Eyagi Entertainment Counter-sues Park Shi Hoo for Libel

So the current legal proceedings stands at this nearly three weeks after the shocking news broke that unknown victim A reported that Park Shi Hoo allegedly raped her – (1) Park Shi Hoo is being investigated by the police for alleged rape, (2) Park Shi Hoo has sued the alleged rape victim A for blackmail, (3) Park Shi Hoo has sued B, the supposed friend of A, for libel, since B went to the media and blabbed all about what A told her supposedly happened the night of the alleged rape, and (4) Park Shi Hoo has sued Eyagi Entertainment‘s director Mr. Hwang (also known as C in the media) for conspiracy, though its unclear what exactly the underlying conspiracy charge is. Let me explain – conspiracy is an added charge to a independent crime. Four people getting together to discuss what to order for pizza is not a conspiracy because their discussion did not involve an agreement to do something illegal. Is Mr. Hwang being sued for conspiracy to entrap Park Shi Hoo, i.e. he is being set up for a rape he didn’t commit by A, B, and Mr. Hwang? Otherwise I don’t see an underlying crime based on the sketchy news reports that Park Shi Hoo is suing Mr. Hwang for conspiring to get A to report the rape. Because, uh, telling someone to go report an alleged crime is not in and of itself a criminal offense. At all. It’s a good thing. Or is Mr. Hwang being sued for knowing that it wasn’t rape but a consensual sexual encounter but is encouraging A to report as rape. Then I suppose Korea might have a law on the books about it being illegal to knowingly file a false complaint, and if Mr. Hwang urged A to report a rape he knew wasn’t a rape, then I suppose there could be a conspiracy charge somewhere. But Mr. Hwang is not taking this lying down, and today he upped the ante on Park Shi Hoo and is counter-suing him for libel. Ahahahaha, I’m sorry, this is just too ridiculous I can’t even. Mr. Hwang says his reputation has been damaged by Park Shi Hoo’s allegation and lawsuit that he is conspiring to bring him down. Mr. Hwang gave an interview today that pretty much says all he did was try to arrange a settlement between the parties and for that he’s getting sucked into this vortex of crazy. Tell me about it. If J, K, and L are waiting in the wings to talk, I suggest thinking carefully before claiming to have even more juicy details.

In Mr. Hwang’s interview, he said that he didn’t even meet B until 10 pm the night after A filed the complaint, so how could there even be a conspiracy? Leaked texts between B and A have B saying A should use this to bring Park Shi Hoo down and suggesting Mr. Hwang would also want to destroy Park Shi Hoo for leaving his agency. Mr. Hwang points out that he was not involved in those text messages, and even after Park Shi Hoo left his agency all the residuals from his projects are still flowing to the agency. To bring down Park Shi Hoo would mean shooting himself in the foot since now Park Shi Hoo’s projects are getting dropped for airing overseas. Furthermore, Mr. Hwang claims his only involvement in this matter has been to only arrange for a settlement meeting between Park Shi Hoo’s mother and A’s father. When he first heard of the rape allegation, all he wanted was to quickly reach a settlement for Park Shi Hoo to preserve his reputation and also help his own agency continue to maximize their investment in Park Shi Hoo’s prior projects. Mr. Hwang says that because he’s now being accused and sued for something untrue, he will actively defend himself. He has released evidence to the police that will exonerate himself but might not be good for Park Shi Hoo. Stay tuned for the next episode of: People’s Court of Korea via the Media.


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  1. too much ridiculousness all up in here. foolishness all around. everyone in this situation has made questionable decisions at best, straight up evil ones at worst, and im ready for them to all go away now.

  2. I’m sitting here at the computer drinking coffee, reading and flipping through sites procrastinating because I need to go do my 45-60 min workout, and came to your site and the read this headline, which made me LOL!

    I’ll be back…..

  3. basically this is a kdrama but real life and we are here for the recaps. after this is over there will be a book deal and an adaptation to either a drama or movie.

  4. I wonder when will this circus show end. So ridiculous I CAN’T EVEN… Meh. It’s like watching a soap opera unfold except that now all this drama is actually happening in RL. Sigh.

  5. I think Park Shi Hoo career is over , wherther or not he is not guilty what utter nonsense now

    sad that Alice in Cheongdamdong will not be seen oversea

    it was good even better watching live in Korea

    • cheongdamdong alice can be watched online at wwdrama full episode with english sub by android 🙂
      frankly, i like PSH in QOR, i found his acting in this QOR is very amazing but cant stand to watch TPM after 3-4episodes i just gave up , as for CDDA no comment since i havent watch it but from the premiere his acting skills getting boring over the time as i can see same acting like TPM

  6. PSH just made it exponentially worse for him filing those civil lawsuits, maybe the Intention was to distract and try to salvage his image (what’s left of it anway…)? Now his ex manager is countersuing, and he (C) probably knows PSH’s dirty laundry more than anyone else…tsk, tsk.

  7. Uh oh, the gauntlet is thrown. His legal team, either not advising him or the advise is ignored. Now more distraction from what was the original issue.

  8. I am officially not even going to click on anymore PSH articles. Somewhere in there there was a sexual encounter. Consensual or not.
    Everything else since then… has been a farce.
    I will wait for the final verdict headline. But knowing this circus, there will be, I am sure, an appeal.
    But this Netizen has better things to do with her life. Although I did learn a lot about Common Law and Korean’s Common and Criminal Law. Courtesy of this whole… whatdoyoucallit?

      • PSH needs a better PR rep. I read it somewhere that he just set up his own, together with his family. Not knowing what credentials they have, this “debacle” would have been handled better with “professional” handlers…

  9. OK. Do they ever throw out lawsuits before getting to trial?
    Just because PSH is suing for conspiracy doesn’t mean a judge will allow this, right?

  10. “Er Ren Xian Gao Zhuang” is the chinese saying that fits PSH’s behaviour to a T. It means that the guilty party will set the first counter attack by putting the blame on everyone else first – mainly to distract and shift attention from his crime/wrongdoing. His actions just goes to reinforce the fact that A has indeed been raped, K is the lowest of low lives PIMP and PSH is the ultimate rapist. If there is any conspiracy, then there is indeed one where PSH acted in cahoots with K to trap and victimize young, unsuspecting women.

  11. Yawn. Boring. The whole thing is spiralling out of control and I am not sure whether the alphabets will be sufficient to name all the parties concerned before the whole farce is over.

    I do feel a tinge of sympathy for PSH regardless of his innocence or guilt. A slip in error of judgement has resulted for him and his family a nightmare and nights of sleeplessness and also the possibility his career may have taken a beating.

    Though I am not a lawyer, I do not understand why at this point in time PSH wants to sue where I thought he should be clearing up his innocence first.

    Once again, thank you Ms Koala for painstakingly updating PSH’s case. As everything seems going hapharzardly, I am not going to waste my time to read further. I will just wait out for the verdict.

  12. Really no matter what happens PSH is not innocent if not entirely guilty…..what gentleman bang the woman whom a junior introduces to him the very first day when she met or should i say a few hours before they met….Also confirmed she was unconscious as she was carried into PSH apartment…..so he banged her when she was unconscious…..consensual sex my foot?.. PSH says he liked her and wanted to date her as confirmed by PSH and his fiend which is hard to believe becoz if you wanted to date her you couldn’t have banged her after a brief meeting within few hours…..is this new definition of dating?….banging on the very first meeting a girl whom you like and want a further relationship with….really are you here to make a fool of us by believing such crap….as i saw in the previously some commenters here are supporting the view that it’s good that the girl’s identity is revealed….how can you say that when you well now how differently girls are judged in this world…on the top of that she is just a trainee and as now her face is revealed her future has reached it’s dead end with it…even if she wins this case i don’t see her celebrity career taking off and even if the public will show sympathy but still will not welcome her to their homes…..com’n these crap prejudice is always associated with women if reality is taken into account..this tainted history is gonna follow her and always viewed in the dark shade of light…only consolation she might get is restore her image to a extent other than that it’s all dry for her… it’s always women bear the brunt in the end….for a PSH there is endless possibilities i mean if a settlement is reached as what happens in this cases or media hype over this case ends he will be able to return after a hiatus becoz of money and power do talk in the end..considering the law big law firm he has entrusted I am sure it will be the case becoz this highly reputed law firm as in view of korean netizens has a past history of proving monster as innocent lambs ..also korean laws are not so strong with minimal punishment for rapes…..also even if PSH can’t return to work he can really live with the money he has amassed and as with his so-called handsome face can settle anytime with a woman in life….but for her forget the entertainment industry but even the personal life will be hard for her and her future will always remain tainted…Also if you look at the text messages between K and A as pointed out by koala there is no mention of PSH or mention by K to introduce A to PSH anywhere in text between K and A….How can anyone believe she was fantasized by PSH in a few hours to indulge in sex when it is crystal clear from the texts that she liked K who is the sleazy bastard of all….I am gonna never believe you PSH….. and even if i don’t believe in all A’S stories but strongly believe you can never be innocent….your actions are too suspicious like delaying reported summons and not handing over the phone in the 1st place….i am sure you will use money and power to get out of this case very much is like your friend Lee byung hun does…..since this case is concerns rape you have a taken a step ahead from your friend Lee byung hun and you are worse than him now….

    • Hear! Hear! Totally agree with you. PSH must be power-crazy to think that he could hoodwink everyone and get away with such inhumanity.

  13. Sighs. What a bloody mess.

    Unbelievable episode and a bad move it appears on PSH’s part. I wonder, what incriminating info does his former agency have on him and will they give it to police detectives? Another settlement in the works perhaps….

  14. February 15, 2013 incident. The actual date of birth Park Shi Hoo – February 15, 1977. He was so celebrated a birthday?

  15. Personally, I find PSH’s timing in defending (?) himself and then went on with the mudslinging, a bit off. He only started to release statements, after the Drug Toxicology result came out negative. If you know what happened and you’re sure that your innocent, then you don’t need to wait ~2 weeks, as what he did.

  16. Actually i feel very sad for park si hoo, too much stress on him. I don’t know how he’s feeling. If I was him, I feel i can’t survive.must have been very terrible. insult of the entire Korean (we don’t know he is Innocent or not). all negative comment from netizen,his life, his career sigh.. he is only human like us, he can do no wrong. Comment and speculation we wrote did not help PSH and miss A, but getting them both injured. so, the winner is the media and the blog like this. Please remember we are no better than PSH and Miss A. poor PSH and Miss A.

    • this is by far the best comment i have ever read concerning this case, personally , i love PSH , THOUGH AFTER THIS , I REALLY DONT KNOW!! since you know he is innocent until he is proved to be guilty , i really feel sad for his projects and his career , he is such a good actor , to bad they are being dropped , but u cant blame them ,i cant really watch him acting and not think of RAPE !!!.same goes for A she was just starting her career (i think right?! )and this affects her likewise even more !!
      At first i thought , maybe its not what it seems like , but now !! such a pity for both sides , i really dont want to know more abt this case its getting frustrating !!

  17. I don’t know if Park Shi woo is guilty of rape but he is guilty of being really stupid. I am sorry if I am offensive but he truly is, especially him being a man of a certain age and education.

  18. I asked a korean friend about this and his coment was I dont ca

    well i wii just read a non biased blog like this i am tired of all this stuff


  19. I have to say I just read the headline and went Bwahahahaha. Which at this point is the only reaction this whole circus can elicit.

    Which is sad, given that in the midst of all this they were trying to find out the truth about a question of rape and sexual molestation, a truth that is getting murkier and murkier with this continuous mudslinging party that an increasing number of individuals (A-Z) are having.

  20. So, when will the rape actually, seriously, really be investigated? This is turning into a circus, and I hate the circus. All we need now is a clown, an obvious one in a clown suit. I will say, everything Mr. Hwang says sounds legit, except, why urge someone that’s been violated to settle so your profits don’t drop? I get that you’re defending yourself against the allegations in the suit, but the aforementioned really makes me wonder what we won’t do and overlook for money.

  21. It doesn’t matter what the outcome his . His career is toast .He should have used his brain instead of his tool.Too bad for him , I thought it was an excellent actor “sigh” !

  22. Does anyone know who A is (I desperately want to know). Regarding the case, I’m a big fan of Park Shi Hoo. I think he’s a great actor and very dedicated to his work. It’s very sad that all this scandal is happening to him. I hope that he will prove his innocence and resume his “actor” status. I will SUPPORT him in the future.

  23. I have an update, but for some reason I cannot cut and paste here.

    A has a past, she has done this before, even bringing up being pregnant, and she used that one too. And it also involved B as her sidekick please
    go to parksihoo4u.com Seems he was set up from the start

    • you speak as if this media play is true LOL…. LOL Chosun is not a very reliable website btw

      I’ll only believe if this man goes to police tell the truth…
      lets see if he’ll…

    until all facts came out….Iam just just sick over this whole ordeal

    • Its funny you claim that but at the same breath, you wont give A the same treatment. And really, PSH hasnt give a reason why we have to give him that “benefit of the doubt”. He released texts as proof? Sorry but not all who can think for themselves will blindly accept that and take that as proof. Someone already said not to take them as absolute truth ie the police. Parkshihoo4u.com is a blog that you can tell is biased by the name alone.

      • I have not been posting on this whole issue, have have not made any comments regarding A or PHS, because I cant paste links or news articles for some reason on this site, I gave you the site that has the links to the news articles you can read for yourself. I pointed the main topic.
        However, I have not said a bad word about this girl EVER. Is a poster who hopes these alligations are untrue, not allowed to post here. And you all should be ashamed at the comments made. This ordeal is a pitiful situation for all involved if true,or not.

      • What was your comment above then? I read that as your comment and gave the parkshihoo4u as support to say that. And so I said that about you. I didnt read that as pointing out the new update. If that is what you meant then you can just clarify.

    • There’s nothing shameful about expressing one’s opinions/speculations and whatnot. If you don’t like what other people have to say, you are free to disagree.

      • My professors encourages differences of opinion and to respect that. Since when is thinking for yourself is shameful.I should be ashamed that someone else is thinking for me when I can think for myself.

  25. Jae,

    Not to criticize the site, I think this website is biased toward claiming that Park Shi Hoo is the guilty party by including their opinion. I’m leaning towards the information released as evidence.

  26. hmm Jea,

    I’m reading the articles to get new evidence regarding the case, I’m not biased in thinking that PSH is guilty. I know there are several website posting information claiming that “he’s guilty of raping”. Without proper evidence to support such claims. I think it’s safe to let the investigator do their job and let the rest of us know. I don’t know how the judicial system works in Korea, but I don’t think the police should leak so much information regarding the case to allow him a proper trial (if it’s by juror).

  27. Now, media play are bringing A past, or should I say creating stories that aren’t true to make PSH seem not guilty.

    Guess WHAT, no matter how much media play, if there is no solid evidence of this (the supposed people don’t appear or is a witness) and PSH doesn’t give his phone to investigate and all…

    • I read that PSH’s agency has some ties to the media. As such, it doesn’t surprise me about the sudden revelation of A’s past that is strikingly or not exactly the same scenario as PSH’s case. So strikingly similar even to the point of using the pregnancy concern. Haha. I am so sorry I don’t buy this new revelation. Why?
      Not long ago PSH’s lawyer specifically emphasized “A’s worries over pregnancy” as a means to attack A. Behold, a few days later, a news about so called Mr. Lee that specifically mentioned “A was using her pregnancy trap” as well. Coincidence much? The text about her possible pregnancy was sent to K , not PSH, not exactly in the context of blackmailing P.

      • i read an article if she texted to K on feb 18 “i think im pregnant”. 3 days after the day.

  28. I wonder what Mr. Hwang is going to reveal. could be a similar dirty incident that they had to cover up when PSH was still under their wing?
    Is that what driven the other party to create somethng like this fr Ms A? saying she has a past too? desperate much?

    • let’s just say A did not had the courage to report what happened and just sufferd in silence… the two monsters could have continued on with this convenient “hobby” of theirs which they might have done even in the past. always getting away with it?

  29. Ms Koala has stated her position as an officer of the law as a lawyer

    she is kind enough to mention this on her blog when she does not have to

    as as individuals we are entitled t o our opinions and a free to express them

    as for me i just want this thing to be over . I am rather tired of reading about a new alphabet character involved it sounds more like a dr seuss book
    rape is a serious offence and the truth will it come out after all this

    media circus

  30. I am a big fan of Park Shi Hoo, even he is in this big trouble, definitely i will always be his fan… What I am sad about is that:
    He, as a very popular actor in Korea, must know how to take care of his reputation and name… Even if how madly he liked A, i think he forgot how to be careful in his actions… With his face and fame, he could have a girlfriend of his own ( i would like to volunteer.. LoL). If as a man, he needed sex at that day (valentine’s day)…will he just banged a girl he barely knew? Knowing he is a hallyu… Can he really have/get what he wants? What does PSH really wanted that night? The girl (A), a sex?? And he as a superstar forget to assess his actions??
    Guilty or not, this is the biggest lesson PSH learned in his life…

  31. Had the spunk to touch a girl who is a stranger to him, so he should have the balls, since he uses them very well to face the consequences.

  32. Ew. Each new picture of Park Shi Hoo since this whole thing came up, I suddenly find unpleasant to look at. Just goes to show that you can’t rely on good looks for public support. I used to be such a big fan in Cheomdangdong Alice, but now I’m just repulsed by him. It doesn’t even matter whether he raped her or not, his image has been irrevocably altered,

    • Well his “good looks” is just the result of make-up and cosmetics, and hairstyling the best his money can buy. without it, his looks are ordinary. his real age shows too.

  33. the latest update mentioning about Mr.Lee who was also said to be blackmailed by A before just like what happened to PSH . this Mr.Lee was even interviewed on JTBC about this before. the case happened 2 years ago . I am wondering what are netizens comments/reactions regarding this. let me just paste this update which was posted at PSH4U

    Chosun Ilbo reported A had targeted other men in the past. They dug up a similar case involving A blackmailing a Mr. Lee with whom she had a one-night stand two years ago. Mr. Lee gave an interview on JTBC in which he said A said she could be pregnant the next day and her close friend B threatened him with “responsibility” to intimidate him. Then eventually there was talk of money — the pattern is similar to Park Si Hoo’s case.

    A’s lawyer insisted she never had any contact with PSH after the incident and strongly denied any intimidation on her part.

    2. It was reported on KBS2′s “Entertainment Weekly” on Wednesday night that A’s lawyer claimed in an interview that A did not even have any memory of her walking down the stairs that night and she could have been drugged. He still insisted that she was raped.

    [ED: CCTV at pub shows A walking down 15 steps of stairs by herself and tests have already proved she was not drugged.]

    For Korean, please go to original articles:

    http://news.nate.com/view/20130309n11525 http://news.nate.com/view/20130309n11321

    since Mr. Lee is someone who is truly exist and had already been interviewed about this make me thinking what would some people think about A right now .

    • I was wondering if the police interviewed this man and is part of the investigation. Or is he like D(friend of PSH) just riding on the publicity surrounding the case. If its the latter then how credible is this man. I mean a lot of us just didnt believe on the sex perfume story. D exist as he proved his acquaintance with PSH by phoning PSH during the interview. Does that mean we believe his story about the sex perfume?

      • may I know if there’s any link to the D’s interview and the part when PSH called in ?

      • thanks for the link. I read the entry done by miss koala earlier. but then in miss koala’s entry there’s no mention about D telling out on perfume story . I just want to know if D really said about the perfume or the story is just fabricated by some other news source ? coz I remember someone named Lynne before posted about D mentioning on that particular perfume too , but then after that she apologized coz it seems the source is not really reliable.

      • That was my point, there were unreliable report about the sex perfume that was supposedly said by D. When you said Mr Lee exist and got interviewed, I applied that D also exist and PSH acknowledge him as a friend. But these article is it reliable?

      • I cannot confirm how reliable the report is.but then the news comes from Chosun Ilbo which I think a quite reliable news source. anyway , I was just sharing the latest update. however , since it said that Mr.Lee was interviewed by JTBC , I think it’s safe to say that Mr.Lee exists , it’s just we don’t know what was really mentioned by Mr.Lee. if someone can actually provide the link of Mr.Lee’s JTBC’s interview , that would be a bonus.

    • I would take this latest story *with a pinch of salt*

      …a Western idiom.
      The meaning is to view something with skepticism.

      (not unlike the Eastern expression of tossing salt at persons considered to bring ill fortune… always a BONUS in Kdramas… best if thrown by a cranky, but loveable, elder.)

      It may be entirely true..it may have elements of truth…or it may be that Mr. Lee has just received a large amount of freshly minted Won, disguised as a box of Red Ginseng Tea.
      But one thing is certain — it is right on time.

      I *perceive* that PSH’s lawyers ($$$) are doing the things they’re paid to do. In terms of the legal battle — it no longer counts if he’s guilty (and frankly…so far, I’m only convinced that he’s exceptionally stupid) …it’s all about who wins.

      IF — and it’s a BIG IF — PSH’s lawyers can prove *A* has a history, even once, of ‘sexual encounter followed by pressure for $’ … she’s sunk.
      Sadly, even if it was truly rape… her credibility…gone.

      I’m going to look into my CRYSTAL BALL and make a prediction:
      if this goes to trial…
      PSH will testify that the moment he concluded A had consented was when she performed oral intimacy. (whether she did or not)

      Forgive that this seems crude..but:
      it’s an act that pretty much says you’re invested
      under the *he said, she said* rules … it really can’t be proved . At all.

      I strongly suspect that PSH has had the advice to use EVERY option available… and I guarantee the Biggest question law-enforcement has is:
      “When did she give this consent you claim?”

      just sayin ~

      • I was laughing already at salt and box of red ginseng tea. But you got me sold on your crystal ball predictions. Bill Clinton used it to prove that it wasnt sex though.

  34. And Chosun Ilbo is reliable ?
    If Mr Lee claim is true about A then, were there offcial police records 2 yrs ago? did he not file charges against the girl? and what was the result of the charges?

  35. Desperate measures they have?
    What is their argument? that it was A who lured the men out, that she forced the men to sleep with her? really?
    Well to tell them upfront, even if any woman undress and seduce a man, dance naked and gyrate in front of them, IF THE MAN DOES NOT WANT ANY SEXUAL relations with the woman then nothing will happen. its not as if a woman would use force on the man to have sex. If the man is decent and has self – restraint, no matter what the woman does, he will be able to resist her if he wants and decides to. For their act of stupidity and inability to control their lust, the men blame it on the woman? really?

  36. I don’t want comment much , but if the sex actually happened with A’s consent , it can’t be claimed as rape. it’s one night stand. well , I’m just going to sit, relax and see how this case will go on.

  37. Consensual ? when she thought she’s meeting and dating K that night? if t was she and K that ended up in some hotel together that night then its consensual.

    • we’re not the ones who’s at the PSH’s apartment the night that incident happened.we actually don’t know what really happened before A ended up on PSH’s bed. the text messages didn’t really prove whether the rape happened or not. we don’t know the details, we can just assume. only God , A and PSH know whether the sex was consensual or not.

      • am not retelling the gossip. was just sharing the latest update on this case since it made into news headlines.

  38. Just curious, there are records frm telcom companies of text messages between A & K. But none at all between A and PSH?
    1. if there are none, then A had no intention of contacting him or even blackmailing him?
    2. It’s not true that they sweetly exchange numbers the morning after and meant

      • well that was arranged by Mr Huang on his own. what i was asking did A “personally” contacted PSH were there texts between them?
        Cause if he really meant to keep in touch after the night of sex, he could have atleast a text asking if she got home safe, frm the time she left his apartment.

  39. And it boils down to two. A victim and a culprit. All i can say is that for the coming days there will be more BACK BONES OF THE CLOSET to be revealed. Another character of the story will be casted as WITNESS? or previous victim? and unexpected revelations perhaps? And for the ones looking for the identity of “A” or a photo, sorry dear but that’s against the journalism’s ethics. Because i never heard of a rape case where the victims face is shown in public. It’s just so inhumane so don’t dream about it. but if you really want to You may go to the police station and investigate it yourself.

  40. This helps everything guys!

    Credits: Netizenbuzz, dispatch

    Time Table of Events (2/15)

    12 – 1:50 a.m. = Park Shi Hoo, A, and K drink together

    2 a.m. = The three arrive at Park Shi Hoo’s dorm

    2 – 3 a.m. = A throws up at the front door, she washes herself voluntarily

    3 – 4 a.m. = Park Shi Hoo and A have sex

    4 – 10 a.m. = Park Shi Hoo and A sleep but wake up periodically throughout the night

    10 – 11 a.m. = Park Shi Hoo and A have sex for the second time

    1 p.m. = K leaves Park Shi Hoo’s dorm

    3 p.m. = A leaves Park Shi Hoo’s dorm

    3 p.m. – 8 p.m. = A returns home, text messages friends

    8:30 p.m. – early morning of 16th = A files a lawsuit against Park Shi Hoo

    2 a.m. = Park Shi Hoo, A, and K left the restaurant at 1:50 a.m. The three of them got in the car and drove to Park Shi Hoo’s dorm, which is 5 minutes away. In the car, A lost consciousness. According to the parking lot CCTV, A was spotted being carried into Park Shi Hoo’s dorm on K’s back.

    Park Shi Hoo = A was drunk and threw up as soon as the elevator door opened. After going into the dorm, she took off her shoes and went into the bathroom. After throwing up several times more, she gargled with mouth wash. A washed her face and tried to wake herself up out of her drunken state.

    A = I don’t remember anything.

    3 a.m. = Park Shi Hoo and A have sex for the first time. The controversial matter here is whether there was ‘force’ or not. Park Shi Hoo claims both parties consented while A claims that she was not conscious at the time.

    Park Shi Hoo = A walked into Park Shi Hoo’s room on her own. After washing up in the bathroom, she went into his bedroom and sat down on the bed. The two then talked for a bit, realized their feelings for one another, and then had sex.

    K grabbed a blanket and leaned on the sofa in the living room. He told them that he would be taking a short nap because he was tired and then promptly fell asleep. Park Shi Hoo and A were in his bedroom and K was in the living room the entire time.

    A = I don’t remember anything.

    10 a.m. = Park Shi Hoo and A have sex for the second time. According to Park Shi Hoo, they had waken up several times throughout the night before finally agreeing to have sex again. He claims it was consensual. A claims that he was already on her when she woke up.

    Park Shi Hoo = We weren’t able to fall asleep easily. A kept going in and out of the bathroom because she overdrank and drank water frequently. I woke up in the morning and we had sex again for the second time. We talked before and after. More than anything, there is no reason for me to have forced myself onto her when she is not conscious.

    A = When I opened my eyes, I was naked and Park Shi Hoo was forcing himself onto me. The reason I remembered that being our second time was because he told me, “We had sex earlier in the morning as well, don’t you remember?” I wanted to stop him but I was unable to protest.

    Suspicion = Why did she fall back asleep? The second time they had sex occurred 7-8 hours after A was taken to the dorm drunk. She was naked for over five hours after their first time. Park Shi Hoo’s associate said, “If A was raped like she claims, she should’ve gone home as soon as they finished having sex the first time. However, she fell back asleep.”

    1 p.m. = A files a lawsuit against Park Shi Hoo and K for rape and sexual assault. She claims that K had molested her before he left to go home. K rejects the claims.

    Park Shi Hoo = The reason why K came into my room to put away his blanket needs an explanation. My dorm also functions as an office because we rented it out as both our company office and manager dorm. Because nobody actually lives in here full time, the house is actually quite cold, which is why K needed a blanket to sleep in the living room. At 1 p.m., while preparing to go home, he brought the blanket back into the room.

    A = K was in the living room when he came into the bedroom saying he was cold. Before he left to go home, he came inside Park Shi Hoo’s bed. I was naked at the time and K touched my breasts.

    Suspicion = If K had sexually assaulted her at the time claimed, then why did she stay at the dorm until 3 p.m.?

    3 p.m. = Park Shi Hoo and A leave the dorm at this time. They exchange phone calls. Park Shi Hoo explains that he was interested in her so he input his number into her phone. A also text messaged K after leaving his dorm.

    Park Shi Hoo = I gave her my number before seeing her go home. If I had raped her, why would I give her my number? The CCTV shows A leaving with a bright facial expression while checking her phone. She seemed to be KakaoTalking.

    Suspicion = If she was raped, why would her expression be bright?


    So, PSH is so stupid to say these things, from what he said, she was reeeeally drunk … does he not realize this…. in the condition she was how he slept with her?? He said she kept ”falling asleep’ and kept ”throwing up ” lmao, plus she was carried inside his house.

    A, said the first time she was not awake and that the second time she woke up naked with PSH on top of her saying ”he had sex before” and she couldn’t say ”no” then later K goes to give back the ”blanket” but A said K laid on the bed (psh and her was naked) and so he touched her boobs.

    At first I was, why A said nothing, but thinking again, she was confused about last night, plus she likes K, only to realize what he and PSH did to her…

    • lol PSH side saying that after the first time they ”slept” if she was raped she would go home instead of sleeping, well no she wouldn’t if she was too drunk to go and reject anything…

    • If this are the accurate account by PSH, why keep in your house a literary sick to the stomach girl, who keeps throwing up because of too much drinking. wouldn’t it have been more compassionate to have just brought her home to get better. Unless seeing someone throws up turns him on???? Ewww, sick.

  41. As much as we talk about PSH or K or A or B, behind my mind there is a lingering worry that they will become overly depress by all these “dramas” and “suing” and “defending” and etc … The last thing that I want them to end up going deep into depression and thiking of “bad thoughts”. Even they “may” be guity or making “wrong” decisions/choices at one point in their life, that doesn’t mean we don’t have some compassion towards them. In any case, if we have a choice, at least sent all of them a Kind message and hope they will pass this tough time. I guess, I’m hoping that the involved paties will appologize to each other, find redemption with their mistakes, accept the “punishment (not necessary jail and can be anything), learn from their mistakes. and move on to become better human beings. After all, they are humans and humans do make mistakes. We at least give them second chance or a road to move on.

    • yes, hope they will not do the same thing in the future and take lesson of this case, every experience has a price anyway.

  42. But we should also hope that a “situation” like this will NEVER happen again. That women will not be used by men like a pastime or plaything whenever they feel like it.

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