Moon Geun Young Seriously Considering Goddess of Fire with Jaejoong Rumored as Co-star

This has been rumored for months and months ago, even before Moon Geun Young accepted Cheongdamdong Alice, and now as the drama gets closer to airing there is further confirmation that the long-courted leading lady will indeed accept the role. The upcoming MBC sageuk (its another sageuk deluge lately, no?) Goddess of Fire Jeongi is scheduled to air in late June following the Lee Seung GiSuzy fantasy sageuk Gu Family Book on Mon-Tues. The story centers around the real life historical and cultural figure of Baek Pa Seon, Joseon’s first female pottery maker. During the Japanese invasion of Korea in the late 19th century, she was spotted for her talent and taken to Japan, where she ended up spreading the artistry of Joseon pottery in Japan. There is already talk that this drama is aiming to spread more Korean culture the way Dae Jang Geum spread Korean cuisine around the world. There is no word yet on the male lead but his character is supposedly a Japanese man. Hhhmmm, inneresting. Unconfirmed rumors from the intrepid fans of JYJ have Jaejoong signing on to this drama, though I’m not sure if he’s playing the male lead or the second male lead. If it requires speaking Japanese then he’d be my first pick. Acting-wise….not quite there yet. If Jaejoong does sign on this would make it his second consecutive sageuk, and both on MBC as well, since last year he was in the abominable laugh-a-thon that was Time Slip Dr. Jin. At least if Moon Geun Young does accept this role then he’ll have a sageuk veteran sunbae to learn from, since Moon Geun Young’s most famous performance still remains her Baeksang winning cross-dressing role in Painter of the Wind. I hope she does this and scrubs away all traces of Cheongdamdong Alice from my memory. That one turned out to be a hot mess. As for her leading man in this project? May I suggest Kim Jae Wook, who is coming out of the army in days, speaks fluent Japanese, can act, and has proven chemistry with Moon Geun Young. Win and win.

I don’t mind Jaejoong in secondary roles, and my gut tells me he’ll play the second lead if he indeed does sign on for this project. Chances are its going to be some protector role, K-dramas are so easy to predict. He was decent in Protect the Boss but pretty dreadful in Dr. Jin, but even then I sorta enjoy watching him onscreen. He definitely doesn’t act as well as Yoochun does, but I find him infinitely better looking so my shallow side loves the eye candy and his cheekbones are to-die-for. Too bad Changmin can’t act at all, because I find him the cutest of all the combined DBSK members. Moon Geun Young rocks the sageuk like no other and I don’t see another actress her age that has the clout and acting chops to headline this drama. Hopefully it’ll be confirmed soon so I can start looking forward to her next project.


Moon Geun Young Seriously Considering Goddess of Fire with Jaejoong Rumored as Co-star — 79 Comments

  1. Everyone is considering a guy for MGY but I tell you she had the best chemistry with MCW in “Painter of the Wind”. So why not a girl?? Okay I know… it would be another sageuk drama with a girl-girl relationship for her but who cares? 😀 Chemistry is the key.

  2. Jaejoong? WHAT ? Stay away please. I keep praying for good co-stars and she never gets one I thought about.

    Kim Jae Wook for the win!

    But then again, he doesn’t have a sageuk face if you ask me…

  3. I read that it’s supposed to be set in 16th-century Joseon. It does sound like a interesting project, Korean and Chinese ceramics play a important role in Japanese tea ceremony (sado). Mishima Pottery was adopted from Korea and some scholars say the Raku pottery style also originated from there.
    Jaejoong as the leading guy, pleas no. Yes, he’s Japanese is quite good but he does not sound like a native speaker or have the acting chops. Here is a crazy idea, cast a native speaker in the role.

    • MTE. Jaejoong’s japanese sounds so korean to me and he was dreadful in Sunao ni narenakute, making me think that he acts worse when he’s not acting in his mother tongue.

    • yes, i think it is a better idea to have a japanese actor that can speak korean. maybe, there are some japanese actors qualified for the role.

      feasible or not???

      • I forgot his name, I think it was Mizuta Koki? But he was in FBND, he’s Japanese and I think he’s a decent Korean speaker. But if he’s playing a Japanese character, I don’t think his Korean matters that much, no?

  4. Ugh.

    Where have all the experienced actors gone? Too busy raking in movie money to care about the drama industry I guess.

    What I would give to see someone like Ha Jung Woo or Park Hae Il in this type of role… not necessarily this drama, but you get my drift.

  5. ohhhh if kim jae wook does take on the lead, he’ll finally get the girl and give us glorious mane at the same time!

  6. These producers are really adamant on getting her to sign on, aren’t they?…they’ve been talking about this since even before Cheongdamdong Alice…not a huge fan of the Jaejoong news…but better him being second lead than lead…please please please cast Im Joo Hwan dramagods!!!!!!! I doubt they’d pick Kim Jae Wook since he has no real sageuk experience

    • OOOhh. I was so fixated on KJW that I didn’t even think of Im Joo Hwan. I don’t know how his Japanese is, but I could really see him rocking this and he is sooooo awesome in sageuk. Good call! (And now that I think about it, I don’t think being able to speak Japanese would be all that important since normally they just have the characters all speaking Korean anyhow even if they would really be speaking Japanese (think Gaksital).)

  7. Omg Kim Jae Wook please!! Jaejoong is okay but up against Moon Geun Young it’ll really show up how inexperienced he is. And here I was a few months ago thinking jeez I haven’t watched a good sageuk in ages…. and now a gazillion are coming along at once!

    (Also damn, I also wish Changmin could act. Agreed that he is the best looking of all the DBSK members even if his acting is atrocious).

    • Well, I’m not entirely sure if his acting is completely atrocious, or if it was the combination of mediocre acting and crap drama.

      • Update: He can’t be all that terrible if he just won a newcomer award at the Japanese Academy Awards…I might give him another chance with this movie. Maybe he just needs a mature script to do well.

  8. Yes im on board..can’t wait for the confirmation..Agree with you Captain,there’s no other actress in her age will ever give justice to that role..her Painter of the wind was beyond wonder those producers are really dying to get her in…
    In dramabeans they said its 32 episodes??hmmm if its true then this will be the first time Moon Geun Young do a drama over 20 episode..

    Moon Geun Young hwatting~~~

  9. OMG, I would LOVE to see a rematch with KJW.

    Is anyone out there listening?

    But I have to say, Miz K, you didn’t mention Im Joo Hwan.
    Tamra covered K-pottery to Japan in its storyline, so I thought of him immediately.

  10. I swear before I got the part where Kim Jae Wook was suggested, I was already thinking, please, please, please Kim Jae Wook. If speaking Japanese is needed, oh, and acting ability is needed, then he’d be the man! What a great comeback project that would be to really show his versatility and ability to being a leading male, a role I’m sure he could handle. Now I won’t even be happy unless it is him :(. If only Kdramaland would hear my casting pleas!!!!!

  11. I’m sooooo excited about this!! I can’t wait to hear for the confirmation that Noonie would take up this role. i really want to see her again onscreen. and also I don’t really mind jaejoong as the male lead if he’s required to talk in japanese coz i still remember he was quite good portraying his character in the japanese drama call sunao ni narenakute . he’s actually good in that drama. but then if it’s kim jae wook , it would be better . who else the actor that can speak japanese ? i know no min woo does speak fluent japanese too. but i don’t really think his face suits saguek.

  12. Kim Jae Wook would be awesome, but would it be too much to hope that an actual Japanese actor might be cast to play the male lead? Perhaps it would lol!

  13. Jaejoong???? No. I was excited to read about MGY’s new drama this morning, now not so much. I can deal with him as 2nd lead maybe, but only just barely.

  14. I’m so excited about her sageuk, she was awesome in “Painter of the Wind”. How about Yoon Shi Yoon as her male lead. Both baby faced actors/ actress with strong acting chops.

  15. Jaejoong. …sigh. .. this guy should stop acting. Bad acting.
    He just need to keep singing not acting. This portion is not his chop.
    Idol should know where to stop acting when he know people not favor him.

  16. I’m supposed to studying dang it! The fantasizing got to me. If KJW makes it, this will totally fix the issues I had with Mary. Not to mention how awesome he would look in sageuk garb.

  17. So excited about this! I already posted my wish list: Jung ilwoo, Kim jae wook, nam goong min…maybe lee junki or no min woo? I wouldn’t mind a Japanese actor too! Can’t wait! Go Moonie!

  18. OMG!!!not Jaejoong please!!!..i will prefer KJW also as the male lead of this drama..maybe JKS also..wehehehehe..MSOAN reunion?…:))

  19. As a Jaejoong fan, I don’t want him in this drama either since I don’t like Moon Geun Young at all. She doesn’t appeal to me and to have to sit through 16-24 hours of her in order to catch Jaejoong would be too much to bear.

  20. Courting?there must be lots of jobs for our korean entertainers whereas in other countries when projects are given to actors even the famous and good actors they always feel like its a blessing and that entertainment writers would make them believe that they are lucky to be given the job. It’s like, do not complain whatsoever, and be extremely grateful you are busy and have projects. They are not courted, they cannot choose they actually wait for the work to come. so for korean entertainers to have this control and demand, i say, what a good profession to earn your kept.

  21. Waah so excited reading this news… i was watching painter of the wind a week ago.. sigh. I’m too late watching the adorable moon couple.. and as always.. no young actress cant beat her talent and dedication in acting. If she will do saeguk again… i hope lee jun ki gets an offer. I’m agree kim jae wook will a be good choice but not for lead i ever read that after her MMM, her agency stated that Geun young has a particular standard for those who will play as her co-star, to the least her co stars should be the A list actor in hallyu wave dept.. and the previous two actors.. geun suk and si hoo.. indeed have that standard.

  22. Great minds think alike. When you posted Kim Jae Wook’s pictorial not too long ago I remember posting a comment that I would love to see Jae Wook in this saeguk with MGY. They had amazing chemistry in M3 and he is hot and can act AND has amazing Japanese speaking skills. The PD needs to get on it and try to cast him.

  23. I’m in for a Moon Geun Young – Kim Jae Wook tandem! In my opinion, Jaejoong won’t take the lead role, and the rumors are that he’s actually planning on doing the second lead which is the best choice for him since I don’t think he’s up to being in the lead role just yet. And forever laughing at that Changmin remark there. Yeah too bad he can’t act.

    Anyway, has Kim Jae Wook ever starred in a sageuk movie/drama yet? Wah, I just want to see him in a project right after his military service XD

  24. “As for her leading man? May I suggest Kim Jae Wook, who is coming out of the army in days, speaks fluent Japanese, can act, and has proven chemistry with Moon Geun Young.”

    Nice–Koala, you should work as the casting director. 🙂

  25. My sentiment is same as all the above comments..not Jaejoong pls..KJW is Ok choice though.. What about Jung Il Woo or Kim Soo Hyun? That will be perfect acting!!

  26. Suggestions- It would be nice to see as the male lead/s with Moon Geun Young in a drama/movie:
    (1) Song Joong Ki (Innocent Man/Nice Guy, Sungkyungkwan Scandal)
    (2) Yoo Ah In (Sungkyungkwan Scandal, Fashion King)
    (3) Yoon Shi Yoon (King of Baking Tagyu, Flower Boy Next Door)
    (4) Kim Nam Gil (Bad Guy, Queen Seondeok)
    (5) Kim Hyun Joong (Mischievous Kiss, Boys over Flowers, City Conquest)
    (6) Ji Sung (Save the Last Dance for Me, Protect the Boss, The Great Seer)
    (7) Jung Il Woo (49 days, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop)
    (8) Lee Jun Ki (My Girl)
    (9) Lee Seung Gi (King 2 Hearts, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Shining Inheritance.
    (10)Jang Geun Suk (Mary Stayed Out All Night, One Missed Call Final, etc.)
    (11)Chung Jung Myung (Cinderella’s Stepsister)
    (12 Lee Sang Yoon (My Daughter, Seo Young)
    (13)Park Yong Woo (My Love, Madame Butterfly)

    • (14) Kim Bum (The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry, Death Bell, TWTWB)
      (15) Zo In Sung (What Happened in Bali, A Frozen Flower[R],Madeleine, TWTWB)
      (16) Hyun Bin (Secret Garden, My Name is Kim Sam Soon)
      (17) Ji Hyun Woo (Birth of a Rich Man, A Thousand Kisses,Queen Inhyun’s Man)

      • (18) Yoo Seung Ho (4th Period Mystery)
        (19) Bae Soo Bin (Temptation of an Angel)
        (20) So Ji Sub (What Happened in Bali)
        (21) Jung Yong Hwa (Heartstrings, You’re Beautiful)
        (22) Kim Bum
        (23) Kim Dong Wan (Cheer Up Mr. Kim)
        (24) Lee Byung Hun (Iris)
        (25) Haruma Miura
        (26) Mizushima Hiro
        (27) Kamenashi Kazuya
        (28) Yamashita Tomohisa
        (29) Matsumoto Jun
        (30) Yamamoto Yusuke
        (31) Seto Koji
        (32) Mukai Osamu
        (33) Kaname Jun

    • (34) Shin Dong Wook (Soulmate)- any news about his health? I hope he can make a comeback as the male lead with Moon Geun Young.

  27. hoo ! Jaejoong does not bother me as leader with Moonie , it is beautiful ; a beautiful face , and i think he has a chance to act with moonie ^^

  28. I agree w/ you Miss Koala. Changmin really is the cutest in DBSK. Too bad he can’t act to save his life. I was really disappointed in his drama. I really hope that MGY will do this drama.

    • I don’t know what to think. Paradise Ranch was crap, but he just won a newcomer award for the Japanese movie “Fly to the Gold” (?). I’m wondering if we all prejudged him though a terrible drama. I haven’t seen the movie, so I can’t say anything what his real acting chops are like.

  29. Lee min ho please. Those two are my favorite k actor and actress. It would be great if they team up in a drama. But, Lee min ho just finished a historical drama, He may not be considering this role.

  30. If this drama is going to involve a lot of Japanese they need to get a Japanese co director too. I just can’t stomach the awkward foreign language acting in Korean dramas.
    The idea of the production using a bunch of amateur Japanese actors in cheap period costumes being directed by a Korean PD who barely speaks Japanese is making me squirm already.

  31. I am a huge Jaejoong fan, but I don’t think saeguk fits him, or may be it’s because I prefer seeing him in something like PtB.

    haha his cheekbones! I think he is the most handsome from DBSK. But anyways, for this drama KJW would be perfect!

  32. Jj usually likes second leads, but I really would like him to try him be with moon geun young! Hahah I love her too <3 and I know she loves Junsus voice!

  33. Love this news! Thanks Ms. Koala! 😀

    I don’t mind Jeajoong as the male lead for this one. In Dr. Jin, his character was the only one I sympathized with. But if it’s up to me, I vote JUNG. IL. WOO. If he is not available, how about Yoon Kye Sang?

    And if the drama cast director insists on Japanese speaking skill, I agree with the previous commenters who suggested employing a Japanese native speaker. Better yet, I hope they cast an experienced Japanese actor. I suggest: Ikuta Toma ( Osozaki no Himawari) or Hiroshi Tamaki (Nodame Cantabile).

  34. love how all of you have your own idea of who should be the leading man for MGY..I know I too have a lot of leading man but Lee Jung Ki would look nice in the Japanese Yukata…so is Kim Jae wook, endless of leading man look good in yukata..hahaha you know what I mean…Thanks Ockoala..hope MGY take up the project…love her in Painter in the Wind..

  35. seems everybody here was really not in favor of too!!!i havent watched him act but i think its better if he will just take the second lead rather being the main lead because i believe the one who’ll be better with that role needs to be a more experienced actor…i would really wish that it would be Jung Il Woo since he was awesome on TMETS,plus the fact that he personally want to work with Geun Young…i just want to include So Ji Sub on the list,i think he can do well also on that genre.and yeah,i don’t mind seeing again MGY w/ KJW,they look good together..

  36. i am a great MGY fan. I would love to see her in a longer-running tv drama with whoever she’ll be paired with. But may i suggest that they choose a leading man of the same acting calibre as hers? That way i don’t have to bear 20 plus episodes of mediocre acting from some just good-looking actors who could only sing but not act!

  37. What ? ohh who’s that ? It’s my first time to see him . oohh Whatever but I’m so Excited to see Moon Geun Young again :)) Good Luck idol ^_^ wish you all the best kahit sinu pa yang ka partner mu . I will support you 🙂 keke

  38. Ms. K, Jang Geun Suk can speak Japanese, aside from being a good actor, he also looks good in Sageuk huh. GeunGeun forever! lol

    May this drama will fall on MGY my loves!

  39. Kim Jae Wook is an okay choice. He is very fluent in Japanese since it his first spoken language before Korean. However, i doubt his choice of acting… as far as i know, his acting was so-so. He’s not even that famous but indeed memorable by some fans in every dramas/movies he did before.

    Noo Min Woo is another choice since he is also fluent in Japanese. And he also been hoping to act with dear Moonie. But, again his face is more to modern look and i doubt if he suits sageuk-theme drama. Hrmm

    Jang Geun Suk on the other hand looks good in any type of drama. He also fluent in Japanese and if this drama ever airing in Japan it will gaining up the ratings as he have many fans in Japan and they might want to watch him talking in jaoanese in the drama. However, considering its a Korea production who seldomly take the same on-screen couple so the chances are low.

    I was thinking why not they cast the real Japanese actors? There a lot Japanese actors who also can talk Korean and are damn good-looking and a great actor! I’ve been in love with a few of Japanese actors lately so i’m surely don’t mind to see Moonie pairing up with Japanese actor.

    Either way, i hope she will confirm it soon and hope for the best on any decision she made after this.

    • cheekster, seriously???Creepy looking?? She might not beautifull as other korean actress but most people praise her as one of the talented korean actress. To call somebody as a creepy looking i would say its very unkind. Nobody forcing you to read/watch movie where by the actors is the one who you’re not interested to. That is why i dont understand why u still bother to read story about her if u really dont like her. For me it is simple, u dont like the actress/ actors,dont even bother to read any news,watch any drama/movie about them. It would only waste your time. As for this drama, if really she decided to play in this,since u are really concern about “HER APPEARANCE/LOOK” ONLY, you can drop this drama from ur watchlist.
      As her fan, I really hope that she’ll take this drama.

    • then maybe you are the more creepier person…dont insult her if you don’t like her,don’t bother to read any news about her if you have nothing good to say..her haters are truly the losers..
      she is well beloved in korea by her fellow actors/actress even director’s are so eager to cast her in..
      Everyone who work with her even her senior have nothing to say but all praises..there’s many actors who are waiting there turn to work with if you have nothing good to say keep your mouth shot and go crawl your creepy face in hell..DUH!!!

  40. I agree with Iyssa & Jen. Though she’s not those stunningly beautiful type, she is pleasantly lovely & cute, plus she can really act. For those haters, pls dun bother to post here. Have some respect for the actress who has been working hard.

    • Oh yeah,those eyes..WOW what a beautiful eyes..and like you said it set fire and it burns your ugly face better run fast as you could before your famous “creepy” hunts you..

  41. @Cheekster, your own creepy eyes must have grown above your forehead. I think beside creepy and eyes, u do not know other English words. Pls leave since u dislike her so much.

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