Good Friends Kim Ji Hoon and Park Shin Hye Attend G.I. Joe Movie Premiere Together

Awwwww, these two are so super duper cute together! It really is a shame one guy had to lose out on winning the heart of the girl in Flower Boy Next Door, because in terms of chemistry Park Shin Hye had it with both Yoon Si Yoon and Kim Ji Hoon. Oddly enough, I thought Park Shin Hye’s onscreen chemistry was just a smidge better with Yoon Si Yoon, but conversely her offscreen chemistry was similarly just a smidge better with Kim Ji Hoon. Who knows why, maybe personality-wise she just had more in common and therefore goofed off more with Kim Ji Hoon on the set. I did notice that there were a lot of BTS pictures of her and Kim Ji Hoon acting silly around each other. No, I don’t think they’re dating, but I do love that they are now friends and even do stuff like attend a movie premiere together. Last week was the Korean premiere of the action flick G.I. Joe 2, which is getting tons of Korean press because Lee Byung Hun is back for the sequel reprising his role as villain Storm Shadow. This movie premiere in Seoul was jam packed with Korean stars there to support Lee Byung Hun’s continued breakthrough in the elusive Hollywood market. I could write a post about a veritable who’s who of attendees but seeing Kim Ji Hoon there with Park Shin Hye just stopped my eyes permanently on them since I love them so much individually and their first project together was an unqualified success in my eyes. Yeah, he didn’t get her in the end, but they formed a lovely friendship and for two introverted emotionally-scarred characters, that was perhaps an even more satisfying and realistic ending. Romance tends to get all the attention when people watch dramas, myself included, but when I see a very wonderfully developed friendship narrative that usually stays with me longer because it adds richness to the world of that particular drama. We all know the OTP is going to get together, and if we’re lucky that will be a satisfying journey, but if the main characters get a quality friendship out of that particular story as well, then its icing on the cake for me. And I really really love my cake icing. Yum! Check out more red carpet cuteness below, and both of them tweeted a picture from inside the movie premiere as they rocked the 3D glasses.

And just for the heck of it, have some more solo Kim Ji Hoon with new pictures from an Osen interview last week. I love the colors in these pictures.

Kim Ji Hoon and Park Shin Hye at the GI Joe Premiere:


Good Friends Kim Ji Hoon and Park Shin Hye Attend G.I. Joe Movie Premiere Together — 30 Comments

  1. These two beautiful people make a beautiful couple. Whether for friendship or romance, I like seeing them together.^^

  2. As much as I love Kim Ji Hoon, some times I doubt that he’s straight. Especially after watching FBND’s strong heart episodes, I feel that going out with him will be very comfortable, just like going out with your best girlfriend 🙂

    • Yeah, I feel the same for Joo Won, Jo In Sung and Jang Geun Suk…look at the way they cross their legs, the way they talk, the way they dress *rolling eyes*
      No seriously, this is serious generalization there. How can you tell that someone is gay? Personally, I can’t. Unless they say it out loud, who can tell? And even if he is, who cares? It’s his life. Sorry for the rant but this kind of generalization angers me.

      Park Shin Hye and Kim Ji hoon look cute together. Friendship or love, I’ll support them either way.

  3. Koala,

    You nailed it! I too felt that the characters of DM and EG were wonderful together. A testament to the wonderful writing and the great acting by both YSY and PSH. But every BTS photo or clip that I watched for FBND I could not help but notice a real connection between PSH and KJH. Whether it remains only friendship or develops into more is for them to decide but I think it is safe to say that they make a very handsome couple.

  4. He’s a lot older than her but it doesn’t come across at all – he seems so playful. Well, if they’re both still single in 10 years, it might happen even though netizens seem convinced that she’s actually dating Yonghwa from CN.Blue.

  5. Awwwww….. So cute! I’m really digging their friendship vibe. Romance, or not, I hope they keep the friendship going.

  6. I used to be geun-geun supporter but then turn on sukkie-hye fans…but when inheard jks is having lunch out with yoona…i stop shipping jks with all his co stars.not because they are not compatible but because it looks like jks’ personality which is easy going and friendly makes him look best with all his tandem. And shin hye is just that kind of person.. she looks friendly with with all her costar…and i dont mind if these go out together… kekekekeke

  7. with k articles, it seems that if a male and female artist is together, netizens always assume they are dating. I guess, it only applies to idols?

    Anyways, they look cute together, as friends or couple, doesn’t matter.

    • In PSH’s case, no matter how much they denied it, they are dead with PSH dating a singer though LOL, so no PSH and KJH dating for now

  8. They look awesome together and I’m soooo freaking happy they’re actually wearing clothes that look…… Awesome!!!

  9. So sweet. They look so friendly together. In the real world, it’s easy to be friends with colleagues at work but difficult to be chummy with colleagues after work.

  10. I like to see their show of friendship unaffected by how it might be perceived by every one. It’s a fun time together watching a movie after the end of their drama. Having lived the characters of DM and JR for a couple of months this must help to get their lives back on normal footing.

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