When A Man Loves Showcases Brooding Gangster Song Seung Heon

With a name like When a Man Loves, Song Seung Heon‘s new melodrama is already living up to its title. I don’t see the “love” parts yet in the preview stills, but the “man” bits are being emphasized to the max. Having an inexplicable fondness for my Heon oppa requires a tough skin and the ability to accept his failures and limitations as part of the package. I knew in my heart of hearts that Time Slip Dr. Jin was going to be a hot mess, what with the last minute scrambling to lock down a cast, delayed filming, and some truly acting challenged lead actors in the line up, but I still harbored hope it might be entertaining. It wasn’t, it turned out to be far far worse than even my imagination could have conjured up. With WAML, I almost can see the trainwreck coming and that makes it impossible to look away. Also impossible to not look at are pictures of super gangstery Song Seung Heon, all brooding scruffy facial hair, aviator sunglasses, and donning the gangster industry-obligatory leather jacket and dark suits. They might as well have titled it When a Gangster Loves, which is not only a more unique title, but better captures the tormented love at the center of the story since clearly Song Seung Heon’s professional and personal failings are going to drive why he falls for a seemingly ordinary girl like Shin Se Kyung‘s character. I might not even mind the adultery inherent in this story since Chae Jung Ahn plays Song Seung Heon’s onscreen wife and she’s pretty much the epitome of bland. It’s been a long time since a drama had leading actresses I am so disinclined towards, but with the lure of seeing Song Seung Heon mope and rage as well as Yeo Woo Jin doing some heavy acting all on his own, how can I not want to check this out in a few weeks time?

These pictures that Song Seung Heon tweeted from the beach in Guam is simply eye-popping. Someone be needing a draw string on his swim trunks is all I have to say. I appreciate if more was left to my imagination instead of cringing that he’s one millimeter away from a peen slip. I also want to tell him not to slouch, and to ask what the heck is he pointing to in the water in that second picture?


When A Man Loves Showcases Brooding Gangster Song Seung Heon — 30 Comments

  1. I nearly fell off the chair with laughter with your keen observation in the last paragraph. No comment about the drama… whether to watch or not.. though..depends on what your recaps say!!

  2. The Hand Towel is back! Almost died laughing after reading your last paragraph. Man,look at the casting and storyline,I can totally smell disaster from miles away. :O

  3. Oh Ms Koala! You had me in stitches about his potential wardrobe malfunc. But I do love the look of this man!! He is the very epitome of halyu hunk! I love him! Am watching My Princess now and I love the way he gets to show off his abs. at every opportunity. Korean directors really respect their female audiences and what we want to see.

  4. THT is deffo back and how, eh?! 😀

    Kinda got a weeee bit excited abt the hilarious secretary from SeGa here as well. He’s always great!

  5. He might me telling us the water is crystal clear and he is enjoying himself without realizing his swimming trunk …..I love how you put it..anyway Guam is so warm and sunny..that is why its all thumbs up for him…hahaha..not going to watch unless you recap it and telling me its worth a watch…Thanks Ockoala…

  6. I don’t think he’s pointing at anything. If you look closely, his left hand is making the “V” sign. (Yes, I was inspecting his hands closely, not paying too much attention to his other body parts 😉 )

  7. My God. His body looks as if it could have been chiseled by Michelangelo.
    And that face! He is handsome in clothes or half naked.
    My God.

  8. kinda reminds me of his look when he was all gangster in East of Eden.. He can play this look well.. Now i really want to check this out since Dr. Jin was a flop! and MY OH MY, do you look good.. PULL YOUR pants up.. we are all drooling to the floor. hahaha 😀

  9. I still think the hottest he’s ever looked was in My Princess. He was (sadly) covered up most of the drama since it took place in the winter, but I think he looks so much better a little filled out. Maybe it was the lighting in that drama, who knows. I’m just not a huge fan of his look in this drama.

    • He was very handsome and dapper in My Princess. I am watching it now. Who would know that he looks like this underenath his suits?

      • I agree with you totally! I liked him in My Princess. Yet, I like him even better on the beach!

  10. Ms. Koala…Ms. Koala! That M-A-N most definitely needs a drawstring. When I saw his swimming trunks, the first thing I said was that why are they so low? My God, he’s no doubt ripped, but sweetie, unless I’m there with you, don’t tease! hehehe

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