Yoo Ah In Arrives on Set of Jang Ok Jung and First Look at the Pretty Childhood Leads

There are some actors and actresses that are just gifted with the ability to rock a period costume, and Yoo Ah In is undoubtedly near the top of that list when it comes to shining in a sageuk. He’s done the brooding warrior look for two sageuks already, Strongest Chil Woo and Sungkyunkwan Scandal, but this next outing will have him sporting the period version of coat and tails. The upcoming fusion sageuk Jang Ok Jung (the production officially dropped the Live in Love part from the title) will be a revisionist (or what if) take on the famous political love triangle between King Sukjong and his two wives Queen In Hyun and Jang Heebin. Not all the character descriptions are out other than everyone plays real life historical personages, but the core premise has King Sukjong and Jang Ok Jung being a childhood love turned real love story that somehow gets distorted by the political intrigue of their time. The cast attended the official poster shoot for the drama this week and it was also the first time Yoo Ah In arrived on the set since he’s been busy filming a movie. The male actors all gave chocolates to everyone since it was White Day in Korea, which is the reverse Valentine’s Day tradition and the men give out candies. Above is the first look at Yoo Ah In in the kingly blue-and-gold garb of the King of Joseon. I typically prefer him wild and mussed, but its undeniable that he looks good all cleaned up as well. The drama also released the first stills of the two young teenagers playing Jang Ok Jung and King Sukjong, and from the looks of it their childhood love story will take a few episodes to develop and will be quite sweetly romantic, in the way that K-dramas typically showcase the purity and forever nature of young romance. JOJ premieres on SBS April 8 on Mon-Tues after the end of Yawang, which makes it go head-to-head with Lee Seung Gi and Suzy’s Gu Family Book which also premieres on the same day on MBC after the end of Horse Doctor. Wow, talk about a mano-to-mano high-proofile sageuk duel.

Check out the teenage versions of King Sujong and Jang Ok Jung.


Yoo Ah In Arrives on Set of Jang Ok Jung and First Look at the Pretty Childhood Leads — 17 Comments

  1. totally looking forward to this drama. really caught my attention because i watch pretty much all the sageuk and know jang hee be is “evil”. please don’t be disappointing.

  2. The 2nd picture of the child female lead gives me serious Ha Ji Won vibes. And this drama as a whole is giving me major ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun’ vibes, and that is not a good thing.

    • The childhood parts of Moon/Sun were near-flawless though, it was the adult casting (god, no chemistry there, the child leads had better chemistry than Han Ga In and Kim Soo Hyun) and messy writing that killed it. Though they probably don’t care, what with 40% ratings and all.

  3. I wonder who will win in the timeslot… But I’ll she tuning into Jang Ok Hung first since the storyline seems more compelling to me XD

  4. Does it make me crazy if I reallly want Kim Yoo Jung and Yeo Jin Goo as the child stars? I just want them together in every drama. But yes, this drama is giving off vibes of Moon Embracing the Sun. I will probably watch Gu Family Book first and then catch up on this one since the cast for Gu has gotten better and better (Sung Jooooon! haha in addition to Seunggi and Suzy).

    • I don’t think they could afford to get Kim Yoo Jung and Yeo Jin Goo for this drama, they’re too high-profile in out-acting their adult counterparts and….. Yoo Ah In would be ok, but Kim Tae Hee may not come out alive.

  5. Its the kid from Tree With Deep Roots! lol, hmmmm…this should be interesting cuz he did not leave a good impression on me over there

  6. Koala please please Recap this drama…really really looking forward for it ^^

    AND …OH MY GODDDDD….YOO AH IN….your Rocking as king…but hope the young cast doesnt still the glory like TheMONSUN..:-)..good thing he wont die here ^^

  7. I love the thought that the fancy dress for this era is the cool hat/beads and pretty pretty hangbok. I’ll never look at them the same again.

    I am DYING to see this OTP together; I am sad to have to wait through the younger versions. I wish more dramas would take care of that background stuff with flashbacks.
    Cause two things could happen:
    1..The story of the younger versions just isn’t very interesting, and I have to pry my eyes open to watch. I tend to abandon early on sagueks as a rule.
    2…Worse, the younger versions are better and I don’t want to watch the older actors.
    Crossing my fingers, here.

  8. I am not really sure how to readjust myself to like JOK – but the “OTP” – are they the OTP??? – is a lot, a lot of pretty. KTH is gorgeous in everything that she ever has on, and YAI looks really nice in his royal garb. I want to like it so I hope it’s good.

  9. i think they shouldve casted t-ara jiyeon as the young jang ok jung since she looks like kim tae hee whereas the girl they casted looks more like ha ji w0n..

  10. i’m so excited for this drama, i’m curious to death waiting this drama airing.Yoo ah in’s serious face was sexiest and Kim tae hee wore hanbook looks great, adorable, gorgeous, n more stylish. i’ve never seen before.
    success Kim tae hee eonni for Jang Ok Jeong…!!! ^^

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