When a Man Takes a Very Sad Camping Trip (Sponsored by Kolping)

We all agree that PPV is out of control in dramas these days, but when the PPV is showing up already in official drama stills, then we’ve sort of reached the point of no return. One can guess how much a drama’s storyline is written around PPV, but trust me when I say its way more than we realize. When a Man Loves with Song Seung Heon has a title and storyline that is just ripe for mocking. Earlier when he was in Guam I would have called it “When a Man takes a Dip in the Ocean” (and his pants almost fall down). Now with these stills of Song Seung Heon brooding in the wilderness, I would call it “When a Man Goes Camping” (proudly sponsored by Kolping). Depending on what happens in this drama, there will be umpteenth riffs on “When a Man……” I can do, and that is something I’m totally looking forward to. Inane ones may include “When a Man Drives a Car and Angrily Talks on His Cellphone” all the way to dramatic ones like “When a Man Falls for a Woman Not His Wife and Feels Conflicted” (cue tense music of agony!). WAML premieres on April 3 on MBC Wed-Thurs and will be up against sageuk Mandate of Heaven on KBS and political rom-com All About My Love on SBS. I actually think Mandate of Heaven is airing in the wrong time slot, it needs to switch places with the other KBS drama God of the Workplace which airs on Mon-Tues against two sageuks Jang Ok Jung and Gu Family Book. I’d like to see a sageuk trifecta duking it out, leaving Wed-Thurs for the moderns to fight for supremacy. As it is, mid-week will instead give audiences a wide range of offerings from brooding (and often shirtless Song Seung Heon) in a melodrama, Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Min Jung in an opposites attract political ditty, and Lee Dong Wook and Song Ji Hyo in a fugitive-medical thriller sageuk. Which cuisine drama shall reign supreme? I dunno, but I know one very sad guy out camping that will be happier if he led the ratings pack.


When a Man Takes a Very Sad Camping Trip (Sponsored by Kolping) — 43 Comments

  1. Oh geez. I kept scrolling and scrolling… How many stills? We get it, Show! The pics are beautiful but yeah, looks like drama will be a loooong commercial. I’m in for the “When a man […]” game: There is a thin line between comedy and tragedy.

  2. OMG Koala go for it with the When A Man Loves. Hilarious. I’m looking forward to this more than the drama itself ooops

    • Hhh agree me too !but we can give it a try ! However my reason for replying is to ask how u managed to have a pic as ur icon ?! I know its a lame question but how? ! Thanks in advance !

      • I think you need an account at Word Press – and then I uploaded what I wanted for an avatar. Hey G! Good to see you here! 🙂

  3. This post made me LOL! You are too funny. I think I will give this one a try. I figure as long as I can fast forward through all the parts SSH won’t be in, I’ll be fine. He’s a fine looking man.

  4. …and where’s YWJ pics from the drama? Why the Prod team see SSH as the only selling power of this drama? *scratch-head*

  5. When a Sad Man camps, he takes expensive gear.
    If he’d only taken ME, I’d have him smiling ear-to-ear.

    When the same man swims, he forgets to take his string,
    and the whole world remembers that we almost saw his thing.

  6. Ok, I admit to checking out the stills to see the pretty. WTF with the porn-stache ugligfying the pretty? I will be avoiding this one like the plague. He should stick to rom-com, he was actually decent in The Princess.

  7. Ok, I admit to checking out the stills to see the pretty. WTF with the porn-stache uglifying the pretty? I will be avoiding this one like the plague. He should stick to rom-com, he was actually decent in The Princess.

  8. Imo, SSH is one of the best looking men in k-ent, and he manages to look gorgeous 99.999999% of the time. Recently, he appeared on our local tv to promote his latest drama, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off the screen! You just get lost in his eyes…., and I’m not even his fan! What a heart-throb.

    I realised I’ve only watched Summer Scent. Any recommendations for his dramas that I can watch that’s not too bad?

      • Dear selma, thanks for the recommendation. I’m in a k-drama slump at the moment, having dropped all the recent batch, and really need to watch something decent. A ‘to die for” SSH will be a great bonus!

      • He was exceptionally beautiful in EoE, but really really not good at the acting. Lots of OTT crying, getting beaten and AnGry EYes!!

        I tried to watch the whole thing but had to stop numerous times.
        The first time was after the kids accidentally set the bad guy’s house on fire and he beat them up AGAIN. At that point it was eye for an eye for an eye for an eye. I ran out of eyes.

    • Most definitely – My Princess! Great chem between the two leads and if you have a hard time deciding who is more gorgeous looking. I couldn’t really remember the acting quality for all the ogling but I think they were both decent in that show.

  9. i want song seung hun with short hair in a rom com with yoon eun hye ! i always thoght that as long as it was SSH i cld always just skip the scenes he is not in but JIN was too much torture! I don’t like either the hair or the mustache ! why Kdrama why ???

  10. This man … Uff 🙂
    I have to go to confession now! 🙁
    “father, please forgive me for having impure thoughts camping at the wilderness with a man”

  11. Love your blog..a really good morning, what a beautiful day to start..a beautiful poem from Jomo make me laugh..And Ockoala Thank you for keeping me entertained with your witty and clever choices of topic to read…made my day indeed…

  12. The reason why he’s looking so broody is because of all those layers of clothes he’s wearing. They’re thick, and stifling the life out of him. This guy needs a towel, fast.

  13. He looks sooooooooo good. I don’t care if the drama ends up being bad (actually Dr.Jin recaps at dramabeans were so good that it will not hurt me in the least if this drama gets the same treatment)

    But I’m hoping this will be more like East of Eden, a decent makjang with is full of plot that requires overacting 🙂

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