gonna wait for the whole thing. PSH lawyer did it before, releasing only part of it. All throughout the conversation, she has maintained that she cant sober up. When K ask her about the sex part, she said yes because they were both naked. Not yes because she wanted it. If K knows its consensual why ask her? The dont act like you know comment could be sarcastic because he left her there as with the previous text.

      • I find myself agreeing with everything you say. I dont believe that conversation shows it was consensual. If you wake up naked beside a naked person, its unlikely that anyone would assume you guys spent the night playing cards.
        However the fact that she was having this conversation with someone she told the police had molested her (which he classified as returning a comforter O.O) has me flinging myself against the wall.
        I still think PSH slept with a drunk girl which is assault in my book but its becoming clear that her brain is a bit addled by her love for K.

      • @keke, I think it more likely that her brain is addled with the effects of alcohol. she does keep saying in her text messages that she has not fully sobered up yet, that she still feels quesy.

  20. I think no matter what, whether the girl was originally planning on reporting it or not, if she aws passed out and Park Shi Hoo had sex with her while she was unconscious, that qualifies as rape. It’s absolutely possible she’s lying but considering the fact that she was carried into the apartment unconscious, the case seems to strongly suggest that she was not in control of her mental capacities when intercourse took place. And if she didn’t say yes, whether or not she flirted with him the entire night, whether before she passed out she had given him a bj, whether or not she is the sluttiest girl on earth, if she was unconscious, this is rape.

  21. I am here not to comment anymore its just a circus…I agree with you Ockoala everything…Started as you, you kept me entertained with this awesome blog of yours..

  22. @serina
    she became aware of them being naked in bed was when she regained consciousness that morning…of course she was sarcastic towards K, even in her confusion she dreads that a man and woman naked together couldnt have just played ‘rock n scissors’ all night right?

  23. @giny the reason why I think she was lying coz she actually reported K as one of her rapist too , but then after she reported the case , she can still text K as usual , like nothing had happened. isn’t it weird that she said K raped her , molested and groped her but can still talk to him casually after that ? one more thing , she told the police that she didn’t call K after the incident but then now it was proven that she actually kept in touch with him ee

    • the possible reason for this is because even up to that point she has not gotten over yet his feelings for him, that no matter how much she wants to curse and hate him, those feelings seems to torment her

    • I think initially she wasnt going to take him down with P, but k must have turned his back on her to side with P. she was angry and charged him molestation,, not rape. Based on the text and K’s explanation that he was just returning bed sheets when A thought he groped her, i think molestation could have possibly occurred. The guy is a douche bag.

  24. one more thing , in her previous statement , she said that she woke up and seeing PSH wearing condom , then after that K came to grop and molest her , make it seems as if PSH and K actually gang bang raped her. she made both of them looked so bad. if it’s true that she woke up with PSH wearing condom , why would she feel worried of getting pregnant , and that also just only hours after the intercourse ?? so if we count all together , how many times did she lie ? she lied for so many times . so now I don’t think I can’t believe her anymore. if u actually read the link that I posted in my previous post , you can also read how flirty her message was with K even before they met each other at the club. too many lies makes her looks bad in my eyes. if she can lie about getting groped by K , she can also lie about getting raped by PSH. that’s it.

      • yes, yes I just remember it again. I’ve already mentioned it in my latest post below. there are just too many parties involved in this case.

      • still , although it’s B’s version of story…how can A still text K casually after reporting K as one of her rapist to the police ???? ahaks!! that’s what made me so dumbfounded. she reported K as her rapist when K actually didn’t sleep with her ?

    • So youre not aware that she has feelings for K even before? Even PSH lawyers acknowledges that…
      So therefore it is not PSH whom she likes but she ended up in his bed to her disturbing realization that morning.

      • I know she likes K , but still if she really likes him , how can she report him as one of the rapist ?? and then she still contacted him right after reporting him to the police as one of the assault ?? where’s the logic in this ?? that’s why I can’t really believe her words. she can still pretend like nothing happened chatting with K though she had actually said he raped her to the police …. phew!!


      • @ giny no need to get all shouty. Serina has some valid points and, like you, she is entitled to her opinion. No need to get all agitated about it

      • giny ~ you may not be aware of it, but typing in capitals is equivalent to SHOUTING, and it’s considered to be rude behaviour on the internet.

  25. sorry , my fault ..actually it was not her statement . but she told B that she woke up next to PSH with him wearing condom and K grope and molested her. that’s what A told B ,then B told the media ..urgh seriously this case made my head spinning since there are too many alphabets and “he said” , “she said” analogy . ahaks.

    • It’s been said in the discussions that no one should believe B. A has long stopped any connections with her because B is just a negative meddling person.

      • yes , but still .. why did A also reported K as one of her assault when K actually didn’t sleep with her ?? on top of that , she can still act like there’s nothing happened and texted K as usual when she actually reported him to the police ?

      • @serina, Could it be that its the Police who included K in the suspects because 2 sperm types were revealed in the rape kit result. Seriously you havent read those news and reports? and only asking old questions.

      • This entire case is based on he said she said. Picking B as the only person to not believe is a little off. Why can’t they all be lying? And where did A say B was lying? From what I understand B is the one who stopped talking to A because she felt what A told her was different from all the leaked info.
        Everyone needs to stop acting like they were there. Sure B sounds shady as hell but it doesn’t automatically make her a liar.

      • @Keke B was dismissed because she’s not directly involved and A said that there is no ties with her . K and PSH are directly involved. The friend of PSH cannot be dismissed because PSH confirm via phone call during interview.

      • The problem is A & B were texting each other, and A & B met up with C, and all of them become parties to the blackmail and/or defamation suits.

    • We don’t know if B was told by A or B just fabricated the story. Tell you the truth, I’ve never believed anything from B’s mouth from the first time she told the media. This girl is something else. I think she deserves to be sued by everyone in this case. She is hurting everyone.

      • sorry for the double post…
        Anyhu, thanks Ms Koala for providing a forum for vigorous debate

  26. can someone actually tell me the exact date of A reporting K as one of her rapist ?? did she report it separately or the exact same day when she filed the report on PSH ?? coz if she did it on the same day as when she reported PSH ??

  27. It’s hard to choose a side because both sides that releases EVIDENCE are in favor of them, and not any one else. Besides, it could still be considered a RAPE because it wasn’t consensual for PSH, however he COULD feel the vides from her through her body actions and such. Also, she wanted to have sex, just not with him, so her “rape” is valid on techincal terms. Yet, she could say those things because she wants attention from K as well, you never know. However, i do think that it was wrong on PSH to sleep with A, whom he just met and is 14 yrs younger. But that doesn’t help her because she seemed “normal” during those texts, and went on to extort his money (refused), and blamed him for the rape. her taste in guys are just as bad because k seemed like a dirtbag, and the same would probably happened to him after the one night stand that he had with her. plus, shes dumb too, you can’t feel the syptoms after a night. and it “kinda” seems like this kind of thing happens often for her.

    • There is a saying tell me who your friends are, I will tell you who you are. So I wonder what it tells us about the “elite” PSH who comes from an “elite family” that the people he hangs out with is a dirtbag and a dumb head.

    • Yes, that is why you look for what didnt change or remained constant throughout. For me that is the ‘sobering’ part. She was drunk.

  28. @giny , do you need to use caps in your message ? coz I feel like you were yelling to me when u used caps. yes , I know that perhaps I missed something in this case. but still , for me if she reported K on the same day as she reported PSH , why would she still want to text K after reporting him ?? yes I know giny said that she could had be confused. but still if she’s confused , then I think the right thing for her to do is not responding to K’s text after she had reported him . coz if you read the report on allkpop , she texted with K until the morning of 16th . several hours after she logged the report.

      • rude and uncalled for. your point is better received if you do it without belittling others

      • well actually i was trying to do her a favor by typing in BIG fonts so nothing will be amiss.

      • I agree with keke. No need to be rude, just because not everyone has the time or interest to backtrach ten articles on here and a few hundred comments. 🙂

      • No, you better think about your manners when talking to others. 🙂 Your behaviour right now could be interpreted as very rude and snobby, even your answer to me right now. However, since this is text messages only, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and just think that you are well meaning and just expressed yourself wrongly. 🙂

      • sarcastic much. huh! whatever it is , I don’t think it’s right for A to accused K of raping her when he didn’t even sleep with her. even if she thinks that she did it to take revenge since K treated her like a dirt when he left A just like that in PSH’s apartment. so for me , if she can easily accused ok raping when when he didn’t do that, there’s a possibility that she might also lie about PSH raping her.

      • With the near daily updates, unless you printed out this detailed timeline it is exceedingly easy to get confused about what happened when. And some of the new info that’s come out messes up the timeline from before.

      • I don’t have much time to follow all the discussion in details one by one in this blog. but the way you asked me is so …. ufff! ahaks! never mind. yeah , just carry on being sarcastic if you enjoy doing so. 🙂

      • Lynne did the timeline and I thought was more organized. @Lynne sry to nominate you.

  29. Ockoala, you’ve just nailed this one. Someone’s got to put light bulbs in all their heads, starting from A to Z and then back to AA.

    I just want to add that B is the jilted second female lead from back then. And if D is really P’s friend, s/he should just shut up too.

    Also, I’ve read some other sites but I continue reading yours because I don’t get a mind numbing experience while I’m forming my own opinion. Some commentators here have provoked my thoughts and others have tickled me to no end. See? Win-win all around.

  30. You all guys have a very strong points of view , with pregenency VS condemn ( that skipped me) , but I really think ocoalas analysis is ver much propable and it couldn’t be justified better , except the age difference thing , are you really still discussing THAT , what girl now seems like her real age they are all more matureand older than they are , (not age but mentality) and regarding that it’s no big deal to love a woman younger than ur self , when it comes to me PSH doesnt even add up to be 36 so it’s not an issue .

    That being said , thanks mrs koala , I can’t wait till this drama unfolds , but you have seen such cases , does it take long ? I wonder after this which celebrity will be in the court hall. Of fame ( not for rape , please) hahaha this is going to be a new kind of melodrama!!!!!

    • Boba, the age difference is not a big deal to us, but Koreans are way more sensitive to this issue than the rest of the world. The Korean language is age sensitive which remind you all the time of the age difference between the speakers. Do you know the zodiac cycle? that’s 12 years, and that used to be a generation in old time. The age difference between P and A is actually more than 14 years (A is not yet 22), so A is supposed to call P an uncle by the traditional standard. This is their culture, even in the modern time.

    • This guy keeps doing stuff that I find myself losing any residual respect for him. Way to go PSH, you’re now taking over the police’s role? What is his lawyer thinking?

      • I read it again, it was his lawyer who did it. He said that PSH has nothing more to lose so they’re going to fight to the end.

        The media had A’s legal name and contact info from his lawyer but I haven’t seen anyone published it yet. I bet someone will soon but it seems they are more cautious about it this time.

        The reports also said that PSH’s mother met up with A’s father and A’s father left the meeting. (no other details)

      • Oh, another set of letters to our cast of characters:

        M is for P’s mother

        F is for A’s father

      • @ Lynne, wow…..
        on one hand i can understand the feeling of being pushed to the wall and wanting to attack everything/one you feel is out to destroy you.
        on the other hand, thats a bitch ass move yo. i mean, arent there protections for supposed rape victims? what the hell man.

      • One of his fans who had always defended him said such: For a fan who always believed in his innocence, it’s no longer important whether he is guilty or not. The fact that A’s identity being revealed by his lawyer is like stab her for the second time…”

        Many netizens expressed their concerns over the possible suicidal intention might be caused by this

        As myself, I have to practice anger management skills to keep myself calm.

      • i seem to detect a sinister laugh “if im going down, you ‘re going down with me bwahaha” see he’s such a sweetie and a gentleman that way. good job.

      • Asabiyet, I am not all that sure because he filed a countersuit against A so A is the accused in this one. But A’s lawyer said they didn’t receive anything with regard to the countersuit. I don’t know. No matter what, I think it’s really low for him to do that. The netizens in Korea and China are really upset now (including some of his fans).

      • Now it is reported that the countersuit against A was not accepted so it’s not valid. I believe, based on my own knowledge, revealing the identity of an alleged rape victim should be unlawful.

    • How gentlemanly and noble of him….oh yeah….we know that already. Shouldnt the police do that when they are finally ready to start the case? Why did he…

    • wait what????? where did u find that cos i checked korean sites an hour ago and didnt see it. i thought it was just the kakaotalk convo that was released. wth!

      • I am curious… what is “gaesaekki-level”? I know what bastard is… kekekeke

      • i think its hard to directly translate korean swear words into english as a lot of the venom can be lost in translation. the most direct translation is probably son of a bitch (although gae = dog, saekki = bastard, asshole, animal, motherfucker) but its so much worse in korean. if i ever hear my kids use it, they might die that night. but its still ok for me tho 😉
        ps: sorry for the swearing in this post. it was strangely easier to type up in korean than in english

      • HJE do you read Chinese or Japanese?

        Nothing came out in English yet. And I have to go now.

        I’m sure Ms Koala will write about it. Just wait.

        Just a briefing: P’s lawyer revealed A and B’s identities and contact info at the end of a press release. But to this point the media is still hesitating to publish their names. We’ll just wait and see.

      • Thanks, Lynne. No, I don’t read Chinese nor Japanese. I’ll wait patiently….

      • I am glad the media is finally showing some sense. They finally realized they are being used by Park Shi Hoo’s camp to persecute a rape victim.

  31. This case is just getting crazier and crazier. But with all the he said, she said and all of these supposed friends’ testimonies arising, I feel that it not right to cast judgments on either PSH or A. What really bothers me about some of the comments that I have been reading is the disgust that people have with the age difference between both parties. An age difference in and of itself is not something to be disgusted by, or a justification for calling someone a pervert. If two consenting adults are involved, an age difference should hold no import. The age difference between the parents of one of my classmates is thirty years! Yes, this is not common in our generation (or even in earlier generations; usually the largest age gap in the past might have been around twenty years), but both of her parents love and respect one another. Who are we to judge? I believe that we should stop fixating on age.

    • Perhaps, some of the younger commenters are just grossed out to think of someone young doing this with such an “old man”? 😉 I still remember when I thought that someone aged 35 or older was, ya know, ancient. 😀

    • Yeah, I think some people focus on the age difference too much. In my early 20’s, I dated a 41yo man for a while… I have no regrets. After my parents divorced, my dad dated a woman who was only 7 years older than me. All my sisters & I liked her a lot, and to be honest, I would have preferred her as my stepmother over the one he eventually chose who was closer to his own age.

    • For myself I am not fixating on the age gap between Park Shi Hoo and A. Just stating the things about this case that we know as fact, one of which is the 14-year age gap between alleged rapist Park Shi Hoo and alleged rape victim A.

  32. Gah gah gah. I don’t know how to define this case. So Unbelievable. Before this news leaked i used to think PSH is not kind of actor with high class image but i guess i’m wrong.

  33. WOW, what a mess this whole imbroglio is! But I rather side with the girl, A, though I’m sort of a PSH fan – of his dramas to be more precise, PP and TPM…I wanted to watch CA for him and MGY, but I just don’t feel compelled any more…sigh… I’ve seen similar scenarios in real life many times, it’s called taking advantage of drunk/drugged girls, meaning rape…and the guys saying that is was consenxual sex asthey don’t consider having sex with barely conscious girls as rape LOL… Date/acquitance rape is called the hidden crime, the most under reported crime of all as many times the partiesinvolved don’t realize that law has been transgressed…sucks for us, womes…Lesson learned: don’t drink much when with people you barely know, or even with friends, colleagues for that matter: anything can happen.

  34. Everytime the red lantern turns on,erm… I mean ,whenever, PSH’s infamous name flashes on , I get meself ready for a good laugh
    Koala , I comment you for your turn of phrase!
    I’m no longer as interested to read the fandangled mess of
    “She said”s, “He said”s & “They said”s , then get my funnybone tickled by your Koala-vernacular! I’m sorry,but even your frustration , translated into Koala-speak ,is a laugh.
    I’m just appreciating you , babe.
    Anyways, I’m not gonna comment on this situation. Dun need to.
    Every stones been turned.

  35. OMG! I cannot believe there is another episode to this terribly scripted real-life drama….Sheesh.

    Will we have every letter in the alphabet named before this has gone to trial or not?

  36. So PSH’s side is now releasing info about her, huh? No matter what this just makes my view of PSH more and more dirty.

    What a jerk, netizens already found out who she was, but he saying it is a whole new thing and now people will start to bully her and her family.

    I pity her family, because a lot of people will say ”what kind of parents you are? Didn’t educate your child well… and all this things, even if she was really raped, they will look down on her and her family because they think raped girls also have fault on this (wtf… this is so wrong)

    • Im trying to think his motivation to why he did this. The text relesed doesnt help that its consensual. It just confirm they had sex. It also confirmed that A was really drunk. So now they release this…what is he trying to accomplish other than continually get the scrutiny off his back. Get his hounds after the prey and his family? If the meeting between parents were true… the plot thickens.

      • Exactly! i thought they were going to expose something big or earthshaking…your points are correct…it’s still the same situation…the lawyers on his side is saying something like her “initial” motive was driven by the fear that she might be pregnant. But she referred to that fear a day after she had visited that advice/counseling office..Of course there they have briefed her for sure of the possibility of pregnancy due to what happened to her. Now that could have been something shocking to be made realized to a 21/22 year old who never even thought of motherhood yet…of course she will be scared out of her wits. OMG this lawyers…are they for real? aren’t they in the same clown show with D?

      • Me too. I can’t figure out what his motivation is either. Especially so soon after the interview D did with the media; they were trying so hard to make us believe that P was really interested in A. Within hours, he’s personally attacking A and her family. Methinks the lawyer is trying to get A to settle out of court. P’s mother met A’s father? I don’t know, but P ain’t son-in-law material.

  37. What the hell are they hoping to accomplish with this? It’s like a worker at a McDonalds in Chicago saying that a worker at a McDonalds in L.A. didn’t rob the store because he’s a good dude. YOU WEREN’T THERE. YOU HAVE NO INSIGHT INTO THE SITUATION, STFU.

    Fame-mongers are angry-making.

  38. I bet psh side next move is finding something bad abou a past and try to make her image more stained. but doesnt matter What kind of person she is. rape is rape and You are stiil a rapist Psh. she can be a bitch but this doesnt undo what you did and you are still a scumbag and a jerk Psh…..

    • I know this is hard to remember given all the new riveting details that have come out, but this is actually an ongoing rape investigation. So we don’t know for a fact what happened. You may want to calm down on your aggressive accusations and name calling for people involved.

  39. This one is juicy.

    According to PSH’s friend, on that night P used a special perfume which would increase the affection. He said this to explain why P and A can quickly build a love connection.

    The news report added more info about the “perfume”: it increases sex drive and for females to use to a certain quantity, they will have sexual illusion.”

    (I have to go again.)

      • D said PSH used some “love perfume”.

        Is it Love Potion #9? He didn’t use this term. I got to admit that I am quite ignorant with this regard.

      • Lynne, Love Potion #9 was the name of an old song from the 60s.
        It’s about a guy that can’t find love, goes to a gypsy fortune teller and she tells him he needs Love Potion #9. He drinks it and then goes a bit crazy kissing everything in sight. After he kisses a police officer the policeman breaks his bottle of the love potion. Spell has been broken.
        After reading the comments about the “special perfume” Love Potion #9 just popped into my head. It’s not real, just a title to a song.

      • It’s not proof of consensual sex but it definitely proves that he has some plans up his sleeves. Ok, now I know why he dodged the police. He was afraid the police would hit on him. Sex pheromones…..shiiiish.

      • I wonder if they review whatever they dishes out can be scrutinized. So far PSH only doing is make sure A tarnished. Now with these statements, he’s openning himself for more scrutiny. and @ etee7114 you are right he was out on a hunt that night to get laid.

      • I don’t know if D’s interview has got a clearance from P’s lawyer, but if this is a “favor” P asked of D, then P’s a nitwit.
        Come to think of it, if it is indeed true P used a sex perfume, those netizens who have been saying that there are 20 billion females out there ready to jump PSH, they’d better shut up. I don’t know much about sex pheromones but I have the impression that women are aroused by sounds and men by sight and smell. See what PSH sweetie made me do? I’ve to go and look up pheromones now at 1 AM. Kekeke!

      • I don’t follow the logic, but I found it fascinating. Do PSH and his friends all live in a bubble world?

      • This just confirmed one thing I speculated before, that we can’t apply our common sense to their mind and behavior. We do not follow the same reasoning path!

    • At my age, I thought I’ve heard and seen just about everything. Sex perfume? This is a first for me. I’ve to go and kekeke now.

    • Its really funny…guess we know it didnt work. lol…wonder if K used it too cuz we all read who she wanted to be with really.

    • Is this a lighter version of rape drug? Geez so he intended to have sex with her and encouraged her to get drunk. It’s premeditated, then

    • Say whut?!?!? Not in my wildest imagination could I ever come up with this! It’s getting crazier by the second, and words are not enough to convey how ridiculous this is getting. The rest of the alphabet better just zip their mouths while we wait for the police to finish their investigation.

  40. Can someone clarify if PSH and A had sex again in the morning? As what I read, K saw him wearing his condom. If they did it again in the morning, given the fact that A is already awake, then that’s consensual sex.

    • B stated that A told her that PSH had been wearin a condome when she woke up.
      A herself, and also K, never made such a statement… at least not to any report I have read.
      As for sex again in the morning, nothing was ever said about it, at least not in the sources available.

  41. who is this PSH’s friend ?? why does his words sounds so fishy ?? this case is getting uglier and uglier each days. ugh!!

  42. Very good summary. After reading the texts, I thought what might have happened is:
    A liked and trusted K
    K carried her into PSH’s apt.
    K was the last person she remembered touching her (piggyback/putting her on the bed)
    Surprise! She woke up with PSH and not K.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if they both had sex with her.

    In my mind, K is a complete slimeball and the texts confirmed it. The dialogue was a complete red flag.
    PSH is no better.

    Have the semen and hair samples from the rape kit come back yet?

  43. Bwahahaha…monkey business!! They all belong to Zooooooo…….Alternatively, they all should be sent to the Planet of the Apes!!!

  44. Koala, I think you’re giving P and his pimp buddy too much credit. In my opinion they’re already planning the whole assault and A was chosen by K for his offering to P.

    The chain of events were disturbing. K lured A into the bar, K encourage A to lose her ability to think straight by making her drunk, K then dragged A drunk/unconscious body to his boss aka P’s bed so P can ravish her.

    Seeing the whole process, I’m not surprised if this isn’t the first time P and K did this. K probably thought A is too stupid to pull out these stunts. And I think she is. Judging from her text chat, she’s like having a mental capacity of a child. I don’t think she realized she was raped that night that’s why she wasn’t reacted “accordingly” (and prob because she wasn’t a virgin either so it’s not that big deal for her). But B apparently pushed her and made A realized that she indeed was a rape victim and should get her own justice/revenge that’s why she report the case.

    And now if the pheromone stuff was true, then PSH is really a sexual predator.

    • It seems PSH’s side reeeeally wanted to make an agreement… people saying A was in this because of money, I don’t think so, PSH has money and so has his family, I bet they would give the money A asked… so this story A is in this for money, I dpn’t buy it at all….

      it seems PSH really have guilty on this afterall.

      • Yeah, seems like the mom tried 2x: A’s father and the attorney. It could be also they want the nightmare to end why they try to reach a settlement. He needs to, if all of his friends start talking too lol.

      • My understanding of the way the legal system in SK works is that offering settlement money is considered the normal way to resolve “private” disputes and/or damage claims before they are escalated to a higher level. Rape (for some reason) is one of the categories that is considered a private claim.

        Either party can either refuse to pay or refuse to accept a settlement offer which then sends the matter to a higher level of authority in the system to resolve. I believe if a settlement offer is accepted is stops further actions between the parties.

        While I see some advantages to this type of system, I also can see there would be some disadvantages, one of them being this type of public character assassination that erupts between the disputing parties when they have different versions or perceptions about what took place. It makes me wonder if there’s no way to put a gag order on what is allowed to be released to the public if it hasn’t been officially turned over to that higher level of authority yet.

    • …. meant to say: “I believe if a settlement offer is accepted ***it*** stops further actions between the parties.

      Also another disadvantage I see is that it could possibly be a way for a person with a questionable intent to try to get money from another party depending on how willing or unwilling the other party may be to avoid further escalations or having personal/private information disclosed. I could be wrong… or it just could be that I’ve seen too many Kdramas where the running joke seems to be that when the car you’re in is rear-ended, you grab a body part and hit the ground.

      NOTE: This is only my opinion of the system… not an opinion about any party in this particular issue.

      • I noticed that too, about Kdramas in rear-ended car accidents. I was puzzled at that and just dismissed it maybe its one of those cultural things.

  45. I feel sad reading Allkpop comments, there fans are 100% on PSH’s side and think only that texts are the proof that he didn’t raped her. They don’t even notice the confusion the girl seems to be and how maybe she was drugged but the drug was out of her system before doing the blood test.. maybe it is also a new drug, Idk… she said over and over how she was still feeling drunk/not okay and was not sober up enough…

    She didn’t know what happened and from the texts I see she isn’t that smart…

    People at allkpop forget that PSH did many things fishy and still is doing it, and forget K lied a lot too. They don’t even think K is a bastard to give A to PSH like this…

    And the sex perfume LOL so he really wanted to have sex, and then he starts saying that he really liked her and intended to date her, yeah right LOL

    • Many commenters at Allkpop are young, as such they tend to take everything at face value and are lack of critical thinking. And there are some fans who just so stubborn to even consider a possibility that their oppa might be lying too.

      I’ve been giving PSH the benefit of the doubt, but with the new revelation of parents meeting, love perfume, and the release of A’s identity by PSH side, I can’t see him as a good guy at all. It’s pretty low of him to reveal A’s identity, it’s like he F**ked her twice.

    • The funniest part is that some of PSH fans said stuff like “oh poor oppa he had a crush on the wrong girl; maybe he just wanted to get married since he’s almost 40; he’s lonely looking for a relationship.”

      LOL – having sex with a drunk woman and if the love potion rumor is true, well he was seeking for a booty call, not a crush or a potential relationship. Not an honorable way of entering a dating relationship.

  46. I think the really scary part is the longer every clown, zoo animal and wild animal are out publicizing about this, the harder it is to pick jurors by the time the trial begins.

  47. D and B have equal credibility, which is none. D’s obvious role, to me, anyway, is to make those of park shi-hoo’s fans who don’t believe in the rape feel better about their boy’s obvious involvement in a one night stand with somebody he just met.

    I have leaned ever so slightly myself on the side of A, just because I am also a woman and I tend to give more credibility to such accusations. With the text messages I’ve begun to wonder if this isn’t more a case of regret, the sort of thing where you so regret the bad decision you made that you start to revise it in your head because there is NO way you want to own the fact that you actually made that bad decision.

    I also believe if you are grown enough to drink, you have to be grown enough to own the things you do when you are drunk, whether you are a man or a woman, and it’s not somebody else’s job to check your alcohol levels and decide for you if you can legally consent or not, and most certainly it’s not the job of somebody else who is drinking and therefore has just as much right to claim impaired judgment as you do (obviously, if drugs were involved, that’s different, but at this time, there’s no evidence of drugs). If it is a man’s job to drink with a woman and then *also* be the one to protect a woman from her own drinking impaired judgment as well as his, then let’s at least be consistent with that view of male/female roles and acknowledge that women need men to protect us from ourselves.

    That said, I wouldn’t bet so much as five cents on any version of these events at this time- we have no way of knowing what information has been held back or twisted and we’re getting stuff third and fourth hand.

    However, I can’t really fault the other side for releasing her name. If they believe they are right and they’ve been falsely accused, why wouldn’t they release her name? Why does calling it rape automatically mean that the person who denies it was a rape has to protect the accuser’s identity when the accuser has not done anything to protect his? It may not be ‘kind,’ but I am not sure kindness is called for when you’re defending yourself against an accusation like this.

    • For the most part, I agree with everything that you are saying but I think we’ll get shot down for it by other responses I’ve seen here.

    • @ DMH I understand this is your pov and respect that. Here is my side:

      The text also gave me the impression that she regretted the outcome of her drinking. I posted the same scenario on one of my comments.
      It may not be somebody’s job to check BAC and decide if its consent. My response is nobody also has to impose the other’s decision that it was consent. Did PSH just decide that its consent? That’s whats scrutinized.
      If both had been drinking, then of course this is very vague. That is why people are debating if PSH was sober or not. It doesnt help that he claimed numerous times that he cant tolerate alcohol. But who knows how drunk really he is thats being questionned.
      I am not sure though if its a man’s job to drink with a woman and protect both of their judgement calls. I think its independently and separately. Because I assume both are of legal drinking age . But for a drunk woman/man to be left alone not to be violated.
      Women need men to protect us from ourselves. From some commenters , they said, Men needs women to protect men from their menselves because they dont have self restraints. I guess it depends because my growing up/culture environment is different from asian/or others so to make sense on that is moot.
      D and B, like you I dont give much credit for. Thats why I focus only on A,K and PSH. They are the relevant players. Of course with half truth/critical deductions because every one is out to save themselves.
      About releasing her name, my reasons are(someone already mentionned this)encourage reporting of sexual crimes to authorities hopefully deter more rape crimes and have some civility, prevent threats/intimidation tactics,distracts from what is real the issue(in this case: Is it rape?)among others. When news broke out some civility
      was not maintained. She was called names. They dont know her yet but already some wants to stone her. He has fans some crazy, rabid that really is frightening. Her freedom to live will be threatend/intimidated. Netizens already can drive one to suicide. With her known, her family is gonna be way affected, (who is not involved in the case) will be scrutinized, their privacy violated. Even the girl who just happen to share her name was harrassed. Is it helping to really deal with what is the issue?
      PSH releasing her name, I see it as early retaliation not defense. Its one of those yes you can do that, is it right to do so, what will be the effect to do so.Him doing that: I will do it, right or not be damned,I am not not gonna suffer alone, I dont care what happens. From where I am, Its one of the many laws, protecting privacy of rape victims/accuser.
      In SK? I dont know and maybe its not a law.

  48. After five hours on the wheel, I finally sit in front of the computer. I am rushing back because I need to make a statement about the previous posts and also an apology.

    My two friends, who provided me the links and updates on the case, called me when I was on the road. They don’t feel comfortable about the flood of rumors suddenly came out and spreading around, from all sides, and badmouthing about everyone. It seems, because the mainstream media recently concentrate their focus on North Korea issues, off stream media dominated the coverage on this case. They are not as reliable. And there are so many stories flying around.

    With regard to the previous posts of my updates (all of them). even the links and the articles are still there on the web, I have to claim that they are not very reliable, and I urge you, my friends, do not use them as facts to form your opinions. I here apologize about rushing into these news reports and I will stop posting any further news.

    To summarize the situation, I here quote a paragraph in an article on –
    “Also, regarding interviews given by ‘Park Si Hoo’s friend’, ‘a friend of the complainant A’, ‘a colleague of younger actor Kim’, all people not directly associated with the event, the PSH source said: “Not only did they not help with anything, it will lead to unnecessary misunderstandings.”

    • so this means that the news about a guy who’s said to be P’s friend and mentioned that P wore special perfume is not true ?

      • Other than what P, A and K says, no one should trust what the monkeys and all the other animals are saying. And to be honest, I’m hearing what P, A and K says with a big pinch of salt.

    • Then why did PSH talk to that friend who was with the journalist. Looks like a set up from the PSH camp. They want public sympathy. …..So noble and kind of PSH that he was considering dating the girl who he had met only once whom he used for sexual release while she was drunk. He obviously was not drunk if he managed to have ” consensual sex’ with her.

  49. for those of you who are complaining about A’s name being released, if she wanted to have her privacy she shouldnt have made this case public, we don’t know who is the victim yet.

    im leaning towards PSH right now tho

  50. PSH can’t get drunk that night he claimed it was consensual sex ,how can a drunked guy can claim consensual or not

  51. really no matter what happens PSH is not innocent if not entirely guilty…..what genteleman bang the woman whom a juniour introduces to him the very first day when she is unconcious as she was carried into PSH apartment…..consensual sex my foot?….PSH says he liked her and wanted to date her in a few hours which is hard to believe but even if you believejust after a brief meeting you banged her…..really are you here make fools of us….some people are supporting the view that it is good that girl’s identity is revealed… can you say that becoz girls are always judged differently than man….on the top of that she is just a trainee as her face is now revealed her future has reached it’s dead end with it…even if she wins his case her celebrity carrer won’t take off and even if the public will show sympathy and but still not welcome her in their houses…this tainted history is gonna follow her and always viewed in dark shade of light….always women bear the brunt….but for PSH if a settlement is reached as it occurs in this cases or once the media hype ends he will able to return after a hiatus becoz money and power talks in the end…even if he doesn’t return with the money he had amassed he can still lead a good life and with his handsome face he can settle with anytime with a woman…but for her forget the entertainment industry but personal life will be miserable for her…Also if you look at the text messages between K and A as pointed about by koala there is no mention of PSH or mention by k to introduce A to PSH anywhere…How can you believe she was fantasized by PSH in a few hours when it is clear from the texts she liked K who is sleazy bastard of all…i goonna never believe you PSH are a scumbag for me and even if i don’t believe in all A’s stories but strong believe you can never be and lee byung hun are the same but since it is concerning rape in your case you are the worst… wonder you are friends with lee byung hyun

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