Hyun Bin Charms Fans and Media at His First Ever Taiwan Fanmeeting

I may love fangirling actors from the comfort of my own chair and computer screen, but I am the laziest person out there in terms of actually attempting real life stalking. So the thought of going to one of those ubiquitous fanmeetings that Korean stars seem to have a few times around in various Asian countries tires me out. I rather swoon at the pictures and video from the event afterwards rather and jostle with thousands of ahjummas collectively screaming their heads off. Hyun Bin, still relatively fresh out of serving in the marines for the last two years, jetted to Taiwan last week for his first ever fanmeeting there attended by 3000 ecstatic Taiwanese fangirls. Both Secret Garden and My Name is Kim Sam Soon was a mega hit in Taiwan and he’s been enjoying a steady stream of popularity and name recognition over there. He held a press conference beforehand where he tried his hand at speaking some Chinese phrases and confessed that he wanted to try the famous Taiwanese specialty snacks like manga shaved ice. The fanmeeting itself followed the typical agenda – a meet and greet question/answer session, playing games with the attendees, he sang three songs including “That Woman” from SG, and in total he had four outfit changes. His visit was highly anticipated by the media who chronicled his every move from the moment he landed at the airport to when he departed. I’m cool and all if Binnie wants to hold fanmeetings with connect personally with his fans and make easy money off of CFs for Samsung and the sportwear brand K2, but I need him to pick a project so I can start salivating over something tangible. For now his brilliant smile and mega dimples will have to do.

Hyun Bin in Taiwan:


Hyun Bin Charms Fans and Media at His First Ever Taiwan Fanmeeting — 17 Comments

  1. This ahjumma is not wont to fangirl, but for Binnie, I would have attended that meeting, if I lived in Taiwan that is. Eagerly awaiting his next project as well.

  2. Oh speak of the angel ! I was just thinking abt him and that post poped ! I wish I was there ! Ah I can’t wait for his next project , I’m so into him that I ordered a Hyun bin sparkly track suit , lol
    Ah oppa is back !! His hair is longer now , I almost forgot how astonishing he looks !!!

  3. Aside from the fact that he is looking skinnier than when he entered the marines, he looks amazing and that man has THE SMILE you just swoon if you see it! Wish he chose a project soon, hopefully one for the later part of the year. I could use me so Binnie during the fall/ winter. <3

  4. WHy can’t I think of anything else but “OH MY”? Thanks for the pictures! *takes a moment to save them all to my computer to put in a slide show for rainy days*

    So is this the reason why I don’t win the lottery? Does someone up there know that if I won the lottery, I would stop doing good works and just fly around the world to these fan meetings and watch dramas all day? I would literally become a crazed ahjumma drama person, but I one who only leaves the house to go to fan meetings and tour places where they film dramas; there are SOOOOOO many gorgeous hotels in these shows.

  5. I want to see him with Tang Wei. It was so fun to watch them together when they were promoting their film. I don’t think there’s anything going on between them but I love the way the smart cool laid back beautiful Tang Wei teases him.

  6. He looks great. The Marines did him good. I can’t wait for his next drama/movie. He was one of my first(and remains to this day) Kdrama crushes. 🙂

    • Mine too! He’s the reason I became a fangirl! Well….in his case, I’m a fan-noona. At least he’s already 30. Now Binnie doesn’t have to be on my ICOMYM list. 😀

  7. Thanks for the Mmmmmmmmm…
    Is he so fine because of his acting, or do I like his acting because of his looks?
    I don’t usually like the white suits. Sorry, Binnie, even YOU can’t compete with John Travolta on that!!

  8. Binnie i almost forgive you you are the reason i went to Seoul but could i find you ?

    this will have to do lill i am back in Korea

    BINNIE Noona loves you

    can he work with Ha ji won already

  9. I’m so annoyed at myself, I can’t believe I didn’t have the guts to jet off to the Taipei meeting and to BKK next month… *sniff* even my hubs gave me permission.

    I’ll just have to swoon at the pics.

    Please come to (my city) soon…

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